Milwaukee Brewers Tickets

The peak time for all baseball lovers is here. Wait no more, as the eagerly awaited MLB 2019 has kicked off. Get ready to witness wins and defeats as major rivalries are expected to be at an all time high this year. Milwaukee Brewers is one of the top baseball teams in the US with a legacy of wins. During their matches the stadiums are full of chanting supporters and highly motivated players. Be it the stadium or TV screens, Milwaukee Brewers fanatics add to the energetic atmosphere during the match. Yet again, Brewers are expecting the highest number of wins in the current MLB season, so now is the time to buy your Milwaukee Brewers tickets and be a part of the game changing moments.

Milwaukee Brewers Venues

  • Milwaukee Brewers Great American Ball Park
  • Milwaukee Brewers Miller Park
  • Milwaukee Brewers Wrigley Field
  • St. Louis Cardinals vs. Milwaukee Brewers Busch Stadium
  • Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Milwaukee Brewers Chase Field
  • Colorado Rockies vs. Milwaukee Brewers Coors Field
  • Miami Marlins vs. Milwaukee Brewers Marlins Ballpark
  • Washington Nationals vs. Milwaukee Brewers Nationals Park
  • Oakland Athletics vs. Milwaukee Brewers Oakland Coliseum
  • San Francisco Giants vs. Milwaukee Brewers Oracle Park
  • San Diego Padres vs. Milwaukee Brewers Petco Park
  • Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Milwaukee Brewers PNC Park

Milwaukee Brewers Tickets

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Milwaukee Brewers Season Tickets


In 1969, a competent baseball team called Seattle Pilots, now Milwaukee Brewers was founded. Contrary to the expectations, the inaugural year was not successful due to which the franchise owned by William R. Daley and Dewey Soriano moved to Milwaukee. With a streak of eight losses right from the start who knew the newly formed team Milwaukee Brewers would do wonders.

Milwaukee Brewers had to buck up and the trajectory towards success initiated with the shortstop Robin Yount in 1974 and the infielder Paul Molitor later. Both were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame by then end of their careers. The team had to go through rough patches but continued practicing with their competency growing each day. Heading towards times of glory, Brewers won three consecutive seasons along with their First Division Title in 1981.

The following year, Milwaukee Brewers won the American League Pennant before playing in the World Series. This was no less than a period of mediocrity with a ranking of number 3 in their division for consecutive nine seasons. With the craze around baseball, Brewers knew they need to up their game so efforts gearing towards success continued with the team winning 92 games in 1992. They finished on the second spot in the AL East division.

After a few years, Brewers moved to the Central Division of MLB’s National League and started playing in the new stadium Miller Park in 2001. In the 2016 season, Milwaukee Brewers made a record of 73-89 and earned the fourth spot in National League Central signifying immense improvement.

Major Success

The unpredictability in sports is what makes it thrilling. With their 21st National League season in 2018, Milwaukee Brewers emerged victorious in 96 games making NL’s Best Record. For the first time since 2011, the team seized a playoff berth and won their first division title since 2011 against Chicago Cubs in the tie–breaker season. Defeating the Colorado Rockies, Milwaukee Brewers qualified for its third League Championship Series but lost against Los Angeles Dodgers in a seven game series.

Currently owned by Mark Attanasio, the roster includes Matt Albers, Chase Anderson, Jacob Barnes, Corbin Burnes, Jhoulys Chacin, Alex Claudio, Zach Davies, Junior Guerra, Josh Hader, Freddy Peralta, Taylor Williams, Alex Wilson and Brandon Woodruff as pitchers. The competent catchers include Yasmani Grandal and Manny Pina while Jesus Aguilar, Orlando Arcia, Mike Moustakas, Hernan Perez, Travis Shaw and Eric Thames are the infielders. Players on the outfield include Ryan Braun, Lorenzo Cain, Ben Gamel and Christian Yelich.

Rivalries & Predictions

The Brewers-Cubs rivalry has taken an interesting turn since the 2018 season in which Brewers defeated the Cubs and won 3-1 in a tie-breaker game. Previously, the Chicago Cubs ranked better with a record of 35-22 during the 57 meet-ups. All the Brewers’ fans out there, hold your head high and support your team wholeheartedly for another achievement this season.

Starting in March, the Major League Baseball season has many fierce matches lined up until September 2019. The baseball lovers are full of excitement and are running to book seats to support their favorite teams. The matches are highly anticipated with startling predictions floating around. A wild race is predicted because according to a poll with 31 baseball experts at ESPN, Chicago Cubs is leading with 12 votes, Milwaukee Brewers follows with 10 votes whereas St. Louis Cardinals is close with 9 votes. With such slim margins expected, your support in the stadium can go a long way in determining Milwaukee Brewers’ fate. Before it is too late, rush to grab your Milwaukee Brewers tickets as there is limited inventory left and you can’t afford to miss out on supporting your favorite team. It is all that matters at this hour.

Milwaukee Brewers Information

Manager: Craig Counsell

Home Ballpark: Miller Park

Ballpark Seating Capacity: 41,900

Ballpark Opened: 2001

2018 Division Finish: 1st

Milwaukee Brewers 2018 Record:

Games Played



Win Percentage





Milwaukee Brewers

Regular Season Schedule 2019
Thu, Mar 28vs St. Louis W5-4 1-0Chacin 1-0Mikolas 0-1Hader 145,304
Sat, Mar 30vs St. Louis L9-5 1-1Gant 1-0Williams 0-130,157
Sun, Mar 31vs St. Louis W4-2 2-1Woodruff 1-0Hudson 0-1Hader 236,655
Sun, Mar 31vs St. Louis W5-4 3-1Barnes 1-0Hicks 0-135,042
Tue, Apr 2@ Cincinnati W4-3 4-1Wilson 1-0Iglesias 0-1Hader 37,799
Wed, Apr 3@ Cincinnati W4-3 5-1Chacin 2-0Duke 1-1Hader 410,195
Wed, Apr 3@ Cincinnati W1-0 6-1Peralta 1-0Castillo 0-1Wilson 113,439
Sat, Apr 6vs Chicago W13-10 7-1Anderson 1-0Quintana 0-134,926
Sun, Apr 7vs Chicago L14-8 7-2Hamels 1-0Burnes 0-142,790
Sun, Apr 7vs Chicago W4-2 8-2Davies 1-0Hendricks 0-2Hader 540,322
Tue, Apr 9@ Los Angeles L5-2 8-3Cahill 1-1Chacin 2-1Allen 228,571
Wed, Apr 10@ Los Angeles L11-8 8-4Bedrosian 1-0Claudio 0-1Allen 328,793
Thu, Apr 11@ Los Angeles L4-2 8-5Barria 1-0Woodruff 1-1Robles 134,446
Sat, Apr 13@ Los Angeles W8-5 9-5Albers 1-0Urias 0-143,643
Sun, Apr 14@ Los Angeles W4-1 10-5Davies 2-0Ferguson 0-1Guerra 153,922
Mon, Apr 15@ Los Angeles L7-1 10-6Stripling 1-1Chacin 2-245,235
Tue, Apr 16vs St. Louis W10-7 11-6Guerra 1-0Mayers 0-128,199
Wed, Apr 17vs St. Louis W8-4 12-6Woodruff 2-1Flaherty 1-130,260
Wed, Apr 17vs St. Louis L6-3 12-7Wacha 1-0Burnes 0-2Hicks 429,817
Fri, Apr 19vs Los Angeles L3-1 12-8Urias 1-1Albers 1-1Jansen 633,281
Sat, Apr 20vs Los Angeles L5-3 12-9Baez 1-1Hader 0-1Jansen 736,776
Sun, Apr 21vs Los Angeles W5-0 13-9Anderson 2-0Ryu 2-140,402
Sun, Apr 21vs Los Angeles L6-5 13-10Jansen 2-0Hader 0-232,054
Tue, Apr 23@ St. Louis L13-5 13-11Flaherty 2-1Houser 0-135,819
Wed, Apr 24@ St. Louis L4-3 13-12Miller 1-1Wilson 1-1Hicks 638,474
Wed, Apr 24@ St. Louis L5-2 13-13Wainwright 2-2Chacin 2-3Hicks 736,878
Sat, Apr 27@ New York W10-2 14-13Albers 2-1deGrom 2-328,131
Sun, Apr 28@ New York W8-6 15-13Woodruff 3-1Syndergaard 1-3Hader 640,610
Sun, Apr 28@ New York L5-2 15-14Matz 3-1Barnes 1-1Diaz 825,756
Tue, Apr 30vs Colorado W5-1 16-14Davies 3-0Freeland 2-423,356
Wed, May 1vs Colorado W4-3 17-14Chacin 3-3Marquez 3-2Hader 725,673
Thu, May 2vs Colorado L11-4 17-15Estevez 1-0Burnes 0-328,780
Thu, May 2vs Colorado L11-6 17-16Gray 3-3Peralta 1-121,319
Sat, May 4vs New York W3-1 18-16Woodruff 4-1Matz 3-2Hader 832,550
Sun, May 5vs New York W4-3 F/18 19-16Williams 1-1Flexen 0-239,565
Sun, May 5vs New York W3-2 20-16Davies 4-0Vargas 1-2Hader 936,016
Tue, May 7vs Washington W5-3 21-16Claudio 1-1Jennings 0-2Guerra 229,299
Wed, May 8vs Washington W6-0 22-16Peralta 2-1Strasburg 3-231,023
Wed, May 8vs Washington W7-3 23-16Woodruff 5-1Hellickson 2-1Hader 1030,333
Fri, May 10@ Chicago W7-0 24-16Gonzalez 1-0Quintana 4-237,870
Sat, May 11@ Chicago L2-1 F/15 24-17Chatwood 2-0Smith 0-139,598
Mon, May 13@ Chicago L4-1 24-18Lester 3-1Chacin 3-4Cishek 237,267
Tue, May 14@ Philadelphia L7-4 24-19Morgan 2-1Albers 2-2Neshek 226,169
Wed, May 15@ Philadelphia W6-1 25-19Woodruff 6-1Eickhoff 2-231,533
Thu, May 16@ Philadelphia W5-2 26-19Gonzalez 2-0Arrieta 4-4Hader 1128,129
Thu, May 16@ Philadelphia W11-3 27-19Davies 5-0Eflin 5-438,346
Sat, May 18@ Atlanta L12-8 27-20Fried 6-2Chacin 3-5Jackson 636,222
Sun, May 19@ Atlanta L4-3 F/10 27-21Webb 2-0Hader 0-339,121
Sun, May 19@ Atlanta W3-2 F/10 28-21Hader 1-3Parsons 1-236,548
Wed, May 22vs Cincinnati L3-0 28-22Gray 1-4Gonzalez 2-1Iglesias 1036,829
Wed, May 22vs Cincinnati W11-9 29-22Guerra 2-0Peralta 0-1Hader 1235,330
Sat, May 25vs Philadelphia L6-4 29-23Velasquez 2-2Peralta 2-2Neris 940,254
Sun, May 26vs Philadelphia L7-2 29-24Arrieta 5-4Chacin 3-642,475
Sun, May 26vs Philadelphia W9-1 30-24Woodruff 7-1Eflin 5-544,174
Tue, May 28@ Minnesota W5-4 31-24Burnes 1-3Rogers 1-1Hader 1329,167
Wed, May 29@ Minnesota L5-3 31-25Magill 1-0Claudio 1-2Harper 127,120
Fri, May 31@ Pittsburgh W11-5 32-25Anderson 3-0Musgrove 3-613,059
Sat, Jun 1@ Pittsburgh L9-4 32-26Archer 2-5Chacin 3-728,465
Sun, Jun 2@ Pittsburgh W12-10 F/13 33-26Houser 1-1McRae 0-128,770
Sun, Jun 2@ Pittsburgh W4-2 34-26Davies 6-0Lyles 5-3Burnes 119,442
Wed, Jun 5vs Miami L16-0 34-27Lopez 4-5Anderson 3-125,364
Thu, Jun 6vs Miami L8-3 34-28Alcantara 3-5Nelson 0-126,615
Thu, Jun 6vs Miami W5-1 35-28Peralta 3-2Smith 3-4Hader 1425,409
Sat, Jun 8vs Pittsburgh W10-4 36-28Woodruff 8-1Davis 0-130,296
Sun, Jun 9vs Pittsburgh W5-3 37-28Davies 7-0Feliz 2-2Hader 1540,704
Sun, Jun 9vs Pittsburgh W5-2 38-28Jeffress 1-0Liriano 1-1Hader 1645,375
Wed, Jun 12@ Houston L10-8 38-29Peacock 6-3Peralta 3-335,928
Thu, Jun 13@ Houston W6-3 F/14 39-29Houser 2-1Perez 1-140,032
Sat, Jun 15@ San Francisco L5-3 39-30Pomeranz 2-6Davies 7-1Smith 1735,106
Sun, Jun 16@ San Francisco
Mon, Jun 17@ San Francisco
Tue, Jun 18@ San Diego
Wed, Jun 19@ San Diego
Thu, Jun 20@ San Diego
Fri, Jun 21vs Cincinnati
Sat, Jun 22vs Cincinnati
Sun, Jun 23vs Cincinnati
Sun, Jun 23vs Cincinnati
Wed, Jun 26vs Seattle
Thu, Jun 27vs Seattle
Thu, Jun 27vs Seattle
Sat, Jun 29vs Pittsburgh
Sun, Jun 30vs Pittsburgh
Sun, Jun 30vs Pittsburgh
Tue, Jul 2@ Cincinnati
Wed, Jul 3@ Cincinnati
Thu, Jul 4@ Cincinnati
Thu, Jul 4@ Cincinnati
Sat, Jul 6@ Pittsburgh
Sun, Jul 7@ Pittsburgh
Sun, Jul 7@ Pittsburgh
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Milwaukee Brewers Schedule

Baseball season is here and is packed with epic matchups. You can catch all the action live as it happens. Next event featuring Milwaukee Brewers will be San Francisco Giants vs. Milwaukee Brewers, held at the Oracle Park in San Francisco. As of now, the last event, Colorado Rockies vs. Milwaukee Brewers is scheduled for 29-Sep-19 at the Coors Field in Denver. For complete itinerary of events, please visit our website.

Event Venue City Date
San Francisco Giants vs. Milwaukee Brewers Oracle Park San Francisco, CA Sat Jun 15 201901:05 PM
San Francisco Giants vs. Milwaukee Brewers Oracle Park San Francisco, CA Sun Jun 16 201901:05 PM
San Diego Padres vs. Milwaukee Brewers PETCO Park San Diego, CA Mon Jun 17 201907:10 PM
San Diego Padres vs. Milwaukee Brewers PETCO Park San Diego, CA Tue Jun 18 201907:10 PM
San Diego Padres vs. Milwaukee Brewers PETCO Park San Diego, CA Wed Jun 19 201912:40 PM
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Cincinnati Reds Miller Park Milwaukee, WI Thu Jun 20 201907:10 PM
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Cincinnati Reds Miller Park Milwaukee, WI Fri Jun 21 201907:10 PM
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Cincinnati Reds Miller Park Milwaukee, WI Sat Jun 22 201903:10 PM
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Cincinnati Reds Miller Park Milwaukee, WI Sun Jun 23 201901:10 PM
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Seattle Mariners Miller Park Milwaukee, WI Tue Jun 25 201907:10 PM

Milwaukee Brewers Ticket Prices

The average price for Milwaukee Brewers Tickets start from $38. The minimum get in price is $5 for Milwaukee Brewers Tickets at the Miller Park, Milwaukee. For a detailed look at ticket prices and amazing discounts, visit our website.

Name City Date Average Ticket Price Get In Price
(Minimum Price)
San Francisco Giants vs. Milwaukee Brewers San Francisco 15-Jun-19 $50 $13
San Francisco Giants vs. Milwaukee Brewers San Francisco 16-Jun-19 $60 $13
San Diego Padres vs. Milwaukee Brewers San Diego 17-Jun-19 $41 $13
San Diego Padres vs. Milwaukee Brewers San Diego 18-Jun-19 $47 $12
San Diego Padres vs. Milwaukee Brewers San Diego 19-Jun-19 $47 $11
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Cincinnati Reds Milwaukee 20-Jun-19 $49 $5
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Cincinnati Reds Milwaukee 21-Jun-19 $38 $9
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Cincinnati Reds Milwaukee 22-Jun-19 $67 $13
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Cincinnati Reds Milwaukee 23-Jun-19 $59 $13
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Seattle Mariners Milwaukee 25-Jun-19 $49 $5

* Ticket Prices vary on hourly basis.

Milwaukee Brewers Discount Code:

Use Event18 as the discount code and get up to 70% discount on Milwaukee Brewers tickets. This is a last minute opportunity to get the discounted tickets for Milwaukee Brewers.

Upcoming EventDiscount CodePercentageDate
San Francisco Giants vs. Milwaukee Brewers, Oracle Park, San Francisco, CA Event18 4% Sat Jun 15 2019 01:05 PM
San Francisco Giants vs. Milwaukee Brewers, Oracle Park, San Francisco, CA Event18 4% Sun Jun 16 2019 01:05 PM
San Diego Padres vs. Milwaukee Brewers, Petco Park, San Diego, CA Event18 4% Mon Jun 17 2019 07:10 PM
San Diego Padres vs. Milwaukee Brewers, Petco Park, San Diego, CA Event18 4% Tue Jun 18 2019 07:10 PM
San Diego Padres vs. Milwaukee Brewers, Petco Park, San Diego, CA Event18 4% Wed Jun 19 2019 12:40 PM

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:When is the Milwaukee Brewers opening day of the 2018 campaign?

A:The Milwaukee Brewers opening day game is scheduled on April 11th and they will face the Toronto Blue Jays in their first game of the regular season at the Rogers Center. If you want to enjoy a great game between these two teams then buy the Milwaukee Brewers Tickets now as they are available on our website for sale. Just go to the event's page where you will find a list of tickets along with their prices. Choose the one which suits your budget and place your order by following a few simple steps.

Q:How many Milwaukee Brewers championships have been won since 2000?

A:The Milwaukee Brewers have only won one championship since 2000. The team won the 2011 NL Central Division title and reached the National League Championship series. However, they were eliminated from the playoffs by the St. Louis Cardinals. To catch the Brewers live in action as they hunt for other championship wins, get Milwaukee Brewers Tickets and watch quality MLB games, live from the stands.

Q:Can I book my cheap milwaukee brewers tickets in advance?

A:Yes, you can book your Milwaukee Brewers Tickets from us in advance and that too very cheap prices. Log on to our website for details and book your tickets now.

Q:Will I be able to buy milwaukee brewers tickets 2018 at even better prices if I buy them a few days before the event?

A:No, Milwaukee Brewers Tickets prices will remain as they are and will not be reduced regardless of when you buy them.

Q:When can I buy cheap milwaukee brewer tickets?

A:You can buy milwaukee brewer Tickets from us at anytime you want before the event.

Q:How many cheap brewers tickets are you left with?

A:We still have a number of brewers Tickets left with us and you can buy them from us whenever you want.

Q:I want to exchange brewers tickets for 4 6 12 with some other date. How can i do that?

A:You cannot exchange Milwaukee Brewers Tickets once bought with any other date or event as it is not our company's policy.

Q:Is there an option to get brewers tickets will call?

A:Yes, we offer the option of getting brewers tickets will call.

Q:Can i still get milwaukee brewers tickets discounted?

A:Yes we are offering Milwaukee Brewers Tickets on discounted rates. Check the rate list online and place the order.

Q:Through what ways can i pay for Brewers Milwaukee tickets?

A:You can pay for Milwaukee Brewers Tickets through Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discovery.

Q:I need brewers tickets for the show scheduled this monday, would i get the tickets in time?

A:You can have Milwaukee Brewers tickets through urgent or will call delivery mode, in this way you are likely to get them in time for the show.

Q:I need milwaukee brewers tickets.

A:Thousands of Milwaukee Brewers Tickets are available at events.excite at amazing deals.


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