Cleveland Indians Tickets

The Cleveland Indians are back on track to prove their game spirit once again. Baseball has remained an all time favorite sport among the Americans and most of them can’t seem to have enough of the sporting spirit of Cleveland Indians. What’s more is that their new ball park, the Progressive field adds all the more spice to their upcoming match. Its blooming blue grass surface to the massive Indians logo, all in all can be summed up as a perfect embodiment of the essence of the game baseball. Guarantee yourself a day filled with satisfaction and entertainment; buy your Cleveland tickets now and relax in the traditional American way! Act fast as time is running out buy your deal of the Cleveland Indians tickets as they will allow you to see a truly commendable team hit the field and deliver their best in the field.

Cleveland Indians Venues

  • Cleveland Indians Target Field
  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Cleveland Indians Angel Stadium
  • New York Mets vs. Cleveland Indians Citi Field
  • Detroit Tigers vs. Cleveland Indians Comerica Park
  • Texas Rangers vs. Cleveland Indians Globe Life Park
  • Cincinnati Reds vs. Cleveland Indians Great American Ball Park
  • Chicago White Sox vs. Cleveland Indians Guaranteed Rate Field
  • Kansas City Royals vs. Cleveland Indians Kauffman Stadium
  • Washington Nationals vs. Cleveland Indians Nationals Park
  • Baltimore Orioles vs. Cleveland Indians Oriole Park At Camden Yards
  • Cleveland Indians vs. Boston Red Sox Progressive Field
  • Toronto Blue Jays vs. Cleveland Indians Rogers Centre
  • Tampa Bay Rays vs. Cleveland Indians Tropicana Field
  • New York Yankees vs. Cleveland Indians Yankee Stadium

Cleveland Indians Tickets

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cleaveland indians season tickets

This professional team of baseball players is rooted in Cleveland Ohio and plays in the Central Division. Since 1901 they have enjoyed the status of a Major League Franchise. Without a doubt the Cleveland Indians have proved their mite and strength to their bitter opponents at the play ground along with the legions of fans some of which are sitting in the ballpark. Winning two World Series Championships, first in 1920 and then again in 1948 they have sure made their place in the history of American Baseball. However in recent years the Cleveland Indians are seem to be going through a dry spell, but that does not waver their spirits as they seem to be in full form to make rocking come back. This one of its kind team will show their talent and team spirit once again by rising up to the challenge and making it back to the top, because that is where it belongs. So grab your deal of their tickets now to find out what happens in this upcoming match.

Cleveland Tickets are considered hot commodities since 1901, at that time the team was called Cleveland Blues. The team  has had some excellent players in the past  who proved to be very promising such as the Jim Thome and Albert Belle. A bevy of young players including sluggers like Matt La Porta and Carlos Santana are in full form to shine and win the match in flying colors. So get out there and cheer for your all time favorite team dressed in team colors, red, blue and white. Cheer them with any of the various nick names they have acquired over the years. Scream out their name and refer to them as The Tribe or The Wahoos. Or how about just calling them the Indians guys? Whatever your choice of the name you sure will have a wonderful time watching them make strides once again. The team’s mascot is chief Wahoo who cheers for the team whenever they score. Both the mascot and the team’s logo is criticized for perpetuating Native American Stereotypes and many have protested against them time and again.

The team has remained the proud winner of seven AL Central Titles, which happens to be the most in the entire division. That’s not it guys the Indians have also set an example by achieving an American League record of 111 wins during 1954. The record stood for more than four decades. Now isn’t that a mighty achievement or what? This resilient boasts off a bevy of talented players and is owned by Larry Dolan and managed by Manny Acta. The general manager of the team is Mark Shiparo. In reference to the controversies surrounding their team logo and nickname the Indians have shifted to showing different hats without chief Wahoo logo, an effort to distance themselves from the controversies surrounding them.

Only a few lucky ones can make it to the Cleveland Indian baseball matches and experience the teeth grinding excitement all live. But the rest must not get heartbroken as Cleveland Indians own radio station called WTAM gives full coverage to all the matches held between Indians and opposing teams. The Cleveland Indians tickets have remained hot stuff among baseball lovers as during 1995 till 2001 all 81 home games were sold out before the Cleveland Indians Opening Day. So grab your deal now as they are still the champ in their own way!

The 2017 MLB season is in full swing and the teams are gearing up for the spring training games. The Cleveland Indians finished the last season as the runner-ups and even though they were defeated at the World Series Finals by the Chicago Cubs, things are looking up for the side. The best thing is that they came close to ending 68-year drought at the championship game and were able to win the team’s first American League pennant in 19 years. The Tribe is poised to return as a formidable side in 2017, prompting a huge rise in the Cleveland Indians tickets sales. The fans are hoping for another competitive run by the Indians. 

Cleveland Indians Rivals

Cincinnati Reds

The Cleveland Indians and the Cincinnati Reds are fierce MLB rivals. The games between the two sides are called the Ohio Cup and whichever side wins more games during a particular season gets to take home the trophy. Prior to the league introducing interleague play, the Indians and the Reds only used to meet in exhibition or preseason clashes. That has now changed though.

They have squared-off against each other every year since 1997 barring 2002. The Indians and the Reds have met during regular season in one hundred and thirteen games as of May 17, 2018. The Indians have won fifty six of those clashes whereas the Reds have come out on top on forty seven occasions. Since both franchises represent different leagues, they can only meet in the postseason if they both qualify for the World Series. That has not happened yet so the fans are still waiting for a playoff series between the two great rivals.

Cleveland Indians

Regular Season Schedule 2019
Fri, Mar 29@ Minnesota L2-0 0-1Berrios 1-0Kluber 0-1Rogers 139,519
Sat, Mar 30@ Minnesota W2-1 1-1Edwards 1-0Parker 0-1Hand 115,271
Sun, Mar 31@ Minnesota L9-3 1-2Perez 1-0Carrasco 0-115,613
Tue, Apr 2vs Chicago W5-3 2-2Edwards 2-0Covey 0-1Hand 234,519
Wed, Apr 3vs Chicago L8-3 2-3Rodon 1-1Kluber 0-210,689
Fri, Apr 5vs Toronto W4-1 3-3Bauer 1-0Sanchez 1-1Hand 310,375
Sat, Apr 6vs Toronto W3-2 4-3Cimber 1-0Biagini 0-112,881
Sun, Apr 7vs Toronto W7-2 5-3Carrasco 1-1Pannone 0-218,429
Sun, Apr 7vs Toronto W3-1 6-3Clevinger 1-0Stroman 0-2Hand 417,264
Tue, Apr 9@ Detroit W8-2 7-3Kluber 1-2Zimmermann 0-112,114
Wed, Apr 10@ Detroit L4-1 7-4Boyd 1-1Bauer 1-1Greene 811,128
Thu, Apr 11@ Detroit W4-0 8-4Bieber 1-0Turnbull 0-213,910
Sat, Apr 13@ Kansas City L8-1 8-5Keller 2-1Carrasco 1-211,950
Sun, Apr 14@ Kansas City L3-0 8-6Bailey 1-1Rodriguez 0-1Peralta 115,188
Sun, Apr 14@ Kansas City L9-8 8-7Peralta 1-1Hand 0-114,303
Tue, Apr 16@ Seattle W6-4 9-7Bauer 2-1Kikuchi 0-1Hand 511,214
Wed, Apr 17@ Seattle W4-2 10-7Bieber 2-0Leake 2-1Hand 611,826
Thu, Apr 18@ Seattle W1-0 11-7Carrasco 2-2Swanson 0-1Wittgren 113,325
Sat, Apr 20vs Atlanta POSTPONED
Sun, Apr 21vs Atlanta W8-4 12-7Kluber 2-2Teheran 2-20
Sun, Apr 21vs Atlanta L8-7 12-8Jackson 2-0Cimber 1-1Minter 223,035
Mon, Apr 22vs Atlanta L11-5 12-9Fried 3-0Bieber 2-116,039
Wed, Apr 24vs Miami L3-1 12-10Lopez 2-3Ramirez 0-1Romo 312,963
Wed, Apr 24vs Miami W6-2 13-10Wittgren 1-0Conley 0-313,046
Fri, Apr 26@ Houston W2-1 14-10Bauer 3-1Cole 1-4Hand 724,948
Sat, Apr 27@ Houston W6-3 15-10Cimber 2-1Rondon 2-1Hand 838,084
Sun, Apr 28@ Houston L4-3 F/10 15-11Osuna 2-0Cimber 2-238,667
Mon, Apr 29@ Houston L4-1 15-12Valdez 1-1Carrasco 2-3Pressly 231,025
Wed, May 1@ Miami W7-4 16-12Bauer 4-1Alcantara 1-3Hand 97,247
Thu, May 2@ Miami L4-2 16-13Smith 3-0Kluber 2-3Romo 57,262
Sat, May 4vs Seattle W2-1 17-13Hand 1-1Swarzak 2-116,334
Sun, May 5vs Seattle W5-4 18-13Olson 1-0Sadzeck 0-1Hand 1018,420
Sun, May 5vs Seattle L10-0 18-14Swanson 1-3Anderson 0-119,665
Tue, May 7vs Chicago L9-1 18-15Nova 1-3Bauer 4-212,745
Wed, May 8vs Chicago L2-0 18-16Giolito 3-1Rodriguez 0-2Colome 712,961
Thu, May 9vs Chicago W5-3 19-16Hand 2-1Fry 1-112,519
Thu, May 9vs Chicago W5-0 F/5 20-16Carrasco 3-3Banuelos 2-213,247
Sat, May 11@ Oakland L4-3 F/12 20-17Soria 1-2Hand 2-236,913
Sun, May 12@ Oakland L3-2 20-18Treinen 2-2Cole 0-118,278
Mon, May 13@ Oakland W5-3 21-18Rodriguez 1-2Mengden 0-1Hand 1118,891
Tue, May 14@ Chicago L5-2 21-19Lopez 3-4Bieber 2-2Colome 816,471
Tue, May 14@ Chicago W9-0 22-19Carrasco 4-3Banuelos 2-318,823
Fri, May 17vs Baltimore W14-7 23-19Cole 1-1Ynoa 0-116,324
Sat, May 18vs Baltimore L5-1 23-20Bundy 2-5Rodriguez 1-322,999
Sun, May 19vs Baltimore W4-1 24-20Plutko 1-0Means 5-4Hand 1225,652
Sun, May 19vs Baltimore W10-0 25-20Bieber 3-2Ramirez 0-221,377
Tue, May 21vs Oakland L6-4 25-21Anderson 5-3Carrasco 4-4Treinen 812,563
Wed, May 22vs Oakland L5-3 25-22Hendriks 2-0Bauer 4-3Treinen 913,705
Wed, May 22vs Oakland L7-2 25-23Montas 6-2Rodriguez 1-417,010
Fri, May 24vs Tampa Bay L7-2 25-24Yarbrough 3-1Plutko 1-118,884
Sat, May 25vs Tampa Bay W3-1 26-24Cole 2-1Alvarado 0-4Hand 1324,084
Sun, May 26vs Tampa Bay L6-2 26-25Morton 5-0Carrasco 4-525,882
Sun, May 26vs Tampa Bay L6-3 26-26Beeks 4-0Bauer 4-4Alvarado 620,288
Tue, May 28@ Boston L12-5 26-27Porcello 4-4Rodriguez 1-537,113
Wed, May 29@ Boston W7-5 27-27Wittgren 2-0Lakins 0-1Hand 1432,984
Thu, May 30@ Boston W14-9 28-27Bieber 4-2Weber 1-1Hand 1534,824
Fri, May 31@ Chicago L10-4 28-28Banuelos 3-4Carrasco 4-622,182
Sat, Jun 1@ Chicago L6-1 28-29Covey 1-4Bauer 4-521,652
Sat, Jun 1@ Chicago W5-2 29-29Perez 1-0Nova 3-5Hand 1625,873
Sun, Jun 2@ Chicago L2-0 29-30Giolito 8-1Plesac 0-1Colome 1226,453
Wed, Jun 5vs Minnesota W5-2 30-30Bieber 5-2Smeltzer 0-1Hand 1715,814
Thu, Jun 6vs Minnesota W9-7 31-30Wittgren 3-0Parker 0-2Hand 1816,962
Fri, Jun 7vs Minnesota L5-4 31-31Berrios 8-2Bauer 4-6Rogers 615,350
Sat, Jun 8vs New York W5-2 32-31Plesac 1-1German 9-2Hand 1931,531
Sun, Jun 9vs New York W8-4 33-31Plutko 2-1Sabathia 3-332,239
Sun, Jun 9vs New York L7-6 F/10 33-32Chapman 1-1Perez 1-1Tarpley 129,028
Wed, Jun 12vs Cincinnati W2-1 F/10 34-32Hand 3-2Iglesias 1-624,101
Wed, Jun 12vs Cincinnati L7-2 34-33DeSclafani 3-3Plesac 1-224,045
Sat, Jun 15@ Detroit W13-4 35-33Plutko 3-1Carpenter 1-422,362
Sun, Jun 16@ Detroit W4-2 36-33Bieber 6-2Ramirez 3-1Hand 2025,523
Sun, Jun 16@ Detroit W8-0 37-33Bauer 5-6Turnbull 3-626,705
Tue, Jun 18@ Texas L7-2 37-34Lynn 8-4Clevinger 1-120,860
Wed, Jun 19@ Texas
Thu, Jun 20@ Texas
Thu, Jun 20@ Texas
Sat, Jun 22vs Detroit
Sun, Jun 23vs Detroit
Sun, Jun 23vs Detroit
Tue, Jun 25vs Kansas City
Wed, Jun 26vs Kansas City
Wed, Jun 26vs Kansas City
Sat, Jun 29@ Baltimore
Sun, Jun 30@ Baltimore
Sun, Jun 30@ Baltimore
Wed, Jul 3@ Kansas City
Thu, Jul 4@ Kansas City
Thu, Jul 4@ Kansas City
Sun, Jul 7@ Cincinnati
Sun, Jul 7@ Cincinnati
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The Cleveland Indians are off and running in the ALDS

The Cleveland Indians have made a great start to their ALDS against the New York Yankees. The current American League champions destroyed the Yankees 4-0 at the Progressive Field on October 5, 2017. Terry Francona, surprised quite a few people when he started with Trevor Bauer instead of Corey Kluber. The move paid off and Bauer stole the show by pitching 6.2 scoreless innings. He also struck out eight of the Yankees batters. The Yankees on the other hand, were never in the races and will have to quickly raise their game to mount a comeback.

The Cleveland Indians’ president of baseball operations, Chris Antonetti is already looking forward to the upcoming MLB season with a lot of optimism. The message is not to dwell on the past and go all the way to win the World Series. This is what Chris had to say:

"In a lot of respects, last year was a successful season not only in how long we played, but in the way we went about it. But, we thirst for more. Our goal is to win the World Series. We got a chance to play in it last year, but didn't win. Now, we have a difficult path in front of us to not only earn the opportunity to get to the postseason, but to advance in the postseason. There's nothing we can do about that today, but work on today and focus on what we have in front of us. And I think our guys will do that.”


Where is the Cleveland Indians spring training?

The 2017 Spring Training of the Cleveland Indians will take place at the Goodyear Ballpark in Goodyear, Arizona. Besides, the Indians’ the ballpark is also the spring training home of the Cincinnati Reds. The stadium opened back in the year 2009. Its main field has a seating capacity for 10,000 attendees. The 2017 spring training game schedule is out and the Indians will play their first game against the Cincinnati Reds on February, 25th. First pitch is set for 1:05 pm. Fans of the baseball sport are very excited to catch the Indians live on the field. 


Cleveland Indians Schedule

Baseball season is here and is packed with epic matchups. You can catch all the action live as it happens. Next event featuring Cleveland Indians will be Texas Rangers vs. Cleveland Indians, held at the Globe Life Park in Arlington. As of now, the last event, Washington Nationals vs. Cleveland Indians is scheduled for 29-Sep-19 at the Nationals Park in Washington. For complete itinerary of events, please visit our website.

Event Venue City Date
Texas Rangers vs. Cleveland Indians Globe Life Park Arlington, TX Tue Jun 18 201907:05 PM
Texas Rangers vs. Cleveland Indians Globe Life Park Arlington, TX Wed Jun 19 201907:05 PM
Texas Rangers vs. Cleveland Indians Globe Life Park Arlington, TX Thu Jun 20 201901:05 PM
Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers Jacobs Field Cleveland, OH Fri Jun 21 201907:10 PM
Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers Jacobs Field Cleveland, OH Sat Jun 22 201904:10 PM
Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers Jacobs Field Cleveland, OH Sun Jun 23 201901:10 PM
Cleveland Indians vs. Kansas City Royals Jacobs Field Cleveland, OH Mon Jun 24 201907:10 PM
Cleveland Indians vs. Kansas City Royals Jacobs Field Cleveland, OH Tue Jun 25 201907:10 PM
Cleveland Indians vs. Kansas City Royals Jacobs Field Cleveland, OH Wed Jun 26 201901:10 PM
Baltimore Orioles vs. Cleveland Indians Oriole Park at Camden Yards Baltimore, MD Fri Jun 28 201907:05 PM

Cleveland Indians Ticket Prices

The average price for Cleveland Indians Tickets start from $18. The minimum get in price is $1 for Cleveland Indians Tickets at the Globe Life Park, Arlington. For a detailed look at ticket prices and amazing discounts, visit our website.

Name City Date Average Ticket Price Get In Price
(Minimum Price)
Texas Rangers vs. Cleveland Indians Arlington 18-Jun-19 $18 $3
Texas Rangers vs. Cleveland Indians Arlington 19-Jun-19 $58 $4
Texas Rangers vs. Cleveland Indians Arlington 20-Jun-19 $35 $1
Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers Cleveland 21-Jun-19 $127 $13
Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers Cleveland 22-Jun-19 $109 $13
Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers Cleveland 23-Jun-19 $108 $13
Cleveland Indians vs. Kansas City Royals Cleveland 24-Jun-19 $138 $13
Cleveland Indians vs. Kansas City Royals Cleveland 25-Jun-19 $120 $13
Cleveland Indians vs. Kansas City Royals Cleveland 26-Jun-19 $111 $13
Baltimore Orioles vs. Cleveland Indians Baltimore 28-Jun-19 $77 $13

* Ticket Prices vary on hourly basis.

Cleveland Indians Discount Code:

Use Event18 as the discount code and get up to 70% discount on Cleveland Indians tickets. This is a last minute opportunity to get the discounted tickets for Cleveland Indians.

Upcoming EventDiscount CodePercentageDate
Texas Rangers vs. Cleveland Indians, Globe Life Park, Arlington, TX Event18 4% Tue Jun 18 2019 07:05 PM
Texas Rangers vs. Cleveland Indians, Globe Life Park, Arlington, TX Event18 4% Wed Jun 19 2019 07:05 PM
Texas Rangers vs. Cleveland Indians, Globe Life Park, Arlington, TX Event18 4% Thu Jun 20 2019 01:05 PM
Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers, Progressive Field, Cleveland, OH Event18 4% Fri Jun 21 2019 07:10 PM
Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers, Progressive Field, Cleveland, OH Event18 4% Sat Jun 22 2019 04:10 PM

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Where is Tom Hamilton?

A:Tom Hamilton is still with the Cleveland Indians. He is the franchise's play-by-play announcer and has been associated with the team since the year 1990. The Indians went all the way to the World Series last year but came up short against the Cubs. They will be looking to go one step further this time around and win the biggest title that the sport has to offer. If you want to be a part of the ride, then book your Cleveland Indians Tickets and watch them slug it out live.

Q:Did the Cleveland Indians win any championships in the previous season?

A:Yes, the Cleveland Indians captured their eighth Central division title, which was also their first title in nine years during the 2016 season. They are now scheduled to face many formidable teams in the upcoming campaign like the Texas Rangers and the Minnesota Twins. This is your chance to watch your favorite team live so get your Cleveland Indians Tickets from our website via our certified brokers at the earliest.

Q:When is the last day to buy cheap cleveland indians tickets?

A:You can buy Cleveland Indians Tickets from us at any time you want before the event.

Q:Can i get the cleveland indians ticket offer codes even though i am not a member?

A:There are no membership requirements on our website and all our valued customers can avail the codes for the Cleveland Indians Tickets.

Q:What is the policy to get indians tickets offer code?

A:There is no special policy to get offer codes of Cleveland Indians Tickets. Check out the instructions and place the order right away.

Q:Can i cancel my order for indians tickets?

A:We are sorry, you cannot cancel Cleveland Indians tickets order as all sales are final. You should read the terms and policy of excite.

Q:Can i get cleveland indians tickets from two different sections and not pay the additional charges twice?

A:Cleveland Indians tickets mentioned in different sections are held by different brokers. They obviously have to ship and process the tickets separately so it is not possible to skip the additional charges. What you can do is get the discount code from the live person and save some amount.


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