Arcadia University

Arcadia University

Accredited by Middle States Commission on Higher Education, Arcadia University is one of the leading institutes within the country. With over 4,000 students, the university has an environment conducive for learning that is highly suitable for students with diverse goals.  It is a top-ranked private university that offers bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in a variety of concentrations. U.S. News & World Report ranks the university in the top tier of regional universities in Northern US. Arcadia helps students integrate theory with real-world experiences. Students also get a chance to benefit from the personal attention from the faculty that is the hallmark of Arcadia’s learning community.


Arcadia University’s faculty includes accomplished scholars that provide students with the opportunity to benefit not only from the knowledge but also their experience in real world settings. The industry experts make sure that students gain knowledge and skills that help them excel in their relevant field. Their exposure exemplifies the personal learning experience found within the Arcadia Promise. Students can get in touch with the faculty at their convenience and spend time with them, learning, understanding and consulting with them to pursue a thriving career.

Online Programs at Arcadia

Arcadia University online programs allow students to enroll in programs of their choice in a state-of-the-art virtual learning environment. The online learning at this institute is as effective and friendly as its on-campus programs. Using the latest technology-based tools as well as pedagogical strategies, Arcadia Online programs allow students to benefit from high-quality instruction. These programs are developed with ease of access in mind and flexibility which makes them far more useful than online programs at other institutes. Blackboard is the learning management system employed by Arcadia that provides convenient access to communication tools and course materials and communications tools. It also helps students and the instructors to communicate with each other in an effective manner.

The flexibility of the online programs offered by Arcadia University makes them an excellent learning option for working professionals who cannot enroll in regular degrees due to their busy routines. Despite their flexibility and convenience, the programs in no way compromise on the quality of learning. This is what makes Arcadia one of the best online institutes that promise students quality learning programs that can easily be made a part of their existing routine. Dedication to excellence and quality helps the university create a rewarding learning experience for working adults seeking advanced career opportunities.

Types of Programs

Arcadia University offers a wide array of online learning programs such as M.Ed. in Instructional Technology, M.Ed. in Special Education, M.F.A. in Creative Writing, Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy and more. Students can also enroll in a bachelor in liberal studies and business administration. In addition to degree programs, online certificate courses are also available. Some of the certificate programs offered through the online mode of learning include Applied Behavior Analysis, Autism, Digital Design (Education), Entrepreneurship (Business), General Technology (Education), Infant-Toddler Mental Health (Education), Leadership (Business), Professional Writing (English) and Readiness to Practice (Physical Therapy).

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