Cellular Alarm Monitoring

Cellular alarm monitoring is an effective way of monitoring your home security system without relying on broadband or wireless technologies. For added peace of mind, cellular monitoring will enable you to keep a check on your security system via phone, manage alarm settings, and get in touch with the monitoring company.

How it works

Cellular monitoring uses the same signals as your cell phone. Most security companies offer cellular monitoring services for home alarm systems. There is no need for wiring or adding another internet connection for this service. All you have to do is get a cellular module and an uplink transmitter attached to your current security system. This is a device that allows data to flow from a ground-based transmitter to a satellite receiver. The uplink transmitter is easier to install as compared to wired monitoring devices.

Cellular Alarm Monitoring
Cellular Alarm Monitoring


Added security

Cellular alarm monitoring does not have to rely on wired connections or the internet to function. Even if your phone line goes down, or you experience prolonged internet service outages, you can still have an effective alarm system.

Control your home via phone

Cellular alarm monitoring services will allow you to manage your alarm settings from any location. You can disable or enable your alarm through your phone. This service is designed to keep you updated with the alarm system and provide real-time notifications. You can also lower the risk of false alarms as cellular monitoring allows you to disable the alarm.

Are you a frequent mover?

If you move a lot, or stay away from home due to work, cellular monitoring service can be useful. You do not have to get a broadband internet connection every time you move.

No wiring

There is no need for cables; you can access the service anytime from anywhere.

Low costs

The cost may be lower than other wire-based systems, however, the monitoring service costs/fees must be paid annually or monthly, depending on the service provider you choose.

Reliability and Smartphone control

Cellular technology is reliable in many ways. Some companies will offer extra features in their cellular monitoring packages. For example, you can ask for complete control of your alarm system, which includes receiving notifications of the alarm status from time to time, access to alarm history, and email notifications.

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Q:Can i still have pets in the house and use my cellular alarm monitoring?

A:Security companies are now offering a range of pet-immune sensors. These sensors do not detect motion from pets and prevent the risk of false alarms. If you have pets in the house, it is recommended that you purchase pet-friendly sensors for your system. On the other hand, cellular alarm monitoring allows you to control the security system via mobile phone. All alerts are sent to your phone.

Q:Can i take my cellular alarm monitoring with me when i move to any other city?

A:Whether you can use your cellular alarm monitoring in another city or not depends upon your service provider. Some companies may be offering such services. Before you move to another city, it is important that you get in touch with the security and monitoring company and find out what options are available.

Q:Do i have to pay to have my cellular alarm monitoring, monitored by a security company?

A:Companies offering alarm monitoring services usually a charge a certain amount of fee. The fee will vary from place to place and will depend upon which company you have selected. Some companies may be charging as little as $8 per month, while others may charge over $50. You can search extensively and find out what are companies near you offering.

Q:Do i need an alarm permit to install cellular alarm monitoring?

A:This will depend on the state you live in. In most states, all residents equipped with an alarm system are required to have a permit. The local laws regarding alarm systems and permits vary from place to place. If you are unsure, you can call up your local law enforcement agency for help.

Q:Is there a fire alarm system that would send a SMS to a cell phone in the event of a fire?

A:Fire alarm systems that send you a SMS in case of fire are becoming common. However, there are such systems that can detect motion in the house and can alert the owner through SMS. Some do-it-yourself alarm systems can send a SMS in case of an intrusion as well. Generally fire alarm systems have a loud siren that goes off in case of smoke detection.

Q:What levels of radiation am I getting by using my cell phone as an monitoring system?

A:If you are using your cell phone as a monitoring system, the level of radiation can vary depending on a number of factors. Cell phones emit radio frequency energy that goes inside the human tissues when the phone is near. The exposure of radio frequency depends on the distance between the phone and the user, the extent of use, and the distance of user from a cell phone tower.

Q:How is it that even after switching off a mobile phone the alarm rings at the right time?

A:A cell phone has a battery powered clock which does not stop running even when the phone is switched off. When an alarm is set on the phone, the alarm rings due to the battery powered clock, and is not affected by the state of the phone. The clock first turns on the device and then rings the alarm.

Q:How do I know if my alarm system is connected to a phone line?

A:There are a number of ways to check whether your alarm system is connected to your phone line. However, the simplest way to check is to generate an alarm on your security system. If the alarm causes your phone line to be busy, then your alarm system is likely to be connected to your phone line.

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