Alarm Companies

Ever wondered how the alarm system you have at home works? From the manufacturer to the service provider of your security system, there are a large number of people working for various companies who ensure that your security system functions effectively.

Alarm Manufacturers

With the rise in crime rates, particularly robberies and burglaries, an increasing number of people have started installing security systems in their homes. Over time, quite a few security alarm manufacturing companies have emerged that produce home security equipments, in sync with the latest technological developments in the field.

Alarm companies are of two kinds:

  1. Equipment Manufacturers

    These companies manufacture different components including sensors-detectors, control panels, keypads, transmitters, alarms, sirens and surveillance cameras.

  2. Security Solution Providers

    These typically provide customized security solutions. They not only manufacture security system equipments but also provide additional services, which include selecting the right security system, its specific components, monitoring services and security alerts that the customer should receive.

Alarm companies’ services and products can be broadly categorized into the following:

Alarm Monitoring

It goes without saying that an alarm system needs to be actively monitored at all times in order to ensure its effectiveness. Alarm monitoring companies are responsible for notifying relevant authorities in an emergency situation as soon as the alarm system alerts them.  They also have various notification alert services, which you can subscribe to in order to remain up-to-date with your security situation. The kind of monitoring services provided solely depend on the kind of contract you go for. There are three ways in which your system can be connected to the monitoring station:

  1. Landline Your landline is used as a connection

  2. Broadband Signals are transmitted through your broadband internet connection

  3. Cellular A cellular uplink is used for communication with the monitoring station

Cellular linkage is typically considered to be the most reliable as it would not be affected if your telephone lines are cut or if there’s a problem with your broadband connection.

Alarm monitoring companies provide a wide range of services giving you the option of subscribing to the ones that serve you best. Some of these include:

You can also choose the kind and frequency of alerts you want to receive for different components in your alarm system. You can receive text message notifications or phone calls in case an emergency. You can also subscribe to a remote monitoring or home automation service if most of your time is spent away from home. This service enables you to operate and manage your security system using your phone; you just need to have internet access.

What to Look for in an Alarm Company?

When you are about to choose a particular company with regards to your alarm system, there are certain factors that require special consideration. Some of these include:

  1. Equipment and Security Devices

    The quality of equipment is of utmost importance in an alarm system. The sensors, transmitters, security cameras, control panels and alarms need to be functional otherwise the system will not be able to work properly.

  2. Monitoring Services

    Monitoring facilities of your service provider should be of the highest quality; if these are compromised then there is no point in installing an alarm system. Some of the mandatory features of a monitoring service are somewhat easy to use, 24-hour monitoring, online account access, internet monitoring, two-way intercom, follow-up notifications and interactive monitoring.

  3. Help and Customer Support

    If the company you choose does not have a customer friendly help and support policy then it might become difficult for you to ensure the effectiveness of your security system. Help and support features typically include installation, equipment warranty, online tutorials, relocation option and phone/email services.

The above mentioned features are extremely important for the proper functioning of your security system and should not be ignored under any circumstances.



Q:If I switch alarm companies, do I need to obtain a new permit?

A:If you are living in Los Angeles, you will not be required to obtain a new permit if you change alarm companies. The same permit can be used over the course of the permit’s validity; however you should provide the authorities with the relevant information which includes your permit number, a call list, confirmation of any special arrangements in writing and the new company’s verification procedures. It is important to note these provisions are subject to local and state laws and may vary with different cities and counties. (Source: LAPD)

Q:How to Choose a Home Alarm Company?

A:When choosing an alarm company, conduct a small research and analyze the options you have. It would be helpful to analyze and compare factors such as: cost of products, features of products, customer reviews, certification, registration, ranking of the company, and after-sales services. Also keep in mind your budget and security needs. It is crucially important you choose an alarm company that offers the most value for your money.

Q:What is the role of a alarm company and remote monitoring center?

A:An alarm company specializes in providing security solutions and home security products to businesses and households. There are a number of security companies that you can choose from. It is necessary that you research well before selecting a company. Many companies are also offering monitoring services with their products. A monitoring center will monitor your security system, and will respond to an alarm going off at your home.

Q:What questions should I ask a potential alarm installation company?

A:Choosing the right alarm installation company is crucial and can mean the difference between security and devastation. When selecting a company, you can ask the following questions: how many years has the company been in business for? How are security systems installed and by who? Who will monitor the system? Who much does it cost? What type of products does the company offer?

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