Super Bowl Tickets

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in North American sports. With this year's edition not too far away now, fans are getting excited about the prospect of what will be in store for them this time around. The business end of the NFL season has begun and the field is now narrowing down. It will not be too long before you find out the Super Bowl teams that will headline the thrilling game this year. Get ready to be there at the kickoff time by booking your Super Bowl 53 tickets at the earliest.

Super Bowl Tickets

  • Charles Haley and Tom Brady have won the highest number of Super Bowls, winning five to date.
  • Katy Perry' performance in 2015 was watched by 120.7 million people which is a record for the Super Bowl halftime show.
  • Before Super Bowl LII, 12 of the last 13 Super Bowls were won by the team wearing white jerseys.
  • Tom Brady has won more Super Bowls than any other quarterback in history.
  • The US Bank Stadium’s Wi-Fi bandwidth was expanded to provide internet connectivity to all seventy thousand fans in the stadium for Super Bowl 52.
  • Tom Brady has never had a season under the .500 mark.
  • There are only four NFL teams that have won as many games in the playoffs as Tom Brady.
  • The Eagles scored thirty-eight points in their NFC Championship game against the Vikings leading up to Super Bowl LII. The team from Minnesota had not conceded more than thirty-one points during the entire season before that game.
  • Tom Brady, 40, was the oldest player to take the field in Super Bowl LII.
  • Donnie Jones was the longest serving player on the Eagles roster in 2018. Tom Brady had already won two Super Bowls before Jones’ rookie campaign of 2004.
  • NBC used twenty Pylon Cameras during Super Bowl 52.
  • Minneapolis has the distinction of being the northernmost US city to host a Super Bowl.
  • Tom Brady played in the AFC Championship game against the Jaguars with twelve stitches in his hand in 2018.
  • The U.S. Bank Stadium, the venue for Super Bowl 52, can host more events than any large stadium in the entire world.
  • Had the New England Patriots won Super Bowl 52, they would have become the only team to win three Super Bowls in four seasons, twice.
  • Super Bowl 52 was the New England Patriots' eighth Super Bowl in seventeen years.
  • The city of Minneapolis hosted the Super Bowl for the first time in twenty six years in 2018.
  • Tom Brady has played in eight Super Bowls which is a record for a QB.
  • Between 2003 and 2012, the Patriots amassed one hundred and twenty-six wins, the most by any NFL side in a ten-year period.
  • Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have appeared in more Super Bowls than twenty-eight NFL teams.
  • LeGarrette Blount and Chris Long, members of the Eagles franchise in 2018, had won the Super Bowl with the Patriots the previous year.
  • Had the Patriots won Super Bowl 52, they would have become the first team since 2003-2004 to win back to back Super Bowl titles. The Pats were the last team to achieve that feat.
  • Super Bowl 52 marked the fourth time in five years that the top two seeds from the AFC and the NFC competed in the Super Bowl.
  • The Patriots have not recorded a single losing season since the year 2001.
  • The New England Patriots played in their tenth Super Bowl in 2018.
  • The Patriots’ ten Super Bowl appearances are the most by any team in NFL history.
  • Had the Pats won Super Bowl 52, they would have gone level with the Steelers at the top of the list of teams with most Super Bowl wins.
  • Minneapolis hosted the Super Bowl for only the second time in its history in 2018.
  • Super Bowl LII was the sixth Super Bowl to be played in a cold weather city.
  • In Super Bowl 52, Bill Belichick became the first NFL head coach in history to make seven Super Bowl appearances.
  • With Atlanta’s trip to Super Bowl LI, the NFC South became the only division in the league to have sent every team to the big game since 2002.
  • The NFL took a break from Roman numerals for Super Bowl 50 but returned with the tradition, therefore Super Bowl 51 was referred to as the Super Bowl LI.
  • San Francisco’s Super Bowl City downtown attracted more than 1.1 million people before the main event of Super Bowl 50.
  • Super Bowl LI was the third Super Bowl to be held in Houston. Previous Super Bowls included Super Bowl VIII (1974) and Super Bowl XXXVIII (2004).
  • The NFL announced in 2012 that the Reliant Stadium would host Super Bowl LI. Reliant Stadium was renamed as the NRG Stadium in 2014.
  • English sensation Adele was considered to perform at the Half-Time Show for Super Bowl LI. In the end, pop superstar Lady Gaga was chosen to headline the Half-Time Show.
  • The average age of The Super Bowl viewer in 2014 was calculated to be 43.7, a slight increase from 2013 which was 43.5. (Nielsen)
  • In 2014, Renée Fleming became the first-ever opera singer in Super Bowl history to sing the national anthem.
  • During Super Bowl XLVIII the Seahawks set a Super Bowl record by taking only five seconds to score.
  • San Francisco scored 55 points at Super Bowl XXIV, most by a team in a single Super Bowl game.
  • The Baltimore Ravens are the only team in history to have a perfect record in multiple SB appearances.
  • The Buffalo Bills appeared in a record four consecutive Super Bowls from 1991 to 1994.
  • Joe Montana was the first player to have been named Super Bowl MVP three times.
  • Ray Lewis had to wait twelve seasons to win his second Super Bowl. That’s the longest wait for any player. He won Super Bowl XXXV and XLVII.
  • The Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots have lost the Super Bowl 5 times, the most in history.
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the highest number of Super Bowls in history with six.
  • The first ever Super Bowl was won by the Green Bay Packers.
  • The only teams to have never appeared in the Super Bowl are the Browns, the Lions, Jaguars and the Texans. 
  • During the 1980s and the 1990s, NFC teams won sixteen out of twenty Super Bowls.
  • Four SB games have been played on January 26, making it the date to have hosted the most games.
  • The Miami Area and New Orleans have hosted the most SBs, with each area hosting ten SBs.
  • In the early days of the Super Bowl, college marching bands would perform at the half time show.
  • Ray Lewis has the record for the longest time taken between winning two Super Bowls with twelve years separating his two victories.
  • Lamar Hunt jokingly coined the name “Super Bowl,” which was then picked up by the media and became the game’s official name.
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most number of Super Bowls. They have six titles to their name.
  • No team has ever played the Super Bowl in their home stadium.

Super Bowl 53 Tickets

Super Bowl LIII

Super Bowl 2019 will be the fifty third edition of NFL's showpiece game. The game is scheduled to be played on February 3, 2019 and the Super Bowl 2019 location will be the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. The city will be playing host to its third Super Bowl. The previous two Super Bowls in the city (XXVIII and XXXIV) were held at the Georgia Dome.  It promises to be another pulsating game of football that is once again expected to be watched by more than a hundred million fans all across the globe. Super Bowl 2019 tickets are available and you can get them to be there at the stadium when the game kicks off.  

Super Bowl History

The National Football League was incepted in the year 1920 and had to fend off competition from quite a few other professional football leagues. The biggest challenge came in the form of the American Football League in the year 1960. The NFL and the AFL went head-to-head for the best football players in the country and to attract the most fans. The AFL-NFL Championship game began to be played to determine the best football side in the country.  The term Super Bowl was coined by Lamar Hunt, who owned the Kansas City Chiefs of the American Football League. He was the one who used it for the first time and the game began to be widely known as the Super Bowl starting from 1967. The term officially began to be used from the third edition in 1969. The AFL and the NFL merged in 1970 and the trend of assigning roman numerals began from the 1971 edition of the annual game.   

Super Bowl Gets Underway

The Green Bay Packers managed to win the first two editions of the Super Bowl and that raised a lot of questions about the standard of the teams that used to be part of the AFL. But then the New York Jets from the AFL beat the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III and everything changed from that point onwards. The Pittsburgh Steelers top the list of teams with most Super Bowl wins with six. The New England Patriots, the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers have all lifted the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy five times each.  

Recent Super Bowl History

You take a look at the recent history of the Super Bowl, the last three in particular and you can see why the NFL is the most popular professional sports league in North American sports.

Super Bowl 50: The Golden Super Bowl

The fiftieth edition of the Super Bowl was also called the Golden Super Bowl. It was played on February 7, 2016 at the Levi's Stadium and saw the Denver Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers had come into the game with a 15-1 record and with NFL's best offense. They had defeated the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship by a 49-15 score and it was their second trip to the Super Bowl.  On the other hand, the Denver Broncos had compiled a 12-4 record over the season and boasted the league's best defense. They had rubberstamped their tickets to the Super Bowl by beating the Super Bowl champions at the time, the formidable New England Patriots 20-18. The Broncos went ahead quite early on in Super Bowl 50 and never surrendered the lead. They ended up winning 24-10 and it provided the perfect swansong for Peyton Manning as that was his last ever game. 

Super Bowl LI

Super Bowl LI was held on February 5, 2017 at the NRG Stadium and witnessed one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history. The game was played between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons and it will go down as one of the most memorable Super Bowl clashes of all time. The Atlanta Falcons had come into the Super Bowl after putting together an 11-5 record during the season. They beat the Green Bay Packers 44-21 to clinch the NFC Championship Game.  The New England Patriots had gone 14-2 for the season, the league' best record. They trounced the Pittsburgh Steelers 36-17 in the AFC Championship Game to set up a fascinating clash with the Falcons in Super Bowl LI. The first quarter ended with both sides failing to rack up even a single point. It all changed in the second quarter when the Falcons went ahead by 21-3. The Falcons were leading 28-3 at the middle of the third quarter and it looked as though the game was done. The Patriots however had other ideas. They stormed back to score 25 points without reply and the game was suddenly tied at 28-28. The Super Bowl had gone into overtime for the first time ever. The Patriots scored 6 points in OT to win the game 34-28. The Pats overcoming a 25 point deficit was a Super Bowl record because no side in the game's history has come out on top after such a massive deficit.

Super Bowl LII

The Super Bowl LII or Super Bowl 52 was played on February 4, 2018 at the U.S. Bank Stadium between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. It was also the second Bowl to be played in Minneapolis. The New England Patriots finished at the top of the AFC with a 13-3 record and beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-20 to win the AFC Championship. The Philadelphia Eagles also went 13-3 for the season to end the season as the best in the NFC side of the bracket. They demolished the Minnesota Vikings 38-7 to win the NFC Championship. Super Bowl LII between the Patriots and the Eagles turned out to be another historic encounter. In a back and forth encounter, the Philadelphia Eagles upset the odds to win the game 41-33. It was the Eagles' first ever Super Bowl win in history and also their first NFL Championship dating all the way back to the year 1960. Both teams combined to gain 1,151 yards, a Super Bowl record. The Patriots 33 points were also the most points scored by a losing team in Super Bowl history. Both sides also record just one punt in the game which is also a Super Bowl record for the fewest punts in the game's history.

Next Super Bowl Locations

The host venues for the Super Bowl, all the way till 2021, have been confirmed by the NFL. After the NRG Stadium, the Super Bowl moved to the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis for the 2018 edition. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta will host the Big Game in 2019, followed by the Hard Rock Stadium in the Miami Gardens, Florida in 2020. The 2021 Super Bowl or Super Bowl LV will take place at the City of Champions Stadium in Inglewood, California.

Super Bowl Ticket Prices

The minimum ticket price for Super Bowl 53 right now is $3, 307. This price can of course change as the Super Bowl gets near but this is the price as things stand right now.

Event Average Ticket Price Minimum price to get in Participating teams Location
Super Bowl LI (2017) $6,250 $2,885 Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots Houston, Texas
Super Bowl XL (2016) $5,659 Not Available Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos Santa Clara, California
Super Bowl XLIX (2015) $9,722 $8,764 New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks Glendale, Arizona
Super Bowl XLVIII (2014) $2,567 $1,514 Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos  East Rutherford, New Jersey
Super Bowl XLVII (2013) $2,199 $1,062 Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers New Orleans, Louisiana
Super Bowl XLVI (2012) $2,955 $1,354 New York Giants vs. New England Patriots Indianapolis, Indiana
Super Bowl XLV (2011) $3,649 $2,260 Green Bay Packers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Arlington, Texas
Super Bowl XLIV (2010) $2,329 $1,379 New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts Miami Gardens, Florida


Super Bowl 53 News Update

CBS to Broadcast Super Bowl LIII Live 

As there is less than a month left till Super Bowl LIII which is scheduled to take place on February 3, 2019 at Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium, CBS has announced to broadcast the biggest sporting event live. This will mark the twentieth time the network has broadcasted the game in the United States. CBS has also announced that the viewers will be able to stream the game on the network’s app which is available on Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV and Roku. CBS will also be streaming the game on for you to enjoy.  


Super Bowl Gospel Celebration Details Announced

The city of Atlanta has officially announced the details of the twentieth Super Bowl Gospel Celebration. The event was launched in the city by Melanie Few back in the year 1999. Bryan Scott (former player for of the Atlanta Falcons) has been performing with the NFL Players Choir ever since he was drafted by the NFL in the year 2003. A few singers were seen at the City Hall on January 9 when the event was announced. While talking about this celebration, Scott said “There’s a lot of negativity sometimes just surrounding NFL players, but there’s a lot of good guys out there and this is our time to stand together united and showcase to the world other talents we have outside of playing football.”


Celebrities Welcome Super Bowl Visitors to Atlanta

As there is less than a month left till Super Bowl LIII, the excitement for the big game just keeps on building. On January 9, 2019, a new start-studded video, ‘Welcome to Atlanta, Super Bowl LIII’ was uploaded on YouTube. It features nineteen famous music and sports stars from Atlanta who teamed up with the Atlanta Convention & Bureau to showcase all that the city has to offer. The Outkast member, Big Boi said this in a statement, “I continue to call Atlanta home because there's no place like it on earth to me.” An estimated 150,000 guests are expected to visit Atlanta during the week leading to Super Bowl LIII and this video will be aired in hotel rooms across the city.


Maroon 5 to perform at Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show

It has been confirmed by the NFL that the three times Grammy winners, Maroon 5 will be performing live at the Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show which is going to be sponsored by Pepsi. You can expect the group to perform some of their most memorable hits including, Moves Like Jagger, Misery, This Love along with their most latest singles, Wait and Girls Like You. Maroon 5 won’t be the only band to perform live as the NFL revealed in a statement that the group will be joined by the Sicko Mode rapper, Big Boi and Travis Scott.     


Travis Scott’s Halftime Inclusion Comes with Charitable Contribution from NFL

The famous rapper, Travis Scott agreed to perform at the Super Bowl LIII halftime show only after the NFL accepted his request of donating $500,000 donation to a non-profit organization, Dream Corps. This donation would be a part of the NFL’s ‘Inspire Change’ program. In a statement, Travis Scott stated, “I back anyone who takes a stand for what they believe in. I know being an artist that it’s in my power to inspire. So before confirming the Super Bowl Halftime performance, I made sure to partner with the NFL on this important donation. I am proud to support Dream Corps and the work they do that will hopefully inspire and promote change.”


Referee John Perry to Lead Officiating Crew at Super Bowl LIII

On January 16, 2019, the NFL confirmed that referee John Perry will be leading the officiating crew for Super Bowl LIII by tweeting, “Super Bowl LIII officiating assignments are confirmed – John Parry has been named #SBLIII referee. Congratulations to all!” He will be joined on the field in Atlanta by down judge Edgar Camp, line judge Jeff Bergman, umpire Fred Bryan, back judge Terrence Miles, field judge Steve Zimmer and side judge Eugene Hall. John Perry has been previously selected as the referee for Super Bowl XLVI where the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots 21-17. He has also served as the side judge in Super Bowl XLI which saw the Indianapolis Colts emerge victorious against the Chicago Bears 29-17. 





Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:When is Rolling Stone's Big Game Bash?

A:The Rolling Stone's Big Game Bash is scheduled to take place a day before the Super Bowl LIII on February 2, 2019. Presented by Mercedes-Benz, the show will be held live at the State Farm Arena and is expected to feature some of the biggest stars in sports and entertainment.

Q:How can I view the seating chart of Super Bowl LIII?

A:On the events page, search for Super Bowl LIII tickets. Once you have, click on the option, 'View Tickets' which will open a new window, displaying the seating chart of the event. On that page, you will also be able to view the prices of each seat. Please note that those prices are not fixed and may change depending on the situation of the market.

Q:Who will be performing live at the Rolling Stone's Big Game Bash?

A:There will be a lot of famous stars who have been announced to perform live at the Rolling Stone's Big Game Bash. The President and COO of the Rolling Stone, Gus Wenner said this in a statement, "We'll be celebrating Atlanta's rich music culture with an outstanding artist lineup, from performances by some of the hottest names in hip-hop today — Georgia natives Young Thug, Gunna and Lil Keed of Young Stoner Life Records — to a set from Atlanta rap legend Ludacris and a set from Questlove to close out the night."

Q:Has the NFL announced who will be performing at the Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show?

A:Yes! On January 14, 2019, the NFL tweeted that the multi-time Grammy winning band, Maroon 5 will be performing live at the Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show. You can expect them to perform their old hits like Misery and Moves Like Jagger along with their latest singles including, Girls Like You. Travis Scott and Big Boi will also be sharing the stage.

Q:When is Super Bowl LIII being held?

A:The biggest game of the year, Super Bowl LIII is scheduled to take place on February 3, 2019. It will be held at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta which is located at the 1 AMB Drive NW and can hold more than seventy thousand attendees.

Q:I've heard Ludacris will be performing live at the Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest. Is it true?

A:Yes, you heard it right! Ludacris along with Lil Baby, Lil Yachty and Migos will be performing live on the first day of Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest which is scheduled to take place at the State Farm Arena on January 31, 2019.

Q:What is Super Bowl Experience?

A:Super Bowl Experience Driven by Hyundai is the NFL's interactive theme park celebrating Super Bowl LIII. You will be able to participate in immersive exhibits and interactive games, take photos with the Vince Lombardi Trophy, get an up-close look at the collection of all 52 Super Bowl rings and more!

Q:How much is a super bowl LIII ticket?

A:As of now, our certified brokers are offering Super Bowl LIII tickets at the minimum price of $3,307. However, please note that the price is not final and may change soon as our website works like a live market. It is best to make your purchase as soon as you find the best deal.

Q:How can I stream Super Bowl LIII?

A:This year, CBS will be broadcasting the Super Bowl live. In addition, the network has announced that the viewers can stream the game on the CBS app which is available for Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV and Roku. The network will also be streaming the game on for you to enjoy.

Q:Have Super Bowl LIII tickets been sold out?

A:No! Our authentic brokers are still selling Super Bowl LIII tickets on our website and that too at an affordable price. So, if you have planned to enjoy the game with your family and friends then it is advised to purchase your tickets today before they run out of stock.

Q:Is the Super Bowl Experience scheduled to run for multiple dates?

A:Yes! The Super Bowl Experience is scheduled to run from January 26, 2019 to February 2, 2019. There will be plenty of exciting things to do at the event including, getting the chance to train like an NFL player at Combine Corner with the 3 Cone Drill, 40-Yard Dash and the Broad Jump. You will also be allowed behind-the-scenes access to NFL Network player and celebrity interviews at the Bridgestone Fan Gallery located at Georgia World Congress Center (Building A).

Q:Are Super Bowl 2019 tickets on sale yet?

A:Yes, our registered brokers have made the Super Bowl tickets available on our website. As there are just few days left till the big game, Super Bowl tickets have started to sell pretty fast. So, if you plan to enjoy this sporting event with your friends and family live at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium then it is recommended to purchase them before they are all sold out.

Q:At what time will Super Bowl LIII begin?

A:According to CBS, Super Bowl LIII will start at 6:30 PM ET at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. The show is going to be packed with fans that will be there to support their favorite teams. So, it is recommended to reach the venue early in order to avoid hassle.

Q:When is the Super Bowl Opening Night?

A:Fueled by Gatorade, the Super Bowl Opening Night is the national kickoff for Super Bowl LIII festivities which is scheduled to take place on January 28, 2019 at the State Farm Arena. The opening night will be a special occasion as players and coaches of both teams will address the nation for the first time, making it the only time the two sides will be in one location before the big game.

Q:Who is playing Super Bowl this year?

A:As of now, it is not determined as to who will be playing Super Bowl this year as the playoffs are still going on. Some of the top teams of AFC and NFC has made it to the playoffs including, the Los Angeles Chargers, the Indianapolis Colts, the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles. It is yet to see which team from both of these leagues qualifies to lock horns at the Super Bowl LIII.

Q:Do you have cheap Super Bowl LIII tickets?

A:Yes! Courtesy of our authentic brokers, you can find cheap affordable Super Bowl LIII tickets on our website. These tickets are 100% authentic and are priced quite cheap as compared to other ticket selling websites on the internet. If you don’t believe it then find Super Bowl LIII tickets on the events page and click on, ‘View Tickets.’ A new window will open which will not only display the seating chart but will also show you the price details of each seat.

Q:Who will be performing at Shaq's Fun House Super Bowl Party?

A:Shaq’s Fun House Super Bowl Party is scheduled to take place at the Live! At The Battery on February 1, 2019. Some of the stars that are scheduled to perform at the show are Tiesto, Lil Jon, Migos, T-Pain and Diplo.

Q:When is the Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest?

A:The Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest is scheduled to be performed for two days on February 1 & 2, 2019 at the State Farm Arena. On day one of the show, stars like Aerosmith and Post Malone will perform live whereas on the other day, Bruno Mars and Cardi B will hit the stage.

Q:Which stars have been announced to perform at the Maxim Super Bowl Big Game Experience?

A:The annual Maxim Super Bowl Big Game Experience is going to be bigger and better this year as three of the industry’s biggest names, Future, Diplo and Jamie Foxx will all be performing live at the event. Maxim is yet to announce more names that will rock you live at the show. The Maxim Super Bowl Big Game Experience is scheduled to take place on February 2, 2019 at The Fairmont.

Q:Who will be performing at 2019 Super Bowl Halftime Show?

A:According to Billboard, Maroon 5 will be headlining the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2019. It is also rumored that Cardi B and Travis Scott will be performing live.

Q:Can you give me some information regarding the Super Bowl 2019 Location?

A:Of course! The Super Bowl is scheduled to take place at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia in 2019. This venue is home to the Atlanta Falcons and is located at the 1 AMB Drive NW.

Q:When will Super Bowl 2019 tickets go on sale?

A:Our certified brokers have put Super Bowl tickets for sale on our website. The demand for them is huge and they are expected to sell out fast. So to avail the best deals, purchase your tickets as soon as possible.

Q:How much is a ticket to the Super Bowl?

A:The biggest sporting event of the year is just around the corner and you can book your Super Bowl Tickets from our brokers to be a part of it. The price range of tickets offered by our brokers is quite reasonable. So log on to the Super Bowl page on our website to purchase your tickets from them.

Q:How much is the most expensive seat at the Super Bowl?

A:To get all the information about the Super Bowl Tickets prices and the most expensive seat, please log on to the Super Bowl page on our website. The prices you see there have come from our brokers so we can only tell you the price of the most expensive tickets available with them.

Q:what is the lowest price for super bowl tickets?

A:Our brokers are offering Super Bowl Tickets in different price ranges. That has been done to ensure you have the freedom to pick the price that fits your budget. To find out the lowest price for Super Bowl tickets, all you have to do is go to the Super Bowl page on our website and there you will find the required information.

Q:what is the average price of super bowl tickets?

A:The Super Bowl is now just around the corner and Super Bowl Tickets are hence in demand. Our brokers are offering tickets in a wide range of prices. You can find out the average price of Super Bowl tickets by logging on to the Super Bowl page on our website. You can also book your tickets from there.

Q:How many seats are available for the Super Bowl?

A:Simply visit the Super Bowl Tickets page on our website and browse through the list of available tickets. That will give you a clear indication of how many tickets are still left in stock.

Q:How much does it cost to go to the Super Bowl?

A:You can buy Super Bowl Tickets in a range of prices from our brokers. Simply visit the event's page and you will find a list of available tickets. Browse through the tickets and choose the ones which best suit your budget. You can then purchase the tickets by following a few simple steps.

Q:How much are super bowl tickets when first come out?

A:The prices for Super Bowl Tickets remain the same. Look through our page for details.

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