Anna Maria College

Anna Maria College

Located in Massachusetts, Anna Maria College is a catholic private liberal arts institute. It offers coeducational services and is most commonly referred to as AMC. It was founded by the Sisters of Saint Anne in 1946 and aims to provide quality higher education in order to create individuals aware of their responsibility towards their community, state, nation, and the rest of the world. They are encouraged to engage in research based activities and incorporate the elements of learning taught in the school course.

Anna Maria Degree Programs
There are more than 1600 students currently enrolled in several graduate, undergraduate, and continuing education programs. Students are given a variety of specialization areas to select their field. Some of the most common areas of specialization are:
  • Music and Music Therapy
  • Criminal Justice Education
  • Psychology
  • Education
  • Business
  • Social Work and Sports Management
The institute focuses on providing liberal arts education. However, gradually it has also started incorporating science specializations such as Fire Science and Paramedics Science.

Anna Maria College Online Degrees
In an attempt to encourage students to take higher education, AMC provides online programs so that students who cannot attend campus based classes can get enrolled in the Anna Maria College online programs and complete the course at a pace of their own. They can take these course from anywhere in the world with a single internet connection. These programs most commonly allow students to take up full time employment opportunities and complete their education alongside.

Anna Maria College Financial Aid
The college aims to make higher education affordable for as many students as possible and to serve their objective; they have introduced a comprehensive financial aid program. Undergraduate students can apply to the federal financial aid program. However, for graduate and continuing education students, there are institutional financing options as well. They are required to submit the FAFSA alongside AMC financial aid application form. All students enrolled in AMC can avail need based scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study programs.

AMC has received accreditations from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and the state Department of Education.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are some of the programs offered in anna maria college online?

A:The online chapter of the Anna Maria College offers degrees at the undergraduate and the graduate level. Currently the college has a master's program in Public Health Administration, a bachelor's degree in Fire Science and a RN bachelor of science in nursing. These online degrees are taught by experienced instructors who equip students with the requisite skills to excel in the professional world.

Q:What are some of the important courses taught in the undergraduate art program at anna maria university?

A:Anna Maria College offers a rigorous art program at the under graduate level which requires students to take ten courses including drawing and design skills, knowledge of art history, design and color theory and intro to computer graphics. Moreover students also have to pick a concentration in a certain art depending on their inclinations and career plans.

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