Abilene Christian University

Abilene Christian University

The University was founded by A.B. Barret and Charles Roberson in 1903. Barret was a prominent teacher at Southwest Christian College in Denton, Texas and believed in constructing a proper Christian college in Abilene. The Church of Christ was growing solidly and agreed to support the prestigious plan of building a college within the vicinity. Initially the institute was named Childers Classical Institute after Col J.W. Childers, who had bestowed his estate and land to the project. Currently, Abilene Christian University stands as one of the most renowned Christian colleges of this decade.
Abilene Christian University is extremely proud of their individualized commitment for the spiritual and academic growth of every single student that comes to the University. The staff and administration at the Abilene Christian University share the same mission, ethics and religious values. This enables the University to ensure that they inculcating Christian values.

Programs of Study

Students that are admitted at Abilene Christian University can choose from 67 undergraduate degree majors, 25 Master's degree programs and one PhD program. The students at Abilene Christian University can also benefit from the 48,000 plus alumni that have graduated from the University and are working in various positions across the state, as well as in other countries.
Abilene Christian University is extremely selective in their admission process. The university typically enrolls no more than 5000 students from across the United States of America. Other countries are also represented within the student body.


The Abilene Christian University boasts of a beautiful 250 acre modern campus which is situated near Dallas-Fort Worth. Students enjoy a Christian values oriented environment. The institute believes in the individual value of each student and contributes significantly to their future goals and aspirations. Abilene Christian University is also proud of their athletic and sports achievements since the inception of the college.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What does the Abilene Christian University business program offers?

A:The College of Business Administration of Abilene Christian University offers graduate as well as undergraduate degree programs in various areas of specializations. Undergraduate degrees at Abilene Christian University include Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management, Accounting, Marketing, Information Systems, and Financial Management. The graduate program offers the Master of Accountancy only.

Q:Where can I get the details regarding Abilene Christian University Criminal Justice program?

A:Our website provides complete information about all programs offered by Abilene Christian University. Currently, the university is offering the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Sociology - Criminal Justice track. This degree covers a blend of sociology and criminal justice courses including Crime and Delinquency, Ethics and Social Issues, Social Problems, Sociology of Social Control and Law, and American Judicial Process. For any further details, feel free to contact us.

Q:Does Abilene Christian University online employment facility helps students find jobs?

A:The online employment facility offered by Abilene Christian University enable students to find campus based or off campus work study employment opportunities. Students are able to keep track of the suitable job openings via this online feature. Also, graduates with degrees from this university can make use of this facility to come across diverse career opportunities.

Q:Which financial aid options are available to students at Abilene Christian University?

A:The current and future students who wish to apply for financial aid must be enrolled in college for at least 6 hours in any of the programs to qualify for financial aid. Also, they are required to meet the criteria set by ACU Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. Interested students need to complete and submit the FASFA before the deadline. The most sought after financial aid options include ACU- specific Scholarships, work study programs, and grants. Loans such as College Access Loans and private loans are also available to qualifying applicants.

Q:I did Abilene Christian University MBA, where can I work now?

A:An MBA from Abilene Christian University makes you eligible for work in a number of positions in various fields. Depending on your specialization you can choose to work in a specific field. In any case, no matter what the field is, you will be able to find work in management positions in a number of business and offices.

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