Centura College

Centura College
With campuses across Virginia, Centura College is a leading school dedicated to helping students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills required to succeed in today's competitive job market. For more than 30 years, Centura has been offering qualify learning opportunities and preparing students for suitable careers. Individuals from all walks of life may pursue academic programs and benefit from an enriching experience essential for a thriving career at Centura.

In addition to traditional programs, students can also benefit from online programs at Centura. The college offers programs in dental assisting, medical assisting, massage therapy and medical billing and coding. Students can also pursue programs in accounting, practical nursing, business management, hospitality management and web development among others.

The college has a highly qualified and experienced faculty. They give personal attention to students and make sure that they may achieve their educational and professional goals. Centura is also well-known for its wide range of facilities and student services that allow students to learn in a most conducive environment.

The faculty at the school consists of industry experts and leaders who have strong academic standing as well as real world experience that helps them instruct students in an effective manner. They give personal attention to students and make sure they get the resources and guidance essential to make their mark in the current job market.

Centura College Programs
Centura College offers a wide range of programs for students from all walks of life, having diverse educational and professional goals. Students can pursue business degrees or work towards programs in web development. Degrees in hospitality, massage therapy and health care are also available.

The curricula are designed keeping in view the needs of the present day employers. This is why graduates from Centura may have a leading edge over students from other schools.

Centura College Online Programs
Students who want to benefit from Centura education but cannot attend traditional programs need not worry – online programs are available. They may get into the online programs and make their own study schedule. Online programs offer instructor-facilitated training 24/7 for careers in health care, business and computers. Students may complete a program at their own pace and earn requisite skills and knowledge.

The online programs at Centura may be beneficial for those who are engaged in part time or full time jobs or seek to switch careers without making major changes to their existing routine.

Financial Aid
Centura offers financial aid programs to eligible students in order to facilitate their studies. Need-based as well as merit-based awards are available. The college has developed a personalized financial aid package for every student.

Students may further benefit from federal grant and loan programs among other financial aid options. Besides, scholarships and private, non-federal loan sources are also available.

Students can apply for Federal Pell Grants and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants and get assistance that they do not have to pay back. They can also benefit from the Federal Family Educational Loan Programs, Federal Subsidized Stafford loans as well as PLUS Loans.

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