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Cincinnati, 2013 – Thursday afternoon, four people wounded by gunfire, on Elm Street, near Liberty. Thursday night, a 29 year old shot dead on Goose Alley. Friday afternoon, two people wounded near the 12th and Spring, in the Pendleton section of Over-the-Rhine. Friday night, Madisonville, 21 year old male shot and killed in a bar; Up until June 2013, 37 people slain in Cincinnati; A 54 percent jump in homicide experienced in first half of 2013, as compared to the same time last year.

While authorities try to bring the crime rates in the city down, do what you can to protect your family and home.

Home Alarm Systems Cincinnati

A home alarm system gives you the opportunity to defend yourself against possible intrusions that might cost you in terms of property or worse, life. New and improved technologies are making their way into the market to give you a chance to fortify your safe haven. A simple yet effective way to go about it would be a wireless alarm system.

These systems are very easy to install. All you need is the instructions manual and a small amount of technical know-how. Even though these are relatively more expensive than hardwired systems, they are certainly less invasive in terms of drilling into walls and rewiring. Communication with this system is also relatively easier. They can be controlled via remotes and cellular signals which make them effective.  

Since this system operates on radio wave frequencies, it is possible under rare circumstances that waves from other appliances in the house might cause disrupt the signals and activate the alarm unnecessarily.

Home Security Companies in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is home to 233 home security providers. Such a huge number can be overwhelming, especially if you are only beginning to get into the process of home safety. The first thing you need to ensure is licensing and registration of the company. Any home security company in Cincinnati should be registered with the Secretary of State’s office. To check if the company is registered with them or not, you can check their online database or call their Business Services Division.

In addition to licensure, you want a company that provides good customer service along with substantial warranties. The presence of guarantees and warranties on part of the company signifies their confidence in their own products and services.

A few parting numbers…

If you are not convinced yet, you should read the following numbers:

  • There’s a 1 in 102 chance of you becoming a victim of violent crime in Cincinnati, as compared to 1 in 334 for Ohio

  • There’s a 1 in 16 chance of you becoming a victim of property crime in the city, as compared to the 1 in 82 for Ohio

  • The crimes per square mile figure for Cincinnati is at a shockingly high level (271), as compared to the national median of 39.3

            [Neighborhood Scout]

Don’t let yourself or your family become part of these horrifying numbers, invest in a home security system.


Population Violent Crime Robbery Aggravated Assault
BurglaryLarceny TheftMurderProperty Crime
*Source: fbi.gov


Q:I rent an apartment in Cincinnati. should i still consider a home security systems?

A:If you ask around, you'll find that there may be several alarm systems in the market that may suit your living conditions. For example, since your apartment complex owner may approve of a hard-wired set-up where floorboards and walls may have to be taken apart, you may get a wireless system instead. A wireless set-up may also suit apartment renters as they may be portable so that you could take it with you if you decide to move.

Q:Do security companies in Cincinnati offer lifetime warranty?

A:There are several big names in the Cincinnati home security products market that offer warranties to their customers. The terms of the warranty agreements vary from company to company. Even though a few companies do offer lifetime warranties, most companies in Cincinnati offer it for a specified number of years only. You are advised to thoroughly check your contract for details on warranty terms your company offers.

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