Arizona State University

Arizona State University

Arizona State University, commonly known as ASU, is a state-owned university in Arizona. ASU is the largest university in the United States in terms of its student body, having approximately 58,000 undergraduates and almost 14,000 postgraduate students. The university has an endowment fund of US$514 million which shows its commitment to research-oriented studies.
ASU, established in 1885, has its campuses in various places in the US. The university is a symbol of academic excellence as it offers over 250 majors for undergraduates and more than 100 graduate programs. Arizona State University has a high acceptance rate of 86%. The university has been providing quality education for over a decade and the tradition still continues.
Arizona State University Online Programs
ASU continues to maintain its commitment to high standards by also providing online education. It offers online programs for bachelors and masters in various fields of study. Currently, the university provides online degrees in 62 different disciplines for undergraduates and graduates. Some of the Arizona State University online degrees are:
Undergraduate Programs:

  • Business (Communication);
  • Psychology;
  • Health Sciences; and
  • Nursing (RN to BSN).

Graduate Programs:

  • Engineering (Modeling and Simulation);
  • Engineering Management;
  • Criminal Justice;
  • Embedded Systems; and
  • Healthcare Innovation.

 The university also offers graduate certificate courses. To name a few, these include Graduate Certificates in:

  • Statistics;
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Community Development;
  • Supply Chain Management; and
  • Online Teaching for Grades K-12.

Learning online at ASU has many benefits. Apart from managing work while studying, enrolled students also have the opportunity to interact with the renowned faculty at Arizona State University while sitting at home. Not only that, the university has invested a lot in providing good technical facilities to its students. It was one of the first universities to collaborate with Google to offer students friendly applications for e-learning. The administration at ASU takes keen interest in guiding the students in online programs.
Tuition and Finances
Since Arizona State University is a state university, the cost of attending it is comparatively lower than private universities. The average cost of one credit hour (for both graduate and undergraduate programs) is approximately $450. Tuition fee varies according to the course and program. Despite the lower tuition fees, the university provides financial assistance to its students in the form of aid and scholarships. Scholarships are granted to students on the basis of academic merit, while financial aid is need-based. This ensures that the majority of students receive some sort of assistance from the university to lower their college expenses.
Faculty and Student Body
ASU employs some of the world-class faculty and each faculty member brings something unique with them. Currently, the faculty includes Nobel laureates, Sloan Research fellows, Guggenheim fellows, MacArthur fellows and National Academy members; just to count a few. Online programs are also taught by world-class faculty and no distinction is made between online teaching and teaching on campus. This makes the university one of the top choices for students interested in online degrees.
The vibrant and diverse student body gives a multi-cultural university experience to those affiliated with ASU.

Program Listing

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Is there any Arizona bachelors in Elementary Education?

A:Yes. The Arizona State University does offer Elementary Education at the bachelor's level. The course aims at producing quality teachers for elementary and middle school expanding their knowledge horizon and communication skills. Effective teacher trainings and practical experience at a school are compulsory for students enrolled in the bachelors in Elementary Education at the Arizona State University.

Q:What do students learn in the Arizona computer certificate program?

A:The certificate program in computer and informatics offered at Arizona State University is an undergraduate program. Students enrolled in this course learn how to manage computer technology and data. They develop skills in problem solving and communication, and understand the basic computational principles. The computer knowledge acquired from this program can be used in many different professions such as medicine, education, engineering, and many more.

Q:What are the admission requirements to enroll in an Arizona game degree program or game certificate program?

A:Arizona State University requires all new entrants to fulfill the admission criteria for enrollment in a gaming degree program. Students must have a high school diploma, students should have a CGPA of at least 2.0, they must have passing scores in the entry test examinations, and they must submit a letter of recommendation when applying.

Q:Is there any Arizona Interior Designing course?

A:Yes. The Arizona State University does offer a few interior designing programs. It offers Designing, which includes interior designing, and the Interior Designing History courses at the undergraduate level. Arizona State University is also offering the Master of Science in Designing (MSD) in Interior Designing.

Q:Which degrees are offered at the Arizona Mechanic Institute?

A:The Arizona State University has a department for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. The department offers different degrees amongst which focusing on the mechanical side are: MS, MSE and PhD in Chemical Engineering; MS, MSE, and PhD in Mechanical Engineering, and MS and PhD in Material Science and Engineering.

Q:From where can I get the ASU catalog for Applied Sciences degree in Paralegal Studies?

A:The catalog for the Arizona State University for Applied Sciences degree in Paralegal Studies can be requested online from our website. The catalog for the Arizona State University will have detailed program information on each and every degree offered at the institute with its specialization options and financial costs and assistance programs.

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