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Arts and culture thrive in Chicago, one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the world. It’s the scene setting for various popular TV shows and films (Oprah, the Dark Knight trilogy), as well as home to some of the country’s biggest sights: the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower).

But what most residents may not know is that homes in Chicago may also be the scene of crime and misfortune.Safety comes first, and if you don’t take care you may wind up worse off in the “Windy City”.

Therefore, you may want to read the following information to understand just how potentially dangerous home-life in Chicago is, and what you could do about it.


Crime in Chicagoland

While Chicago may be less dangerous than other cities in the US, among the big cities, such as New York and Los Angeles, it is widely considered that Chicago has the higher crime rate.

For a detailed breakdown of crime here in the city, check out the statistics below:

  • According to the Chicago Police, there were 54,636 crimes in 2013.

  • Among these crimes, there were 14,792 burglaries (27.1%) and 9,630 robberies (17.6%) reported.

  • Some of the most dangerous areas are Loop, Fuller Park, Dolton and Harvey (in no particular order).

  • According to the FBI, there were also 211 arson-related crimes which took place.

The above data thus illustrates the extent to which homes may be vulnerable if you live in Chicago.

How to Protect Yourself

One of the best ways to safeguard your home is by installing a security system. Easy to install, simple to maintain and chock full of bonus services such as monitoring service, an alarm system may be the answer to most of your problems.

Home security systems may come with various components such as burglar alarms, motion detectors or smoke detectors. Take a smoke detector, for example. Set up high on a wall or ceiling, a smoke detector senses if a fire is about to erupt and alerts so that they may flee the premises before it’s too late. And that’s why these systems are such a big help. They alert you before anything bad could happen and prevent disasters from taking place.

Choose the Right Company

However, you must make sure of a few things before setting such a system up:

  • See whether the company is licensed by the IDFPR Division of Professional Regulation.

  • Compare prices and services to choose the best deal.

  • Gauge that with the security needs of your home

  • Look into alarm permits, false alarm fines and technical support.

  • Teach your family how to use alarms.

It just takes a little effort to figure out the basics of combating crime. But when it’s your life at stake, the efforts may be worth it.


Population Violent Crime Robbery Aggravated Assault
BurglaryLarceny TheftMurderProperty Crime
*Source: fbi.gov


Q:What are the things a homeowner has to consider when putting in a alarm security system in Chicago?

A:Some things you should consider before setting up your home security system are: • Alarm Permits: Getting a permit is extremely useful as it's the first document that police usually ask for if they are ever needed at your house when an alarm is triggered, and false alarm fines are generally lower for permitted users. • Locations: Keypads and control panels should ideally not be placed together, especially not in full view of outsiders through windows or decorative glass at the front door. • Testing: Let your monitoring service know that you would like to test your system out. They will run you through it and ensure you don't incur any false alarm fines in the process. • Training: Explain to your family how to use it and things they shouldn't do in order to avoid accidentally triggering it. • Emergency Plans: Develop plans of action in case of various dangers and practice it with your family.

Q:What basic steps can I take to prevent my house from being burglarized in Chicago?

A:Besides installing a home security system, you could always follow some common-sense steps in order to avoid making your home a likely target for burglars. These include locking your doors and windows securely before leaving the house; trimming the landscape to provide less cover for intruders; not leaving any traces of valuables such as boxes for electronics out on the porch; picking up your mail and adverts off the porch to avoid making the house seem neglected; not advertising your vacation updates on social media for anyone to see.

Q:What does the future hold for home security in Chicago?

A:The statistical analysis proves that crime in Chicago should be a major concern for residents, especially property-related crimes which account for a huge part of it. Therefore, the need for home security systems will only grow, causing the technology for these systems to improve and become more effective with time.

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