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Toronto Blue Jays are looking forward to making you shout with excitement. In the current MLB season, the Blue Jays are anxious to turn on their fans by turning the tables on the so called invincible baseball teams. Hold on Blue Jays’ fans! The blue blood baseball boys are on hunting patrol and will celebrate the victory with their clan fans. The Blue Jays are igniting their engines to swirl the runway and reach the new heights of their career success, and they want you to be there to give them thumbs up. So get your hands on the Toronto Blue Jays Tickets and enjoy the game!

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The Toronto Blue Jays represent Toronto Ontario, Canada in professional baseball. They are the members of the Eastern Division of Major League Baseball. They have won the World Series Title consecutively in 1992 and 1993 and have earned 2 Pennants along with 5 East Division Titles. The team was formed in 1977 as an expansion franchise and is currently owned by Roger Communications. The Jays is the only non-American and the fastest expansion franchise to win the World Series. They won their very first match played against the Chicago White Sox in April 1977 but unluckily landed on the last spot in their first season.

The next seasons witnessed gradual improvement in the team’s performance until they reached the level to give tough games to the baseball giants and lost some season by close margins. The team showed the signs of becoming the unbeatable baseball champion in 1982 but to the surprise of many it took another 10 years to win the World Series title. And they were too excited to stay contented on just one and instead won 2 back to back titles in 1992 and 1993. This gave them a psychological edge over the rest of the teams and the hopes were high that the team would do a hat trick by winning the 3rd season but they unluckily landed on the third spot by a 55-60 record.

Although the performance of the Jays have been disappointing from the last 15 years but their fans have never stopped cheering them. It is their faith in the abilities of the Jays, that the team didn’t stop struggling to revive their envious status of wining the consecutive season’s title. Along with the wild fan base, the team is supported by one of the most charming and beloved mascot ever, the Ace. He, along with his girlfriend Diamond joined the team in 2002 when BJ Birdy was forcefully retired. After the fiery romance of 2 years, Ace and Diamond broke up in 2004. The tough blue jay macho Ace recovered from the break up and is currently enjoying a single life by keeping a close watch on who is cheering for the Jays and who is not.

The Toronto Blue Jays play home at the Roger Centre aka SkyDome. The team shares the stadium with Toronto Argonauts. It also serves as the site to hold many international gaming events of soccer, basket ball football, Bowl games, wrestling and also the high school and college level sports events. The fully retractable roof is the main feature of the Roger Centre. It has 161 luxury suites and 5700 club seats. The Renaissance Toronto Hotel is also located in the stadium’s premises. The stadium features the art work and sculptures by Lutz Haufschild, Mimi Gellman, Michael Snow, Judith Schwarz and Susan Schelle.

The site also serves as the venues for concerts and can cater about 70,000 audiences. Artists and Bands like Metallica, David Bowie, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Jonas Brothers, U2, Backstreet Boys, The Rolling Stones, The Three Tenors have performed in the Roger Centre. Several exhibitions, auto shows, circuses, theater shows lectures and conferences have been held here. The highest attendance record in the Roger Centre was set in March 2002 when 68,237 audiences gather to watch the WrestleMania VI. The Toronto based fans of the Jays wish hard to witness a decisive match winning game and set new records of massive celebrations in the city as the stadium is one prospective site for the World Series games.

Toronto Blue Jays Tickets are available for sale now. And the demand for the tickets is getting higher with each homerun the Jays score. To be one of the lucky Blue Jays supporters, you have to get them ASAP. So book your deal now and watch them live wrecking havoc on the opponents!

Blue Jays made an underwhelming start to the 2016 season, but slowly started to turn things around. The Blue Jays managed to make it to playoffs and defeated the Baltimore Orioles in the Wild Card game and the Texas Rangers in the Division Series. However they lost to the Cleveland Indians in the five games in the American League Championship Series. They showed impressive pitching in 2016, much better than their previous year’s efforts, but the offence wasn’t quite up to the mark. Even with Edwin Encarnacion and Michael Saunders leaving, the Jays still have a pretty strong lineup. Having Bautista, Kendrys Morales and Steve Pearce in their roster gives them the edge and they can still be counted as one of the better lineups in the American League.

The Jays for the win

The Toronto Blue Jays have been giving dominating performances to their fans as of late. In the previous season, the team made it to the playoffs for the second consecutive time and won the ALDS game against the Texas Rangers 3-2. They later locked horns with the Cleveland Indians for the ALCS but unfortunately came up short. They are now ready to make their presence felt in the 2017 season. Will they be able to win their third World Series title this year? To find out, you can watch their duels live by getting your Toronto Blue Jays Tickets now. 

Toronto Blue Jays Standings

The Toronto Blue Jays were hoping to build on the promise they had shown in 2015 and 2016 this season but they have not made the best of starts to this campaign. A look at the Toronto Blue Jays standings for this season makes for some grim reading for their fans. The Blue Jays began their campaign on April 3, 2017 against the Baltimore Orioles away from home and lost the game.

That was followed by another loss against the Orioles two days later. The Rays then took on the Tampa Bay Rays next in four games and while they won the first game of the series, they lost the next three on the spin. Two games against the Brewers ended in losses before they took on the Orioles in four games, losing three and winning one. The Tampa Bay Rays have till now played in 12 games and have lost 10 of those. As a result, they are at the bottom of the pile in AL East.

Toronto Blue Jays Stadium (Rogers Centre)

The Toronto Blue Jays made the move to the Rogers Centre, their current home in 1989. The Blue Jays had been based at the Exhibition Stadium before that. Their record at the Rogers Centre is not too bad either. The Blue Jays have won over two hundred more games at home than they have lost.

The start of the 2017 regular season hasn’t been too great so far for the Toronto Blue Jays. They have played six games at home till now. Two of them were against the Milwaukee Brewers and the Blue Jays lost both those games. They have also played the Baltimore Orioles in four games at the Rogers Centre and have won only one of those encounters. The good news for them is that the season has just begun so there is plenty of time for them to turn this around.

Toronto Blue Jays rumors

Things just keep on getting worse for the Toronto Blue Jays. They have not made the best start to the season and stand 2-10 right now. The home and road records are identical 1-5. Now if that wasn’t bad enough there are rumors/reports that J.A. Happ will undergo an MRI to determine what is wrong with his elbow. The news comes a day after the Blue Jays added Aaron Sanchez to the DL. Happ felt discomfort in the elbow and had to leave the field in the game against the Baltimore Orioles. Since the Blue Jays have got off to a poor start, rumors are swirling around the MLB that they will be looking to do some shopping during the not so distant future. If you are a Toronto Blue Jays fan, then the next few months will be quite interesting to say the least for you.

Toronto Blue Jays Rivals

The Toronto Blue Jays are developing rivalries with the likes of the Red Sox and the Yankees. The Red Sox and Blue Jays players have squared off plenty times in the past and that has helped instigate a lot of animosity between these two teams over the years.

On the other hand, the Yankees set up camp in Tampa during Spring Training and to make it worse, they have a lot of fan following in the region too. A lot of fans turn up to watch them play and cheer them in Tampa and this doesn’t sit well with the Blue Rays. Watch these sides take on each other this season because the clashes between them will be pretty interesting to say the least.

Toronto Blue Jays

Regular Season Schedule 2019
Fri, Mar 29vs Detroit L2-0 F/10 0-1Alcantara 1-0Hudson 0-1Greene 145,048
Sat, Mar 30vs Detroit W6-0 1-1Shoemaker 1-0Boyd 0-118,054
Sun, Mar 31vs Detroit W3-0 2-1Sanchez 1-0Turnbull 0-1Giles 125,429
Sun, Mar 31vs Detroit L4-3 F/11 2-2Stumpf 1-0Pannone 0-1Greene 216,098
Tue, Apr 2vs Baltimore L6-5 2-3Hess 1-0Reid-Foley 0-1Bleier 110,460
Wed, Apr 3vs Baltimore L2-1 2-4Cashner 1-1Stroman 0-1Castro 112,110
Thu, Apr 4vs Baltimore W5-3 3-4Shoemaker 2-0Karns 0-1Giles 211,436
Fri, Apr 5@ Cleveland L4-1 3-5Bauer 1-0Sanchez 1-1Hand 310,375
Sat, Apr 6@ Cleveland L3-2 3-6Cimber 1-0Biagini 0-112,881
Sun, Apr 7@ Cleveland L7-2 3-7Carrasco 1-1Pannone 0-218,429
Sun, Apr 7@ Cleveland L3-1 3-8Clevinger 1-0Stroman 0-2Hand 417,264
Tue, Apr 9@ Boston W7-5 4-8Shoemaker 3-0Sale 0-3Giles 336,179
Fri, Apr 12@ Boston L7-6 4-9Walden 2-0Giles 0-136,510
Sat, Apr 13vs Tampa Bay L11-7 4-10Yarbrough 2-1Thornton 0-117,326
Sun, Apr 14vs Tampa Bay W3-1 5-10Pannone 1-2Roe 0-2Giles 420,771
Sun, Apr 14vs Tampa Bay L8-4 5-11Kolarek 1-0Stroman 0-320,512
Tue, Apr 16@ Minnesota W5-3 6-11Gaviglio 1-0Mejia 0-1Biagini 111,727
Wed, Apr 17@ Minnesota W6-5 7-11Sanchez 2-1May 1-1Giles 513,365
Thu, Apr 18@ Minnesota L4-1 7-12Odorizzi 1-2Thornton 0-2Parker 411,465
Thu, Apr 18@ Minnesota W7-4 8-12Biagini 1-1Pineda 2-1Giles 612,523
Sat, Apr 20@ Oakland W5-1 9-12Stroman 1-3Brooks 2-215,128
Sun, Apr 21@ Oakland W10-1 10-12Gaviglio 2-0Fiers 2-231,140
Mon, Apr 22@ Oakland W5-4 11-12Hudson 1-1Anderson 3-1Giles 716,015
Wed, Apr 24vs San Francisco L7-6 11-13Samardzija 2-1Thornton 0-3Smith 620,384
Thu, Apr 25vs San Francisco L4-0 11-14Pomeranz 1-2Buchholz 0-119,652
Sat, Apr 27vs Oakland W4-2 12-14Giles 1-1Petit 0-128,688
Sun, Apr 28vs Oakland W7-1 13-14Sanchez 3-1Anderson 3-222,254
Sun, Apr 28vs Oakland W5-4 F/11 14-14Luciano 1-0Treinen 1-218,557
Wed, May 1@ Los Angeles L4-3 14-15Buttrey 2-1Tepera 0-1Robles 238,797
Thu, May 2@ Los Angeles L6-3 14-16Pena 1-1Stroman 1-4Buttrey 133,082
Fri, May 3@ Los Angeles L6-2 14-17Skaggs 3-2Sanchez 3-240,064
Sat, May 4@ Texas W1-0 F/12 15-17Hudson 2-1Jurado 0-1Giles 826,179
Sun, May 5@ Texas L8-5 15-18Lynn 4-2Pannone 1-3Kelley 231,787
Mon, May 6@ Texas L10-2 15-19Dowdy 2-1Buchholz 0-230,934
Tue, May 7vs Minnesota L8-0 15-20Perez 5-0Stroman 1-512,292
Wed, May 8vs Minnesota L3-0 15-21Berrios 6-1Sanchez 3-3Rogers 414,039
Thu, May 9vs Minnesota L9-1 15-22Gibson 3-1Thornton 0-414,372
Sat, May 11vs Chicago W4-3 16-22Biagini 2-1Covey 0-2Giles 920,402
Sun, May 12vs Chicago L7-2 16-23Nova 2-3Stroman 1-624,563
Sun, May 12vs Chicago L5-1 16-24Giolito 4-1Sanchez 3-424,222
Wed, May 15@ San Francisco W7-3 17-24Thornton 1-4Vincent 0-231,230
Thu, May 16@ San Francisco L4-3 17-25Melancon 1-0Tepera 0-2Smith 1131,828
Fri, May 17@ Chicago L4-2 17-26Herrera 1-2Law 0-1Colome 920,119
Sat, May 18@ Chicago W10-2 18-26Gaviglio 3-0Nova 2-4Guerra 117,078
Sat, May 18@ Chicago L4-1 F/5 18-27Giolito 5-1Feierabend 0-122,908
Sun, May 19@ Chicago W5-2 19-27Hudson 3-1Herrera 1-3Giles 1018,605
Mon, May 20vs Boston L12-2 19-28Price 2-2Jackson 0-126,794
Wed, May 22vs Boston W10-3 20-28Stroman 2-6Rodriguez 4-314,407
Thu, May 23vs Boston L6-5 F/13 20-29Hembree 1-0Cordero 0-118,285
Thu, May 23vs Boston L8-2 20-30Weber 1-0Gaviglio 3-136,526
Sat, May 25vs San Diego L6-3 20-31Wisler 2-1Hudson 3-2Stammen 219,480
Sun, May 26vs San Diego L19-4 20-32Quantrill 1-2Jackson 0-224,212
Sun, May 26vs San Diego W10-1 21-32Stroman 3-6Erlin 0-124,462
Mon, May 27@ Tampa Bay L8-3 21-33Chirinos 6-1Sanchez 3-515,883
Wed, May 29@ Tampa Bay L3-1 21-34Yarbrough 4-1Richard 0-1Castillo 65,786
Thu, May 30@ Tampa Bay L4-3 F/11 21-35Castillo 1-3Shafer 0-16,166
Sat, Jun 1@ Colorado L13-6 21-36Marquez 6-2Jackson 0-332,990
Sun, Jun 2@ Colorado L4-2 21-37Gray 5-4Stroman 3-7Oberg 234,025
Mon, Jun 3@ Colorado L5-1 21-38Senzatela 4-4Sanchez 3-637,861
Wed, Jun 5vs New York W4-3 22-38Pannone 2-3Tanaka 3-5Giles 1120,671
Thu, Jun 6vs New York W11-7 23-38Gaviglio 4-1Britton 2-116,609
Fri, Jun 7vs New York L6-2 23-39Happ 6-3Jackson 0-4Chapman 1825,657
Sat, Jun 8vs Arizona L8-2 23-40Kelly 6-6Stroman 3-816,555
Sun, Jun 9vs Arizona L6-0 23-41Greinke 7-2Sanchez 3-722,954
Sun, Jun 9vs Arizona L8-2 23-42Ray 5-3Richard 0-219,661
Wed, Jun 12@ Baltimore L4-2 23-43Means 6-4Thornton 1-5Givens 612,524
Thu, Jun 13@ Baltimore W8-6 24-43Jackson 1-4Hess 1-9Hudson 111,153
Fri, Jun 14@ Baltimore W12-3 25-43Stroman 4-8Ynoa 0-314,910
Sat, Jun 15@ Houston L15-2 25-44Cole 6-5Sanchez 3-8Armenteros 134,719
Sun, Jun 16@ Houston L7-2 25-45Valdez 3-2Richard 0-338,012
Sun, Jun 16@ Houston W12-0 26-45Thornton 2-5Peacock 6-442,174
Tue, Jun 18vs Los Angeles L10-5 26-46Pena 5-1Jackson 1-515,227
Wed, Jun 19vs Los Angeles L3-1 26-47Skaggs 6-6Stroman 4-9Robles 1117,259
Thu, Jun 20vs Los Angeles
Fri, Jun 21vs Los Angeles
Sat, Jun 22@ Boston
Sun, Jun 23@ Boston
Sun, Jun 23@ Boston
Tue, Jun 25@ New York
Wed, Jun 26@ New York
Wed, Jun 26@ New York
Sat, Jun 29vs Kansas City
Sun, Jun 30vs Kansas City
Sun, Jun 30vs Kansas City
Mon, Jul 1vs Kansas City
Wed, Jul 3vs Boston
Thu, Jul 4vs Boston
Fri, Jul 5vs Boston
Sat, Jul 6vs Baltimore
Sun, Jul 7vs Baltimore
Sun, Jul 7vs Baltimore
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Josh Donaldson might make his comeback by this weekend

Josh Donaldson’s absence has been felt by the Toronto Blue Jays over the last few weeks. He got injured on April 13, 2017 when he strained his right calf muscle. But the good news is that he is close to returning according to the Blue Jays manager, John Gibbons. Donaldson has been going through some light training drills. If he comes out unscathed from training over the next few days, then he might be in contention to make his return as early as this weekend. The Blue Jays will not rush him back because that could aggravate the problem. Donaldson will only be allowed to return to the fold if the medical department gives the green light.

Josh Donaldson may be playing in the upcoming MLB season

Great news for the Toronto Blue Jays fans, injured Josh Donaldson may be playing in the upcoming MLB season after all. Fans would remember that Donaldson suffered from right calf strain a few days ago and was expected to be ruled out for the next two to three weeks, but he is practicing again and his recovery seems to be on schedule. A lot rests on Donaldson’s shoulders as the Blue Jays want to play big in the upcoming MLB season. With an extended Spring Training season, the Blue Jays fans are hopeful of Donaldson’s come back. 


Toronto Blue Jays Schedule

Baseball season is here and is packed with epic matchups. You can catch all the action live as it happens. Next event featuring Toronto Blue Jays will be Toronto Blue Jays vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, held at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. As of now, the last event, Toronto Blue Jays vs. Tampa Bay Rays is scheduled for 29-Sep-19 at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. For complete itinerary of events, please visit our website.

Event Venue City Date
Toronto Blue Jays vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Rogers Centre Toronto, ON Thu Jun 20 201907:07 PM
Boston Red Sox vs. Toronto Blue Jays Fenway Park Boston, MA Fri Jun 21 201907:10 PM
Boston Red Sox vs. Toronto Blue Jays Fenway Park Boston, MA Sat Jun 22 201904:05 PM
Boston Red Sox vs. Toronto Blue Jays Fenway Park Boston, MA Sun Jun 23 201901:05 PM
New York Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays Yankee Stadium Bronx, NY Mon Jun 24 201907:05 PM
New York Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays Yankee Stadium Bronx, NY Tue Jun 25 201907:05 PM
New York Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays Yankee Stadium Bronx, NY Wed Jun 26 201901:05 PM
Toronto Blue Jays vs. Kansas City Royals Rogers Centre Toronto, ON Fri Jun 28 201907:07 PM
Toronto Blue Jays vs. Kansas City Royals Rogers Centre Toronto, ON Sat Jun 29 201904:07 PM
Toronto Blue Jays vs. Kansas City Royals Rogers Centre Toronto, ON Sun Jun 30 201901:07 PM

Toronto Blue Jays Ticket Prices

The average price for Toronto Blue Jays Tickets start from $41. The minimum get in price is $4 for Toronto Blue Jays Tickets at the Yankee Stadium, Bronx. For a detailed look at ticket prices and amazing discounts, visit our website.

Name City Date Average Ticket Price Get In Price
(Minimum Price)
Toronto Blue Jays vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Toronto 20-Jun-19 $41 $8
Boston Red Sox vs. Toronto Blue Jays Boston 21-Jun-19 $95 $13
Boston Red Sox vs. Toronto Blue Jays Boston 22-Jun-19 $119 $13
Boston Red Sox vs. Toronto Blue Jays Boston 23-Jun-19 $113 $13
New York Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays Bronx 24-Jun-19 $60 $4
New York Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays Bronx 25-Jun-19 $53 $4
New York Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays Bronx 26-Jun-19 $57 $5
Toronto Blue Jays vs. Kansas City Royals Toronto 28-Jun-19 $61 $14
Toronto Blue Jays vs. Kansas City Royals Toronto 29-Jun-19 $65 $14
Toronto Blue Jays vs. Kansas City Royals Toronto 30-Jun-19 $66 $14

* Ticket Prices vary on hourly basis.

Toronto Blue Jays Discount Code:

Use Event18 as the discount code and get up to 70% discount on Toronto Blue Jays tickets. This is a last minute opportunity to get the discounted tickets for Toronto Blue Jays.

Upcoming EventDiscount CodePercentageDate
Toronto Blue Jays vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Rogers Centre, Toronto, ON Event18 4% Thu Jun 20 2019 07:07 PM
Boston Red Sox vs. Toronto Blue Jays, Fenway Park, Boston, MA Event18 4% Fri Jun 21 2019 07:10 PM
Boston Red Sox vs. Toronto Blue Jays, Fenway Park, Boston, MA Event18 4% Sat Jun 22 2019 04:05 PM
Boston Red Sox vs. Toronto Blue Jays, Fenway Park, Boston, MA Event18 4% Sun Jun 23 2019 01:05 PM
New York Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays, Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY Event18 4% Mon Jun 24 2019 07:05 PM

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:I can't find information regarding the Toronto Blue Jays events schedule. Can you please give me some details regarding it?

A:The Toronto Blue Jays played the first three games of the regular season on April 14th, 15th and 16th against the Baltimore Orioles at the Rogers Centre. The Jays will now go on to lock horns with other teams like, the Boston Red Sox, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Tampa Bay Rays. The team is scheduled to play their last game of the 2017 season against the Minnesota Twins on September 14th. If you are planning to watch your favorite team play live then this is your lucky day as our brokers are currently offering the Toronto Blue Jays Tickets on our website.

Q:What is the Toronto Blue Jays championships haul?

A:The Toronto Blue Jays have won six East Division titles so far. Moreover, they also have two World Series championships, which they won in 1992 and 1993. They are now gearing up to collide with teams like the Houston Astros, the Minnesota Twins and the Cleveland Indians in the 2017 MLB season. You can watch them live in action by purchasing Toronto Blue Jays Tickets from our trusted brokers as they are currently selling them at convenient prices on our website. Just go to the event's page and place your order by selecting the tickets that you want to buy.

Q:Where did the Blue Jays play before the SkyDome?

A:Prior to playing in the SkyDome, the Blue Jays played in the Exhibition Stadium, which was their home from 1977-1989. The franchise has reached the ALCS in the last two seasons but have been unable to make it the World Series. To see if they can achieve that aim this year, get Toronto Blue Jays Tickets at the earliest and watch all of their games live. To buy tickets simply visit the event's page on this website and browse the list of available tickets. Once you select the tickets you want, you can purchase them by following a few simple steps.

Q:Which Blue Jays are Canadian?

A:The Toronto Blue Jays are a Canadian team which plays in the MLB. The Blue Jays are two time World Series winners and are currently one of the best teams in the league. The Blue Jays reached last season's ALCS before before being eliminated by the Cleveland Indians and this season they will want to ensure they can reach the World Series. To see how their season goes, get Toronto Blue Jays Tickets and watch the team's games, live form the stands.

Q:When did the Blue Jays start playing?

A:The Blue Jays were formed in 1977 and played their first official game on the 7th April, 1977. Their opponents were the Chicago White Sox and more than 4,500 fans came out to support the team. The Blue Jays are now gearing up for a new season and expectations are high from the team. To see how the Jays perform throughout the season, watch their games live by simply getting Toronto Blue Jays Tickets today.

Q:What day did the Blue Jays win the World Series in 1993?

A:The 1993 World Series took place from October 16 - October 23. The Blue Jays won their second consecutive World Series on 23rd October by defeating the Philadelphia Phillies 4 games to 2. The Blue Jays once again have a very strong squad and great things are expected from them this year. To watch the team's games live, get Toronto Blue Jays Tickets today.

Q:I can't find any cheap toronto blue jays tickets online so is there someway you can inform me when they are available?

A:Yes, please provide us with your email id and we will inform you as soon as Toronto Blue Jays Tickets are available for you to buy.

Q:How many tickets to toronto blue jays game are left with you?

A:There are still some Toronto Blue Jays Tickets available with us so place the order today.

Q:Whats the procedure of ordering bluejays tickets online?

A:The procedure is very simple and mentioned on our Toronto Blue Jays Tickets page. Order today.

Q:Can i get a jays tickets discount for senior citizens on your site?

A:There are no special discount deals on offer on our website unfortunately but we assure you that the Toronto Blue Jays Tickets are selling at very cheap rates as it is.

Q:Can i buy single game toronto bluejays by cash?

A:No, you can only buy Toronto Blue Jays Tickets by American Express, Visa, Master Card and Discover.

Q:Where to buy blue jays tickets?

A:We are offering Toronto Blue Jays Tickets on reasonable rates on our page. Check out the directions and place the order.

Q:What is the criteria to get jays tickets discount codes?

A:There is no special criteria to get promo codes of Toronto Blue Jays Tickets. Anybody can get them by following special instructions on our page.

Q:Till when can i get discounts to toronto blue jays?

A:Discounted Toronto Blue Jays Tickets are still available for sale. Check out the details and place your order.

Q:Can i still get blue jays tickets no fees?

A:Yes, the discount offer for Toronto Blue Jays Tickets is still on. Check and order right away.

Q:Can i buy toronto blue jays tickets with no credit card?

A:I'm afraid you will have to make the payment for toronto blue jays Tickets through your credit card as we don't accept cash.

Q:I want to buy discount blue jays tickets. Can i buy them from your website?

A:You sure can buy toronto blue jays Tickets at discounts from our website. Visit our page and you can have discounts from there.

Q:What is the criteria of getting discount codes for blue jay tickets?

A:There is no specific criteria for getting promo codes of toronto blue jays Tickets. Everybody is eligible for availing the offer by following the directions online.

Q:i am waiting for the confirmation email for toronto blue jays tickets. I placed the order in the morning.

A:You have to wait at least for 24 hours to get the confirmation email for Toronto blue Jays tickets. Contact us through phone if you don't receive it after 24 hours.

Q:Can you send my discounted metallica tickets on another address?

A:Toronto Blue Jays Tickets cannot be delivered on any other address than the one linked with your credit card.

Q:How much are the service charges on Blue Jay tickets?

A:You can get your required details from the page of Toronto Blue Jays Tickets.

Q:How soon can Blue Jay tickets be delivered to me?

A:Toronto Blue Jays Tickets will be delivered to you within the specified time.

Q:My blue jays ticket got damaged. Can I get them re-issued?

A:Toronto Blue Jays Tickets cannot be re-issued under any circumstances as its against our policy.

Q:How do i order Blue Jays tickets from your website?

A:For ordering Toronto Blue Jays Tickets from our website, select the tickets and fill the form mentioned there with your details.

Q:What kind of seats can i get with Jays tickets bought from your website?

A:You can get the best seats with Toronto Blue Jays Tickets bought from our website.

Q:Why don't my Toronto Blue Jays tickets show my seat numbers?

A:Seat numbers for Toronto Blue Jays Tickets are not allowed us to have by the ticket brokers.

Q:How to get cheap blue jays tickets?

A:We are offering Toronto Blue Jays Tickets with special discount offers. Check them out online and get them as early as possible.

Q:When will you deliver american express blue jays tickets?

A:Toronto Blue Jays Tickets will be delivered as soon as the payment is cleared and the transaction status is final.

Q:Can i choose my own seat for the blue jay ticketts?

A:Sure, when buying the Toronto Blue Jays Tickets, choose your seats yourself.

Q:What is the best way to buy jays tickets?

A:Simply go to the Toronto Blue Jays Tickets page on our website and buy the tickets.

Q:Can i buy blue jays tickets on the same discounted rates next week as well?

A:Yes! You are lucky, the discount offer on Toronto Blue Jays Tickets is still intact. Place an order as soon as possible.

Q:Can i make cash payment for toronto blue jay tickets?

A:No, Toronto Blue Jays Tickets can only be purchased by American Express, Visa, Master card and Discover.

Q:How to get blue jays tickets?

A:You can log on to our website and order Toronto Blue Jays Tickets online by paying through American Express, Visa, Master Card and Discover.

Q:Is there any offer of toronto blue jay tickets friends and family discount?

A:We are offering toronto blue jay tickets friends and family discount individually with special codes. Avail them and enjoy cheap rates.


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