Cardinal Stritch University

Cardinal Stritch University

Cardinal Stritch University is a renowned Roman Catholic institute situated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The college was set up in 1937 to provide college-based education in the region. Over the years, the institute seen its academic and student enrollment grow. Since its values are deeply rooted in Catholic Christian beliefs, Cardinal Stritch University aims at developing a college community that holds a strong faith in Christianity, spirituality, and social well-being. As relatively fewer institutes focus on a value-based curriculum, Cardinal Stritch has proved that spiritual development is necessary for developing into a successful person.

Cardinal Stritch University has established a traditional that integrates reason and faith in learning. Students applying here can expect to experience a student life where individual integrity is highly valued. Students can take part in many different social activities and build an active social life here, albeit with certain moral boundaries. The institute offers all kinds of extracurricular activities in sports, community service, literature, and more.

Academic Programs

There are over 60 different academic fields being offered at Cardinal Stritch University. The main purpose of these degree programs is enhancing the academic potential of a student and allowing them to prepare for a suitable career ahead. The diversity of programs at Cardinal Stritch University attracts many different students from all across the nation. The main types of degree programs offered here include graduate degrees, undergraduate degrees, adult learning programs, and online programs.

The large university is made up of smaller colleges and departments that focus on education in a particular academic field. Students can seek enrollment according to their interests and academic goals. Listed below are the main areas of studies:

  • Arts and sciences
  • Business and management
  • Education and leadership
  • Nursing

The programs are designed according to latest trends and developments. Students receive in-depth instruction regarding the industry trends and career prospects. Skill development is considered important at Cardinal Stritch University as it believes that students must have the right set of skills needed for a professional career ahead.

Cardinal Stritch University has developed a large online platform to offer distance learning programs. With the rise of technology and virtual learning modes, Cardinal Stritch University Online Programshave gained popularity among many students.

Financial Aid Services

Cardinal Stritch University offers financial assistance to many students in need of educational funding. Over 80% of students at Cardinal Stritch University are moving closer to their academic goals with the help of loans, grants, scholarships, and work-study programs. These programs are designed specifically to make higher education affordable. Not everyone can afford the high costs of degree programs in today's inflation-ridden economy. Cardinal Stritch University believes in making education affordable and accessible with the help of financial aid.


The faculty of Cardinal Stritch University is trained to enhance learning among students. Teachers and professors here are dedicated and skilled in their academic specialty. The teacher student ratio is low as compared to many other institutes, this helps increase individualized attention and allows all kinds of students to develop their potential at an academic and personal level.

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