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King Lear tickets are selling out fast, thanks to Glenda Jackson ‘the best actress alive’ (The Guardian) playing the titular role. Once every ten years, a great actor comes to Broadway to remind us all why we love theater so much. Last year, that was Glenda Jackson, with a stellar performance in Three Tall Women. This year, she is taking on possibly the most daring step in theater history – she will be playing King Lear. If you want to witness history in the making, this is one theater show you absolutely cannot miss!

King Lear Tickets

If you want to satisfy your appetite for some awesome theater performance then you should not miss your chance to watch the famous Shakespeare’s play King Lear. Grab your King Lear Tickets right away. This performance will be a lifetime experience for you because such great story and marvelous acting is not easily found. Written by Shakespeare, this play is an incredible tragic drama. This masterpiece is a great elemental play. Story revolves around King Lear who had three daughters; he foolishly divided his realm between his two daughters, Goneril and Regan leaving out his third daughter Cordelia. This brought painful consequence for all them, developing a tragic end.

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King Lear is currently playing at the Cort Theater in New York and will continue to do so till early May 2019. Watch as one of the greatest Shakespearean tales is brought to life by an amazing team of actors crew members.

About King Lear 2019

King Lear, the epic historic tragedy by Shakespeare has made its way to the Broadway stage, playing a limited number of shows at the Cort Theater in New York. The tragic tale was first staged in 1606 and is now ready to rock theater-goers with a heavy dose of emotions, drama and betrayal. The Broadway production has a star-studded cast and will be directed by Sam Gold. The cast includes Tony winner Jayne Houdyshell, Aisling O’ Sullivan, John Douglas Thompson, Pedro Pascal and Elizabeth Marvel. The cast also has the Golden Globe winner, Ruth Wilson of The Affair fame. King Lear will feature an original score by the legendary composer Philip Glass. With set design from Miriam Buether and costume design from Ann Roth, this production of King Lear promises to be a stellar event, unlike anything you would have seen before. The show runs for approximately three hours and 30 minutes, including the intermission.

Reviews for King Lear and Glenda Jackson

The reviews for King Lear so far have been somewhat positive. The Broadway production has received a lot of praise and critical acclaim from various publications. Deb Miller from DC Metro Theater Arts says that the “highly anticipated show fully lives up to the status of legendary, epic, and historic. This is one for the ages.” She further adds, “From the moment the play begins, it enthralls. The three-and-a-half-hour running time is never an issue (other than in my wish that it could have lasted even longer)”.  

The reviews for King Lear have been shadowed by the powerful performance of Glenda Jackson. Some are even calling her the savior of an otherwise ‘brazenly busy’ performance. The 82-year old has previously played the character in 2016 and won the Evening Standard Theater Award. Her stellar performance got a standing ovation from an audience that included Meryl Streep and Dame Anna Wintour. Jackson’s performance was praised as “powerful and deeply perceptive” (The New York Times) and also for its “ferocity and precision” (The Guardian).

Variety talks about her performance in the following words, “Jackson builds to every pregnant moment with the same mastery. We always speak of her magnificent voice, the depth and resonance of it. But in this herculean role, what really counts is the control of that instrument.  The audience may find itself emotionally wiped out by the time we arrive at the storm-tossed heath. Jackson, however, is not. She’s just warming up”.

With such amazing reviews for Glenda Jackson’s performance, you will certainly not want to miss out on an epic night of entertainment. Get these King Lear tickets as early as you can.

The Tale of King Lear

King Lear is one of the most popular stories penned by William Shakespeare. The plot begins as Lear is shown planning his time to retire and divide his kingdom among his three daughters. For this, he needs each of his daughters to declare their love for him. The daughter who ‘loves’ him the most would get the biggest share in the Kingdom. The vile and violent sisters, Goneril and Regan perform for him as he wishes. But the youngest daughter, Cordelia, refuses to take part in this game of greed. Consequently, she is cut out of the will.

Cast and Creative of King Lear at Cort Theater

The Broadway rendition of the epic tale is directed by Sam Gold, with the original score by Philip Glass. Glenda Jackson takes the lead role, Cordelia is played by Ruth Wilson, Goneril by Elizabeth Marvel and Regan by Aisling O’ Sullivan. Other actors include Jayne Houdyshell, Pedro Pascal, John Douglas Thompson and Russell Harvard.

Story enfolds very dramatically when Goneril and Regan were successful in receiving the realm by flattering the king with lies about how much they loved him. But blunt in nature and disgusted with the false flattery of her sisters, Cordelia simply told the king "I love your Majesty according to my duty--no more, no less." Infuriated with her bluntness king disinherits her. Despite Earl of Kent tries to make king understand about Cordelia’s intention, king refused to listen. "Take her, take her," said the King; "for I will never see that face of hers again." Hence she was banished from the kingdom. Her suitor Duke of Burgundy when get to know that she has got no share in kingdom now, refused to offer her for marriage, however King of France marries her because he got impressed by her honesty.

Story takes an interesting plot when king went to stay with her daughters, but both of them despise him. Seeing king’s circumstances Earl of Kent comes to look after the king in disguise of a servant; his Fool. Later on when king got to know that his daughters only wanted to drive him away he left them. Wandering in the fields with only one companion, his faithful Fool. When Cordelia got know this situation she come to rescue her father, along with her army, she found her father wandering in fields wearing a crown of nettles and weeds, half mad with misery. There King Lear got to know which child loved him the most.

Adding a dramatic touch to the play, Goneril and Regan combined their armies to fight with Cordelia’s army and they won. The brutal sisters ordered that Cordelia and King Lear shall be thrown behind the bars. Goneril's husband, the Duke of Albany was an honorable man, who didn’t know about his wife’s wickedness, now he got to know to entire story, and despised Goneril.

Shakespeare created a shocking end when Goneril killed her self after poisoning her sister.  Both sisters died but they had made sure that Cordelia should be hanged and die just like them. And despite the messengers were sent by the Duke of Albany at once to save Cordelia, they were too late to save her. At the end of the play the old king came to Duke’s tent, holding the dead body of his beloved daughter in his arms, he fell there and died.  This tragic drama always touches the heart and soul of audience by its amazing dialogue and strong story. Shakespeare is known for its tragic dramas and this one is surely a master piece. Even after all these year this play is still equally impressive and touching as it was years ago. Published in quarto in 1608, The True Chronicle of the History of the Life and Death of King Lear and His Three Daughters, this play was written between 1603 and1606. Later on the story of this play was often revised; directors gave it a happy ending in order to please the audience who disliked the actual depressing and sad ending of the play. But from 1990s, the original story was started to be regarded as one of the masterpieces of Shakespeare, because this tragic story represents some of the prime emotions of human nature, such as suffering and kinship.

Performed for the first time on December 26, 1606 in Shakespeare's era, King Lear has been one of the most popular plays of Shakespeare to be stages on till 20th century. King Lear’s role has been played by some of the finest actors of theater industry such as, Laurence Olivier, Donald Wolfit and specially Christopher Plummer who got nominated for Tony Award in the 2004 for playing this role. King Lear is widely appreciated by audience and been nominated for several awards. Its story is so captivating that a lot of directors and producers have adapted it in various television series and films.

You simply cannot afford to miss you chance to watch this mega production, so you should get your King Lear Tickets soon as they are sold out instantly. Save your chance to have this unforgettable experience, grab your share of King Lear Tickets right away!
It is always a pleasure to see Shakespearean genius come alive on stage. This time it’s one of his iconic tragedies King Lear.
The sophistication of Shakespeare’s writing has been witnessed and established in King Lear over and over again in the past. It is now being presented with a modern twist while staying true to the original classic.  So get into the Celtic mood and onto his Stage of Fools. The Leir of Britain’s legend is told in Shakespearean style. This is going to be a whole new theatrical experience with an odd familiarity.

The play opens as the happy story of a King handing over his throne to his three loving daughters. As the plot unfolds, the flattery of his two daughters and underlying intrigue proves to be venomous for him and his kingdom. He has made it clear, that whoever loves me the most will get the biggest part of the kingdom. This instigates the competition among the daughters unraveling the true motives behind their actions. Cardelia bluntly voices her opinion that her love is incomparable and this infuriates the King. He announces that he has disinherited Cardelia and decides to divide his realm equally among the other two daughters.  When he gets to see their true faces, it’s already too late; His Kingdom is in tatters and his third daughter, the only one who has always been honest to him and has real concern for his wellbeing, has to suffer the consequences.

King Lear the play was first conceived in the early 17th century in the form of "The True Chronicle of the History of the Life and Death of King Lear and His Three Daughters". It was later on converted into a theatrical version we now see as King Lear. Some argue that both versions hold their own individuality but no one can completely deny its similarities. The play is revered and commended for its sensitivity to human sufferings and affinity. It is a perfect display of Shakespeare’s profound understanding of human nature and his ability to put them aptly into a character. This understanding gives each character of the play purposefulness. The intricacy of the plot and layered themes makes it an interesting show. It is considered as one of the highly acclaimed pieces of literature which triggers a whole logical debate on the reasons behind his choices as a playwright and use of references from the history.

The play was performed only once in the early 17th century and then it went into the darkness of anonymity. During the restoration late in the same century, it was revived to become one of the most popular plays. The tragic ending of King Lear was bended into a brighter, happier version by Nahum Tate. It was huge favorite in the 20th century and became one of the most favorite Shakespearean plays in this time period. The play has also been adopted on Broadway several times. The longest running version of the play on Broadway has been in the late 1960s with Lee J Cobb playing the lead. The play continues to last for another century and still succeeds to magnetize the audiences with its unique charm.

King Lear has been adapted on every broadcasting medium including the radio and movies. The show has enabled the audience in recognizing various legendary actors. Some of the most popular King Lears of the past are Laurence Olivier, Christopher Plummer, Ian McKellen, Donald Wolfit and Ian Holm. For many this has been the career defining role and have earned them awards for their performances. The play is back once again, gladly taking up the challenge of bringing something new to the stage while pinning down the essence of Shakespeare’s writing. If you are interested in watching one of the biggest plays ever made in the history of theatre then order your King Lear Tickets now!

King Lear Ticket Prices

Currently the average price for King Lear tickets is $141. The date and location for this event is 15-Sep-19 at Cedar Street Playhouse, Rolla. The minimum get-in price for King Lear tickets is $115.

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King Lear Rolla 15-Sep-19 $141 $115

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