Miami Marlins Tickets

The city that has been nicknamed as the ‘Magic City’ is all set for another season of the beautiful game. It just does not get any better for the residents of the beautiful and vivacious city of Miami. And now this is the chance for you to be a part of the fun and excitement as Miami is all geared up to support its favorite baseball home team. Looking fired up this season, the Miami Marlins are all set to take on their tough competitors from the Eastern Division in the national League of Major League Baseball. Be sure not to miss any of the high octane action, buy your Miami Marlins tickets as soon as possible.

If American Football has drives, then baseball has moments. Baseball's drama builds with every inning and there are moments in between when everything changes. There is an enduring suspense when the pitcher takes time to throw the ball. Endless possibilities follow next which are inherent with every pitch. The Florida Marlins are a professional baseball team founded in 1993 that is worth seeing in action this season. Based in Miami, Florida, the club plays in the Eastern Division of MLB's National League. Presently, the Sun Life Stadium is the home ground of the Marlins where the University of Miami football team and the Miami Dolphins also play.

Miami Marlins Venues

  • Miami Marlins Marlins Ballpark
  • St. Louis Cardinals vs. Miami Marlins Busch Stadium
  • Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Miami Marlins Chase Field
  • New York Mets vs. Miami Marlins Citi Field
  • Philadelphia Phillies vs. Miami Marlins Citizens Bank Park
  • Colorado Rockies vs. Miami Marlins Coors Field
  • Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Miami Marlins Dodger Stadium
  • Chicago White Sox vs. Miami Marlins Guaranteed Rate Field
  • Washington Nationals vs. Miami Marlins Nationals Park
  • San Francisco Giants vs. Miami Marlins Oracle Park
  • Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Miami Marlins PNC Park
  • Atlanta Braves vs. Miami Marlins SunTrust Park
  • Tampa Bay Rays vs. Miami Marlins Tropicana Field

Miami Marlins Tickets

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Miami Marlins Tickets

The beautiful city of Miami is the perfect setting for those who love a bit of sun as they enjoy America’s favorite past time. Baseball is without a doubt, one of the most favorite pastimes not just in the United States but around many parts of the world. Fans from around the world are ecstatic as they know that the Miami Marlins always deliver an entertaining performance each time they step on to the field.

Hailing from the lovely city of Miami, Florida, the Marlins have made a name for themselves the MLB. The Marlins have a proud history which goes all the way back to 1939 which was their first season in the league. At that time they were known as the Florida Marlins and their home stadium used to be the Sun Life Stadium. The Marlins continued to play their home games in that stadium until 2011 when they moved into the new and more aptly named Marlins Park. This is your opportunity to be a part of all the excitement and fun in the newly established Marlins Park. Buy Miami Marlins tickets and support your team.

Fans of the Marlins are aware that their team has the unique place in history of being the only team to have the perfect record in the postseason. The Miami Marlins are the only team to have gone all the way and win the World Series championship on both the occasions when they made it to the postseason. This happened in the 1997 and the more recent 2003 postseason. What makes it even more noteworthy is the fact that on both these occasions, the Marlins were chosen as the wild card team in the National League.

The Miami Marlins are also the pioneers in introducing a dancing and cheering team for their club. They are known as the Marlins Mermaids and are very popular both with the players and fans. In fact, the trend has caught on with the rest of the league too and now they also have their cheer and dance squads.

Another interesting fact about the 2003 World Series championship was the fact that the Marlins had to adopt the playing style of a new manager when their previous one Jeff Torborg was replaced. Thirty eight games into the season the much older and more experienced Jack McKeon was brought in and the rest as they say is history.  With a dismal record of 16-22 in the first 38 games, McKeon led the recharged Marlins back into the wild card spot. In what would be the perfect ending to a sports version of a fairy tale, the underdogs upstaged the much hyped New York Yankees in six games to take the coveted World Series for the second time in their history. Now you too can be a part of this great baseball club. Buy Miami Marlins tickets to support and root for them as they take on their opponents in the MLB.

2017 MLB season is just around the corner and the players are due to report at the spring training session. Early in the 2016 season, the Miami Marlins seemed to be going strong and it even looked like they would compete for the wildcard spot. A weak offense and injuries to the key players stopped short their run in the league. Perhaps the biggest blow was the tragic death of their ace pitcher Jose Fernandez, who met a boating accident. The Marlins had been active in the offseason, acquiring big replacements and mostly trying to strengthen the offense. The Fish seem to have a young roster in place, with a lot of value and it’s enough to spur the sales of Miami Marlins tickets. 

Miami Marlins Rivals

Tampa Bay Rays

The Miami Marlins have a strong rivalry with the Tampa Bay Rays. The games between these two teams are also known as the Citrus Series. The two sides have dished up plenty of exciting games too. They met for the first time on June 22, 1998 at the Tropicana Field in a game that was won by the Marlins 3-2.

The head-to-head record in terms of games won is quite close between the Marlins and the Rays too. As of May 7, 2018 these two franchises have played each other on 107 occasions. The Marlins have come out on top in 52 encounters whereas the Rays have won fifty five clashes.

The new season is now underway and these two teams will face off once again. It will be very interesting to see how it goes the next time they square-off.

The Florida Marlins have reached the postseason only two times, winning the World Series both times (1997, 2003). As the National League Wild Card, they have won the playoffs twice, however they have achieved first place in their division. The Marlins are also on record as the only team to win all of their postseason series to date. Plan is underway for a multi-million ballpark to be built in the city of Miami for the Marlins. The Marlins will be known as the "Miami Marlins"" when their new ballpark opens in 2012. The Marlins take their name from a former minor league team in Miami with the same name, and basically the name is derived from the fish species. The team is known by the nickname "The Fish".

The Florida Marlins recruited Clemente Nunez, a 16-year old Dominican in December 1991 thus making their first-ever signing. Then in June 1992, the University of Miami representative catcher Charles Johnson was selected as their first-ever first round draft pick. Rene Lachemann was the team's first manager who had prior experience of coaching the Milwaukee Brewers and the Seattle Mariners, having played as a catcher also. Lachemann was at that time was managing the Oakland Athletics as a third base coach. The initial lineup of players was developed by the team for the Expansion Draft in the 1992 MLB.

The first game played by the Florida Marlins in their inauguration session was against the Houston Astros where they emerged winners with a 12-8 score. The game was played at the Cocoa Expo Sports Complex before a cheering crowd of 6,696 where the first homer by Florida was hit by Jeff Conine. Their first win was however against the Dodgers in April 1993 with Charlie Hough serving as their starting pitcher. An impressive score of 4-4 was achieved by their star player Jeff Conine with the crowd going crazy over him. Conine was nicknamed "Mr. Marlin" at the end of his tenure with Florida.

The team's first All-Star Game selections were Bryan Harvey and Gary Sheffield. The team secured an attendance of 3,064,847 in the year during which they succeeded the last-place New York Mets by finishing five games. Third baseman Gary Sheffield from San Diego Padres was brought in by the Marlins in exchange for their Trevor Hoffman. Sheffield gave an extraordinary performance as one of the Marlins enhancing the team's image while gaining the status of an all-star himself. With the culmination of 1993 season, the club got its second President in its history, Donald A. Smiley. The 1994 season saw the Marlins finishing last (51-64) in their division, while the fell in fourth place in 1995 with 67-76. Some strategic measures were adopted for the good of the team in 1996 with the director of player development, John Boles replacing Lachemann as the manager of the team.

The Marlins were in preparation for a move to their new ballpark, which was announced in a statement given in January 2010. Captivating moments in the baseball field await you this year. Realize your passions by securing Florida Marlins Tickets!

Miami Marlins

Regular Season Schedule 2019
Fri, Mar 29vs Colorado L6-3 0-1Freeland 1-0Urena 0-125,423
Sat, Mar 30vs Colorado L6-1 0-2Marquez 1-0Conley 0-16,503
Sun, Mar 31vs Colorado W7-3 1-2Lopez 1-0Anderson 0-17,642
Sun, Mar 31vs Colorado W3-0 2-2Alcantara 1-0Gray 0-1Romo 17,559
Tue, Apr 2vs New York L7-3 2-3Familia 1-0Steckenrider 0-16,489
Wed, Apr 3vs New York L6-5 2-4Vargas 1-0Urena 0-2Wilson 15,934
Thu, Apr 4vs New York L6-4 2-5deGrom 2-0Richards 0-1Diaz 37,486
Sat, Apr 6@ Atlanta L4-0 2-6Gausman 1-0Lopez 1-129,218
Sun, Apr 7@ Atlanta W4-2 3-6Romo 1-0Minter 0-1Conley 135,618
Sun, Apr 7@ Atlanta L4-3 3-7Vizcaino 1-0Conley 0-232,551
Wed, Apr 10@ Cincinnati L14-0 3-8Castillo 1-1Urena 0-310,058
Thu, Apr 11@ Cincinnati L2-1 3-9Garrett 1-0Steckenrider 0-2Iglesias 111,375
Thu, Apr 11@ Cincinnati L5-0 3-10Stephenson 1-0Lopez 1-211,192
Sat, Apr 13vs Philadelphia L9-1 3-11Arrieta 2-1Alcantara 1-19,322
Sun, Apr 14vs Philadelphia W10-3 4-11Smith 1-0Eflin 2-113,828
Sun, Apr 14vs Philadelphia L3-1 F/14 4-12Arano 1-0Chen 0-1Alvarez 115,238
Tue, Apr 16vs Chicago L7-2 4-13Darvish 1-2Richards 0-29,888
Wed, Apr 17vs Chicago L4-0 4-14Quintana 2-1Lopez 1-38,137
Thu, Apr 18vs Chicago L6-0 4-15Hamels 3-0Alcantara 1-210,247
Sat, Apr 20vs Washington W3-2 5-15Smith 2-0Sanchez 0-2Romo 28,199
Sun, Apr 21vs Washington W9-3 6-15Urena 1-3Scherzer 1-39,910
Sun, Apr 21vs Washington L5-0 6-16Strasburg 2-1Richards 0-37,412
Wed, Apr 24@ Cleveland W3-1 7-16Lopez 2-3Ramirez 0-1Romo 312,963
Wed, Apr 24@ Cleveland L6-2 7-17Wittgren 1-0Conley 0-313,046
Fri, Apr 26@ Philadelphia W3-1 F/10 8-17Guerrero 1-0Neris 0-1Romo 432,060
Sat, Apr 27@ Philadelphia L4-0 8-18Eickhoff 1-1Urena 1-431,159
Sun, Apr 28@ Philadelphia L12-9 8-19Arrieta 4-2Richards 0-4Neris 437,868
Sun, Apr 28@ Philadelphia L5-1 8-20Eflin 3-3Lopez 2-439,168
Wed, May 1vs Cleveland L7-4 8-21Bauer 4-1Alcantara 1-3Hand 97,247
Thu, May 2vs Cleveland W4-2 9-21Smith 3-0Kluber 2-3Romo 57,262
Sat, May 4vs Atlanta L7-2 9-22Toussaint 2-0Urena 1-57,198
Sun, May 5vs Atlanta L9-2 9-23Soroka 3-1Anderson 0-110,229
Sun, May 5vs Atlanta L3-1 F/10 9-24Tomlin 1-0Guerrero 1-1Jackson 211,885
Tue, May 7@ Chicago W6-5 10-24Conley 1-3Strop 1-2Romo 634,555
Wed, May 8@ Chicago L5-2 10-25Cishek 1-1Conley 1-435,274
Thu, May 9@ Chicago L3-2 F/11 10-26Edwards Jr. 1-1Quijada 0-137,241
Thu, May 9@ Chicago L4-1 10-27Montgomery 1-0Richards 0-532,301
Sat, May 11@ New York L11-2 10-28Wheeler 3-2Lopez 2-525,194
Sun, May 12@ New York L4-1 10-29deGrom 3-4Alcantara 1-4Diaz 1032,501
Sun, May 12@ New York POSTPONED
Wed, May 15vs Tampa Bay L4-0 10-30Morton 4-0Smith 3-16,306
Thu, May 16vs Tampa Bay L1-0 10-31Beeks 3-0Urena 1-6Castillo 55,947
Sat, May 18vs New York W8-6 11-31Richards 1-5deGrom 3-5Romo 79,870
Sun, May 19vs New York W2-0 12-31Lopez 3-5Matz 3-3Conley 213,474
Sun, May 19vs New York W3-0 13-31Alcantara 2-4Syndergaard 3-415,983
Wed, May 22@ Detroit W5-4 F/11 14-31Anderson 1-1Jimenez 2-215,565
Thu, May 23@ Detroit W6-3 15-31Urena 2-6Farmer 2-3Romo 814,506
Thu, May 23@ Detroit W5-2 16-31Kinley 1-0Greene 0-2Romo 917,214
Sat, May 25@ Washington L12-10 16-32Barraclough 1-1Anderson 1-2Doolittle 929,173
Sun, May 26@ Washington L5-0 16-33Corbin 5-2Alcantara 2-533,163
Sun, May 26@ Washington L9-6 16-34Fedde 1-0Smith 3-226,365
Mon, May 27@ Washington W3-2 17-34Urena 3-6Barraclough 1-2Romo 1021,048
Wed, May 29vs San Francisco W11-3 18-34Richards 2-5Samardzija 2-46,407
Thu, May 30vs San Francisco W4-2 19-34Anderson 2-2Bumgarner 3-5Romo 116,487
Thu, May 30vs San Francisco L3-1 19-35Moronta 2-4Conley 1-5Smith 137,371
Sat, Jun 1@ San Diego L5-2 19-36Lucchesi 4-3Smith 3-3Yates 2225,019
Sun, Jun 2@ San Diego W9-3 20-36Urena 4-6Margevicius 2-626,858
Mon, Jun 3@ San Diego W9-3 21-36Richards 3-5Strahm 2-531,650
Wed, Jun 5@ Milwaukee W16-0 22-36Lopez 4-5Anderson 3-125,364
Thu, Jun 6@ Milwaukee W8-3 23-36Alcantara 3-5Nelson 0-126,615
Thu, Jun 6@ Milwaukee L5-1 23-37Peralta 3-2Smith 3-4Hader 1425,409
Sat, Jun 8vs Atlanta L7-1 23-38Soroka 7-1Urena 4-78,589
Sun, Jun 9vs Atlanta L1-0 23-39Teheran 4-4Richards 3-6Jackson 99,771
Sun, Jun 9vs Atlanta L7-6 F/12 23-40Winkler 3-1Conley 1-6Tomlin 110,959
Tue, Jun 11vs St. Louis L4-1 23-41Wacha 4-2Alcantara 3-6Hicks 136,585
Wed, Jun 12vs St. Louis L7-1 23-42Hudson 5-3Hernandez 0-16,308
Thu, Jun 13vs St. Louis W9-0 24-42Yamamoto 1-0Mikolas 4-77,001
Sat, Jun 15vs Pittsburgh L11-0 24-43Brault 3-1Richards 3-78,340
Sun, Jun 16vs Pittsburgh W4-3 25-43Lopez 5-5Hartlieb 0-1Romo 1211,464
Sun, Jun 16vs Pittsburgh L5-4 25-44Rodriguez 1-3Anderson 2-3Vazquez 1612,472
Tue, Jun 18@ St. Louis L5-0 25-45Mikolas 5-7Hernandez 0-241,274
Wed, Jun 19@ St. Louis W6-0 26-45Yamamoto 2-0Flaherty 4-441,467
Thu, Jun 20@ St. Louis
Fri, Jun 21@ St. Louis
Sat, Jun 22@ Philadelphia
Sun, Jun 23@ Philadelphia
Sun, Jun 23@ Philadelphia
Wed, Jun 26vs Washington
Thu, Jun 27vs Washington
Fri, Jun 28vs Washington
Sat, Jun 29vs Philadelphia
Sun, Jun 30vs Philadelphia
Sun, Jun 30vs Philadelphia
Wed, Jul 3@ Washington
Thu, Jul 4@ Washington
Thu, Jul 4@ Washington
Sat, Jul 6@ Atlanta
Sun, Jul 7@ Atlanta
Sun, Jul 7@ Atlanta
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The Marlins Destroy the Mets

On September 18, 2017 at the Marlins Park, the Miami Marlines destroyed the New York Mets 13-1 in one of the most one-sided encounters of the season. Giancarlo Stanton was at his best once again and scored his 55th home run of what has been quite a brilliant campaign for him. This was also Marlins’ first game at home since Hurricane Irma hit Florida earlier this month. Whether this performance will be good enough to keep them in the race for a playoff place remains to be seen.

Has Derek Jeter Bought the Miami Marlins?

Widespread reports seem to suggest that the deal is almost done and all there is left to do is for the management to make the official announcement. Of course Jeter hasn’t bought the franchise on his own. He is part of a consortium headed by Bruce Sherman, the venture capitalist. As per reports, Jeter is a partner and will also head the franchise’s baseball operations. This is certainly an interesting move. The Marlins haven’t really been setting the league on fire recently and the Marlins fans will be hoping the Jeter can put them back on track.

It was terrible; this is what Wei-Yin Chen had to say about his previous year. The disappointment comes from the fact that Chen got hit on the elbow a lot and finally landed on the disabled list. But Chen is reenergized and reinvigorated for the upcoming 2017 MLB season. Chen was signed as a free agent for five-years for $80 million. Chen says that this season he is all ready to make good on the Marlins’ investment. Fans have high hopes from this left-hander who joined the Marlins on a high note. The 2017 MLB season will be an exciting one for the Marlins’ fans.

Miami Marlins Schedule

Baseball season is here and is packed with epic matchups. You can catch all the action live as it happens. Next event featuring Miami Marlins will be St. Louis Cardinals vs. Miami Marlins, held at the Busch Stadium in St. Louis. As of now, the last event, Philadelphia Phillies vs. Miami Marlins is scheduled for 29-Sep-19 at the Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. For complete itinerary of events, please visit our website.

Event Venue City Date
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Miami Marlins Busch Stadium St. Louis, MO Wed Jun 19 201907:15 PM
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Miami Marlins Busch Stadium St. Louis, MO Thu Jun 20 201906:15 PM
Philadelphia Phillies vs. Miami Marlins Citizens Bank Park Philadelphia, PA Fri Jun 21 201907:05 PM
Philadelphia Phillies vs. Miami Marlins Citizens Bank Park Philadelphia, PA Sat Jun 22 201904:05 PM
Philadelphia Phillies vs. Miami Marlins Citizens Bank Park Philadelphia, PA Sun Jun 23 201901:05 PM
Miami Marlins vs. Washington Nationals Marlins Ballpark Miami, FL Tue Jun 25 201907:10 PM
Miami Marlins vs. Washington Nationals Marlins Ballpark Miami, FL Wed Jun 26 201907:10 PM
Miami Marlins vs. Washington Nationals Marlins Ballpark Miami, FL Thu Jun 27 201907:10 PM
Miami Marlins vs. Philadelphia Phillies Marlins Ballpark Miami, FL Fri Jun 28 201907:10 PM
Miami Marlins vs. Philadelphia Phillies Marlins Ballpark Miami, FL Sat Jun 29 201904:10 PM

Miami Marlins Ticket Prices

The average price for Miami Marlins Tickets start from $41. The minimum get in price is $6 for Miami Marlins Tickets at the Busch Stadium, St. Louis. For a detailed look at ticket prices and amazing discounts, visit our website.

Name City Date Average Ticket Price Get In Price
(Minimum Price)
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Miami Marlins St. Louis 19-Jun-19 $41 $6
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Miami Marlins St. Louis 20-Jun-19 $65 $9
Philadelphia Phillies vs. Miami Marlins Philadelphia 21-Jun-19 $79 $28
Philadelphia Phillies vs. Miami Marlins Philadelphia 22-Jun-19 $67 $24
Philadelphia Phillies vs. Miami Marlins Philadelphia 23-Jun-19 $67 $16
Miami Marlins vs. Washington Nationals Miami 25-Jun-19 $43 $8
Miami Marlins vs. Washington Nationals Miami 26-Jun-19 $43 $8
Miami Marlins vs. Washington Nationals Miami 27-Jun-19 $44 $7
Miami Marlins vs. Philadelphia Phillies Miami 28-Jun-19 $48 $18
Miami Marlins vs. Philadelphia Phillies Miami 29-Jun-19 $44 $18

* Ticket Prices vary on hourly basis.

Miami Marlins Discount Code:

Use Event18 as the discount code and get up to 70% discount on Miami Marlins tickets. This is a last minute opportunity to get the discounted tickets for Miami Marlins.

Upcoming EventDiscount CodePercentageDate
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Miami Marlins, Busch Stadium, St. Louis, MO Event18 4% Wed Jun 19 2019 07:15 PM
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Miami Marlins, Busch Stadium, St. Louis, MO Event18 4% Thu Jun 20 2019 06:15 PM
Philadelphia Phillies vs. Miami Marlins, Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA Event18 4% Fri Jun 21 2019 07:05 PM
Philadelphia Phillies vs. Miami Marlins, Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA Event18 4% Sat Jun 22 2019 04:05 PM
Philadelphia Phillies vs. Miami Marlins, Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA Event18 4% Sun Jun 23 2019 01:05 PM

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:When is the Miami Marlins opening day of 2018 season?

A:The Miami Marlins are scheduled to start their regular 2018 season by taking on the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park on April 3rd. They will next face the New York Mets on the road before they play against the Atlanta Braves in their home opener on April 11th at the Marlins Ballpark. If you have ever wished to see The Fish live in action then purchase the Miami Marlins Tickets from our brokers today as they are selling them at some of the best prices on the internet. Get them quickly as they are in high demand.

Q:On how many occasions have the Miami Marlins won championships?

A:The Miami Marlins have captured the World Series title on two occasions, in 1997 and 2003. They are now ready to win more as they gear up for another MLB season. The Miami Marlins Tickets are available on our website for sale and you can get them at affordable prices from our brokers. To do that, just visit the event's page and you will find the list of tickets there. Select the one which suits your budget and place your order.

Q:I need to get the miami marlins tickets.

A:Miami Marlins Tickets are available at events.excite. Get them now.

Q:What of marlin tickets 2018 if the event is canceled?

A:If the event is canceled, we'll refund Miami Marlins Tickets as soon as possible.

Q:From where can i get the price list of miami marlins tickets 2018?

A:The price list of Miami Marlins Tickets is placed on our page. Check the directions and place the order right away.

Q:How can i pay for marlins family tickets?

A:You can pay for Miami Marlins Tickets by American Express, Visa, Master card and Discover.

Q:What are some of the special deals you have for miami marlins discount tickets for students?

A:Sorry we are not offering any special discount deals on our Miami Marlins Tickets. However you can get them from us at our already discounted rates from our website.

Q:Where are 2018 marlins promo codes for tickets?

A:All Miami Marlins Tickets that you buy online at our site have promotional codes. Once you select the tickets you wish to purchase, you will be be given the specific discount codes for those tickets and you can get the best possible value for your money.

Q:Are you offering enjoy the city marlins tickets for cheap?

A:Yes, we are offering Miami Marlins Tickets on cheap rates with special discount codes. You can get them by following simple guidelines given on our page. Our discount process has no eligibility criteria and is hassle free.

Q:When do discount marlins tickets go on sale?

A:Miami Marlins Tickets are currently being sold at our website. Simply go to the specific event page on our website to check for the availability of tickets. We offer various discount packages on our tickets to ensure that you get the best possible price for your money. In case tickets are no longer available, you can leave us your email address or contact details, and we would be happy to get back to you to let you know if new tickets become available. You can also search our website for more upcoming events by the same artist.

Q:Where can I get the marlins game tickets codes?

A:We are offering Miami Marlins Tickets as part of various deals and prices so that you can pay the price that falls within your budget. Not only that, but we are also offering some of the best codes available in the market. You can avail them to get further rebate on your purchase right there and then.

Q:When will cheap tickets miami marlins be available at your website?

A:Miami Marlins Tickets are already available and being sold at our website. Simply visit the event's page on our website and browse the list of available tickets. In case tickets are no longer available, you could leave us your email information or contact details and we would be happy to get back to you to let you know if new tickets do become available.

Q:Will I get 2018 Miami Marlins AT T Park Tickets delivered in time?

A:Yes, we will make sure you get your Miami Marlins At T Park Tickets delivered in time.

Q:Where can i get the miami marlins tickets?

A:Plenty of Miami Marlins Tickets are available at events.excite.


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