Wireless Home Security Systems

How safe are our homes? According to the data published by the FBI, in 2012, over 2,000,000 burglaries were reported. 74.5% of all burglaries were residential burglaries. These statistics show the growing threat of property crimes. Many people are now resorting to extra security measures to keep their homes safe from intruders. Although bolt locks and guard dogs can improve security, they may not be as effective as home security systems. Studies have shown that burglars are deterred by home security systems.

Wireless Home Security Systems
Wireless Home Security Systems

With technological advancements, many homeowners now prefer wireless over wired home security systems as they are easier to set up and operate.

How does the wireless systems work?

A wireless security system works in the same manner as a wired system.  The system will comprise of a number of components such as the following:

  • Control panel – It controls all the data received through sensors and is designed to raise an alarm in case of a security breach.

  • Sensors – Sensors come in various types, using different technologies such as infrared, magnetic field, noise, and motion technologies, etc.

  • Alarm – This device is designed to inform the house hold when triggered. Signals from sensors are sent to the control panel, which may alert the law enforcement authorities.

A wireless home security system may include cameras for video surveillance as well. It is up to you to decide how many sensors, alarms, and cameras you need in your home.

How to install a wireless camera system?

When installing a wireless camera system, you must first read the manual.  You will not have to worry about extensive wiring and networking. Some important points to remember when setting up the system are:

  • Points of entry to cover may include doors, garage, windows, etc.

  • Mount cameras and sensors on the right location both indoors as well as outdoors.

  • Make sure there are no obstacles between the sensors and receiver or control panel.

  • Test run the system to check for any errors in installation.

How to choose a system?

When choosing a security system, it is important to analyze your home and your security needs. The larger the home, the more extensive the security system will be. Since there are many home security companies in the market, you must carefully weigh all options and  select a company that best fits your budget and needs. You can learn about the credibility of a company by checking the customer reviews and licensing of its employees. In addition, ask your family and friends.

The security of your family should never be compromised. Choosing a suitable home security system may make all the difference between life and death.



Q:Can i still have pets in the house and use my wireless home security systems?

A:As the number of households with pets is increasing, the demand for pet-friendly systems is also growing. A false alarm can lead to a fine in most cities and states. To help prevent the risk of a false alarm, companies are now offering pet-immune systems. Your home security system can be wired or wireless, but it must be pet-immune if you want to keep a pet in the house.

Q:Can i take my wireless home security systems with me when i move to any other city?

A:Yes, you can take your wireless security system with you when you relocate to another city. Wireless security systems are easy to install and dissemble since there is no complex wiring. You can simply detach the components from their locations to take with you. Wireless systems are ideal for individuals who relocate often.

Q:Do i have to pay to have my wireless home security systems, monitored by a security company?

A:Yes, you will have to pay an annual or monthly monitoring fee to the company. The amount you are required to pay depends on which monitoring company you have chosen. Some companies may be charging as little as $8 per month while some companies are charging as much as $50 per month. It is recommended that you research well and learn about the options you have keeping mind your budget and need.

Q:Do i need an alarm permit to install wireless home security systems?

A:Not every city or community requires residents to get a permit to install camera surveillance systems in your home. In some cities, a permit is not necessary, but you may be required to put up a sign giving notice of camera surveillance. You must check with the local laws of your city/county to find out what the legal requirements are.

Q:What causes false alarms in wireless home security systems?

A:There could be numerous causes for false alarms in security systems. But on a general basis, here are a few most common ones: Faulty equipment, Human error when installing a new system, low batteries or inconsistent power source, incorrect wiring, pets, rodents and insects may trip any of the motion sensors around the house and cause the alarm to go off. Do-it-yourself systems are the most susceptible to incorrect installation problems and subsequent false alarms.

Q:If I turn off the internet will my wireless security cameras still work?

A:There are a number of different wireless security cameras but most of these cameras make use of WLAN (wireless local area network) connectivity. You would need to check your camera to find out if it includes WLAN viewing. You can access WLAN camera even without an internet connection, if you are viewing it from within the local area network.

Q:Can anyone recommend a good indoor wireless surveillance system?

A:There is no one size fits all wireless surveillance system to meet the security needs of people. However, in order to get a wireless surveillance system, you would need to keep in mind the cost of the system, number of cameras needed, image quality, sound recording, backup battery time, warranty, and overall effectiveness of the security system in preventing housebreaks or burglary.

Q:What is a good brand of wireless surveillance systems, that wont kill the budget?

A:A number of good brands are offering affordable wireless surveillance system. A good way to find an affordable wireless system is to know your exact security needs and buy a system accordingly. You don't need to pay for extra features that are not needed for your home security. Some key features to consider include color or black and white cameras, image quality, camera coverage, video surveillance storage, and IP and analog cameras.

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