Tampa Bay Rays Tickets

Tampa Bay Rays is among the latest Major League Baseball franchises which became hit among baseball lovers all across USA when it made its way to the World Series in 2008. This talented team has its roots in St. Petersburg, Florida. These baseball warriors play in the Eastern Division of American League in MLB. Established in 1998, this club has made a prominent place in the league in a very short time. Ever since its formation, the club has chosen the formula of promoting young players full of talent. Having players like Evan Longoria and Carl Crawford, Tampa Bay Rays are only getting better and better. Book your Tampa Bay Rays tickets today and guarantee yourself a baseball game full of thrills and excitement.

Tampa Bay Rays Venues

  • Tampa Bay Rays Tropicana Field
  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Tampa Bay Rays Angel Stadium
  • Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Tampa Bay Rays Dodger Stadium
  • Boston Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays Fenway Park
  • Texas Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Rays Globe Life Park
  • Houston Astros vs. Tampa Bay Rays Minute Maid Park
  • Baltimore Orioles vs. Tampa Bay Rays Oriole Park At Camden Yards
  • San Diego Padres vs. Tampa Bay Rays Petco Park
  • Toronto Blue Jays vs. Tampa Bay Rays Rogers Centre
  • Seattle Mariners vs. Tampa Bay Rays T-Mobile Park
  • Minnesota Twins vs. Tampa Bay Rays Target Field
  • New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays Yankee Stadium

Tampa Bay Rays Tickets

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Tampa Bay Rays Season Tickets

The Rays have proven themselves time and again, which is why they are now considered as a tough competitors who are feared and honored by all. Young sportsmen help in strengthening the team, and Tampa Bay Rays has some very good players to show off. The team has been playing at the Tropicana Field since 1998. They won their first division title in 2008 and moved on with winning the pennant.

Stuart Stemberg who is the majority owner in Tampa Bay Rays made some notable alterations to the franchise in 2007. The very name of the team was changed to Tampa Bay Devil Rays to Tampa Bay Rays. According to him the new name described "A beacon that radiates throughout Tampa Bay and across the entire State of Florida." Team colors were also changed to navy blue, Colombia blue and gold. Originally, the team colors were black, green and blue. The symbol of the team was changed to a ray of sunlight from that of manta ray. The team is currently managed by Joe Maddon. 

The club is popularly known as "The Rays". Their fans are scattered throughout the region and wrestlers like The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags), Hulk Hogan and the WWE Championship winner John Cena regularly appear in Tampa Bay Rays games to thrill themselves. So this makes Tampa Bay Ray tickets all the more worthwhile. You never know you might just end up running into your favorite wrestlers. What’s more is that the Rays have held two wrestling nights. These wrestling nights feature several wrestling matches after the game. Its more than one can expect, you don’t only get to treat yourself with a baseball match, you also get to see your favorite wrestling champs wrestling for the top spot.  

The Rookie was the movie that featured The Tampa Bay Devil Rays. It was released in 2002 under the directions of John Lee Hancock. It was based on the brief career of the infamous Jim Morris. Morris happens to be gifted with ability to repeatedly throw the ball at 98 miles per hour. He played with Tampa Bay Rays as a relief pitcher for two consecutive seasons. Being exceptionally talented he pitched 15 innings in 21 games, with a run average of 4.80.

The team has played its games in the Tropicana Field since the start. Tropicana Field is one of its kinds. It was opened in 1990. The purpose of its creation was to attract Major League Baseball Teams to St. Petersburg.  It has a seating capacity of 36,041 die hard Ray fans. In 1998 it was finally bestowed with an expansion team at last. For those who get ravenously hungry after watching a few hours of nerve wrecking game play, the stadium offers restaurants with outdoor patios. All is accessible along the left field wall known as The Beach. It is also called "the Trop". Therefore it is no big deal to see the crowds lined up to see their favorite team play in this most amazing stadium of our times.

The first minor league games for the franchise took place during the 1996 season. The team had 35 players in the Expansion Draft on November 18, 1997. The first player to be drafted by the Devil rays was, Tony Saunders from Florida Marlins. The draft also enlisted several other future baseball stars like, Wade Boggs, Fred McGriff and Wilson Alvarez.

Watch out as the 2008 Rookie winner Evan Longoria is in full form to dominate and take over the game yet again. While on the other hand it seems that BJ Uptown is going to deliver his best on the field. Share the good times with the Rays who have enjoyed the taste of playoff action and are now hungry for more. Grab the gang and buy your Tampa Bay Rays Tickets now!

The 2016 MLB season was quite a bad one for the Tampa Bay Rays. It marked the third consecutive year in which the team has finished under .500 and been unable to reach the playoffs. This is quite a disappointment for their fans after their glorious six-year streak of winning seasons. The Rays however are optimistic for 2017. They are all set to kick off their Spring Training at the Charlotte Sports Park this February. The team is also working upgrading its roster and a number of players are under consideration for the purpose. 

Tampa Bay Rays Rivals

Boston Red Sox: The Rays-Red Sox rivalry goes all the way back to the 2000 season. It started when Gerald Williams charged the mound after taking exception to being hit by a pitch by Boston’s Martinez. The entire game that followed after that was full of ejections and harsh retaliations. In the years following this incident, the two teams have had many bench-clearing fights and an endless war of words.

New York Yankees: The New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays are both members of the AL East Division – so they face each other multiple times each season. The rivalry elements have always existed between these two teams as Yankees use the Tampa home ground for spring training and fan loyalty has been divided in the region. The rivalry became a lot more heated in 2008 when Rays Elliot Johnson collided with Yankees catcher, Francisco Cervelli, followed by another skirmish the very next day.

Tampa Bay Rays

Regular Season Schedule 2019
Fri, Mar 29vs Houston L5-1 0-1Verlander 1-0Snell 0-125,025
Sat, Mar 30vs Houston W4-2 1-1Morton 1-0Cole 0-1Alvarado 113,059
Sun, Mar 31vs Houston W3-1 2-1Glasnow 1-0McHugh 0-1Alvarado 216,010
Sun, Mar 31vs Houston W3-1 3-1Chirinos 1-0Miley 0-1Castillo 118,473
Tue, Apr 2vs Colorado W7-1 4-1Yarbrough 1-0Bettis 0-110,860
Wed, Apr 3vs Colorado W4-0 5-1Snell 1-1Freeland 1-110,933
Wed, Apr 3vs Colorado L1-0 F/11 5-2Davis 1-0Roe 0-111,093
Sat, Apr 6@ San Francisco W5-2 6-2Glasnow 2-0Rodriguez 1-1Alvarado 341,067
Sun, Apr 7@ San Francisco L6-4 6-3Bergen 1-0Yarbrough 1-1Smith 331,828
Mon, Apr 8@ San Francisco W3-0 7-3Chirinos 2-0Pomeranz 0-1Alvarado 431,574
Mon, Apr 8@ Chicago W5-1 8-3Snell 2-1Rodon 1-2Wood 111,734
Tue, Apr 9@ Chicago W10-5 9-3Morton 2-0Santana 0-110,799
Wed, Apr 10@ Chicago W9-1 10-3Glasnow 3-0Lopez 0-2Beeks 111,107
Sat, Apr 13@ Toronto W11-7 11-3Yarbrough 2-1Thornton 0-117,326
Sun, Apr 14@ Toronto L3-1 11-4Pannone 1-2Roe 0-2Giles 420,771
Sun, Apr 14@ Toronto W8-4 12-4Kolarek 1-0Stroman 0-320,512
Wed, Apr 17vs Baltimore W4-2 13-4Glasnow 4-0Bundy 0-2Castillo 29,842
Thu, Apr 18vs Baltimore W8-1 14-4Chirinos 3-0Hess 1-39,028
Fri, Apr 19vs Baltimore L6-5 F/11 14-5Means 2-2Castillo 0-19,081
Sat, Apr 20vs Boston L6-4 14-6Workman 1-1Castillo 0-2Brasier 421,343
Sun, Apr 21vs Boston L6-5 14-7Barnes 2-0Alvarado 0-1Brasier 522,940
Sun, Apr 21vs Boston L4-3 F/11 14-8Walden 3-0Alvarado 0-2Brasier 618,740
Tue, Apr 23vs Kansas City W6-3 15-8Font 1-0Keller 2-2Pagan 19,914
Wed, Apr 24vs Kansas City W5-2 16-8Beeks 1-0Bailey 2-2Pagan 28,298
Wed, Apr 24vs Kansas City L10-2 16-9Junis 2-2Snell 2-29,502
Sat, Apr 27@ Boston POSTPONED
Sun, Apr 28@ Boston W2-1 17-9Morton 3-0Price 1-2Pagan 334,773
Sun, Apr 28@ Boston W5-2 18-9Glasnow 5-0Sale 0-5Castillo 333,823
Tue, Apr 30@ Kansas City W8-5 19-9Chirinos 4-0Keller 2-311,744
Wed, May 1@ Kansas City POSTPONED
Wed, May 1@ Kansas City L3-2 19-10Junis 3-2Stanek 0-1Kennedy 20
Thu, May 2@ Kansas City L8-2 19-11Sparkman 1-1Snell 2-311,411
Thu, May 2@ Kansas City W3-1 20-11Kolarek 2-0Peralta 2-2Castillo 423,343
Sat, May 4@ Baltimore W7-0 21-11Glasnow 6-0Straily 1-310,034
Sun, May 5@ Baltimore L3-0 21-12Bundy 1-4Chirinos 4-1Givens 315,241
Sun, May 5@ Baltimore POSTPONED
Tue, May 7vs Arizona W12-1 22-12Snell 3-3Kelly 3-38,124
Wed, May 8vs Arizona W6-3 23-12Beeks 2-0Clarke 0-18,059
Wed, May 8vs Arizona L3-2 F/13 23-13Bradley 2-3Kolarek 2-1Godley 18,663
Sat, May 11vs New York L4-3 23-14German 7-1Glasnow 6-1Chapman 920,846
Sun, May 12vs New York W7-2 24-14Chirinos 5-1Holder 2-125,025
Sun, May 12vs New York L7-1 24-15Tanaka 3-3Snell 3-425,025
Wed, May 15@ Miami W4-0 25-15Morton 4-0Smith 3-16,306
Thu, May 16@ Miami W1-0 26-15Beeks 3-0Urena 1-6Castillo 55,947
Sat, May 18@ New York L4-3 26-16Holder 3-1Alvarado 0-341,281
Sat, May 18@ New York W2-1 F/11 27-16Wood 1-0Cessa 0-1Alvarado 543,079
Sun, May 19@ New York L13-5 27-17Ottavino 2-1Castillo 0-3Adams 143,032
Wed, May 22vs Los Angeles L7-3 27-18Kershaw 4-0Wood 1-115,862
Thu, May 23vs Los Angeles W8-1 28-18Pagan 1-0Floro 1-112,826
Fri, May 24@ Cleveland W7-2 29-18Yarbrough 3-1Plutko 1-118,884
Sat, May 25@ Cleveland L3-1 29-19Cole 2-1Alvarado 0-4Hand 1324,084
Sun, May 26@ Cleveland W6-2 30-19Morton 5-0Carrasco 4-525,882
Sun, May 26@ Cleveland W6-3 31-19Beeks 4-0Bauer 4-4Alvarado 620,288
Mon, May 27vs Toronto W8-3 32-19Chirinos 6-1Sanchez 3-515,883
Wed, May 29vs Toronto W3-1 33-19Yarbrough 4-1Richard 0-1Castillo 65,786
Thu, May 30vs Toronto W4-3 F/11 34-19Castillo 1-3Shafer 0-16,166
Fri, May 31vs Minnesota W14-3 35-19Morton 6-0Perez 7-28,076
Sat, Jun 1vs Minnesota L5-3 35-20Rogers 2-1Castillo 1-414,375
Sat, Jun 1vs Minnesota L6-2 35-21Gibson 6-2Chirinos 6-214,381
Sun, Jun 2vs Minnesota L9-7 35-22Odorizzi 8-2Yarbrough 4-2Rogers 514,616
Wed, Jun 5@ Detroit L9-6 35-23Carpenter 1-2Snell 3-5Greene 1915,420
Thu, Jun 6@ Detroit W4-0 36-23Morton 7-0Turnbull 3-514,272
Thu, Jun 6@ Detroit W6-1 37-23Beeks 5-0Norris 2-521,442
Sat, Jun 8@ Boston W5-1 38-23Chirinos 7-2Porcello 4-636,803
Sat, Jun 8@ Boston W9-2 39-23Yarbrough 5-2Smith 0-235,564
Sun, Jun 9@ Boston L5-1 39-24Price 4-2Poche 0-137,048
Sun, Jun 9@ Boston W6-1 40-24Snell 4-5Rodriguez 6-434,643
Tue, Jun 11vs Oakland W6-2 41-24Morton 8-0Anderson 0-116,091
Wed, Jun 12vs Oakland L4-3 41-25Fiers 6-3Pagan 1-1Treinen 1511,132
Wed, Jun 12vs Oakland L6-2 41-26Hendriks 3-0Kolarek 2-217,946
Fri, Jun 14vs Los Angeles L5-3 41-27Skaggs 5-6Yarbrough 5-3Bedrosian 115,291
Sat, Jun 15vs Los Angeles W9-4 42-27Pagan 2-1Buttrey 4-321,598
Sat, Jun 15vs Los Angeles L5-3 42-28Suarez 2-1Morton 8-1Robles 1022,320
Sun, Jun 16vs Los Angeles W6-5 43-28Poche 1-1Canning 2-3Castillo 720,508
Tue, Jun 18@ New York L3-0 43-29Tanaka 5-5Chirinos 7-339,042
Wed, Jun 19@ New York L6-3 43-30Happ 7-3Roe 0-3Chapman 1940,479
Wed, Jun 19@ New York L12-1 43-31Sabathia 4-4Snell 4-641,144
Fri, Jun 21@ Oakland L5-4 43-32Trivino 3-5Castillo 1-512,351
Sat, Jun 22@ Oakland W5-3 44-32Pruitt 1-0Anderson 0-2Pagan 416,126
Sun, Jun 23@ Oakland
Mon, Jun 24@ Oakland
Wed, Jun 26@ Minnesota
Thu, Jun 27@ Minnesota
Thu, Jun 27@ Minnesota
Sat, Jun 29vs Texas
Sun, Jun 30vs Texas
Sun, Jun 30vs Texas
Tue, Jul 2vs Baltimore
Wed, Jul 3vs Baltimore
Thu, Jul 4vs Baltimore
Fri, Jul 5vs New York
Sat, Jul 6vs New York
Sun, Jul 7vs New York
Sun, Jul 7vs New York
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The Tampa Bay Rays have struggled ever since they were established in 1998. In 2013, they were a wild card team and have not won anything since then. However, the 2017 MLB season looks different for the Rays. There are new players on the roster and the pitching staff looks in good shape. Even the Rays’ fans, which are not exactly known for always showing up at the team’s games, are eager for the upcoming season. However, the national media is still ignoring the Rays. Tampa Bay fans can watch the games on Fox Sports Florida and Sun Sports, but for fans living outside of Florida, it will be tough, since there’s no coverage of Tampa Bay Rays games.

Tampa Bay Rays Schedule

Baseball season is here and is packed with epic matchups. You can catch all the action live as it happens. Next event featuring Tampa Bay Rays will be Minnesota Twins vs. Tampa Bay Rays, held at the Target Field in Minneapolis. As of now, the last event, Toronto Blue Jays vs. Tampa Bay Rays is scheduled for 29-Sep-19 at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. For complete itinerary of events, please visit our website.

Event Venue City Date
Minnesota Twins vs. Tampa Bay Rays Target Field Minneapolis, MN Tue Jun 25 201907:10 PM
Minnesota Twins vs. Tampa Bay Rays Target Field Minneapolis, MN Wed Jun 26 201907:10 PM
Minnesota Twins vs. Tampa Bay Rays Target Field Minneapolis, MN Thu Jun 27 201912:10 PM
Tampa Bay Rays vs. Texas Rangers Tropicana Field St. Petersburg, FL Fri Jun 28 201907:10 PM
Tampa Bay Rays vs. Texas Rangers Tropicana Field St. Petersburg, FL Sat Jun 29 201904:10 PM
Tampa Bay Rays vs. Texas Rangers Tropicana Field St. Petersburg, FL Sun Jun 30 201901:10 PM
Tampa Bay Rays vs. Baltimore Orioles Tropicana Field St. Petersburg, FL Mon Jul 01 201907:10 PM
Tampa Bay Rays vs. Baltimore Orioles Tropicana Field St. Petersburg, FL Tue Jul 02 201907:10 PM
Tampa Bay Rays vs. Baltimore Orioles Tropicana Field St. Petersburg, FL Wed Jul 03 201907:10 PM
Tampa Bay Rays vs. New York Yankees Tropicana Field St. Petersburg, FL Thu Jul 04 201905:10 PM

Tampa Bay Rays Ticket Prices

The average price for Tampa Bay Rays Tickets start from $44. The minimum get in price is $12 for Tampa Bay Rays Tickets at the Target Field, Minneapolis. For a detailed look at ticket prices and amazing discounts, visit our website.

Name City Date Average Ticket Price Get In Price
(Minimum Price)
Minnesota Twins vs. Tampa Bay Rays Minneapolis 25-Jun-19 $44 $12
Minnesota Twins vs. Tampa Bay Rays Minneapolis 26-Jun-19 $49 $13
Minnesota Twins vs. Tampa Bay Rays Minneapolis 27-Jun-19 $58 $13
Tampa Bay Rays vs. Texas Rangers St. Petersburg 28-Jun-19 $54 $13
Tampa Bay Rays vs. Texas Rangers St. Petersburg 29-Jun-19 $76 $13
Tampa Bay Rays vs. Texas Rangers St. Petersburg 30-Jun-19 $77 $13
Tampa Bay Rays vs. Baltimore Orioles St. Petersburg 1-Jul-19 $57 $13
Tampa Bay Rays vs. Baltimore Orioles St. Petersburg 2-Jul-19 $55 $13
Tampa Bay Rays vs. Baltimore Orioles St. Petersburg 3-Jul-19 $55 $13
Tampa Bay Rays vs. New York Yankees St. Petersburg 4-Jul-19 $77 $13

* Ticket Prices vary on hourly basis.

Tampa Bay Rays Discount Code:

Use Event18 as the discount code and get up to 70% discount on Tampa Bay Rays tickets. This is a last minute opportunity to get the discounted tickets for Tampa Bay Rays.

Upcoming EventDiscount CodePercentageDate
Minnesota Twins vs. Tampa Bay Rays, Target Field, Minneapolis, MN Event18 4% Tue Jun 25 2019 07:10 PM
Minnesota Twins vs. Tampa Bay Rays, Target Field, Minneapolis, MN Event18 4% Wed Jun 26 2019 07:10 PM
Minnesota Twins vs. Tampa Bay Rays, Target Field, Minneapolis, MN Event18 4% Thu Jun 27 2019 12:10 PM
Tampa Bay Rays vs. Texas Rangers, Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, FL Event18 4% Fri Jun 28 2019 07:10 PM
Tampa Bay Rays vs. Texas Rangers, Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, FL Event18 4% Sat Jun 29 2019 04:10 PM

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:When did the Rays win the World Series?

A:In 2008 the Tampa Bay Rays made it to the World Series but unfortunately lost to the Philadelphia Phillies by 4-1. However, the year was not all bad, it marked the Rays' first winning season and AL East championship as well. The franchise also won their first pennant by defeating the Boston Red Sox in the ALCS. The team has had a rough time of late, and will be looking to bounce back. They have made changes to their roster and are heading to the 2017 season with renewed hope. Be there to cheer them at their live games. For the purchase of Tampa Bay Rays tickets go to our event page and see the tickets list put up there by our licensed brokers. Secure the tickets with a few simple steps and enjoy your favorite team's games, live.

Q:Who did the Rays get in the trade?

A:Recently the Tampa Bay Rays have been making many changes to their roster to improve the squad for 2017. As part of the changes, second baseman Logan Forsythe, who had been an important part of the team, was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Jose De Leon. The move came as a surprise which upset some, but the management did not want the opportunity to acquire De Leon let go off. The 24-year-old right-hander is regarded as one of the best starting pitching prospects in baseball. With a talented roster the team is looking to find success in 2017 and Tampa Bay Rays tickets are in much demand. Get yours from our licensed brokers and watch your favorite team live in action.

Q:Who is the owner of the Rays?

A:The Tampa Bay Rays are owned by Stuart L. Sternberg. He is also the Rays' Managing General Partner, a position that he has held from 2005 November till now. As the Bay Rays head into the 2017 season, they will look to end their three year playoff drought. Will they be able to do that or will it be another season of frustration for the franchise? Book your Tampa Bay Rays Tickets and find out live.

Q:Who is the closer for the Rays?

A:Alex Colome is the closer for the Tampa Bays Rays and he has been a part of the team since 2013. Alex also made it to the All-Star team in 2016. Now is his time to step up and push the Bay Rays forward. The Bays Rays haven't had the best of times of late but they have the talent to turn it around. Book your Tampa Bay Rays Tickets and see how they perform this season, live if you are a fan.

Q:How many Tampa Bay Rays championships have been won under Joe Maddon?

A:The Tampa Bay Rays have only won 2 East Division championships and both were won when Joe Maddon was the team's manager. They also won 2 Wild Card berths during his tenure in 2011 and 2013. He left the franchise in 2014 and is currently the manager of the Chicago Cubs. The Tampa Bay Rays have an exciting 2017 schedule and with the affordable Tampa Bay Rays Tickets out brokers offer, you can catch their games live.

Q:How can I find the tampa bay rays schedule?

A:Please visit our website and go to the Tampa Bay Rays Tickets page to find the team's schedule and watch them play live by purchasing your tickets from our very reliable brokers.

Q:Are you offering tampa bay rays tickets for sale?

A:Yes we are. Simply visit the Tampa Bay Rays Tickets page on our website and purchase your tickets now.

Q:Do you have the tampa bay rays stadium seating map on your website?

A:Please log on to the team's page on our website to see if the stadium map is available. In most cases the interactive venue map is available on our website so there are chances the Tropicana Stadium seating map will also be available. Go through it in detail before buying your Tampa Bay Rays Tickets from our brokers.

Q:Can I buy tampa bay rays baseball tickets for free?

A:No, we are sorry but you cannot buy Tampa Bay Rays Tickets for free from our brokers via our website. You can get the tickets you are looking for at very good prices from our website though.

Q:What is the price of the Tampa Bay Rays Tickets being offered by you?

A:Since their formation in the year 1998, the Tampa Bay Rays have managed to clinch two division titles and one pennant. You can now watch them live by booking your Tampa Bay Rays Tickets from us. We are offering tickets as part of different deals and prices so that you have the freedom to book them without going out of your budget. Log on to our website, make your way to the relevant page there and follow a few simple steps to book your tickets in just a matter of a few minutes.

Q:Can I get my ray tickets refunded?

A:You can have your Tampa Bay Rays Tickets refunded but only in case of special circumstances like cancellation of the event. Please note that the refund will be given according to the terms and conditions mentioned in the "policies" page on our website.

Q:Can I have my cheap tampa bay rays tickets delivered to another address than the one mentioned on my card details?

A:No, as per our agreements with card companies your Tampa Bay Rays Tickets can only be delivered to the address mentioned on your card details.

Q:I have for sale by owner rays tickets tampa fl, can you buy them from me?

A:Sorry we are not interested in buying the Tampa Bay Rays Tickets from you.

Q:How can I sell rays tickets on your site?

A:You can only sell your Tampa Bay Rays tickets on this site if you are a registered broker.


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