Assumption College

Assumption College

Assumption College is a Catholic liberal arts institute located in Massachusetts. It was established in 1904 as a private college and has student enrollment of above 2500. It aims to educate students in a manner that creates intellectual workforce, thoughtful individuals, and responsible citizens. It encourages diversity, peace and harmony.

Academic Programs
There are various academic programs being offered in liberal arts, business and sciences. Some of the most sought after specializations include Accounting, Communications, Law and Economics, French Studies, Women Studies, and Organizational Communication. The college also offers specializations in partnership with other leading institutes in order to provide their students the best of education. They are in partnership with law and science institutes. Students are given the opportunity to select their undergrad degree from a variety of more than 40 majors and 40 minors. Upon completing their undergraduate studies, they can get enrolled in graduate programs at AC. They can select from the Master of Arts and/ or the Master of Business Administration degree programs. Each of these is offered in more than half a dozen specializations.

Students seeking introductory level education can opt for the associate or the certificate programs. These allow students to have a basic knowledge of the specialization before taking the professional degree. There are two different types of certificate programs – one's which offer basic info to students and can be opted right after completing high school whereas the others are the Certificate of Advance Graduate Studies which are opted by professionals who are already working and want to enhance their career prospects by updating their knowledge set.

Assumption College also has a Center of Continuing and Career Education which provides affordable educational opportunities to adults. The center also offers non-credit professional workshops which allow applicants to boost their careers. These are offered in supply chain management, human resources management, and medical coding and billing.

Assumption College Online Degrees
Students can also take up these degrees in the online program and complete them at a pace of their own. Assumption College online programs allow students to take their classes from anywhere in the world with a single internet connection. They do not have to be physically present in the class.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are some of the advantages of enrolling in Assumption College online?

A:There are a number of advantages of enrolling in Assumption College online. Students find distance learning convenient as they have the option of studying at their own pace. This is particularly useful for students who are already employed or stay at home parents. Students can save a lot with online education as well as there are no accommodation and transportation costs involved.

Q:What are some of the benefits associated with enrolling in Assumption College MBA?

A:There are a number of advantages of enrolling in Assumption College MBA. Students receive personalized attention with smaller class sizes. The curriculum is extensive and involves a combination of ethics and business courses. The faculty is highly qualified and offers an innovative track for students. In addition to this, students also learn from professionals in the field. The programs offered by Assumption College are quite economical which can be extremely useful for students in the long run.

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