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Compton CA- The Hub City and Crime

Also known as the “Hub City”, Compton is one of the oldest cities in the state of California. It is situated in the south of Downtown Los Angeles and is home to thousands of residents. Compton gained popularity with its introduction of hip hop and rap music and is now ranked among the best places to start a business. The city offers many career and business opportunities. Along with positive employment prospects, the city of Compton is also promoting education, healthcare, and other services to its residents as well. Living in Compton can be a rich and fulfilling experience for anyone. However, the city is suffers from burglaries and property thefts. According to LA Times, approximately 1,394 property crimes were reported in 2014 in the city of Compton.


Living Safely in Compton

When moving to Compton, adding security to your home is important. A good home security system could mean the difference between safety and a tragedy. Nowadays, home security systems in Compton CA not only help deter burglaries, but allow you to:

  • Keep an eye on your home from remote locations
  • Watch the kids, babysitter, and pets
  • Remote thermostat- manage home temperature
  • Turn on/off outdoor and indoor lights
  • Respond to false alarms remotely
  • Receive flood and quake warnings

There are many reliable home security companies in Compton that offer a range of security products. You can select a company according to your budget and need. You can make your search for the right company easier by checking the registration, certification, and ranking of the company. It would also be helpful if you asked friends and family members who have security systems already installed in their homes.

How does it Work?

A home security system is made up of various components usually connected via wires. You can also opt for a wireless system. Both systems work in the same manner and follow the same basic principles of securing your home’s perimeters. A control panel, an alarm, and sensors are usually included in a typical home security system.

A control panel will manage communication between all components and will act as the brain. This will allow you to set up various security codes via keypad. Many control panels also have a display screen that helps you view and manage your system’s settings.

Sensors are devices that “sense” and “detect” any unusual activity around the house. You can opt for different kinds of sensors for different entry points. Sensors usually follow a closed-circuit system or open-circuit system, this means every time the circuit is broken (window or door opens), the alarm is designed to get triggered instantly. Sensors use different technologies to detect movement, sound, vibrations, heat, light, and smoke. Here are a few types of sensors you can choose from:

  • Motion sensors – a passive infrared sensor detects radiation and body heat from an object within its range and is designed to raise the alarm.
  • Glass-breakage sensor – this sensor is designed to detect high frequency waves.
  • Ultrasonic sensor – the sensor is designed to emit ultrasonic waves that are reflected back when an object is in its paths or range.

You can choose a combination of sensors as each is designed for different environment, purpose and location. Since Compton has high earthquake activity, you can also add quake sensors to maximize security. Home security systems could give you and your family the protection they need from burglaries and environmental hazards.

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