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Residents may find Tennessee a great mix of both contemperory and traditional. Home to the birthplace of country music and rock and roll, the state also has great historical value. It’s not called “the Volunteer State” for nothing!

But what some Tennesseans may not find their state to be is a safe place to live. Shocked? Crime is everywhere, and Tennessee is no different. If you’re a Tennessean, you may want to read the following information.

The Dark Side of Tennessee

Crime in Tennessee has been aggravated due to high poverty rates and low education levels to the extent that it has been ranked as the most dangerous state in America. (USA Today)

The figures below provide a breakdown of the statistics:

  • Tennessee’s crime rate was 643.6 per 100,000 people in 2012. (USA Today)

  • However, in 2013, 56.6% of all crimes statewide were property-related, the exact figure being 306,809 offenses reported.

  • There were 51,097 burglary offenses and 54,181 offenses for property damage reported, each accounting for 16.65% and 17.66% of all property-related crimes respectively.

  • There were 7,363 robberies reported, most of which involved the use of handguns at 47.6% and targeted residences at 28.9%.

  • Most of the burglaries also took place during daytime (from 6 am to 6 pm).

  • Finally, there were 1,089 arsons reported in 2013. (TBI)

Crime in this state is especially concentrated in its most popular cities, Nashville and Memphis.

Protection is Key!

An effective way for a Tennessean to protect himself and his loved ones could be to install a home security system. These systems keep your house safe from intrusions at all time by sounding an alarm when one of its sensors detects unusual activities.

One of the most widely used sensors, for example, is a motion sensor. A motion sensor by definition is designed to detect unusual movement within its range. If the sensor is activated, it sends a signal to the system’s control panel, which in turn sounds an alarm as well as alerts a monitoring service to a potential threat. The most common technology that a motion sensor uses is passive infrared (PIR) rays, which detects infrared energy from a person’s body temperature.

If setting up a motion sensor sounds like too much hassle, you could easily set up a wireless motion sensor which usually operates on batteries, as long as they are placed away from heating devices. But one of the best things about such devices, and any wireless home security systems in general, is that they may be easily upgraded as they allow home automation.

Choosing the Right Home Security System

There are many home security companies in the state which provide systems with different functions and capabilities. Therefore, Tennesseans should take care of a few things before they decide which home security system to buy:

  • Do your research. Learn about the various systems in the market and find out what additional services they offer, e.g., installation, monitoring, help and support, etc.

  • Find out the security requirements. Measure the area that needs coverage and count how many entry points there are.

  • Look into only those companies that are certified by the state Alarm Systems Contractors Board.

  • See also if the company is licensed in the security category of your choice, e.g., fire, burglar, surveillance, etc.

Safety should always be a priority, and with a home security system, Tennesseans may rest safe knowing their homes are relatively more intruder-proof than before.


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