Ashworth Career School

Ashworth Career School

Ashworth career school is a leading accredited online institute. Accredited by DETC and SACS, this online career school offers more than 100 training programs in a wide variety of fields. The highly flexible courses offered by Ashworth Career School provide students with comfort and convenience in earning valuable academic qualifications. Students can enroll in programs and study from any location.

Programs offered by Ashworth Career School

Ashworth career school offers a wide array of educational programs. These include certification courses as well as degree programs in various disciplines. Students can choose from programs such as:


  • Career diplomas
  • Certifications
  • Associate’s degrees
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Master’s degree

A wide variety of specializations are offered by Ashworh Career School including:

  • Art & Design
  • Political Science
  • Health Care
  • Human Services
  • Legal/Paralegal
  • Engineering
  • Criminal Justice
  • Culinary Arts
  • Education/Teaching
  • Liberal Arts
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Religious Studies
  • Science & Math
  • Social Services
  • Technology
  • Business

How can I benefit from pursuing education at Ashworth Career School?

 Here are 4 reasons that make Ashworth Career School one of the best online institutes:

  • Accreditation: Ashworth career school is nationally accredited. This is why students can be sure that earning an academic recognition from this online school implies earning degrees that are widely accepted.
  • Affordability: The online programs offered by Ashworth Career School are more affordable than many accredited universities. For this reason, students with limited financial resources can give a boost to their career with ease.
  • Quality: Students can be sure to acquire quality education from Ashworth. The faculty includes highly qualified staffs that specialize in various fields.
  • Flexibility: The great flexibility offered by the online programs from Ashworth makes it one of the best online institutes to gain higher education.

Program Listing

Criminal Justice

Education Teaching


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the specializations offered at the Ashworth career school?

A:Specializations offered at the Ashworth Career School are, Art & Design, Political Science, Health Care, Human Services, Legal/Paralegal, Engineering, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Education/Teaching, Liberal Arts, Nursing, Psychology, Religious Studies, Science & Math and Social Services.

Q:Are all Ashworth University courses offered online?

A:Ashworth University offers a wide range of distance learning programs that comprise of courses in disciplines such as: health care services, accounting, marketing, human resource management, criminal justice, e business technology, jewellery design, internet security, literature and project management. Through these programs students can achieve their degrees at their desired pace.

Q:Is there any Ashworth College photography course?

A:Yes. Ashworth College is now offering a photography program as well. It teaches students various types and aspects of photography such as digital photography, photojournalism, event photography, darkroom photography, commercial photography, developing prints, lenses and various others.

Q:Are Ashworth College programs accredited by any professional body?

A:Ashworth College boasts regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement. Besides, it is also certified by the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission to award associate, bachelor's and master's degrees.Also, the distance learning programs offered at the Ashworth College are nationally accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council.

Q:Where is Ashworth College located?

A:Ashworth College is located in Norcross, Georgia. It also has a comprehensive online school that offers degrees in numerous fields and areas of specialization. Online degrees can be pursued from anywhere in the world with just a single internet connection and you can complete the online programs at your preferred time and speed.

Q:Is there any Ashworth Child Care Career Skills program?

A:Yes. Ashworth College does have a Child Care Career Skills program. It is a diploma program, therefore will take about a year to complete. It offers comprehensive curriculum which can be accessed comfortably from home. Moreover, it can be completed through Ashworth College's distance learning program as well.

Q:Are there any Ashworth College apprenticeship programs?

A:Ashworth College does offer a few apprenticeship programs. These are offered in the online career diplomas. Most popular apprenticeship specializations at Ashworth College are the Electrician Training, Carpenter Training, Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, and Auto Mechanic Training. These apprenticeship programs focus on equipping students with professional skills and practical expertise.

Q:Can your provide some information regarding Ashworth College Criminal Justice Programs?

A:Ashworth College offers a range of associate, bachelor's and master level degrees in Criminal Justice. Also, students can get enrolled in the criminal justice certificate program that focuses on only 5 courses and can be completed much faster than a full time degree program.

Q:From where can I get Ashworth College Culinary class info?

A:Our website offers comprehensive information on Ashworth College. It also extends details about the Culinary Arts program offered by the Ashworth College, which can be accessed online as well as on-campus. To view the detailed class info about the course, you can write to our representative or checkout the institute's official website.

Q:Which accrediting board has accredited and approved Ashworth college’s distance learning facility?

A:Ashworth College is one of the most popular online colleges in the US, offering online education in a number of study areas. The degree programs are available at all levels, such as associate level, bachelor level, and master level. The college’s distance learning facilities and courses have been accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council. This board is responsible for all setting education standards and quality standards for online education.

Q:What are the Ashworth College Early Childhood Education associate's degree credit requirements?

A:The associate's degree in Early Childhood Education offered by the Ashworth College requires the completion of 60 credit hours. These 60 credit hours need to be completed within two years of education if opted in any of the Ashworth College campuses, whereas it can take longer if the degree is pursued in the online Ashworth college program.

Q:Is Ashworth College Elementary Education Degree offered at associate level only?

A:Ashworth College offers a wide range of education teaching degrees with concentrations in Child Care Career Skills, Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education. Most degrees offered in this field can be taken at undergraduate ad graduate level, however, students interested in applying for the Associate of Elementary Education degree must bear in mind that it is only a basic program and can help them find entry level positions. While, a bachelor or master level degree can make their resumes more valuable and enable them to work at management level positions.

Q:Can you give me some info about the Ashworth College Hospitality and Restaurant Management program?

A:Ashworth College is known for offering a range of Hospitality and Restaurant Management programs, these include degrees in hotel and restaurant management that covers topics such as: marketing work flow, and banquet reservations. Students can also pursue a degree in Gourmet Cooking and Catering that is focused on courses like food cost management and recipe selection. These programs can be pursued through the online medium conveniently. Also, students with good academic records can obtain scholarships and grants to cover their educational costs.

Q:Is there any Ashworth College Teacher Assistant certified program?

A:Ashworth College does offer the certified Teaching Assistant Training program. It is a career diploma intended to produce polished and qualified teaching assistants. The program comprises of twelve lectures with different subject matter in every class, to offer them a comprehensive insight to the profession.

Q:What does the Ashworth online course for child care include?

A:The online career diploma in Childcare training at Ashworth College allows students the basic knowledge of handling kids, introductory first aid information, colorful textbooks for children and their study guides, tools for child education, and others. The childcare training program by Ashworth College offers students the opportunity to work in daycare centers, home based childcare, or in pre-schools.

Q:Is there any Ashworth University Culinary Arts program?

A:Yes. Ashworth University has a well known accredited culinary arts program, which is extending its degrees online as well as in a bunch of its campus based institutes. Popular culinary arts degrees offered by Ashworth University include Hospitality and Restaurant Management and Gourmet Cooking and Catering.

Q:How long is the Ashworth College MS Criminal Justice specializing program for?

A:The Masters of Sciences in Criminal Justice is a two year degree program offered by the Ashworth College. Ashworth College has campus schools as well as the distance learning programs. The duration for degrees in both forms of education differs. The online Masters of Sciences in Criminal Justice is a self paced program and provides students with the flexibility of taking classes from any location in the world.

Q:What is included in the associate’s degree in computer information management curriculum at Ashworth College?

A:The associate’s degree in computer information management offered by Ashworth College comprises of 4 semesters and a variety of courses that are studied throughout the duration. Some of the courses studies in the program are: Visual basic, database processing, programming in JavaScript, principles of management, business communications, local area networks, website design, system analysis and design, accounting, and windows operating system.

Q:What are the main features of Undergrad Certificates offered at Ashworth School?

A:The undergrad certificates offered at Ashworth School comprise of 15 credit hours and 5 courses respectively. These are designed to enable students to focus on a particular area of study and these certificates only comprise of one semester. Upon completion, the credit hours can be transferred to the related associate degree program.

Q:How can I work for Ashworth College?

A:Ashworth College is an equal opportunity provider to all applicants. Jobs for Ashworth College are announced on their official website. You can look into their new openings and apply online. They have an extensive administration block and are always looking for fresh graduates looking for professional exposure.

Q:What do students learn in a course for Intro to Photography Ashworth College?

A:The intro to photography courses offered by Ashworth College aim at providing students with basic knowledge of photography. In the course, students learn about cameras, camera attachments, digital darkroom, digital photography, composition, lenses, photojournalism, lighting, filters, prints, negatives, camera accessories, and developing prints. These provide students with a general foundation of knowledge of photography and its scope.

Q:What are Ashworth Career certification programs?

A:Ashworth Career certification programs refer to their career diplomas which focus more towards practical and technical training other than theoretical concepts and background knowledge. These courses do offer a complete insight to theory and background but the focus point is the training which qualifies students to be able to enter their professional lives with furnished skills and start earning at the quickest.

Q:How many Ashworth College degree programs in Photography are available?

A:Ashworth College offers a Professional Photography Certificate only. It is a one year career program where students are taught how to become professional photographer in as less time as possible. The course takes about one year to complete. However, at times students can complete it in lesser time as well.

Q:What Military benefits can be availed with the Ashworth Career School Career education?

A:The Ashworth Career School Career Education programs offer a wide array of benefits and assistance plans to individuals associated to the military. These include the Veteran plan, Active Military Education and the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

Q:Does Ashworth Career School for single moms offer any online courses?

A:If you are a single mother and are looking for courses at Ashworth Career School, you can easily find a number of online courses that will help you complete your studies while attending to the responsibilities that motherhood carries with it. The online class schedules are very flexible and can easily be adjusted within your existing schedule.

Q:Many of the Ashworth photographer programs are way out of my budget, what are my other options?

A:If you think that the photographer programs offered at Ashworth are too expensive for you, you can always apply for a scholarship or student loan. A scholarship or grant will help you pay for your educational expenses without ever having to pay back. If you are not eligible for a scholarship, private student loans can help you pay the expenses with little interest. Contact the Ashworth Financial Aid office for help with this.

Q:What is the advantage of taking the Ashworth college culinary arts program online?

A:Ashworth College Culinary Arts Program Online offers a number of advantages to the students. Students taking the online program can take their class from anywhere in the world with a single internet connection. They also get to schedule their own classes and complete the course at a pace that suits them. Moreover, online programs allow students to take up full day time jobs if they want.

Q:What can I do once I have completed one of the Ashworth College associate degree programs?

A:There are number of options available to you once you have completed your associate degree. You can either: go on to complete a bachelor program, you could leave the academic world and look for a job, or you can attempt further associate program(s) of interest. The choice is really yours as taking such a program offer you a large amount of flexibility.

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