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Formed in 1901 in Oakland, California, Oakland Athletics is a team of Major League Baseball and is the member of American League since its beginning. Oakland Athletics went through a number of names before arriving at the name Oakland Athletics. They were named Philadelphia Athletics, Kansas City Athletics and Oakland A's. Athletics former home grounds include Columbia Park, Shibe Park, Municipal Stadium, Networks Associates Coliseum, McAfee Coliseum and finally the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum where the team is playing since 1968 to the day. Fans with Oakland Athletics tickets are excited to watch Chad Pinder in the Spring Training sessions and exhibition games. He’s all set to move forward as the starting hitter and everyone is expecting a stellar run from him this season.

Oakland Athletics Tickets

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Oakland Athletics Season Tickets

Oakland Athletics is no new name in the baseball scene. It is one of the few teams which has a rich history of winnings and has made a million fans all over and their games manage to be a complete sell out. Athletics have nine World Series Titles, 15 Al Pennants; fourteen West Division Titles while one Wild Card Berth to its name. The team made 23 playoff appearances ever since its inception. Their last playoff appearance was in the year 2006. An entertaining thing at the games of the Oakland Athletics is the team mascot, Stomper, which is an elephant and is the reason of the fun in the games. The games of Athletics with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, San Francisco Giants, Minnesota Twins and Philadelphia Phillies are the most exciting ones. These teams are the biggest rivals of Athletics and the thrill always prevails in their games.

Oakland Athletics have also been associated to minor leagues like Arizona League, Northwest League, Midwest League, California League, Texas League and Pacific Coast League. Oakland Athletics have produced a huge amount of talented and professional players over the years. In the supervision of excellent coaches and administration, many players of Oakland Athletics have made it to the Baseball Hall of Fame. These include the likes of Rollie Fingers, Billy Williams, Don Sutton, Rickey Henderson, Dennis Eckersley and Dick Williams. Many of its players have also been inducted into Philadelphia Baseball Hall of Fame and the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame. The current roster of Oakland Athletics include Brett Anderson, Dallas Braden, Trevor Cahill, Gio Gonzalez, Ben Sheets, Jerry Blevins, Craig Breslow, Vin Mazzaro, Tyson Ross, Michael Wuertz, Brad Ziegler and Andrew Bailey as pitchers, Landon Powell and Kurt Suzuki as catchers, Rajai Davis, Gabe Cross and Ryan Sweeney as outfielders while Daric Barton, Mark Ellis, Jake Fox, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Eric Patterson, Cliff Pannington and Adam Rosales as infielders.

Oakland Athletics is owned by Lewis Wolff and the manager is Bob Geren. This season, the team looks ready to rule. This is a highly anticipated season and the Athletics are fully energized and prepared to deliver good performance. The fans break into cheer when they see their Green, gold and white uniformed players coming into the stadium. Their support is a motivating factor in the struggle to win. So buy your Oakland Athletics tickets and be there to cheer for your team.

The Oakland Athletics were unfortunately unable to give their fans any reason to rejoice in the 2016 MLB season. Apart from struggling in their pitching and offense, the team wasn’t able to perform on the defense either. The farm system was also not that good but has improved a great deal now. Finishing with a 69-93 record last season, the Athletics will soon be heading to the spring training. There have been efforts to improve the roster. Recently the A’s traded Brett Eiber to Los Angeles Dodgers for Jordan Tarsovich. Watch how he and the rest of the team performs in the spring training at the recently renovated Hohokam Stadium in Messa, Arizona. 

Oakland Athletics Rivals

San Francisco Giants

The Oakland Athletics and the San Francisco Giants games are referred to as the Bay Bridge Series. The name is inspired by the famous San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge that connects these two major cities. What makes this rivalry different is that there is not a lot of animosity between the two teams or their fans. That is not to say that the games are not competitive when they take on each other. The Athletics and the Giants have dished up some very competitive clashes over the years and that should continue in the future too.

Philadelphia Phillies

The City Series is the name given to the clashes between the Oakland Athletics and the Philadelphia Phillies. This is more of a historic rivalry though that has died down a little. The games between these two sides were bitterly contested between 1903 and 1955.

The first ever game in the City Series took place at the Baker Bowl on April 9, 1903 and it was a game that the Phillies won 6-5. The very same year, the Athletics and the Phillies decided to take part in spring as well as fall series. The rivalry more or less ended when the A's relocated to Kansas City in 1955. The two sides have played each other since then but the animosity levels have been much more subdued.

Oakland Athletics

Regular Season Schedule 2019
Wed, Mar 20vs Seattle L9-7 0-1Gonzales 1-0Fiers 0-1Strickland 145,787
Thu, Mar 21vs Seattle L5-4 F/12 0-2Rosscup 1-0Buchter 0-1Strickland 246,451
Fri, Mar 29vs Los Angeles W4-0 1-2Fiers 1-1Cahill 0-122,691
Sat, Mar 30vs Los Angeles L6-2 1-3Robles 1-0Soria 0-122,585
Sun, Mar 31vs Los Angeles W4-2 2-3Anderson 1-0Pena 0-1Treinen 116,051
Mon, Apr 1vs Los Angeles W2-1 3-3Montas 1-0Skaggs 0-1Treinen 223,265
Tue, Apr 2vs Boston W7-0 4-3Brooks 1-0Price 0-112,417
Wed, Apr 3vs Boston W1-0 5-3Fiers 2-1Sale 0-2Treinen 312,721
Thu, Apr 4vs Boston L6-3 5-4Barnes 1-0Rodney 0-1Brasier 114,207
Fri, Apr 5vs Boston W7-3 6-4Anderson 2-0Rodriguez 0-215,095
Sat, Apr 6@ Houston L3-2 6-5McHugh 1-1Montas 1-1Osuna 243,165
Sun, Apr 7@ Houston L6-0 6-6Miley 1-1Brooks 1-134,487
Sun, Apr 7@ Houston L9-8 6-7Osuna 1-0Treinen 0-134,902
Tue, Apr 9@ Baltimore L12-4 6-8Cashner 2-1Estrada 0-16,585
Wed, Apr 10@ Baltimore W13-2 7-8Anderson 3-0Means 1-17,738
Thu, Apr 11@ Baltimore W10-3 8-8Montas 2-1Straily 0-17,974
Thu, Apr 11@ Baltimore W8-5 9-8Brooks 2-1Bundy 0-1Treinen 48,374
Sat, Apr 13@ Texas W8-6 10-8Trivino 1-0Martin 0-1Treinen 524,817
Sun, Apr 14@ Texas POSTPONED
Mon, Apr 15@ Texas L8-7 10-9Springs 2-0Soria 0-2Leclerc 326,350
Wed, Apr 17vs Houston L9-1 10-10McHugh 3-1Estrada 0-212,270
Thu, Apr 18vs Houston W2-1 11-10Montas 3-1Miley 1-2Treinen 611,323
Sat, Apr 20vs Toronto L5-1 11-11Stroman 1-3Brooks 2-215,128
Sun, Apr 21vs Toronto L10-1 11-12Gaviglio 2-0Fiers 2-231,140
Mon, Apr 22vs Toronto L5-4 11-13Hudson 1-1Anderson 3-1Giles 716,015
Tue, Apr 23vs Texas W6-1 12-13Bassitt 1-0Minor 2-28,073
Wed, Apr 24vs Texas W11-5 13-13Montas 4-1Lynn 2-210,496
Thu, Apr 25vs Texas W6-5 14-13Treinen 1-1Martin 0-218,610
Sat, Apr 27@ Toronto L4-2 14-14Giles 1-1Petit 0-128,688
Sun, Apr 28@ Toronto L7-1 14-15Sanchez 3-1Anderson 3-222,254
Sun, Apr 28@ Toronto L5-4 F/11 14-16Luciano 1-0Treinen 1-218,557
Tue, Apr 30@ Boston L9-4 14-17Brasier 1-0Montas 4-2Barnes 230,866
Wed, May 1@ Boston L5-1 14-18Porcello 2-3Brooks 2-331,754
Wed, May 1@ Boston L7-3 14-19Walden 4-0Fiers 2-333,708
Sat, May 4@ Pittsburgh W14-1 15-19Anderson 4-2Musgrove 1-316,428
Sun, May 5@ Pittsburgh L6-4 15-20Feliz 1-0Wendelken 0-1Vazquez 926,447
Sun, May 5@ Pittsburgh L5-3 F/13 15-21Lyons 1-0Rodney 0-218,517
Wed, May 8vs Cincinnati W2-0 16-21Fiers 3-3Mahle 0-511,794
Thu, May 9vs Cincinnati W5-4 F/13 17-21Hendriks 1-0Stephenson 2-19,096
Fri, May 10vs Cincinnati L3-0 17-22Roark 3-1Bassitt 1-1Iglesias 719,694
Sat, May 11vs Cleveland W4-3 F/12 18-22Soria 1-2Hand 2-236,913
Sun, May 12vs Cleveland W3-2 19-22Treinen 2-2Cole 0-118,278
Mon, May 13vs Cleveland L5-3 19-23Rodriguez 1-2Mengden 0-1Hand 1118,891
Tue, May 14@ Seattle L6-5 F/10 19-24Brennan 2-2Soria 1-312,520
Wed, May 15@ Seattle L4-3 19-25Leake 3-4Anderson 4-3Elias 511,365
Thu, May 16@ Detroit W17-3 20-25Bassitt 2-1Turnbull 2-318,527
Sat, May 18@ Detroit W7-2 21-25Montas 5-2Norris 2-218,746
Sun, May 19@ Detroit W4-1 22-25Mengden 1-1Boyd 4-4Treinen 722,913
Sun, May 19@ Detroit T3-5 39-360
Tue, May 21@ Cleveland W6-4 23-25Anderson 5-3Carrasco 4-4Treinen 812,563
Wed, May 22@ Cleveland W5-3 24-25Hendriks 2-0Bauer 4-3Treinen 913,705
Wed, May 22@ Cleveland W7-2 25-25Montas 6-2Rodriguez 1-417,010
Sat, May 25vs Seattle W6-2 26-25Trivino 2-0LeBlanc 2-212,902
Sun, May 26vs Seattle W6-5 27-25Fiers 4-3Kikuchi 3-2Treinen 1018,975
Mon, May 27vs Seattle W7-1 28-25Anderson 6-3Leake 3-614,664
Tue, May 28vs Los Angeles W8-5 29-25Bassitt 3-1Cahill 2-5Treinen 1120,409
Wed, May 29vs Los Angeles L6-4 29-26Buttrey 3-2Soria 1-4Robles 613,060
Thu, May 30vs Los Angeles L12-7 F/11 29-27Ramirez 2-0Trivino 2-121,185
Sat, Jun 1vs Houston L3-2 29-28Rondon 3-1Trivino 2-2Osuna 1614,519
Sun, Jun 2vs Houston L5-1 29-29Verlander 9-2Anderson 6-420,425
Mon, Jun 3vs Houston L6-4 F/12 29-30James 3-0Trivino 2-323,144
Wed, Jun 5@ Los Angeles W4-2 30-30Montas 7-2Canning 2-2Treinen 1236,009
Thu, Jun 6@ Los Angeles L10-9 30-31Robles 3-0Trivino 2-436,065
Fri, Jun 7@ Los Angeles W7-4 31-31Fiers 5-3Skaggs 4-634,109
Sat, Jun 8@ Texas W5-3 32-31Petit 1-1Leclerc 1-2Treinen 1325,120
Sat, Jun 8@ Texas L10-5 32-32Springs 4-1Blackburn 0-122,327
Sun, Jun 9@ Texas L3-1 32-33Sampson 5-3Bassitt 3-239,514
Mon, Jun 10@ Texas W9-8 33-33Montas 8-2Smyly 1-5Treinen 1420,358
Tue, Jun 11@ Tampa Bay L6-2 33-34Morton 8-0Anderson 0-116,091
Wed, Jun 12@ Tampa Bay W4-3 34-34Fiers 6-3Pagan 1-1Treinen 1511,132
Wed, Jun 12@ Tampa Bay W6-2 35-34Hendriks 3-0Kolarek 2-217,946
Sat, Jun 15vs Seattle L9-2 35-35Gonzales 7-6Bassitt 3-321,387
Sun, Jun 16vs Seattle W11-2 36-35Montas 9-2Bautista 0-114,846
Mon, Jun 17vs Seattle L6-3 36-36Leake 6-6Trivino 2-5Elias 730,242
Tue, Jun 18vs Baltimore W3-2 37-36Fiers 7-3Cashner 6-3Treinen 1612,345
Wed, Jun 19vs Baltimore W16-2 38-36Anderson 7-4Ynoa 0-414,310
Thu, Jun 20vs Baltimore W8-3 39-36Bassitt 4-3Rogers 0-115,341
Fri, Jun 21vs Tampa Bay
Sat, Jun 22vs Tampa Bay
Sun, Jun 23vs Tampa Bay
Mon, Jun 24vs Tampa Bay
Wed, Jun 26@ St. Louis
Thu, Jun 27@ St. Louis
Fri, Jun 28@ Los Angeles
Sat, Jun 29@ Los Angeles
Sun, Jun 30@ Los Angeles
Mon, Jul 1@ Los Angeles
Wed, Jul 3vs Minnesota
Thu, Jul 4vs Minnesota
Fri, Jul 5vs Minnesota
Sat, Jul 6@ Seattle
Sun, Jul 7@ Seattle
Mon, Jul 8@ Seattle
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Oakland Athletics Schedule

Baseball season is here and is packed with epic matchups. You can catch all the action live as it happens. Next event featuring Oakland Athletics will be Oakland Athletics vs. Tampa Bay Rays, held at the RingCentral Coliseum in Oakland. As of now, the last event, Seattle Mariners vs. Oakland Athletics is scheduled for 29-Sep-19 at the T-Mobile Park in Seattle. For complete itinerary of events, please visit our website.

Event Venue City Date
Oakland Athletics vs. Tampa Bay Rays RingCentral Coliseum Oakland, CA Thu Jun 20 201907:07 PM
Oakland Athletics vs. Tampa Bay Rays RingCentral Coliseum Oakland, CA Fri Jun 21 201907:07 PM
Oakland Athletics vs. Tampa Bay Rays RingCentral Coliseum Oakland, CA Sat Jun 22 201901:07 PM
Oakland Athletics vs. Tampa Bay Rays RingCentral Coliseum Oakland, CA Sun Jun 23 201901:07 PM
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Oakland Athletics Busch Stadium St. Louis, MO Tue Jun 25 201907:15 PM
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Oakland Athletics Busch Stadium St. Louis, MO Wed Jun 26 201906:15 PM
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Oakland Athletics Angel Stadium Anaheim, CA Thu Jun 27 201907:07 PM
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Oakland Athletics Angel Stadium Anaheim, CA Fri Jun 28 201907:07 PM
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Oakland Athletics Angel Stadium Anaheim, CA Sat Jun 29 201907:07 PM
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Oakland Athletics Angel Stadium Anaheim, CA Sun Jun 30 201901:07 PM

Oakland Athletics Ticket Prices

The average price for Oakland Athletics Tickets start from $27. The minimum get in price is $6 for Oakland Athletics Tickets at the Busch Stadium, St. Louis. For a detailed look at ticket prices and amazing discounts, visit our website.

Name City Date Average Ticket Price Get In Price
(Minimum Price)
Oakland Athletics vs. Tampa Bay Rays Oakland 20-Jun-19 $27 $8
Oakland Athletics vs. Tampa Bay Rays Oakland 21-Jun-19 $43 $9
Oakland Athletics vs. Tampa Bay Rays Oakland 22-Jun-19 $49 $14
Oakland Athletics vs. Tampa Bay Rays Oakland 23-Jun-19 $43 $10
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Oakland Athletics St. Louis 25-Jun-19 $59 $6
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Oakland Athletics St. Louis 26-Jun-19 $49 $7
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Oakland Athletics Anaheim 27-Jun-19 $77 $13
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Oakland Athletics Anaheim 28-Jun-19 $82 $13
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Oakland Athletics Anaheim 29-Jun-19 $86 $17
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Oakland Athletics Anaheim 30-Jun-19 $87 $11

* Ticket Prices vary on hourly basis.

Oakland Athletics Discount Code:

Use Event18 as the discount code and get up to 70% discount on Oakland Athletics tickets. This is a last minute opportunity to get the discounted tickets for Oakland Athletics.

Upcoming EventDiscount CodePercentageDate
Oakland Athletics vs. Tampa Bay Rays, RingCentral Coliseum, Oakland, CA Event18 4% Thu Jun 20 2019 07:07 PM
Oakland Athletics vs. Tampa Bay Rays, RingCentral Coliseum, Oakland, CA Event18 4% Fri Jun 21 2019 07:07 PM
Oakland Athletics vs. Tampa Bay Rays, RingCentral Coliseum, Oakland, CA Event18 4% Sat Jun 22 2019 01:07 PM
Oakland Athletics vs. Tampa Bay Rays, RingCentral Coliseum, Oakland, CA Event18 4% Sun Jun 23 2019 01:07 PM
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Oakland Athletics, Busch Stadium, St. Louis, MO Event18 4% Tue Jun 25 2019 07:15 PM

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Are you currently selling the Oakland Athletics tickets on your website?

A:Yes! Our brokers have the Oakland Athletics in stock and they are currently being sold on our website. If you want to watch the nine time World Series Champions play baseball live then now is your chance to do that. Purchase your tickets now while our reliable brokers are still offering them.

Q:How much will it cost me if I purchase the Oakland Athletics baseball tickets?

A:We have the Oakland Athletics tickets in some of the most convenient rates courtesy of our reliable brokers who are offering them on our website. If you want to cheer for your favorite baseball team live then purchase your tickets quickly at an average price of $29. You can also enjoy have these tickets at the get in price of $7.

Q:Who is the owner of the Oakland As?

A:The Oakland Athletics are owned by John J. Fisher and Lewis Wolff. Fisher is the majority owner of the franchise and bought it alongside Wolff in 2005. The Oakland Athletics are one of the most successful teams in the MLB and have the third highest World Series haul in the league. To catch the Athletics live in action against their MLB rivals, get Oakland Athletics Tickets today.

Q:Why do the Oakland As have an elephant as a mascot?

A:The Oakland Athletics' famous elephant mascot comes from a jibe which was thrown to their owner Benjamin Shibe by the New York Giants' manger, John McGraw. McGraw claimed that Shibe had a white elephant on his hands. The team's manager adopted the white elephant as their mascot and it has been associated with them ever since. The As have several exciting games coming up and you can watch them live by getting Oakland Athletics Tickets from this website via our certified brokers.

Q:Where did athletics originate from?

A:The Oakland Athletics were founded in 1901 in Philadelphia and were originally called the Philadelphia Athletics. The franchise then moved to Kansas in 1955 and finally came to Oakland in 1968. The Athletics are one of the most successful franchises in MLB history and you can watch their games live by getting Oakland Athletics Tickets from this website. Tickets have been placed here by our certified brokers who offer some of the best prices in the market. Rest assured, the tickets you buy will reach you well with in time for the game.

Q:Are any Oakland Athletics championship games coming up soon?

A:Currently, the MLB regular season has not started so the Athletics do not have any such championship games coming up. However, they very well may have some down the line, once the season draws to a close. To watch the Athletics live in action from ballparks around the country, get Oakland Athletics Tickets today.

Q:Will I be able to have my oakland athletics spring training tickets refunded?

A:We do not allow ticket refunds under normal circumstances so you will not be able to have your Oakland Athletics Tickets refunded. Purchase once completed is considered final. Tickets refund is only allowed in very rare instances and that too according to certain terms and conditions. If you want some more information about it, go through the "policies" page on our website or call us on the number mentioned on our website and talk to our customer services representative.

Q:Will the oakland athletics ticket prices come down close to a game?

A:The Oakland Athletics have won 9 World Series titles and they will be looking to add to that haul this season. As far as Oakland Athletics Tickets go, their prices are determined by a lot of different factors and hence it is very tough to predict which way the prices will go as a game draws near. This is precisely the reason why we always advise our customers to not put off their purchase till the very end. Besides, since the Athletics are very well supported, there are chances tickets will not be available close to the game.

Q:How can I pay for my Oakland Athletics Tickets?

A:The Athletics managed to win twenty consecutive games in the year 2002 to set a new American League record. You can make the payment for your Oakland Athletics Tickets through a credit card. Please note that we don't accept payments made in cash.


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