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The vaping crisis has a new name: EVALI

Health officials now have a name for the lung injuries associated with the vaping crisis. They're using the acronym, EVALI, short for "E-cigarettes or ...

Turkey’s Assault on Kurds Abandoned by U.S.

Readers express dismay at the president’s actions, and one wonders, “So what’s in it for Donald J. Trump?” To the Editor: Re “Turkey Attacks U.S. ...

Four ways to think about Trump's decision

(CNN)This might be Donald Trump's most unpopular foreign policy decision yet. His withdrawal from northeastern Syria has united America's allies, ...

Turkish troops continue advance into Syria

"Our foes in the region are conspiring to destroy our people," said the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces. LONDON —Turkish forces continued their ...

Our New Columnist’s Secret Sauce? Science!

deploys the scientific method to tease out cooking principles that can be applied broadly, and make you more confident in the kitchen. Times Insider ...

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