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Austin may be your favorite city to live, work, raise family, etc. But is it safe enough for you and your loved ones? The answer unfortunately is, NO. If you are not convinced then take a look at these 2012 statistics, presented none other than by the FBI.

  • Austin ranks at number 5 on the crime index, which means it is safer than only 5% of the cities in the whole of United States.

  • Your chances of becoming a victim of property crime in Austin are 1 in 19.

  • Approximately 92.9% of the total crimes reported in Austin were property crimes.

  • Approximately 78.4% of property crimes were theft related.

Keeping these numbers in mind, it is surely a matter of concern if you don’t have a security system installed in your home, as you, your loved ones and your treasured possessions are potentially at risk.

Window and Door Alarms- Can They Save You?  

Did you know that 34% of burglars use the front door as their entry point into a house? Furthermore, 23% use the first-floor windows while the other 22% use the back door (FBI). This comes up to a staggering 79% of all burglaries committed by entries through windows and doors. Have you secured the most common break-in points in your house? If not, it is high time you consider doing so with and effective and efficient home security system.

Here are a few popular door and window alarms that you could use.

  • Notification Alarms – Beep or ring when a door or window is opened.

  • Magnetic Strip Alarms – Alert the user when the magnetic link between two magnets, one of which is on the door or window and the other on the frame, is broken.

  • Glass-break Shock Sensor - Attached to the glass part of doors and windows, it is designed to trigger the alarm when the glass is struck or tampered with.

  • Glass-break detector – Designed to detect the sound of breaking glass.

  • Door-stop wedge alarms – Usually placed under doors, designed to trigger alarms when an attempt is made to open the door.

  • Door jammers – These portable devices placed behind doors in order to prevent unwanted entry.

These are just a few of the wide variety of door and window alarms available in the market. Make sure that you do your research and make a wise choice when selecting your home security system.

Home Alarm Systems Austin

The city of Austin with all its opportunities ranks high when it comes to crime. In order to ensure your safety and the safety of your loved ones, it is extremely important for you to secure your home with a reliable alarm system. When you are considering a particular alarm system, here are a few things that should be taken into consideration.

  • The alarm company you choose should have efficient customer service. This is pretty obvious as in case of an emergency it is very important that the people you are dealing with are professional, supportive and know what they are doing.

  • A round the clock active monitoring service could make a big difference when protecting your family and property. A top quality monitoring service would have the shortest response time between the detection of a security breach and deployment of the relevant rescue authorities.

  • The system you choose should provide you with comprehensive protection, which is not just limited to fire or burglary protection but is equipped to handle any kind of emergency situation that could possibly arise.

  • The alarm system should have more owner-controlled options giving you the liberty of being in control of your system and allow you to make adjustments with your changing needs.

If you ensure that your alarm system has the above mentioned features, then the risk of you and your loved ones being victims of an emergency situation could be minimized to a great extent.

Home Security Companies Austin

Being one of the largest cities in Texas, Austin has a number of home security companies. However, when you have to choose an alarm company for home protection, there are certain steps that you should take in order to confirm that the company is a well established and reputed one.

  • Find and contact at least five of the top alarm companies operating in your area.

  • Check if they are members of the Washington State Burglar & Fire Alarm Association. 

  • Get each of the companies to appraise your security needs and make recommendations on the kind of system best suited to your needs. Get a written proposal which includes all the recommendations and associated cost of components and installation services.

  • Look up for product or service reviews for each of these companies, or you could also contact previous customers, where possible, to ask about their experience with the system and services they have received. An reputable company will not hesitate to give you the names and contacts of satisfied customers.

  • Check if your local regulation requires special licenses or registration before installation.

  • Ensure that you fully understand the system, all aspects with regards to what it can and cannot do. You can ask for both verbal and written instructions about the system operation as well as for instructions on testing the system.

  • Consider a system that also has medic remote sensors along with the regular burglar alarm system and fire alarm system. You can ask the alarm company to give you a quote on all the features.

Although the abovementioned pointers can help you select a reliable company, you need to also make sure you are taking the right precautions when protecting your home.


Population Violent Crime Robbery Aggravated Assault
BurglaryLarceny TheftMurderProperty Crime
*Source: fbi.gov


Q:How can I improve my home security in Austin as the nights draw in?

A:Make sure all doors and windows are locked and the keys have been removed from the keyholes. • Turn on the outside lights, illuminating the places around your home that can be seen by neighbors or people walking by. • Close curtains and blinds to ensure no one can see the inside of your home through windows. • If you have an alarm system, put it on night mode. The night mode allows some free movement within the house while the alarm is on.

Q:How does alarm system monitoring in Austin actually work?

A:In the event of an emergency, your alarm will be triggered via one of the sensors connected to the control panel, sending a signal to your security company's monitoring center. They will then notify the relevant authorities or call you to check if it was an actual emergency or a false alarm. The complexity of this procedure varies according to the company you buy your products from. For further details, contact your company.

Q:How much does a home protection system in Austin TX cost?

A:That depends on a few factors: • Size of the property you are trying to protect - Larger the property, the more security devices it will require. • Amount of security you need - This might be relevant to the neighborhood you live in and the crime situation in your immediate vicinity. • Amount of money you are willing to spend on a security system - It's not about spending more, its more about spending sufficiently. • Types of threat to your home - If you keep valuable items in the house, they might be attractive to burglars. Think safe alarms here.

Q:Do i really need a security systems in Austin?

A:Austin can be a great place to live. But the crime rate in Austin has become an issue for many residents. According to Neighborhood Scout, your chance of becoming a victim of property crime is 1 in 19. A home security system can help provide protection and lower the chances of burglary.

Q:Do security companies in Austin TX offer lifetime warranty?

A:This will depend upon the home security company you choose. Some companies offer 2-3 year warranties, while others may offer lifetime warranties. You can check with different home security companies to learn about the product and warranty descriptions. A warranty is an important aspect to consider when purchasing a product such as a home security system.

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