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Home burglaries are common in many neighborhoods, affecting millions of home owners and causing devastation. Did you know that over 8,000,000 property crimes took place in the year 2012 alone? Over $15.5 billion resulted in losses due to property crimes. This astonishing figure revealed by the FBI reflects how burglaries and related crimes are a menace to the society.


One should never underestimate the effects of a burglary. The financial losses may be recoverable, but the emotional trauma, fear, and the feeling of being violated can last a lifetime. So why risk the peace and well-being of your family? Protecting your home from burglars should be a top priority on your list.  Be responsible and protect your family with a home security system.

Protect your Home with Home Security Systems

Deadbolt locks, guard dogs, and electric fences may not be effective at keeping smart burglars away. Technology has moved forward, and so must you. It is time to invest in a home security system. According to studies conducted by the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice, neighborhoods and homes fitted with burglar alarms are less likely to be robbed. Many people are reluctant when it comes to installing a home security system. But the effectiveness of a security system speaks for itself.

How to Select a Home Security Company?

As easy as it may sound, it is a tricky task, and can take a lot of time. There are many home security companies in the industry that promise protection. But how do you pick one that fulfills its promise? Like any other person, you expect maximum protection, quality, and reliability for every buck you spend on a home security system. To make sure you pick a home security company that fits your needs as well as your budget, keep the following points in mind:

1. Licensing & Credentials

You must check if the home security company meets all the licensing requirements of the state. A company must be approved and licensed before it can start business with customers. There are a few professional organizations that license security companies such as the following:

  • Bureau of Security and investigative Services
  • CSAA (Central Station Alarm Association)

2. Employee Credentials

By checking employee credentials, you can determine the reliability of a company. The Electronic Security Association (ESA) is a nationally recognized credentialing company that offers training in the field of electronic security.

3. Ratings and History

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and other consumer protection agencies can provide you with information regarding a company’s ranking.

4. Ask Friends and Family Members

Apart from conducting a formal research, it would be helpful to ask around and get some information regarding security systems. You can ask friends and family who have already installed security systems.

5. After-sales services and warranties

Make sure you check the warrantee options and availability of after-sales services. A company that is offering after-sales services reflects reliability.

6. Costs and product offerings

Some companies may offer a wide range of security such as home automation, monitoring services, etc. It is important that you go through the product offerings of each company, evaluate prices, and then decide which company to do business with.

7. Installation costs and DIY

You can choose from a Do-It-Yourself wireless security system or a wired security system. Some companies may offer free installation while others may charge a fee.

The above mentioned points could help you select a system that is reliable and worth your money. A one-time expense of a security system could help protect your family and loved ones.



Q:What are important things to consider when choosing a home security company?

A:There are certain important aspects of a home security company that can help you select the right security company for you. You may look at the company's security performance in the past, the quality of its equipment, equipment warranty, customer service, installation costs, monthly charges, and its licensing status.

Q:What would persuade you to choose one home security company over the other?

A:Although, every user has different preferences, there are certain considerations that are important. A major factor to keep in mind is the different types of costs such as installation cost and monthly charges. You may want to research on the reputation of a security company and ask your family and friends for advice. It is also good to find out what the security company offers in basic security. Plus, you need to know their cancellation policy and contract length.

Q:Which is the best brand offering medical alarm systems in united states?

A:Medical alarm systems are gaining popularity to their effectiveness and use. Many people who rely on medical services in case of emergencies. Medical alarm systems can be used to alert medical authorities for help in emergencies. There are many renowned security companies such systems. You can take a look at our page to see which company is reliable and suits you best.

Q:What is the best home security/alarm company in the United States?

A:There are many home security companies in the united states that offer home alarm systems, monitoring services, and other products. You can search online or browse through our page to find more about security companies. To find the most reliable company, you should research well, ask around, and check the following factors: BBB rating, ranking, licensing, employee certification, product costs, after sales services, customer reviews, etc.

Q:Who sells a 3G enabled surveillance system?

A:There are a number of manufactures selling 3G enabled surveillance camera systems. You can go through our page to find out more about the availability. When selecting a 3G enabled surveillance system, make sure you consider features such as the following: real-time video, pan/tilt/zoom functions, night vision, 3G video calling, 3G handset management, image and audio quality, etc.

Q:What are the best home security systems in 2015?

A:Home security systems come with different features and have different costs. It generally depends on individual needs whether a system would be suitable or not. You may select a system which offers basic security like 24/7 monitoring and contact with police and fire department, or you may select an advanced system which also monitors life safety and environmental hazards. To make sure you choose the right security system and company, check the company's license status, employee certification,. BBB rating, ranking and recognition, and product offerings.

Q:Where does one start when searching for Home Security?

A:The first step in finding a home security system is identifying what purpose you want your home security system to serve. Today, home security companies offer a wide range of services and equipment for a number of security concerns. Accordingly, you can identify home security companies which offer the products and services that you need. It I important to check the company's reputation, the technology they use and offer, customer service, and how reliable their monitoring services are. You can find more information from local home security providers, your neighbors, or online.

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