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The “Peach State” is the largest east of the Mississippi River. Home to “Southern hospitality”, Georgia hosts many Fortune 500 companies, well-renowned universities, theatre and art centers and more. Georgia, in short, could be an ideal place to live.

Crime in Georgia

But as they say “There’s no rose without a thorn”. The downside to Georgia is its high crime rate. If you’re living in or planning to move to Georgia, you might want to take a look at some crime statistics in the state, as reported by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation:

  • A total of 361,310 crimes were reported in 2013 - 90.3% of which were property crimes

  • Burglaries constituted 22.15% of the property crimes

  • Larceny constituted a staggering 60.55%

  • Motor vehicle theft accounted for 7.30%

These statistics aren’t there to scare you but help you prepare better against any unfortunate incident. The question however remains; have you taken the necessary steps to prevent yourself, and loved ones from becoming the next victim? Are your valuable possessions actually safe at home?

The good news is that some of these crimes may be preventable by taking precautionary steps like investing in an effective home security system.

How to Go About Protecting Your Home?

According to the FBI, a burglary takes place every 14 seconds in the United States. Investing in an effective home security system is therefore worth every dime. When you plan to get a security system, here are some important factors that should be taken into consideration.

  • The company you choose must be reputable and licensed

  • The chosen equipment must cover all possible break-in points

  • The system must be connected to an active monitoring system

  • The alarm monitoring company should have a fast response time

  • The system should have an emergency/panic button

  • If you tend to travel a lot then the system should have a remote monitoring service

  • The system should be connected with the monitoring centre via reliable linkage whether it is cellular, broadband or landline

These are some of the most important features of an effective security system and it is highly recommended that you check for these when considering one.

Once you have chosen a particular home security system company, that fulfills the above mentioned criteria, you can move on to shortlist the kind of equipment that you will require. Some of the important places and points that you need to secure in your house are:

  • Doors and Windows

    All possible entry points should be covered by your security system. You can use window sensors, glass-break sensors and motion detectors linked with alarms for this purpose.

  • Backyard

    Most intruders choose the backyard to approach a house as it decreases their chances of getting caught. You can secure your backyard but installing surveillance cameras and motion-activated lights.

  • Basement

    Usually having multiple entry points, basements are also common break-in points. You can use IR sensors and motion detectors linked with alarms as well as surveillance cameras to protect your basement.

  • Master Bedroom

    According to the FBI, the first room to be targeted by burglars is the master bedroom as it is most likely to contain valuables like cash and jewelry. You can protect you master bedroom with window and door alarms, IR sensors and video cameras.

This list is not complete by any means. You may consult a professional for installation, providing you with 24/7, full-scale protection.

Home Alarm Systems Georgia

Are you planning to move to Georgia aka “Peach State”? If yes, you would be surprised to know that Georgia is ranked among the top states for business and careers (CNBC), and is a great destination for retirees looking for a tax-friendly place to settle (Chicago Tribune). But every coin has two sides. Did you know that Georgia is home to some of the most crime-ridden cities in the nation? Forbes Magazine has ranked Atlanta, Georgia, in its list for “top dangerous cities” in the US.
So how are you planning to keep your home and family safe from crime in Georgia? Installing a home security system is a recommendation. Not only will a security system keep burglars at bay to an extent, but may also keep your home safe from floods, fires, and other disasters.  There are a number of security systems providers in here that can help meet your security needs. Look for a company that is

  • Reliable
  • Well-known
  • Ranked by BBB
  • Licensed

Adding a security system will give you the peace of mind you deserve, knowing your family and possessions are safe even when you’re not home.

Home Alarm System Regulations in Georgia

False alarms are a nuisance and have become a major concern lately, with precious state and local resources being wasted on them. The Georgia Electronic Life Safety and Systems Association (GELSSA) passed a bill “House Bill 59” in 2013, stating:

“In order to preserve valuable municipal and county law enforcement and firefighter resources,” HB 59 has set a requirement for alarm monitoring companies in Georgia to make a minimum of two “reasonable attempts … to contact the alarm site or alarm user … [with exception] in the case of a fire alarm or a panic or robbery-in-progress alarm or in cases where a crime-in-progress has been verified to be true by video or audible means.”

Another regulation related to home security is part of the building code in Georgia; it requires a smoke alarm to be installed in every sleeping room, outside or near each separate sleeping area, in the immediate vicinity of bedrooms and on each story of the house. The smoke alarm system should be hardwired and interconnected in newly constructed houses such that all the alarms are activated when one of them is triggered.

Before investing, it is important to research. Home protection is the responsibility of the owner. Installing an alarm does not mean that precautions should not be taken. It is the combination of being vigilant and having a good home security system that can eventually save lives.

Home Security Companies Georgia

Beautiful architecture, friendly communities, rich history, and of course, the “southern charm” are probably a few reasons why living in Georgia can be a great choice. But just like every other state, Georgia suffers from a crime rate that ranks it among the top dangerous places in the nation. The best thing to do is be a responsible homeowner and install a home security system. This may seem like a costly hassle, but it is worth you and your family’s safety. With so many home security companies in Georgia, how do you pick the best one? Here are some tips:

  1. Look for a credible company – you can check the company’s rating on Better Business Bureau BBB and learn more about its reputation within the industry.
  2. Check company and employee licensing- check if the company is licensed by relevant authorities. You can also find out if the employees are certified and trained by the Electronic Security Association (ESA).
  3.  Ask Friends and Family – look for referrals. It is always helpful to get opinions from people you know and the security systems they use.
  4. Check Consumer Reviews- You can get information by reading customer reviews. Also check the availability of after-sales and monitoring services.

Getting a system that fits your need, budget, without compromising on effectiveness is crucial. So make sure you research thoroughly and evaluate all options before deciding on a company.



Q:Can I use a home security system in Georgia even if I have a pet?

A:Yes, you can use a home security system even if you have a pet. However, to prevent triggering of false alarms, you need to install pet-immune motion sensors. These are designed to detect movement of living beings above a certain weight only. Furthermore, when the system is activated you could restrict your pets to a certain area where they cannot trigger an alarm.

Q:If I accidentally set off my alarm monitoring system in Georgia, what should I do?

A:If you accidentally set off your alarm system, you should immediately call on the helpline of your monitoring service and inform them of the false alarm. If you do this in time, then you might be able to prevent the deployment of rescue forces. It is recommended that all member of the household memorize the emergency helpline number so that the monitoring station is informed immediately.

Q:What is the best/least expensive Home Security System in Georgia?

A:If you are looking for the best or least expensive home security system in Georgia, you would need to keep certain points in mind. In order to get an affordable system, you would need to select a basic security package, but it should be from a reliable security company. Make sure that the security system you are buying does not have any hidden costs. Also check if the alarm company provides a good customer service with your system, as it can greatly impact the security of your house.

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