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Home of the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas sounds like an amazing city to live in. Especially when you consider facts such as the following:

  • It is home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other city in the US

  • It has more restaurants per capita than even New York City

  • It has the fourth largest metro area in the nation

The statistics, however, do not stop here. One very important statistic, a very vital and relevant side of the story that these numbers seem to miss out is Dallas’ crime rate.

Now take a look at these statistics:

  • Dallas is safer than only 8% of the cities in the US. (Neighborhood Scout)

  • There is a 1 in 23 chance of you becoming a victim of property crime in Dallas; the number is higher than the rest of Texas, which is 1 in 30. (Neighborhood Scout)

  • Crimes per square mile in Dallas were at 161, whereas for Texas, this number was 33. (Neighborhood Scout)

  • Robberies in 2013 in Dallas were 2.6% higher than in the previous year. (Dallas Police)

  • Assaults in the city went up by 11.7% from 2012 to 2013. (Dallas Police)

  • Overall crime rate in the city was 7,350.08 per 100,000 people as compared to the nationwide 4,228.54. (Inside Prison)

With this new set of numbers in front of you, you must have realized the need to secure yourself. No matter how great living in Dallas is, it is not great enough if you aren’t secure.

Home Security Systems in Dallas

A home security system could be a solution to this dangerous list of crimes in the city. You can’t help the whole state, but you can help yourself and your family. So start investing in a viable home security system.

Start off by deciding what type of alarm system do you need? You will have two main options: wireless or hardwired. Both have their pros and cons; for instance, wireless systems are easier to install and operate whereas wired systems are considered more suitable for homes under construction or renovation. After deciding the type, decide on the number and types of sensors and detectors you want for the various entry and exit points in your home.

Protect the good life, you and your family enjoy in Dallas. A home security system may not be a huge investment, especially when it is a question of safety.

Home Alarm Systems Dallas

In 2014, according to the Dallas Police Department, the city saw 11th consecutive decline in crime. This is indeed good news! The reality however remains that Dallas is not a crime free city. Burglaries, both at businesses and homes, still occur, as admitted by the department.  The need for an efficient home alarm system therefore exists in the city of Dallas.
A study conducted by Rutgers University which included four years worth of neighborhood crime statistics show that home burglaries decrease in areas where home security systems are installed. So if you live in Dallas, install a home security system for better protection. A home security system will complement the decreasing crime rate in your city.

Home Security Companies Dallas

There are many home security companies in Dallas providing a variety of home security equipment. Some may, for an additional sum, monitor your home as well. Since there are many home security companies, therefore it may become hard to select one over the other. A good way to research the right company would be to ask your friends, family and neighbors. Online reviews may help further in narrowing down your choices.  If home security companies need to be licensed and/or certified in Dallas, such credentials may be found with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). All in all, select a company that suits your security needs as well as your budget.


Population Violent Crime Robbery Aggravated Assault
BurglaryLarceny TheftMurderProperty Crime
*Source: fbi.gov


Q:What should an wired alarm system in Dallas do for me?

A:A wired alarm system is designed to be set off by one of the sensors or detectors you've attached it to in your home. By virtue of being wired, as opposed to wireless, a wired system is generally considered more reliable. Once the alarm is triggered, your monitoring company will be notified and they can alert the relevant authorities. In some cases, the alarm might directly inform the police or the fire department.

Q:What should I do in the event of a false alarm in Dallas TX?

A:According to Texas State law, you are allowed eight instances of false alarms in 12 months, after which your alarm permit would be suspended or revoked. After the third false alarm, you might be penalized with a false alarm fee. So in the event of a false alarm, determine whether you owe the state any penalties, and pay accordingly.

Q:When and how often should I check my security system in Dallas?

A:You should get your alarm system checked and serviced within 3-5 years. This procedure should analyze the system's performance, check for any faulty parts or any component issue, and replace batteries if they have run out. During these 3-5 years, if you suspect that a component of the security system is not working properly, contact your supplier and get it fixed under the product's warranty.

Q:Is Dallas security systems law allow camera image as evidence?

A:In general, it is illegal to obtain evidence through camera imaging in places of 'expected privacy' which include bedrooms, bathrooms, locker rooms, changing rooms, dressing rooms and hotel rooms. However, Texas is among the states that does not explicitly prohibit the unauthorized installation of cameras in private locations. The original copy of the photograph is required in most cases for it to be considered admissible evidence.

Q:Do i need an alarm permit to install an alarm system in Dallas?

A:According to the Dallas City Hall, a security alarm permit is required if you have a security alarm that is audible and/or is monitored to generate a police response. The annual fee for the permit is $50 for a residence and $100 for a business permit. You can call the Special Collections Customer Service to obtain your permit.

Q:What is the best home security systems in Dallas?

A:According to Angies List, there are approximately 30 home security companies in Dallas. These companies are providing a range of home security services and products. You can search online to find out more about home security companies here. It is important to find out which company is credible and reliable before you purchase a system. Factors such as employee licensing, ranking, and costs must be considered before selecting a company.

Q:How often do you have to pay for an alarm permit in Dallas?

A:You would need to obtain an alarm permit if you have an audible alarm system or your alarm system is monitored to provide police response. You would need to pay an annual permit fee of $50 for a residence and $100 for a business permit. If you want to obtain the application for permit, you can contact the Special Collections Customer Service.

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