Wireless Door Alarm

Did you know that 34% of burglars enter right through the front door (SafeSoundFamily)? At times they may even knock on the door to check if you’re home or not. If not, they’ll simply try turning the door knob. And surprisingly, a lot of home owners have a habit of leaving their front door unlocked, which is an open invitation for intruders.

With 65% of residential burglaries happening during the day (SafeSoundFamily), when you’re most likely to be at work, how can you defend your home when you’re not even there?

Here’s how: install a wireless door alarm.

How Does a Wireless Door Alarm Work?

A wireless door alarm is a two-piece device. One piece is mounted on the door frame and the other goes on the door itself. When the alarm is activated, the two parts need to be a maximum of half an inch apart. If this distance is increased, the alarm will go off and emit a continuous beeping sound until you turn it off.

What to Consider When Choosing an Alarm System?

When trying to decide on the company or the type of door alarm that you should purchase, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Services Offered

    Look in detail at all the services that your provider is offering. Arrange a meeting with them to discuss what the device does, and how it operates. There is no point in installing a sophisticated door alarm if you do not understand how it works.

  • Equipment Quality and Warranties

    Quality matters here more than it does for any other appliance in your house. You should purchase a door alarm that will ensure your peace of mind by providing you with efficient solutions to your security needs.

  • Cost and Quality Trade-off

    Strike an ideal balance between these two to make sure you’re not compromising too much on either.

  • Installation and Flexibility

    Installation of wireless door alarms is fairly simple. In some cases you might not even need professional help, since there is no wiring hassle involved. If the system is however complicated, make sure you understand the manual or discuss it with your provider before you operate it.

  • Customer Service

    This comes in very handy when you run into some sort of problem with your door alarm.

Wired or Wireless Door Alarms

Functionally speaking, these two types are similar in their programming, signaling and compatibility with standard home security systems. It is just the installation that differs.

Wired Door Alarms

  • These are suitable for medium to large scale buildings such as commercial buildings, offices, factories etc.

  • Longer distances can be covered using a wired alarm system, which is why they have a more commercial application.

  • These systems are mostly chosen if either the building is under construction, or is being renovated.

  • Exclusive mode of transmission ensure that no other microwave signals affect its operations

  • Relatively lower maintenance costs

Wireless Door Alarms:

  • For residencies, and small buildings, wireless alarm systems work best

  • These could be quickly installed and easily operated

  • These could be used at locations otherwise inaccessible

  • Relatively cost effective installation

  • Relatively easier to move, in case you are relocating

  • Works on batteries; does not require connection with a power supply

Is it Worth Your Money?

A door alarm is the first line of defense from potentially disastrous events. A recent study by the Rutgers University revealed that the presence of a residential burglar alarm is a strong deterrent for intruders, making the property immediately less attractive to them.

One major benefit of the alarm that cannot be quantified is the peace of mind that may come with it.  Instead of having to be on your guard at all times, you have a machine doing this job for you, with perhaps more vigilance than is humanely possible.

Reduced insurance costs are also a reason why this makes a worthy investment. Depending on how efficient the design of your door alarms and the entire home’s security system is, your insurance provider might decrease your home insurance payments.

A door alarm is a simple piece of machinery that has the tendency to protect from uninvited strangers.  So invest now, instead of regretting later.



Q:How does a remotely opened cell door work?

A:In order to remotely open a cell door, a door control is built. The door control is operated by a guard and the guard opens the doors every time someone wants to pass. Many doors can be opened at one time by using this technology; however, one door at a time can also be opened. These doors reduce traffic pileups, as they open instantly and hardly require any manpower.

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