Career Step

Career Step

Career Step is a leading online career school providing a wide array of distance learning programs. It has scores of learning options in healthcare, administrative services, and technology. The school aims to provide innovative, accessible, and quality education through exemplary business practices.

Since 1992, Career Step has been offering quality learning options to students with diverse career goals. The institute is based in Provo, Utah and offers programs in a wide array of fields. Enrolling in a program at this school will help students achieve their dreams of obtaining a quality education in a progressive manner.

Career Step Online Programs

Career Step is well recognized for its quality online learning programs that incorporate the latest distance education programming techniques, instructional design methodologies and technologies. Students at this school can benefit from the most up-to-date curriculum. Every program has a curriculum designed by industry experts that helps learners gain skills that gives them an edge over students from other online institutes. They get an opportunity to have instant access to support resources, and develop their skills in an interactive learning experience.

Career Step aims to provide students with career-focused education. It focuses its training options in growing career fields that offer students a wide array of opportunities. Going through a training program provides students with the practical experience they require to excel in their respective fields. These programs are not only effective but also fast paced, helping learners obtain skills more quickly compared to other institutes.

Career Step allows learners to learn and complete a course at their own pace. They can have access to the online training platform 24/7, enabling them to study whenever they want. Students can also benefit from one-on-one student support.


The faculty at Career Step includes some of the industry experts with extensive experience in their relevant fields. Their help learners get an exposure of real-world situations and challenges they will be required to take up once they kick off their professional career. The faculty helps students in every way possible and makes sure that they turn their education into a career by providing job search tips, resume reviews and other valuable resources after graduation.

Types of Programs

Some of the programs of study students can expect to find at Career Step include medical billing, medical coding and billing, medical transcription editing and pharmacy technician. Learners can also pursue administrative programs such as executive assistant and medical administrative assistant. Career step also offer a number of technology programs such as Microsoft Office and computer technician programs. Continuing education programs are also available.

Benefits of Career Step Online Programs

Online programs offered by Career Step posses a range of benefits for learners having different career objective. The flexibility of these educational programs provides students with the freedom and ease they crave for. Learners also get a chance to study the latest curriculum that gives them a competitive edge. The support of the staff is also very useful for students to turn their dream of a thriving career into a reality.

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