Tips regarding Home Security System Contracts


The urge to use newly bought electronic gadget has given adrenaline rush to many. While there is nothing wrong in being excited about the new product in hand, the down side of it all is the signature made in haste on the dotted line. Many new home security systems buyers simply sign on the dotted line without bothering to read what’s in the contract.

Most home security systems sales representatives simply want to convince potential buyers to quickly buy the system as their commission depends on it. They, therefore, usually don’t want buyers to read the contract in detail before signing.

Many home security systems buyers face problems when they have signed a long term contract without having read the details. They may face financial hardship or extreme stress after realizing what their contract was all about.  So, to save yourself from unnecessary stress and financial burden, it is good to thoroughly read your home security contract before signing on the dotted line.

Some important aspects of a home security contract are written below. Make sure you know these details before you have signed a contract with a home security company.

  1. Excessive Cancellation Costs

Many home security promotions create misunderstandings for customers. Offers such as “Free Alarm Installation Could be Misleading. What the customers do not realize is that the home security company is not installing the equipment for free. The installation and equipment cost is to be covered from the monthly fees that the customer is required to pay for a long time, such as three years. When customers sign the contract hastily and want to cancel the contract later on, they face high cancellation charges.

  1. Length of the Contract

An important factor to consider while signing the contract with a home security company is the length of the contract. As you already know, home security companies charge a large amount of money for early cancelling of the contract, therefore the length of the contract matters.  If you are satisfied with your home security company and want to continue with them, you can always renew the contract.  However, if you are not sure about the services of your security company, you may want more flexibility. In this case, you can sign a contract for a shorter duration, such as 1 year. A shorter contract will save you from paying an excessive amount of cancellation fee and thus prevent you from financial burden.

  1. Upfront Payments vs. Contract Based Payments

It is crucial for home security customers to know about their payment options. They can either pay monthly fees for their security system by signing a long term contract.  Or they can make an upfront payment by signing a monthly or a one year contract, which may also reduce their monitoring costs. Paying upfront will make it much easier for you to cancel your contract, in case you can’t meet the monthly payments due to whatever reason.  To select the best offer, you will need to do your homework and compare the prices of security companies. Make sure you read the fine print of the contract and understand the conditions, even if you are going for the upfront payment option.

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  1. Moving to a New Home

Another important factor you would want to consider is the condition regarding moving your system to a new home. In case you have to move, you will need to find out whether you will have to renew the contract or pay the company to move your system. These conditions vary by company so it’s good to know about these details beforehand. If you are buying a hard wired system it would be costly to move the system and the company will be likely to charge a fee for it. However, in case of wireless home security system, you may not be charged with any kind of fee to move the system. Be sure to confirm these details from the alarm system representative before you buy it.

Now that you know that your hasty decision to not read the contract can prove costly, make sure that you consider all the important factors written above, before you close a Deal With a Security Alarm Company. Better safe than sorry!

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