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Weather forecast in Seattle

Seattle will experience clear skies today, according to the seven-day forecast from drone-powered weather service . Some clouds will appear on ...
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Why 37% of people prefer to check luggage

(CNN) — Forget "Lord of the Flies." If you want to see nature red in tooth and claw, lock a bunch of humans inside a pressurized tube for eight hours ...
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14 young people hospitalized after vaping

(CNN)Fourteen teens and young adults have been hospitalized in Wisconsin and Illinois for breathing problems potentially linked to vaping, health ...
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Water bears on the moon

Tardigrades , affectionately known as water bears , are microscopic animals that can survive in almost any environment. We already know it's possible ...
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Evening deluge pelts the District with hail

By Martin Weil Martin Weil Local reporter Email Bio Follow August 20 at 10:30 PM Hailstones, smartphones and social media worked together on Tuesday ...
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