City University of Seattle

City University of Seattle
City University of Seattle is a non-profit private institute which was established in 1973. The institute is located in Seattle and is most commonly known as CityU. It has several campuses within the United States and another 4 around the world. These are located in China, Europe, Mexico, and Canada. CityU is known the most for its online programs. Students can get enrolled in their online campus from anywhere in world with the help of a single internet connection. It has a student population of more than 7,500 individuals.

City University of Seattle Degree Programs
CityU is offering nearly 20 areas of specialization in its undergraduate and graduate programs. These specializations are classified into three divisions: School of Management, School of Sciences and Management, and School of Education. They can be opted in certificate, associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees.

Students opting for certificates can get enrolled in the undergraduate beginner level certificate which is mostly a one year program which allows introductory level knowledge to students so that they can enter the workforce at the earliest with relevant skills. The second type of certificate is the graduate certificate program which can only be opted by students who have completed their professional level of education. Mostly, applicants to the grad certificates are individuals who want to gain a competitive edge and boost their career prospects.

The two types of undergraduate programs being offered include the associate's degree and the bachelor's degree. Both allow students to gain comprehensive knowledge into the background of the specialization and find an employment opportunity. Masters programs are professional level degrees placing graduates on the top most positions in their industries. Interested students can opt for any of these programs in the City University of Seattle online programs. These programs allow candidates to take as much time as they see fit to complete the degree. They do not have to rush to match the speed of their classmates but can complete the course in their own way, with proper understanding. City University of Seattle online degrees are ideal for applicants who have to fulfill their personal responsibilities alongside completing education.

CityU is accredited with the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).

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