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Minnesota Twins or Twinkies is a Minneapolis based professional baseball club. The Twins are one of the eight charter franchises that play in the American League. It is one of the oldest and most popular baseball teams in the US. Minnesota Twins used to play at the Metropolitan Stadium when they first moved to Minneapolis, but in 1982 they started playing at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. The Twins have been playing at the Target Field stadium since its completion this year. They have been playing in the American League since 1901, and Central Division since 1994. Get your Minnesota Twins tickets and watch your favorite team live in action.

Minnesota Twins Venues

  • Minnesota Twins Target Field
  • Detroit Tigers vs. Minnesota Twins Comerica Park
  • Boston Red Sox vs. Minnesota Twins Fenway Park
  • Texas Rangers vs. Minnesota Twins Globe Life Park
  • Chicago White Sox vs. Minnesota Twins Guaranteed Rate Field
  • Kansas City Royals vs. Minnesota Twins Kauffman Stadium
  • Miami Marlins vs. Minnesota Twins Marlins Ballpark
  • Milwaukee Brewers vs. Minnesota Twins Miller Park
  • Oakland Athletics vs. Minnesota Twins Oakland Coliseum
  • Cleveland Indians vs. Minnesota Twins Progressive Field

Minnesota Twins Tickets

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Minnesota Twins Season Tickets

It was founded in 1901 under the name of Washington Senators and was one of the most prominent teams in major-league baseball till 1933. In 1961, Minneapolis Lakers moved to Las Angeles, and Calvin Griffith, the owner and president of the team, did not want to alienate either of the cities, so he named it Minnesota Twins. Even today, their two logos read "Twin Cities" and "Minnie & Paul". They featured many talented players like Killebrew, Bob Allison, and Camilo Pascual, when they arrived in Minnesota to compete in 1961, and reclaimed their glory the following year. However, the team struggled and faced many difficulties during the 1970s and early eighties. The Minnesota Twins Club had always been owned by the Griffith family, but Calvin Griffith sold it to Carl Pohlad in 1984, due to financial hurdles. The year of 1987 proved to be a turning point for Minnesota Twins, when Tom Kelly led the team to several victories over the Cardinals. Their victories against the Braves in 1991 resulted in their winning the baseball world series.

Minnesota Twins had a bad time again from 1994 to 1997, and Carl Pohlad considered selling it to a businessman based in North Carolina. The Twins were almost disbanded by the Major League Baseball in 2002 because they were financially weak compared to the other baseball franchises. But the team survived by dominating in several seasons with a series of victories from 2001 to 2006. However, they faced another financial bottleneck in 2007 which led them to facing the threat of disbandment again. A stadium called Target Field was built with some private financing from Minnesota Twins in 2009. They also signed a lease with Target Field which ensured their continuation as a team. The Twins played their first regular season against the Boston Red Sox in 2010, and Joe Mauer, the start player of Minnesota Twins, led them to victory.

Minnesota Twins have a rich history and they uphold many traditions. They celebrate at the Twins clubhouse loud rock music selected by their winning pitcher and video games. Its players are renowned as pranksters. In 2006 Minnesota Twins were given the nickname "The Little Piranhas", which they embraces as a new tradition and their office started a Piranha Night, where piranha finger puppets were distributed to the fans. Their colors are white, red, and navy blue. They also have a ritual that requires their most junior relief pitcher to carry water and snacks in a brightly colored children's backpack.

In addition to being in the media spotlight across the globe and receiving coverage from all major sports television channels in the US, Minnesota Twins have their own in-house Twins Radio Network (TRN). It is dedicated to broadcasting sports events and news related to Minnesota Twins. Fox Sports North holds the television rights. However, the fans of Minnesota Twins enjoy nothing more than being there in the stadium to cheer and support their favorite team. We feature a wide variety of Minnesota Twins tickets to match your exact needs. In addition to having cheap and affordable tickets, we also offer some premium spots including front row seats. Go ahead and buy your tickets now!

After an incredible 2015 season which saw the Minnesota Twins go 83-79 and come second in the AL Central, there were big hopes from them. However, 2016 turned out to be quite the opposite. There were several hiccups early on and as the year progressed, things got worse for them and soon turned downright ugly. In the end, the Twins finished the 2016 season with a victory but a 59-103 record marked them as the worst in baseball. Fans had many hopes from Byron Buxton and Jose Berrios, but they had a bad season.  After a disappointing year, the team is in the rebuilding phase. The Twins have a young roster and some decent pitching prospects and will be looking for a fresh start in 2017.

Minnesota Twins Rivals

New York Yankees

The Minnesota Twins do not have a rivalry with another baseball side in the traditional sense of the word. They do share bad blood with the New York Yankees to some extent though. A lot of that is because of their postseason history with the Yankees which quite frankly is not so special. The Twins have faced the Yankees in five postseason series since the year 2003. They have come out on the wrong side of the result every single time.

The Twins and the Yankees met in the postseason most recently in 2017 in the ALWC and the series was clinched by the Yankees 3-1. The head-to-head record overall goes in favor of the Yankees too. The Twins have won seven eighty three games while the Yankees have won one thousand one hundred and fifty five games as of May 17, 2018.

Minnesota Twins

Regular Season Schedule 2019
Fri, Mar 29vs Cleveland W2-0 1-0Berrios 1-0Kluber 0-1Rogers 139,519
Sat, Mar 30vs Cleveland L2-1 1-1Edwards 1-0Parker 0-1Hand 115,271
Sun, Mar 31vs Cleveland W9-3 2-1Perez 1-0Carrasco 0-115,613
Wed, Apr 3@ Kansas City W5-4 F/10 3-1Hildenberger 1-0Boxberger 0-1Parker 110,024
Wed, Apr 3@ Kansas City W7-6 4-1May 1-0Peralta 0-1Parker 210,575
Sat, Apr 6@ Philadelphia L10-4 4-2Pivetta 1-0Odorizzi 0-128,021
Sat, Apr 6@ Philadelphia W6-2 5-2Pineda 1-0Arrieta 1-144,693
Sun, Apr 7@ Philadelphia L2-1 5-3Eflin 2-0Berrios 1-1Neris 139,735
Wed, Apr 10@ New York W14-8 6-3Hildenberger 2-0deGrom 2-122,126
Thu, Apr 11@ New York L9-6 6-4Syndergaard 1-1Odorizzi 0-220,946
Sat, Apr 13vs Detroit POSTPONED
Sat, Apr 13vs Detroit W4-3 7-4Pineda 2-0Ross 1-2Parker 316,484
Sun, Apr 14vs Detroit W6-4 8-4Berrios 2-1Zimmermann 0-2Hildenberger 114,774
Tue, Apr 16vs Toronto L5-3 8-5Gaviglio 1-0Mejia 0-1Biagini 111,727
Wed, Apr 17vs Toronto L6-5 8-6Sanchez 2-1May 1-1Giles 513,365
Thu, Apr 18vs Toronto W4-1 9-6Odorizzi 1-2Thornton 0-2Parker 411,465
Thu, Apr 18vs Toronto L7-4 9-7Biagini 1-1Pineda 2-1Giles 612,523
Sat, Apr 20@ Baltimore POSTPONED
Sun, Apr 21@ Baltimore W6-5 10-7Berrios 3-1Yacabonis 1-1Rogers 20
Sun, Apr 21@ Baltimore W16-7 11-7Perez 2-0Cobb 0-128,409
Sun, Apr 21@ Baltimore W4-3 12-7Gibson 1-0Bundy 0-3Rogers 311,018
Tue, Apr 23@ Houston W9-5 13-7Odorizzi 2-2Peacock 2-134,518
Wed, Apr 24@ Houston L10-4 13-8Rondon 2-0Hildenberger 2-129,409
Thu, Apr 25@ Houston L7-1 13-9Verlander 4-0Stewart 0-126,582
Sat, Apr 27vs Baltimore W6-1 14-9Perez 3-0Cobb 0-223,658
Sat, Apr 27vs Baltimore W9-2 15-9Berrios 4-1Fry 0-118,878
Sun, Apr 28vs Baltimore W4-1 16-9Gibson 2-0Bundy 0-4Parker 520,034
Tue, Apr 30vs Houston W1-0 17-9Odorizzi 3-2Verlander 4-1Parker 612,615
Wed, May 1vs Houston L11-0 17-10Cole 2-4Pineda 2-212,181
Thu, May 2vs Houston W6-2 18-10Perez 4-0McHugh 3-314,115
Thu, May 2vs Houston W8-2 19-10Berrios 5-1Peacock 2-217,271
Sat, May 4@ New York L6-3 19-11Holder 2-0Gibson 2-1Chapman 635,911
Sat, May 4@ New York W7-3 20-11Odorizzi 4-2Happ 1-343,123
Mon, May 6@ New York L4-1 F/8 20-12German 6-1Pineda 2-3Chapman 738,603
Tue, May 7@ Toronto W8-0 21-12Perez 5-0Stroman 1-512,292
Wed, May 8@ Toronto W3-0 22-12Berrios 6-1Sanchez 3-3Rogers 414,039
Thu, May 9@ Toronto W9-1 23-12Gibson 3-1Thornton 0-414,372
Sat, May 11vs Detroit W6-0 24-12Odorizzi 5-2Ross 1-526,789
Sat, May 11vs Detroit L5-3 24-13Jimenez 2-1Hildenberger 2-2Greene 1428,840
Sun, May 12vs Detroit W8-3 25-13Stewart 1-1Soto 0-120,724
Sun, May 12vs Detroit L5-3 25-14Norris 2-1Perez 5-1Greene 1527,373
Tue, May 14vs Los Angeles L5-4 25-15Skaggs 4-3Berrios 6-2Robles 421,359
Wed, May 15vs Los Angeles W4-3 26-15Gibson 4-1Bedrosian 1-2Parker 726,747
Wed, May 15vs Los Angeles W8-7 27-15Odorizzi 6-2Cahill 2-4Morin 131,919
Fri, May 17@ Seattle W11-6 28-15Pineda 3-3Swanson 1-516,397
Sat, May 18@ Seattle W7-1 29-15Perez 6-1Gonzales 5-320,268
Sun, May 19@ Seattle W18-4 30-15Duffey 1-0LeBlanc 2-134,433
Mon, May 20@ Seattle L7-4 30-16Kikuchi 3-1Gibson 4-231,068
Tue, May 21@ Los Angeles W3-1 31-16Rogers 1-0Buttrey 2-2Parker 834,177
Wed, May 22@ Los Angeles W8-3 32-16Pineda 4-3Bard 1-232,316
Thu, May 23@ Los Angeles POSTPONED
Fri, May 24@ Los Angeles W16-7 33-16Perez 7-1Harvey 2-430,992
Sat, May 25vs Chicago W11-4 34-16Berrios 7-2Lopez 3-529,638
Sat, May 25vs Chicago W8-1 35-16Gibson 5-2Banuelos 2-439,139
Sun, May 26vs Chicago W7-0 36-16Odorizzi 7-2Covey 0-439,913
Tue, May 28vs Milwaukee L5-4 36-17Burnes 1-3Rogers 1-1Hader 1329,167
Wed, May 29vs Milwaukee W5-3 37-17Magill 1-0Claudio 1-2Harper 127,120
Fri, May 31@ Tampa Bay L14-3 37-18Morton 6-0Perez 7-28,076
Sat, Jun 1@ Tampa Bay W5-3 38-18Rogers 2-1Castillo 1-414,375
Sat, Jun 1@ Tampa Bay W6-2 39-18Gibson 6-2Chirinos 6-214,381
Sun, Jun 2@ Tampa Bay W9-7 40-18Odorizzi 8-2Yarbrough 4-2Rogers 514,616
Wed, Jun 5@ Cleveland L5-2 40-19Bieber 5-2Smeltzer 0-1Hand 1715,814
Thu, Jun 6@ Cleveland L9-7 40-20Wittgren 3-0Parker 0-2Hand 1816,962
Fri, Jun 7@ Cleveland W5-4 41-20Berrios 8-2Bauer 4-6Rogers 615,350
Sat, Jun 8@ Detroit W6-3 42-20Harper 1-0Jimenez 2-4Parker 921,551
Sun, Jun 9@ Detroit L9-3 42-21Ramirez 2-0Gibson 6-326,818
Sun, Jun 9@ Detroit W12-2 43-21Odorizzi 9-2Carpenter 1-320,127
Wed, Jun 12vs Seattle W6-5 44-21Magill 2-0Brennan 2-5May 123,046
Thu, Jun 13vs Seattle L9-6 F/10 44-22Bass 1-1Duffey 1-1Elias 625,909
Thu, Jun 13vs Seattle W10-5 45-22Harper 2-0Brennan 2-631,912
Sat, Jun 15vs Kansas City W2-0 46-22Gibson 7-3Diekman 0-4Rogers 738,898
Sun, Jun 16vs Kansas City
Sun, Jun 16vs Kansas City
Tue, Jun 18vs Boston
Wed, Jun 19vs Boston
Thu, Jun 20vs Boston
Fri, Jun 21@ Kansas City
Sat, Jun 22@ Kansas City
Sat, Jun 22@ Kansas City
Sun, Jun 23@ Kansas City
Wed, Jun 26vs Tampa Bay
Thu, Jun 27vs Tampa Bay
Thu, Jun 27vs Tampa Bay
Sat, Jun 29@ Chicago
Sun, Jun 30@ Chicago
Sun, Jun 30@ Chicago
Wed, Jul 3@ Oakland
Thu, Jul 4@ Oakland
Fri, Jul 5@ Oakland
Sat, Jul 6vs Texas
Sat, Jul 6vs Texas
Sun, Jul 7vs Texas
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Bad news from the Minnesota Twins dugout, Alex Kirilloff will not play in the 2017 MLB season. Kirilloff was the first round draft pick for the Minnesota Twins in 2016. This is because he needs Tommy John surgery on his below. Tommy John surgery is a procedure in which a ligament in the medial elbow is replaced with a tendon. The Twins had high expectations from the rookie but it looks like they’ll have to wait till 2018 for Kirilloff to show what he can do. 

Minnesota Twins Schedule

Baseball season is here and is packed with epic matchups. You can catch all the action live as it happens. Next event featuring Minnesota Twins will be Minnesota Twins vs. Kansas City Royals, held at the Target Field in Minneapolis. As of now, the last event, Kansas City Royals vs. Minnesota Twins is scheduled for 29-Sep-19 at the Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City. For complete itinerary of events, please visit our website.

Event Venue City Date
Minnesota Twins vs. Kansas City Royals Target Field Minneapolis, MN Sat Jun 15 201906:10 PM
Minnesota Twins vs. Kansas City Royals Target Field Minneapolis, MN Sun Jun 16 201901:10 PM
Minnesota Twins vs. Boston Red Sox Target Field Minneapolis, MN Mon Jun 17 201907:10 PM
Minnesota Twins vs. Boston Red Sox Target Field Minneapolis, MN Tue Jun 18 201907:10 PM
Minnesota Twins vs. Boston Red Sox Target Field Minneapolis, MN Wed Jun 19 201907:10 PM
Kansas City Royals vs. Minnesota Twins Kauffman Stadium Kansas City, MO Thu Jun 20 201907:15 PM
Kansas City Royals vs. Minnesota Twins Kauffman Stadium Kansas City, MO Fri Jun 21 201907:15 PM
Kansas City Royals vs. Minnesota Twins Kauffman Stadium Kansas City, MO Sat Jun 22 201901:15 PM
Kansas City Royals vs. Minnesota Twins Kauffman Stadium Kansas City, MO Sun Jun 23 201901:15 PM
Minnesota Twins vs. Tampa Bay Rays Target Field Minneapolis, MN Tue Jun 25 201907:10 PM

Minnesota Twins Ticket Prices

The average price for Minnesota Twins Tickets start from $57. The minimum get in price is $11 for Minnesota Twins Tickets at the Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City. For a detailed look at ticket prices and amazing discounts, visit our website.

Name City Date Average Ticket Price Get In Price
(Minimum Price)
Minnesota Twins vs. Kansas City Royals Minneapolis 15-Jun-19 $98 $13
Minnesota Twins vs. Kansas City Royals Minneapolis 16-Jun-19 $96 $13
Minnesota Twins vs. Boston Red Sox Minneapolis 17-Jun-19 $71 $13
Minnesota Twins vs. Boston Red Sox Minneapolis 18-Jun-19 $66 $13
Minnesota Twins vs. Boston Red Sox Minneapolis 19-Jun-19 $69 $13
Kansas City Royals vs. Minnesota Twins Kansas City 20-Jun-19 $69 $11
Kansas City Royals vs. Minnesota Twins Kansas City 21-Jun-19 $64 $16
Kansas City Royals vs. Minnesota Twins Kansas City 22-Jun-19 $63 $16
Kansas City Royals vs. Minnesota Twins Kansas City 23-Jun-19 $67 $12
Minnesota Twins vs. Tampa Bay Rays Minneapolis 25-Jun-19 $57 $13

* Ticket Prices vary on hourly basis.

Minnesota Twins Discount Code:

Use Event18 as the discount code and get up to 70% discount on Minnesota Twins tickets. This is a last minute opportunity to get the discounted tickets for Minnesota Twins.

Upcoming EventDiscount CodePercentageDate
Minnesota Twins vs. Kansas City Royals, Target Field, Minneapolis, MN Event18 4% Sat Jun 15 2019 06:10 PM
Minnesota Twins vs. Kansas City Royals, Target Field, Minneapolis, MN Event18 4% Sun Jun 16 2019 01:10 PM
Minnesota Twins vs. Boston Red Sox, Target Field, Minneapolis, MN Event18 4% Mon Jun 17 2019 07:10 PM
Minnesota Twins vs. Boston Red Sox, Target Field, Minneapolis, MN Event18 4% Tue Jun 18 2019 07:10 PM
Minnesota Twins vs. Boston Red Sox, Target Field, Minneapolis, MN Event18 4% Wed Jun 19 2019 07:10 PM

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the Minnesota Twins championships haul?

A:Formed in 1901, the Minnesota Twins have won a combined total of nineteen honors. These include ten division titles, six AL pennants and three World Series championships. To catch the Twins live in action, as they compete for other championships, get Minnesota Twins Tickets today.

Q:What is the last date to buy cheap minnesota twins tickets?

A:The Minnesota Twins Tickets are being sold on first come first serve basis so they will be available for you to buy for as long as they are not sold-out.

Q:Are the cheap sporting event tickets minnesota twins returnable?

A:Sorry the Minnesota Twins Tickets cannot be returned or refunded as our policy does not allow it.

Q:What is the criteria to get discount minnesota twins tickets?

A:There is no specific criteria to get discounted Minnesota Twins Tickets. Anybody can get them by following special directions on our page.

Q:How are the mn twins tickets delivered?

A:The Minnesota Twins tickets are generally delivered via FedEx to the address associated with your credit card unless specified otherwise.

Q:DO i need to place twins tickets order for my 1 year old boy?

A:Your kid is exempted from it, so just don't buy Minnesota Twins tickets for him.

Q:I want to buy front row tickets for Minnesota Twins. Can i buy them from your website?

A:Yes, you can buy front row Minnesota Twins Tickets from our website. Check out our page for details and order your tickets today!

Q:Is it possible to find cheap front row tickets?

A:You have to understand this that if Minnesota Twins tickets of front row are unusually cheaper then there is something wrong with that seat, it could be the sound issue, bad angle or the blocked view. So we would advise otherwise. For help, talk to the live person.

Q:If i front row tickets from your website for Minnesota Twins, will you make sure that the seats are together?

A:All seats are together with Minnesota Twins Tickets bought from our website unless there is a prior mention of the splits.

Q:I am looking for discounted front row Minnesota Twins tickets. Can i get them from you?

A:Sure! We are offering Minnesota Twins Tickets with discount offers. Check them out online and order right away.

Q:How many Minnesota Twins tickets can i buy from your website?

A:You can buy as many Minnesota Twins Tickets from our website as you want.

Q:Are the tickets for first row mar 12 cardinals twins costly?

A:Minnesota Twins Tickets are reasonably priced, however, the front row seats may be a bit pricier than the normal ones.

Q:Where can I get my discount code twins tickets?

A:All discount codes for Minnesota Twins Tickets are available with our live operators. You can call them and get yours immediately!

Q:Till when are discount mn twins tickets valid?

A:You can avail discount mn twins tickets before the date of the event as long as they aren't sold out.

Q:Do i need to be a member to get minnesota twins tickets promo code?

A:No, you don't need to be a member for getting minnesota twins tickets promo code. Anybody can get it by following the instructions online.

Q:Can i get minnesota twins tickets front row today?

A:The seating arrangement is available online, check and order your Minnesota Twins Tickets accordingly.

Q:I have already bought my minnesota twins tickets. can you tell me where i can look at the seating chart?

A:Please go to Minnesota Twins tickets page on our site. Over there you will have the option of viewing the seating map.


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