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If you’re a resident of Maryland, or are plan on moving there, here are some statistics you may be interested in:

  • Out of a total of 190,086 crimes, property crimes amounted up to 162,031. That’s over 85% of the total crimes in the state (Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention)

  • There is 1 in 36 chance that you will become a victim of property crime in Maryland (Neighborhood Scout)

  • A total number of 31,889 breaking and entering cases occurred in Maryland in 2013 (GOCCP)

  • Larceny/thefts amounted up to 112,384 in 2013(GOCCP)

  • Motor Vehicle thefts totaled up to 13,429 (GOCCP)

  • These numbers are just meant to put things in perspective for you. Instead of thinking of these as just statistics that some number cruncher compiled somewhere, these should be taken seriously.

    So what now? How can you protect yourself and your family? Invest in a home security system.

    How to Protect your Home in Maryland?

    These systems are designed to protect you, your loved ones and your valuable property. Not only that, they also assist the police in actually solving reported cases. More often than not, by the time you realize you’ve been robbed, the thief is gone.  An alarm that detects the intrusion as soon as someone enters your home, gives you and the authorities ample time to react efficiently to the situation.

    Before going into the market to buy a home security system, you need to know how this process works. First you should decide what type of alarm system you want. Following are the three options you’ll have to choose from:

    Wireless Alarm Systems

    These systems require no wiring as such and are easier to install. All you need is the manual that comes with the product and most likely you would be able to install it yourself. These systems operate on radio waves technology and communicate with all the various security devices and sensors via these waves. Keep in mind though, that since they operate on batteries, you will need to check and replace these batteries regularly.

    Hardwired Alarm Systems

    These alarm systems require extensive wiring, which is why they are more suitable for homes that are either under construction, renovation or are already prewired for a security system. These are generally considered to be more dependable since they are not battery operated and are not affected by any radio waves released by other appliances in the house. Each sensor or detector is individually wired to be connected to the main alarm panel.

    Hybrid Alarm Systems

    A hybrid system is simply a combination of the above two. To design the best hybrid alarm system for your home, you are advised to get in touch with a professional.

    Once you have decided on the type of alarm system, you will need to figure out which sensors and detectors you require. Several options will be available to you:

    • Gas detectors

    • Motion detectors

    • Smoke/fire detectors

    • Door/window alarms

    • CCTV surveillance cameras

    Regulations in Maryland

    You will need to know your state and county’s regulations before you decide on the final list of security equipment. Generally, the following regulations are applicable in Maryland:

    • Carbon Monoxide Detector Law

      Public Safety law in Maryland requires the installation of CO alarms outside each sleeping area or within a certain distance of CO producing equipment in certain dwellings. CO alarms cannot be disabled. Furthermore, an owner of a single family dwelling shall disclose if the property relies on fossil fuel combustion for heat and whether CO alarms are installed. (Md. Code Ann., Pub. Safety § 12-1101 to 1106 – Carbon Monoxide Alarms)

    • False Alarms

      Maryland Statutes and Code, section 9-604 talks about false alarms. It stipulates that a person may not knowingly make or cause to be made a false: fire alarm; or, a false call for emergency services. Anyone who violates this law will be held accountable for it.

    • Fire Alarms

      In July 2013, new laws came into effect requiring all Maryland apartments to have 10-year smoke alarms installed. Ten years refers to the battery life.

    Home security systems are your first line of defense against the most common residential crimes. The amount of effort and financial investment that you put in would pay off in terms of protecting the lives of your family members and your valuable possessions. It’s a small effort, for a big return.

    Home Alarm Systems Maryland

    The state of Maryland stood third in Forbes’ “The 10 Richest States In 2014” list. According to the Maryland’s Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention, 2013 was the year in which the lowest crime was ever reported in the state’s history. These are indeed very good news for the residents of the state. However, it still does not discount the fact that in 2013 a total of 157,702 property crimes alone were reported in the state.

    You can enjoy a peaceful life in Maryland by installing a home security system. Home security systems are composed of a variety of equipment, namely home alarm systems that alert you when there is suspicious activity in your house. In addition to burglar alarms, flood, carbon monoxide and fire alarms can also be installed for greater safety.

    Home Security Companies Maryland

    One of the best things anyone can do in Maryland, given its low crime rate, is to install a home security system. This may further reduce your chances of being burglarized or caught off guard in case of fire, flooding and presence of poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide.

    There are a variety of home security companies operating in Maryland, offering a range of services. You need to select the one which suits you the most. Check with your neighbors about their experiences with their home security companies. Also check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for a home security company’s accreditation. You can even read BBBs report on it, including any complaints filed against the company, customer reviews and more. The key to selecting the right home security company in Maryland is in gathering as much information as possible.



    Q:Will my alarm system in Maryland function in the event of a power outage?

    A:It depends on whether your security system has power backup. Most wired security systems run on AC power, however they do have back up batteries, which are installed to cater for such unforeseen circumstances. If your system does not have an alternative power supply, then it is highly recommended that you get one.

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