Home Security Systems Houston

If you are a resident of Houston, the most populous city in Texas, you may want to take a look at this:

  • The city’s violent crime rate was higher than the national crime rate by a 144.29% (City Rating)

  • The city’s property crime rate was higher than national property crime rate average by 71.87% (City Rating)

  • Based on a twelve year data set, there is an upward trend in both violent crimes and property crimes in Houston, which is expected to continue in 2014 (City Rating)

  • The city’s violent crime rate was also higher than that of Texas State by a high 118.98% and the property crime rate was higher than that of Texas by 33.66% (City Rating)

  • Houston is only safer than 5% of the cities in the US (Neighborhood Scout)

So what can you do about it? Invest in a home security system. Defend yourself against these growing criminal activities.

Ways to Protect Your Home

This system is designed to give you peace of mind by protecting you and your loved ones, when you can’t. To decide upon a security system, you will need to first select the type you want. A wireless system will benefit you in terms of a hassle free installation, whereas performance wise, you would be better off with a hardwired security system. The type you choose should depend on whether your house is under construction or not. In case it is, then the latter option would be recommended. If not, and you wish things to be hassle-free then go for a wireless system.

After you have decided on the type, figure out how many sensors you need and for what type of external and internal monitoring do you prefer. Look at the various types of motion sensors, gas detectors, smoke and fire alarms, surveillance cameras, door and window alarms and safe alarms, before making an informed decision.

But then again, why should all this information concern you, right? Wrong. This is happening in you city, to people just like you. There is a 1 in 20 chance that you will become a victim of property crime in Houston, worse than the 1 in 30 probability for the state of Texas. (Neighborhood Scout)

Home Alarm Systems Houston

The first question homeowners should ask themselves is how can a home security system help. There is the obvious matter of protection, however there are a couple of others ways in which home security systems are not a bad idea at all. According to a Rutgers University study, the presence of a home security system makes homes and property less attractive to would be burglars.  This may not necessarily mean burglars target the next house. The study states that burglars, most of the time, altogether avoid that particular neighborhood. Another important reason for having a home security system is the insurance cost. Most insurance companies look favorably upon properties that have an efficient home security system installed. Hence, as a return reducing the insurance cost for the homeowner.

Home Security Companies Houston

What should you look for when deciding on home security companies in Houston? Quite a few things. Research is the key here. Before signing up with the first home security provider that comes your way, you need to see what sort of services they provide. What maintenance options do they offer? Customers should also check if the company offers monitoring services, warrantee on their products and if there are any hidden costs involved in the contract. Check reviews and see what past and current customers feel about the company’s services. Getting in touch with the local law enforcement may also help. Another way of checking is by finding out how the Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates the company. A good BBB rating is a strong indicator that the company follows good business practices.


Population Violent Crime Robbery Aggravated Assault
BurglaryLarceny TheftMurderProperty Crime
*Source: fbi.gov


Q:Are home security systems and alarm monitoring in Houston worth it?

A:Home security systems, consisting of a range of devices with different sensing capabilities, could offer you and your family enhanced protection against various threats, such as burglaries, home fires, flooded basements, etc. Alarm monitoring, on the other hand, offers a round-the-clock service which could call for immediate assistance if the home security system is triggered. This combination of home security and alarm monitoring could provide the comprehensive protection. With Houston having a fairly high crime rate, it would be wise to invest in a home security system.

Q:Are wired or wireless home security systems in Houston better?

A:It depends on your preferences. A wired home security system, while requiring a lot of drilling and set-up costs, is a time-tested method of protection that could provide all the devices you need for your safety. A wireless home security system on the other hand may require very specific placement of its sensors in order to be within range, but it's easier to set up and may be upgradeable by adding more devices to the system.

Q:Do home alarm systems in Houston TX prevent break-ins?

A:There are around 28,000 burglaries or break-ins in Houston every year, which according to the FBI, translates to an average loss of $54,000. But an effective alarm system installed at home could make all the difference by reducing your chances of becoming a victim of property by a third. Therefore, home security systems in Houston could provide meaningful protection against burglaries.

Q:What is the best home security systems in Houston?

A:That depends on the type of property you are trying to protect. The best home security system would be the one that is reliable and easy to operate. Having a super expensive system won't make much of a difference if you don't use it effectively. Know your property, especially the windows and doors that could give access to burglars. Buy a security system that covers all these points.

Q:Can i take my alarm systems with me when i move from Houston to any other city?

A:That depends on the type of home security system you have. If it's a wireless system, then you can easily move it to wherever you are going. In case it's a wired system, you should weigh cost and benefit before trying to root it out. It might actually cost you less to get a new system in the area you're moving to as compared to taking the existing system with you and then rewiring it in the new house.

Q:I rent an apartment in Houston. Should i still consider a home security systems?

A:Living in Houston can be a fulfilling experience for you and your family. But the crime rate of the city reflects the dangers of living here. According to Neighborhood Scout, 1 in 19 people are a victim to property crime here. If you wish to live safely, a home security system is highly recommended. Security systems are effective ways to deter burglars.

Q:If i get security system in Houston TX, will i get any breaks on my insurance?

A:There are a number of home insurance companies in Houston Texas. Since insurance companies are interested in lowering claims, they promote the installation of home security systems by offering discounts on premiums. The discount parentage you may qualify for will depend upon your insurance company. You can call up a insurance representative and ask for detail about the policies.

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