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This amazing baseball team, the Texas Rangers, is a legendary team in the world of football that originates from Arlington in the state of Texas. The Texas Rangers are a spectacular American pro basketball team that is part of the Western Division of the American League, itself a part of the MLB, Major League Baseball. This team counts the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex as its home with its grounds being the Rangers Ballpark and is situated in the spectacular city of Arlington. At present, the team is not only the champion within the Western Division of the American League but also the champions within the entire American League itself, a feat that is incredible. Thus, for some of the best baseball from the state of Texas, get hold of Texas Rangers tickets and get going for the most exciting baseball match you have ever seen!

Texas Rangers Tickets

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Texas Rangers Tickets

The Texas Rangers name was based upon the Texas Rangers, a renowned Texas law enforcement organization. The team first came to fame back in 1961 and was known initially as the Washington Senators, an expansion team for the entire city of Washington DC, and named after the first baseball club found in the city of the same names. The team then moved on to the city of Minnesota after which they were known as the Minnesota Twins until 1971 when the team moved to its present home city, Arlington. Since then, this awesome team has been known as the Texas Rangers and has broken many records as well as bagged many more titles and championships.

The Texas Rangers have appeared not once but four times when it comes to the post season appearances within the MLB. These appearances occurred after the team bagged the division championships in 1996, followed by both 1998 and 1999 with the latest appearance taking place in 2010. In 2010, the Texas Rangers then went on to the American League and won the American League Pennant after defeating the legendary New York Yankees in not one but six different games. The team then went on to play in the World Series that took place in 2010. During the 2010 World Series, the Texas Rangers won a match and thus became the very first team from Texas that bagged a win in the World Series matches.

The Texas Rangers were first formed back in 1961 when the MLB expanded to include two new teams; this team as well as Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. This amazing pro baseball team played its first series of matches in the 1961 season in the historical Griffith Stadium after which the team moved to play at the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium. During their beginning, the team was known for its sportsmanship and its stubbornness despite all odds; one of the first famous players of this team was Frank Howard, a baseball player renowned for his fabulous home runs. He even went on to receive two different home run awards.

This unique team saw both ups and downs in its first years; good times for the team came when Ted Williams, a Baseball Hall of Fame inductee, became the manager of the team and helped the team improve its game as well as add in a bit of motivation and pump up the morale of the players. In 1972, the Texas Rangers then moved to Arlington in the state of Texas after its mayor had approached the team and the American League had given its approval. One of the first matches this team played in Texas resulted in their defeating California’s Californian Angels in a humiliating 5-1 match. By 1974, the team had geared up and started winning big; the team completed the 1974 season at a 84-76 record, coming record. In fact, the Texas Rangers are still widely regarded as the team with the most amazing comeback within the MLB. Their player, Mike Hargrove, won the American League’s Rookie of the Year award in 1974 with Jeff Burroughs becoming the Most Valuable Player within the American League and Ferguson Jenkins awarded as the Comeback Player of the Year, after around 25 matches won.

The Texas Rangers went on to perform splendidly such as in the 1986 season, coming out second overall. This was followed by remarkable success in 1996, 1998 and in 1999. All in all, this amazing team originating from Texas is home to many Hall of Famers as well as some of the best known names in the world of baseball. Thus, if you are looking for an awesome baseball match, look no further than Texas Rangers tickets!

2016 saw the Rangers clinch their second straight American League (AL) west championship.  An impressive record of 95-65 gave them the best winning percentage in the franchise’s history. In the division series they were not so lucky, having been swept out of the playoffs by the Toronto Blue Jays who gave them a tough time and they ended up losing to them for the second straight year. This season things are looking good for them. They will be heading into the 2017 season with Cole Hamels, center fielder Carlos Gomez and Jonathan Lucroy. The team has a strong roster and are the favorites for the third consecutive AL West title but the club has its eyes set on a World Series title.

The Rangers are back to their winning ways

The fans of the Texas Rangers were delighted when their favorite team emerged victorious against the Cleveland Indians 11-12. The two sides squared off in a practice game on March 16th. It was a hard fought battle but at the end thanks to Rangers’ Jason Martinson, they were able to pull off a victory. The Texas Rangers are now ready to appear in the regular 2017 season and will be locking horns against some formidable teams in the league. Will they be able to win their first World Series championship this year? Get your Texas Rangers Tickets and find out the answer to that question by watching them play live. 

Veteran catcher Jonathon Lucroy of the Texas Rangers has recently been traded to the Colorado Rockies for a player who is yet to be announced. Jon Daniels, general manager of the Texas Rangers said “We wish Jonathan and his family well in Colorado and thank him for his work here with us.”

Texas Rangers Rivals

Houston Astros

Texas Rangers share a heated rivalry with the Houston Astros; it is referred to as the Lone Star Series. Previously the Rangers played as part of the American League while the Astros were members of the National League. In 2013 however, the interleague rivalry turned into an intra-division one when the Astros joined the American League West. Ever since, the games between the two sides have become all the more intense not just on the field but also among their supporters.

Toronto Blue Jays

The history of the rivalry between the Rangers and the Blue Rays goes back to the 2015 ALCS campaign. The series’ final game between the two sides took place at the Rogers Center on October 14. The Jays won the clash, leaving the Rangers eager to even the score in the 2016 ALCS. But unfortunately that could not be the case and another loss to the Rangers further fueled the rivalry.

The Rangers-Jays competition has blossomed into one of the best in the MLB, thanks to the many intense games they’ve played over the recent past. Every time the two teams take to the field, one knows it would be a treat to watch for the baseball fans.

Texas Rangers Depth Chart

Mike Minor Shelby Miller Lance Lynn Drew Smyly Adrian Sampson
Shawn Kelley Jesse Chavez Chris Martin Jeanmar Gomez Wei-Chieh Huang
Jose Leclerc - - - -
Jeff Mathis Isiah Kiner-Falefa - - -
Ronald Guzman Logan Forsythe Danny Santana - -
Rougned Odor Danny Santana Isiah Kiner-Falefa - -
Asdrubal Cabrera Logan Forsythe Isiah Kiner-Falefa - -
Elvis Andrus Danny Santana - - -
Shin-Soo Choo Joey Gallo Hunter Pence - -
Joey Gallo Danny Santana - - -
Nomar Mazara Hunter Pence Shin-Soo Choo - -
Hunter Pence - - - -
Batting Leaders
Adrian Beltre#293B.310Joey Gallo#133B7Joey Gallo#133B17Adrian Beltre#293B.366Adrian Beltre#293B27
Pitching Leaders
Mike Minor#36SP12Connor Sadzeck#59RP.00Mike Minor#36SP132Keone Kela#35RP24Jose Leclerc#62RP15

Texas Rangers

Regular Season Schedule 2019
Fri, Mar 29vs Chicago L12-4 0-1Lester 1-0Minor 0-148,538
Sun, Mar 31vs Chicago W8-6 1-1Kelley 1-0Edwards Jr. 0-1Leclerc 146,238
Mon, Apr 1vs Chicago W11-10 2-1Leclerc 1-0Strop 0-136,812
Tue, Apr 2vs Houston L2-1 2-2Peacock 1-0Sampson 0-1Osuna 118,056
Wed, Apr 3vs Houston W6-4 3-2Kelley 2-0Valdez 0-1Leclerc 217,907
Thu, Apr 4vs Houston W4-0 4-2Minor 1-1Cole 0-222,265
Fri, Apr 5@ Los Angeles W11-4 5-2Springs 1-0Harvey 0-142,027
Sat, Apr 6@ Los Angeles L3-1 5-3Anderson 1-0Lynn 0-1Allen 141,089
Sun, Apr 7@ Los Angeles L5-1 5-4Skaggs 1-1Smyly 0-131,747
Mon, Apr 8@ Los Angeles L7-2 5-5Anderson 2-0Miller 0-142,076
Wed, Apr 10@ Arizona L5-4 5-6Andriese 2-0Leclerc 1-116,620
Thu, Apr 11@ Arizona W5-2 6-6Lynn 1-1Chafin 0-1Bird 115,871
Sat, Apr 13vs Oakland L8-6 6-7Trivino 1-0Martin 0-1Treinen 524,817
Sun, Apr 14vs Oakland POSTPONED
Mon, Apr 15vs Oakland W8-7 7-7Springs 2-0Soria 0-2Leclerc 326,350
Tue, Apr 16vs Los Angeles W12-7 8-7Dowdy 1-0Bedrosian 1-1Leclerc 418,265
Wed, Apr 17vs Los Angeles W5-0 9-7Minor 2-1Barria 1-117,704
Thu, Apr 18vs Los Angeles W5-4 10-7Lynn 2-1Harvey 0-2Leclerc 516,691
Sat, Apr 20vs Houston L7-2 10-8Verlander 3-0Smyly 0-235,649
Sun, Apr 21vs Houston W9-4 11-8Kelley 3-0Cole 1-339,636
Mon, Apr 22vs Houston W11-10 12-8Miller 1-1McHugh 3-2Kelley 126,225
Tue, Apr 23@ Oakland L6-1 12-9Bassitt 1-0Minor 2-28,073
Wed, Apr 24@ Oakland L11-5 12-10Montas 4-1Lynn 2-210,496
Thu, Apr 25@ Oakland L6-5 12-11Treinen 1-1Martin 0-218,610
Fri, Apr 26@ Seattle L14-2 12-12Gonzales 5-0Hearn 0-112,644
Sat, Apr 27@ Seattle L5-4 F/11 12-13Elias 2-0Dowdy 1-121,721
Sun, Apr 28@ Seattle W15-1 13-13Minor 3-2Leake 2-326,493
Mon, Apr 29@ Seattle W14-1 14-13Lynn 3-2Swanson 0-321,503
Wed, May 1vs Pittsburgh L6-4 F/11 14-14Crick 1-1Chavez 0-1Vazquez 718,641
Wed, May 1vs Pittsburgh L7-5 14-15Taillon 2-3Miller 1-2Vazquez 823,562
Sat, May 4vs Toronto L1-0 F/12 14-16Hudson 2-1Jurado 0-1Giles 826,179
Sun, May 5vs Toronto W8-5 15-16Lynn 4-2Pannone 1-3Kelley 231,787
Mon, May 6vs Toronto W10-2 16-16Dowdy 2-1Buchholz 0-230,934
Wed, May 8@ Pittsburgh L5-4 16-17Feliz 2-0Sampson 0-2Vazquez 1013,032
Wed, May 8@ Pittsburgh W9-6 17-17Jurado 1-1Lyons 1-1Martin 113,905
Fri, May 10@ Houston L4-2 17-18Miley 3-2Minor 3-3Osuna 926,657
Sat, May 11@ Houston L3-0 17-19Verlander 6-1Lynn 4-3Osuna 1033,023
Sun, May 12@ Houston L11-4 17-20Cole 4-4Smyly 0-335,849
Sun, May 12@ Houston L15-5 17-21Martin 1-0Sampson 0-341,027
Wed, May 15@ Kansas City L11-5 17-22Duffy 2-1Miller 1-319,410
Thu, May 16@ Kansas City W6-1 18-22Minor 4-3Lopez 0-514,572
Thu, May 16@ Kansas City W16-1 19-22Lynn 5-3Bailey 4-417,469
Sat, May 18vs St. Louis W7-3 20-22Sampson 1-3Mikolas 4-434,398
Sun, May 19vs St. Louis L8-2 20-23Hudson 3-3Jurado 1-230,967
Mon, May 20vs St. Louis W5-4 F/10 21-23Gomez 1-0Hicks 1-232,112
Tue, May 21vs Seattle W10-9 22-23Minor 5-3Leake 3-518,796
Wed, May 22vs Seattle W5-3 23-23Lynn 6-3Milone 0-1Kelley 319,157
Wed, May 22vs Seattle
Sat, May 25@ Los Angeles
Sun, May 26@ Los Angeles
Mon, May 27@ Los Angeles
Tue, May 28@ Seattle
Wed, May 29@ Seattle
Thu, May 30@ Seattle
Fri, May 31vs Kansas City
Sat, Jun 1vs Kansas City
Sun, Jun 2vs Kansas City
Mon, Jun 3vs Kansas City
Wed, Jun 5vs Baltimore
Thu, Jun 6vs Baltimore
Fri, Jun 7vs Baltimore
Sat, Jun 8vs Oakland
Sat, Jun 8vs Oakland
Sun, Jun 9vs Oakland
Mon, Jun 10vs Oakland
Tue, Jun 11@ Boston
Wed, Jun 12@ Boston
Thu, Jun 13@ Boston
Fri, Jun 14@ Boston
Sat, Jun 15@ Cincinnati
Sun, Jun 16@ Cincinnati
Sun, Jun 16@ Cincinnati
Tue, Jun 18vs Cleveland
Wed, Jun 19vs Cleveland
Thu, Jun 20vs Cleveland
Thu, Jun 20vs Cleveland
Sat, Jun 22vs Chicago
Sun, Jun 23vs Chicago
Mon, Jun 24vs Chicago
Wed, Jun 26@ Detroit
Thu, Jun 27@ Detroit
Thu, Jun 27@ Detroit
Sat, Jun 29@ Tampa Bay
Sun, Jun 30@ Tampa Bay
Sun, Jun 30@ Tampa Bay
Tue, Jul 2vs Los Angeles
Wed, Jul 3vs Los Angeles
Thu, Jul 4vs Los Angeles
Fri, Jul 5vs Los Angeles
Sat, Jul 6@ Minnesota
Sat, Jul 6@ Minnesota
Sun, Jul 7@ Minnesota


Texas Rangers all set for the spring training!

The Texas Rangers are all set to start spring training and there is a lot of optimism emanating from their camp. The focus this year remains on winning the World Series. The Rangers’ manager, Jeff Banister said:

"We'll celebrate all of the good things we did well last year," Banister said. "A lot of feel good about that. To sit down and say, this is where we fell short … they know it."

The message is clear. There are more mountains to climb, the biggest being winning the World Series.


Texas Rangers Schedule

Baseball season is here and is packed with epic matchups. You can catch all the action live as it happens. Next event featuring Texas Rangers will be Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Texas Rangers, held at the Angel Stadium in Anaheim. As of now, the last event, Texas Rangers vs. New York Yankees is scheduled for 29-Sep-19 at the Globe Life Park in Arlington. For complete itinerary of events, please visit our website.

Event Venue City Date
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Texas Rangers Angel Stadium Anaheim, CA Sun May 26 201901:07 PM
Seattle Mariners vs. Texas Rangers T-Mobile Park Seattle, WA Mon May 27 201906:10 PM
Seattle Mariners vs. Texas Rangers T-Mobile Park Seattle, WA Tue May 28 201907:10 PM
Seattle Mariners vs. Texas Rangers T-Mobile Park Seattle, WA Wed May 29 201912:40 PM
Texas Rangers vs. Kansas City Royals Globe Life Park Arlington, TX Thu May 30 201907:05 PM
Texas Rangers vs. Kansas City Royals Globe Life Park Arlington, TX Fri May 31 201907:05 PM
Texas Rangers vs. Kansas City Royals Globe Life Park Arlington, TX Sat Jun 01 201903:05 PM
Texas Rangers vs. Kansas City Royals Globe Life Park Arlington, TX Sun Jun 02 201902:05 PM
Texas Rangers vs. Baltimore Orioles Globe Life Park Arlington, TX Tue Jun 04 201907:05 PM
Texas Rangers vs. Baltimore Orioles Globe Life Park Arlington, TX Wed Jun 05 201907:05 PM

Texas Rangers Ticket Prices

The average price for Texas Rangers Tickets start from $24. The minimum get in price is $3 for Texas Rangers Tickets at the Globe Life Park, Arlington. For a detailed look at ticket prices and amazing discounts, visit our website.

Name City Date Average Ticket Price Get In Price
(Minimum Price)
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Texas Rangers Anaheim 26-May-19 $46 $13
Seattle Mariners vs. Texas Rangers Seattle 27-May-19 $79 $13
Seattle Mariners vs. Texas Rangers Seattle 28-May-19 $70 $11
Seattle Mariners vs. Texas Rangers Seattle 29-May-19 $72 $12
Texas Rangers vs. Kansas City Royals Arlington 30-May-19 $24 $4
Texas Rangers vs. Kansas City Royals Arlington 31-May-19 $51 $6
Texas Rangers vs. Kansas City Royals Arlington 1-Jun-19 $45 $6
Texas Rangers vs. Kansas City Royals Arlington 2-Jun-19 $30 $5
Texas Rangers vs. Baltimore Orioles Arlington 4-Jun-19 $27 $3
Texas Rangers vs. Baltimore Orioles Arlington 5-Jun-19 $34 $3

* Ticket Prices vary on hourly basis.

Texas Rangers Discount Code:

Use Event18 as the discount code and get up to 70% discount on Texas Rangers tickets. This is a last minute opportunity to get the discounted tickets for Texas Rangers.

Upcoming EventDiscount CodePercentageDate
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Texas Rangers, Angel Stadium, Anaheim, CA Event18 4% Sun May 26 2019 01:07 PM
Seattle Mariners vs. Texas Rangers, T-Mobile Park, Seattle, WA Event18 4% Mon May 27 2019 06:10 PM
Seattle Mariners vs. Texas Rangers, T-Mobile Park, Seattle, WA Event18 4% Tue May 28 2019 07:10 PM
Seattle Mariners vs. Texas Rangers, T-Mobile Park, Seattle, WA Event18 4% Wed May 29 2019 12:40 PM
Texas Rangers vs. Kansas City Royals, Globe Life Park, Arlington, TX Event18 4% Thu May 30 2019 07:05 PM

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How much are the Rangers season tickets?

A:Our trusted brokers have the Texas Rangers Tickets in stock at very convenient rates and they are offering them on our website. You can get them from us by paying our reliable brokers an average price of $37. As of now, we are not offering the season tickets but it is advised that you keep checking our website for updates as our certified brokers might put them up for sale soon.

Q:How many times have the Texas Rangers won championships?

A:Over the course of their history, Texas Rangers have won 7 West Divisions crowns so far. They have not won a World Series title yet, though they have played in two World Series. Will this be the year when they capture their first World Series trophy? Buy Texas Rangers Tickets from our brokers via our website at reasonable prices to find out. You have to get your tickets early as they are selling quickly.

Q:Who is the owner of the Texas Rangers?

A:The Texas Rangers are co-owned by Ray Davis and Bob R. Simpson, two businessmen who control the majority shares in the franchise. The two took over the team in 2010 and have remained in control since then, though they prefer to remain in the background. The Rangers have reached the playoffs for the last two seasons in a row and will want to go further than the ALDS this year. To watch their games live, get Texas Rangers Tickets from our brokers today.

Q:When did George Bush own the Texas Rangers baseball team?

A:Former US President George Bush was co-owner of the Texas Rangers from 1989 to 1994. He let go of his position with the Rangers after being elected as Governor of Texas in 1994. However he is still a huge fan and regularly attends the Rangers' home games. The Rangers look to be on the rise as a team and in the last two seasons, they managed to reach the MLB playoffs. To see if they can achieve the same, or more this season, get Texas Rangers Tickets from our website today.

Q:What baseball team did George W Bush own?

A:The former President of the United States is an avid baseball fan and was previously the co-owner of the Texas Rangers. Mr Bush acquired the team in 1989 and remained with the Rangers till 1994. Texas Rangers Tickets are now available on this website and very reasonable prices. To purchase tickets simply visit the event's page on the website and browse the list of available tickets. Once you select the tickets that you want, you can purchase them by following a few simple steps.

Q:Who is the closer for the Rangers?

A:Sam Dyson is the first choice closer for the Texas Rangers. Dyson joined the team in 2015 and established himself as first choice closer by the middle of the 2016 season. Due to his performances for the Rangers, Dyson was drafted in to pitch for the US national baseball team in the World Baseball Classic. To watch Sam Dyson, and the other world class players on the Rangers roster live, get Texas Rangers Tickets from this website today.

Q:How much are the cheap texas rangers texas for?

A:Prices of Texas Rangers Tickets are available at our website and you can also contact our sales reps for further details.

Q:how to get free texas rangers tickets online?

A:Log on to our Texas Rangers Tickets page, fill out the form there and your order will be booked!

Q:Are the texas ranger tickets returnable?

A:Sorry, the Texas Rangers Tickets cannot be returned once bought. Our policy does not allow it.

Q:I want to get promo code for texas rangers tickets. Where can i get them?

A:You can get the promo codes for texas rangers Tickets by logging in on our page.

Q:What is the eligibility criteria for getting discount codes for texas rangers?

A:Their is no specific eligibility criteria to get discount codes for texas rangers Tickets. You can get them anyway by following the instructions online.

Q:Till when are texas rangers discount tickets available?

A:Texas rangers Tickets are available on discounted rates till the date of the event. Check it out and place your order as soon as possible.

Q:How to get discount ranger tickets?

A:You can get discounts on your texas rangers Tickets by visiting our page.

Q:At what price are you offering texas ranger discount tickets?

A:We are offering texas ranger discount tickets on reasonable rats. Check the price details online and order as early as possible.

Q:Do i need to follow a complex process for getting online discount codes for texas rangers?

A:No, getting online discount codes for texas rangers is very simple. Just follow the instructions and get them as early as possible.

Q:Do i need to be a member for getting rangers discount code?

A:No, you don't need to be member for getting discount codes of Texas Rangers Tickets. You can get them anyway, by following the instructions online.

Q:Do you have any eligibility criteria for getting texas ranger discount codes?

A:No, there is no eligibility criteria for getting discount codes of Texas Rangers Tickets. Anybody can it. Just check the instructions online and place your order.

Q:Is there any refund policy for rangers tickets?

A:Texas Rangers Tickets are non refundable as we do not have a policy for that.

Q:Are discounted rangers tickets delivered in one week?

A:Yes. Texas Rangers Tickets are always delivered on the specified time. In case of delay contact our help desk for assistance.

Q:Can we buy rangers tickets through check payments?

A:Texas Rangers Tickets can only be purchased via credit card payments.

Q:Do you really sell discounted rangers hockey tickets? How much discount do you offer?

A:Yes. We sell the best discounted Texas Rangers Tickets online. To know all discount related details, please contact our help desk.

Q:Can you give me a couple of free texas rangers tickets if i order them in bulk?

A:There are no free tickets available, you can get the discount code from live help section and save some handsome amount on your Texas Rangers tickets.


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