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The Osmond family is one of the very popular and highly acclaimed families of America. They have been entertaining the world since the late 50s and have managed to make a great name for themselves in the show business. They started off from performing at various churches all over America and kept on expanding their musical style with time, fusing different genres. Out of nine siblings, Donny and Marie Osmond have shown their worth to the world by performing together as a duo. While the other seven brothers have also got immense talent, Donny and Marie outshine them. The duo has their own unique style of singing and performing and when combined together, the fun and entertainment level boosts up for sure.

Donny And Marie Osmond Tickets

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The all time famous brother-sister performers,Donny and Marie, continue to share the stage at Flamingo Las Vegas and now also at Colosseum at Caesars, Windsor. The two have been playing music for five decades and in their upcoming ninety-minutes long performances, they will give us non-stop entertainment with live singing and dancing. The show will feature some of their biggest charting hits like Soldier of Love, I’m Leaving it Up to You, Morning Side of Mountain, Paper Roses and Puppy Love. They may also play their more recent tracks such as the 2011 hit. A Beautiful Life and covers such as These Boots are Meant for Walking. The duo plays the best duets ever so don’t miss the Donny and Marie Osmond tickets.

Donny and Marie Osmond have been playing in Las Vegas for several years and their show has even received an award for in Vegas. Besides continuing their shows at the Flamingo Hotel's Flamingo Showroom, they will be coming to Windsor's Colosseum at Caesars. America's favorite sibling singers will be featuring some of their biggest hits such asMorning Side of Mountain, Paper Roses, Puppy Love, Soldier of Love and I'm Leavin' it Up to You. While charming the audience with their unparalleled duet charisma, they are also playing some of their recent chart-toppers like A Beautiful Life, which was released in their 2011 album, Donny & Marry. Donny and Marie Osmond tickets are quite the sought-after entertainment treat that have become something of a staple among Vegas's music offerings.

The two have been busy contributing to pop music and entertainment, and are currently involved in individual projects besides performing together. Donny's next undertaking is his sixtieth album that will be a celebration of his fifty years in showbiz. He is known for delivering commanding performances that feature some of his prize-winning dance moves. It comes as no surpritse that he was Champion on season nine of Dancing with the Stars show on ABC. Alongside, Marie's hot performances of country music with her crystal encased guitar and those muscle-tone cowboys, gives quite the flavor of a country fair stage. The two are going to rock it out again, and there concert should not to be missed.

It all began at the Caesars Palace where Donny and Marie performed together for the first time. Before that nobody was aware of the magic that they could create together live on stage. Since then, Donny and Marie have been performing on and off as a team and enjoy a huge fan following from all over the world. The genres in which they mainly specialize are rock, disco, pop and R&B. Not only did they garner success with duo performances, in fact Donny and Marie have maintained outstanding credentials with their solo careers as well. Donny Osmond has worked in several theatrical productions and was recently signed for a Disney film, ‘College Road Trip’. Additionally, he was the winner of the ninth season of the American reality show Dancing With The Stars and speaking of live shows he was also one of the lead actors of the musical Beauty and the Beast and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Apart from that, Donny also hosted tons of popular TV shows alongside Marie and they are currently doing a show at the Flamingo Hotel in Vegas five nights a week as well.

Donny and Marie have been performing together for more than 30 years and are still selling out shows. Rumors are spreading all over the media that the duo might come up with a brand new album like the old times, so keep your fingers crossed for an upcoming compilation of distinct compositions. Donny and Marie have been ruling the city of Las Vegas and there is hardly a venue where the duo hasn't performed live. Both of them have given a variety of top charting songs to the industry and if we take a look at the credentials of the entire Osmond family including Donny and Marie , then they have sold more than 102 million records throughout the world. Though Donny and Marie are in their 50s, they have still got the same level of energy; they still dance and interact with the crowd like the old times. If you want yourself and your family to attend this year's grandest live event, then you need to hurry up and reserve the best Donny and Marie - A Broadway Christmas tickets right now!


Donny and Marie, one of the most popular duos in the music industry, known for its legendary songs is scheduled to perform live in your vicinity. The Osmond brother and sister did not always perform together, in fact they pursued their independent careers from time to time and were also seen performing in a large family vocal group that included 8 of the other Osmond brothers and their only sister Marie. The duo of Donny and Marie earned the most fame and was appreciated as a team. As children they used to sing in churches and their mesmerizing voice earned them a fan following in the form of churchgoers.
Donny and Marie garnered mainstream success in the early 60s and were by then popular throughout the United States. Marie came into the limelight when she was just 13 with her top charting song, "Paper Roses" which was ranked at no.1 on the country charts. Donny on the other hand became a part of the entertainment business when he was 5. Together the duo has performed in numerous sold out concerts at various localities around the world.

Donny and Marie sang together for the first time at the world famous Caesars Palace. Apart from that they have previously performed at almost every hotel in Las Vegas. Some of their duets that garnered a lot of popularity are ‘Make the World Go Away’, ‘The Way You Do the Things You Do’, ‘Deep Purple Dancing in the Streets’ and ‘Morning Side of the Mountain’.

Donny and Marie are among the very few siblings who have made a career together with their sensational music. Las Vegas treats the duo as their own as they have been performing in the entertainment capital for over 29 years now. People flock to their concerts and can’t help but be mesmerized by their astounding music.

Donny and Marie have hosted several television shows and Donny alone is also referred to as one of the very popular television personalities and a bestselling author as well. Donny has been a part of award winning musicals, talk shows, award ceremonies and a lot more. In their music career Donny and Marie have released more than 50 studio albums and have sold millions of records around the globe. Marie is known for the connection that she has with the crowd whereas Donny makes the ladies scream with his rock n roll style. Donny and Marie have provided the listeners with a fusion of country and pop styles in these past years of their career and the results have always been stellar. Apart from their own smacking hits, the duo also covers the songs of several other legendary artists of the industry in order to spice up their live concerts. All the people who are willing to see Donny and Marie live should know that the countdown has begun! You can avail this golden opportunity by getting your Donny and Marie Osmond tickets from us as soon as you possibly can!


If you name some of the best singers in the world who are related to each other through some blood relation, you simply cannot ignore the siblings Donny and Marie. Their mesmerizing performances and astounding music simply keeps the audience rocking throughout their performance.

Donny and Marie, the brother and sister, have enjoyed a career in music industry for over half a century now. Now performing together frequently, the two artists started their careers as solo performers initially and gained great success in the field of music. Their fan following started to build right from their childhood, as the two used to sing at a local church and people appreciated their voice as well as musical sense. Donny and Marie had a large family, with musical talent so much in their blood that they had a musical group comprising of 8 siblings other than the two artists. Their music was aesthetically beatiful, and their voice touched the hearts of the listeners, and this fact made them popular throughout the United States very soon.

Donny Osmond, having the real name of Donald Clark Osmond was born in 1957 and started singing at a very early age. He has earned fame as a radio personality, a teen idol, a dancer as well as an actor apart from being a great singer. Along with his elder brothers, he gained initial recognition in the music industry as a group called The Osmond Brothers. The group was famous in 1960s and Donny performed in it before pursuing a solo career in 1970s with some of his greatest songs like Puppy Love and Go Away Little Girl.

Donny had a career with ups and downs, with the artist seeing great fame in 1970s and then having a long time where none of his songs saw a significant success until 1990s. During that time, some of his friends also suggested him to use false allegations and rumors about him to bring himself to the headlines, but Donny always refused any such ideas. Michael Jackson, the pop music legend and Donny’s friend, suggested him to get rid of his boy – scout image that some of his earlier hits had brought him. However, with consistent efforts and perseverance, Donny’s career touched new heights as his work came to lime light in 1990s.

Marie, on the other hand, enjoyed great fame and recognition right from her teenage. Her first song that became a super hit and was featured at number one position on Country Music charts was Paper Roses, that was performed by her at an age of 13. The Osmond Brothers musical group did not include Marie, but her solo career provided her the fame and commercial success that she rightly deserved. She also enjoyed popular career as a doll designer as well as an actress apart from being an outclass singer.

Marie was always interested in country music in contrast with her brothers, whose specialty always remained pop music. Her career shined on the horizons of fame in 1960s and 70s, with many great singles that she produced. Donny and Marie also hosted television shows as well as appeared on many programs before starting their career as a group.

For last many years, Donny and Marie have been performing together regularly at venues like Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world. People love the two artists and travel across the distances to attend their concerts. The amalgamation of pop music by Donny with country style by Marie creates a great sound, and leaves a lasting effect over the listeners. Donny and Marie together have performed at the Las Vegas for over 30 years now, and owing to their great fan following, Las Vegas proudly owns them. For people who want to witness some of the best music being created in the world, Donny and Marie tickets promise an unmatched chance to fulfill their aesthetic desires!

Donny And Marie Osmond Schedule

Some of the best theatre productions have released their schedules. Donny And Marie Osmond will run at the venues from 24-Feb-18 until 11-Aug-18. Upcoming show will be staged at Donny & Marie Showroom - Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas; whereas the last one will be held at the Donny & Marie Showroom - Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas. For the complete list of dates and venues, please visit our website.

Event Venue City Date
Donny and Marie Osmond Donny & Marie Showroom - Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas, NV Sat Feb 24 201802/24 07:30 PM
Donny and Marie Osmond Donny & Marie Showroom - Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas, NV Tue Mar 06 201803/06 07:30 PM
Donny and Marie Osmond Donny & Marie Showroom - Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas, NV Wed Mar 07 201803/07 07:30 PM
Donny and Marie Osmond Donny & Marie Showroom - Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas, NV Thu Mar 08 201803/08 07:30 PM
Donny and Marie Osmond Donny & Marie Showroom - Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas, NV Fri Mar 09 201803/09 07:30 PM
Donny and Marie Osmond Donny & Marie Showroom - Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas, NV Sat Mar 10 201803/10 07:30 PM
Donny and Marie Osmond Donny & Marie Showroom - Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas, NV Tue Mar 13 201803/13 07:30 PM
Donny and Marie Osmond Donny & Marie Showroom - Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas, NV Wed Mar 14 201803/14 07:30 PM
Donny and Marie Osmond Donny & Marie Showroom - Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas, NV Thu Mar 15 201803/15 07:30 PM
Donny and Marie Osmond Donny & Marie Showroom - Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas, NV Fri Mar 16 201803/16 07:30 PM

Donny And Marie Osmond Tickets Prices

The average price for Donny And Marie Osmond Tickets start from $153. The minimum get in price is $120 for Donny And Marie Osmond Tickets at the Donny & Marie Showroom - Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas. For a detailed look at ticket prices and amazing discounts, visit our website.

Name City Date Average Ticket Price Get In Price
(Minimum Price)
Donny and Marie Osmond Las Vegas 24-Feb-18 $153 $130
Donny and Marie Osmond Las Vegas 6-Mar-18 $218 $130
Donny and Marie Osmond Las Vegas 7-Mar-18 $215 $130
Donny and Marie Osmond Las Vegas 8-Mar-18 $217 $130
Donny and Marie Osmond Las Vegas 9-Mar-18 $210 $120
Donny and Marie Osmond Las Vegas 10-Mar-18 $166 $120
Donny and Marie Osmond Las Vegas 13-Mar-18 $215 $120
Donny and Marie Osmond Las Vegas 14-Mar-18 $211 $120
Donny and Marie Osmond Las Vegas 15-Mar-18 $199 $120
Donny and Marie Osmond Las Vegas 16-Mar-18 $202 $120

* Ticket Prices vary on hourly basis.

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