Cincinnati Reds Tickets

There is nothing like enjoying a cold beverage on a bright sunny day while watching a good game of baseball especially when the Cincinnati Reds are playing. Also known as the Big Red Machine, the team has proven time and again just how incredibly tough they are to beat, thanks to their impressive roster of players who give it their all every time they appear on the field. Although the team has not made it to the playoffs for the past five years but they are now back in their form. So if you want to support your favorite team live then now is your chance. Grab your Cincinnati Reds tickets and watch them in action.

Cincinnati Reds Venues

  • Cincinnati Reds Great American Ball Park
  • Cincinnati Reds Wrigley Field
  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Cincinnati Reds Angel Stadium
  • St. Louis Cardinals vs. Cincinnati Reds Busch Stadium
  • Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Cincinnati Reds Chase Field
  • Colorado Rockies vs. Cincinnati Reds Coors Field
  • Miami Marlins vs. Cincinnati Reds Marlins Ballpark
  • Milwaukee Brewers vs. Cincinnati Reds Miller Park
  • Washington Nationals vs. Cincinnati Reds Nationals Park
  • Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Cincinnati Reds PNC Park
  • Atlanta Braves vs. Cincinnati Reds SunTrust Park
  • Seattle Mariners vs. Cincinnati Reds T-Mobile Park

Cincinnati Reds Tickets

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Cincinnati Reds Tickets

The Cincinnati Reds are ready to win their sixth World Series title this year. Will they be able to do so? If you want to find that out then attend their upcoming games by getting your hands on Cincinnati Reds tickets at the earliest.

Cincinnati Reds: A brief history

The Cincinnati Reds is among one of the oldest teams of the league, established in 1881. The team is a member club of the National League (NL) Central Division and currently plays their home games at the Great American Ball Park which opened on March 31, 2003. This venue has also hosted concerts of many popular stars including Sir Paul McCartney, Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean.

The team was first introduced as the Cincinnati Red Stockings before their name was changed to the Cincinnati Reds. After the 1953 season, the team’s name was altered to the Cincinnati Redlegs before it was changed back to the Cincinnati Reds in 1960. That year, the team could not perform according to the expectations and failed to qualify for the playoffs. However, they bounced back a year later and not only made it to the postseason but also appeared for the World Series game which they unfortunately lost to the New York Yankees, 4-1. 

For the next eight seasons, the Cincinnati Reds failed to make it to the playoffs before they again qualified for the World Series game in 1970 but lost the bout to the Baltimore Orioles, 4-1. A couple of years later, they once again came inches close to winning the World Series title but lost the game to the Oakland Athletics, 4-3. Since then, the team has gone on to appear for the playoffs multiple times.

World Series title wins

The Cincinnati Reds won their first World Series championship when they defeated the Chicago White Sox, 5-3 in 1919. They then captured their second major title when they emerged victorious against the Detroit Tigers in 1940. The team later went on to win three more World Series title in 1975, 1976 and 1990 by defeating the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and Oakland Athletics respectively. The Big Red Machine has also won seven NL West Division titles and three NL Division titles.

The Rivalries

The Cincinnati Reds shares historic rivalries with Cleveland Indians and the Los Angeles Dodgers

Reds VS Indians

The Cincinnati Reds has a famous rivalry with the Cleveland Indians. Both teams compete in the Ohio Cup or better known as the Battle of Ohio which is an annual interleague rivalry series between these two sides from the U.S. state of Ohio. The Reds and the Indians have met each other for the Ohio Cup 109 times out of which the latter holds the largest victory against the other, 19-4.

Reds VS Dodgers

The Cincinnati Reds also have fierce rivalry with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Both teams have often battled for the NL West division crown and also played each other in different championship games. The Reds’ former manager Sparky Anderson commented on the rivalry in words: “The Giants are supposed to be the Dodgers' natural rivals, but I don't think the feeling is there anymore. It's not there the way it is with us and the Dodgers.”

They are back in their form

The last five seasons have been tough for the Cincinnati Reds as they failed to make it to the postseason. However, the team seems to be back in their formidable form and is ready to dominate the current season of the MLB. Will they be able to qualify for the playoffs this time? You can know the answer to that question by booking your Cincinnati Reds tickets today.

Cincinnati Reds Information

Manager: David Bell

Home Ballpark: Great American Ball Park

Ballpark Seating Capacity: 42,319

Ballpark Opened: 2003

2018 Division Finish: 5th

2018 Playoff Finish: Did not qualify

Cincinnati Reds Record

Games Played



Win Percentage





Cincinnati Reds

Regular Season Schedule 2019
Fri, Mar 29vs Pittsburgh W5-3 1-0Duke 1-0Taillon 0-1Hernandez 144,049
Sat, Mar 30vs Pittsburgh POSTPONED
Sun, Mar 31vs Pittsburgh L5-0 1-1Williams 1-0Gray 0-118,737
Tue, Apr 2vs Milwaukee L4-3 1-2Wilson 1-0Iglesias 0-1Hader 37,799
Wed, Apr 3vs Milwaukee L4-3 1-3Chacin 2-0Duke 1-1Hader 410,195
Wed, Apr 3vs Milwaukee L1-0 1-4Peralta 1-0Castillo 0-1Wilson 113,439
Fri, Apr 5@ Pittsburgh L2-0 1-5Kingham 1-0Hernandez 0-1Vazquez 18,523
Sat, Apr 6@ Pittsburgh L2-0 1-6Musgrove 1-0Gray 0-2Vazquez 212,497
Sat, Apr 6@ Pittsburgh L6-5 F/10 1-7Liriano 1-0Iglesias 0-215,798
Sun, Apr 7@ Pittsburgh L7-5 1-8Archer 1-0DeSclafani 0-1Rodriguez 114,750
Wed, Apr 10vs Miami W14-0 2-8Castillo 1-1Urena 0-310,058
Thu, Apr 11vs Miami W2-1 3-8Garrett 1-0Steckenrider 0-2Iglesias 111,375
Thu, Apr 11vs Miami W5-0 4-8Stephenson 1-0Lopez 1-211,192
Sun, Apr 14vs St. Louis W5-2 5-8Hughes 1-0Wainwright 1-1Iglesias 216,496
Mon, Apr 15vs St. Louis L9-5 5-9Gant 3-0Garrett 1-1Hicks 316,793
Tue, Apr 16@ Los Angeles L4-3 5-10Jansen 1-0Iglesias 0-352,974
Wed, Apr 17@ Los Angeles L6-1 5-11Maeda 3-1Mahle 0-145,406
Thu, Apr 18@ Los Angeles L3-2 5-12Buehler 2-0Gray 0-3Jansen 542,691
Fri, Apr 19@ San Diego W4-1 6-12Roark 1-0Paddack 0-1Iglesias 326,577
Sat, Apr 20@ San Diego W3-2 F/11 7-12Hughes 2-0Stammen 2-1Lorenzen 133,442
Sun, Apr 21@ San Diego W4-2 8-12Castillo 2-1Lauer 2-3Iglesias 437,137
Mon, Apr 22@ San Diego L4-3 8-13Lucchesi 3-2Mahle 0-2Yates 1025,932
Wed, Apr 24vs Atlanta W7-6 9-13Stephenson 2-0Gausman 1-2Iglesias 512,789
Thu, Apr 25vs Atlanta L3-1 9-14Soroka 1-1Roark 1-1Minter 312,949
Fri, Apr 26vs Atlanta W4-2 10-14Castillo 3-1Teheran 2-3Iglesias 614,792
Sat, Apr 27@ St. Louis W12-1 11-14DeSclafani 1-1Mikolas 2-245,087
Sat, Apr 27@ St. Louis L6-3 11-15Hudson 2-1Mahle 0-3Hicks 844,197
Sun, Apr 28@ St. Louis L5-2 11-16Flaherty 3-1Gray 0-4Gant 245,701
Tue, Apr 30@ New York W5-4 12-16Iglesias 1-3Diaz 0-120,766
Wed, May 1@ New York L4-3 F/10 12-17Gagnon 1-0Iglesias 1-420,836
Thu, May 2@ New York W1-0 13-17Duke 2-1Diaz 0-2Lorenzen 222,119
Thu, May 2@ New York L1-0 13-18Syndergaard 2-3Mahle 0-421,445
Sat, May 4vs San Francisco L12-11 F/11 13-19Moronta 1-2Hughes 2-1Smith 823,478
Sun, May 5vs San Francisco W9-2 14-19Roark 2-1Rodriguez 3-424,104
Mon, May 6vs San Francisco L6-5 14-20Watson 1-0Iglesias 1-5Smith 923,654
Mon, May 6vs San Francisco W12-4 15-20DeSclafani 2-1Pomeranz 1-419,476
Wed, May 8@ Oakland L2-0 15-21Fiers 3-3Mahle 0-511,794
Thu, May 9@ Oakland L5-4 F/13 15-22Hendriks 1-0Stephenson 2-19,096
Fri, May 10@ Oakland W3-0 16-22Roark 3-1Bassitt 1-1Iglesias 719,694
Sat, May 11@ San Francisco W7-0 17-22Castillo 4-1Rodriguez 3-532,191
Sun, May 12@ San Francisco W5-4 18-22Garrett 2-1Moronta 1-3Iglesias 832,829
Mon, May 13@ San Francisco L6-5 18-23Watson 2-0Hernandez 0-2Smith 1035,824
Wed, May 15vs Chicago L3-1 18-24Hendricks 3-4Roark 3-2Cishek 316,853
Thu, May 16vs Chicago W6-5 F/10 19-24Garrett 3-1Brach 3-117,101
Fri, May 17vs Chicago W4-2 20-24Castillo 5-1Quintana 4-3Iglesias 918,739
Sat, May 18vs Los Angeles L6-0 20-25Hill 1-1DeSclafani 2-227,456
Sun, May 19vs Los Angeles W4-0 21-25Mahle 1-5Buehler 4-131,156
Sun, May 19vs Los Angeles L8-3 21-26Ryu 6-1Roark 3-331,016
Wed, May 22@ Milwaukee W3-0 22-26Gray 1-4Gonzalez 2-1Iglesias 1036,829
Wed, May 22@ Milwaukee L11-9 22-27Guerra 2-0Peralta 0-1Hader 1235,330
Fri, May 24@ Chicago W6-5 23-27Hernandez 1-2Cishek 1-2Iglesias 1135,266
Sat, May 25@ Chicago L8-6 23-28Maples 1-0Hughes 2-2Chatwood 140,929
Sun, May 26@ Chicago W10-2 24-28Roark 4-3Quintana 4-440,884
Mon, May 27vs Pittsburgh L8-5 24-29Crick 2-1Hernandez 1-3Vazquez 1420,569
Tue, May 28vs Pittsburgh W8-1 25-29Gray 2-4Keller 0-127,489
Wed, May 29vs Pittsburgh W11-6 26-29Sims 1-0Lyles 5-213,824
Wed, May 29vs Pittsburgh L7-2 26-30Brault 2-1DeSclafani 2-315,252
Sat, Jun 1vs Washington W9-3 27-30Mahle 2-5Corbin 5-324,358
Sun, Jun 2vs Washington L5-2 27-31Rainey 1-1Roark 4-4Doolittle 1127,748
Sun, Jun 2vs Washington L4-1 27-32Scherzer 3-5Gray 2-5Doolittle 1222,801
Wed, Jun 5@ St. Louis W4-1 28-32Castillo 6-1Cabrera 0-2Iglesias 1240,649
Thu, Jun 6@ St. Louis POSTPONED
Thu, Jun 6@ St. Louis L3-1 28-33Gant 5-0Lorenzen 0-1Hicks 1244,654
Sat, Jun 8@ Philadelphia L4-2 28-34Eflin 6-5Mahle 2-6Neris 1332,058
Sun, Jun 9@ Philadelphia L4-1 28-35Pivetta 4-1Roark 4-544,357
Sun, Jun 9@ Philadelphia W4-3 29-35Duke 3-1Alvarez 0-2Iglesias 1342,324
Wed, Jun 12@ Cleveland L2-1 F/10 29-36Hand 3-2Iglesias 1-624,101
Wed, Jun 12@ Cleveland W7-2 30-36DeSclafani 3-3Plesac 1-224,045
Sat, Jun 15vs Texas L7-1 30-37Martin 1-0Mahle 2-7Smyly 130,090
Sun, Jun 16vs Texas
Sun, Jun 16vs Texas
Tue, Jun 18vs Houston
Wed, Jun 19vs Houston
Wed, Jun 19vs Houston
Fri, Jun 21@ Milwaukee
Sat, Jun 22@ Milwaukee
Sun, Jun 23@ Milwaukee
Sun, Jun 23@ Milwaukee
Wed, Jun 26@ Los Angeles
Thu, Jun 27@ Los Angeles
Sat, Jun 29vs Chicago
Sun, Jun 30vs Chicago
Sun, Jun 30vs Chicago
Tue, Jul 2vs Milwaukee
Wed, Jul 3vs Milwaukee
Thu, Jul 4vs Milwaukee
Thu, Jul 4vs Milwaukee
Sun, Jul 7vs Cleveland
Sun, Jul 7vs Cleveland
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Cincinnati Reds Schedule

Baseball season is here and is packed with epic matchups. You can catch all the action live as it happens. Next event featuring Cincinnati Reds will be Cincinnati Reds vs. Texas Rangers, held at the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati. As of now, the last event, Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Cincinnati Reds is scheduled for 29-Sep-19 at the PNC Park in Pittsburgh. For complete itinerary of events, please visit our website.

Event Venue City Date
Cincinnati Reds vs. Texas Rangers Great American Ball Park Cincinnati, OH Sat Jun 15 201907:10 PM
Cincinnati Reds vs. Texas Rangers Great American Ball Park Cincinnati, OH Sun Jun 16 201901:10 PM
Cincinnati Reds vs. Houston Astros Great American Ball Park Cincinnati, OH Mon Jun 17 201907:10 PM
Cincinnati Reds vs. Houston Astros Great American Ball Park Cincinnati, OH Tue Jun 18 201907:10 PM
Cincinnati Reds vs. Houston Astros Great American Ball Park Cincinnati, OH Wed Jun 19 201912:35 PM
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Cincinnati Reds Miller Park Milwaukee, WI Thu Jun 20 201907:10 PM
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Cincinnati Reds Miller Park Milwaukee, WI Fri Jun 21 201907:10 PM
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Cincinnati Reds Miller Park Milwaukee, WI Sat Jun 22 201903:10 PM
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Cincinnati Reds Miller Park Milwaukee, WI Sun Jun 23 201901:10 PM
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Cincinnati Reds Angel Stadium Anaheim, CA Tue Jun 25 201907:07 PM

Cincinnati Reds Ticket Prices

The average price for Cincinnati Reds Tickets start from $38. The minimum get in price is $5 for Cincinnati Reds Tickets at the Miller Park, Milwaukee. For a detailed look at ticket prices and amazing discounts, visit our website.

Name City Date Average Ticket Price Get In Price
(Minimum Price)
Cincinnati Reds vs. Texas Rangers Cincinnati 15-Jun-19 $52 $13
Cincinnati Reds vs. Texas Rangers Cincinnati 16-Jun-19 $46 $7
Cincinnati Reds vs. Houston Astros Cincinnati 17-Jun-19 $39 $8
Cincinnati Reds vs. Houston Astros Cincinnati 18-Jun-19 $54 $8
Cincinnati Reds vs. Houston Astros Cincinnati 19-Jun-19 $43 $8
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Cincinnati Reds Milwaukee 20-Jun-19 $49 $5
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Cincinnati Reds Milwaukee 21-Jun-19 $38 $9
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Cincinnati Reds Milwaukee 22-Jun-19 $67 $13
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Cincinnati Reds Milwaukee 23-Jun-19 $59 $13
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Cincinnati Reds Anaheim 25-Jun-19 $66 $7

* Ticket Prices vary on hourly basis.

Cincinnati Reds Discount Code:

Use Event18 as the discount code and get up to 70% discount on Cincinnati Reds tickets. This is a last minute opportunity to get the discounted tickets for Cincinnati Reds.

Upcoming EventDiscount CodePercentageDate
Cincinnati Reds vs. Texas Rangers, Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati, OH Event18 4% Sat Jun 15 2019 07:10 PM
Cincinnati Reds vs. Texas Rangers, Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati, OH Event18 4% Sun Jun 16 2019 01:10 PM
Cincinnati Reds vs. Houston Astros, Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati, OH Event18 4% Mon Jun 17 2019 07:10 PM
Cincinnati Reds vs. Houston Astros, Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati, OH Event18 4% Tue Jun 18 2019 07:10 PM
Cincinnati Reds vs. Houston Astros, Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati, OH Event18 4% Wed Jun 19 2019 12:35 PM

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Are you offering any special Cincinnati Reds Ticket Deals?

A:The Cincinnati Reds Tickets are available on our website and you can get them in a wide range of prices. As far as special deals on tickets are concerned, special promotions like discounts are put up from time to time. To check, if any promotions or deals are active right now, make sure you check the page regularly so that you do not miss out on the chance to book the tickets you want at amazing prices.

Q:What is the price of Cincinnati Reds championships tickets?

A:The MLB season has not even begun yet. Teams are still in spring training and the regular season is still a few weeks away. We will of course have Cincinnati Reds Tickets for you to buy if they make it to the World Series. You can right now watch the Reds in training by booking your Cincinnati Reds Tickets. The average ticket price for their spring training games is between $44 and $34. The get in price falls between $23 and $11 right now.

Q:Where is Thom Brennaman?

A:Thom Brennaman is a broadcaster and an announcer for the baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds. He has been part of the franchise for years now. Thom's beloved Reds are all set to hit the field in the latest MLB season and the former five time World Series winners mean business this season. If you are a fan of this historic team, then book your Cincinnati Reds Tickets and watch them play live.

Q:Who are the Reds announcers?

A:Marty Brennaman, Thom Brennaman, Chris Welsh, Jeff Brantley, Jim Kelch, Doug Flynn, Jepp Piecoro, Jim Day and George Grande are the men who are Reds' analysts and broadcasters currently. As the new MLB season approaches all of these famous names will once again follow their team all around the country and keep the fans updated. If you are a Reds fan, then this is your chance to book Cincinnati Reds Tickets and watch the former five time World Series champions play live this year.

Q:Where is Marty Brennaman?

A:Marty Brennaman is with the Cincinnati Reds still and will be broadcasting in 2017. Marty has been part of the franchise from the year 1974 and still loves his job. As the new season approaches, Marty and all the Reds fans across the country are looking forward to seeing how their favorite team performs live. Book your Cincinnati Reds Tickets and join Marty and the rest of the broadcasting team to watch the Reds live.

Q:Is your website selling Cincinnati Reds opening day 2018 tickets?

A:Yes, Cincinnati Reds Tickets for their opening game as well as the other games are available on our site. Kindly browse through our inventory to get the exact information. It will be a feeling of déjà vu for the Reds as their opening day opponents are the same as 2016 – the Philadelphia Phillies. The three-game series will start on April 3 at the Great American Ball Park and will continue on April 5 and 6.

Q:Where’s the cheapest place to get Cincinnati Reds Tickets?

A:The Cincinnati Reds have won five World Series titles. They also have nine NL Pennants and an AA Pennant along with ten division titles. You can easily get cheap Cincinnati Reds Tickets at our website. Simply visit the relevant event page on our website and browse the prices of available tickets. As you will notice, ticket prices vary over a large range, so simply select the ones which most suit your budget requirements. You can also avail our various discount packages and special offers to get the best possible price for your tickets.

Q:What service does your website use to deliver cincinnati reds tickets 2018 to the customers?

A:Cincinnati Reds Tickets are delivered to our customers mostly through FedEx, which is one of the most reliable courier services in the world.

Q:Do I need to be a member of your website to buy cincinnati reds tickets cheap?

A:We do not require any membership to buy Cincinnati Reds Tickets and any one can purchase tickets from us even without being a member.

Q:How many discount reds tickets are you left with?

A:We still have a number of Cincinnati Reds Tickets left with us and you can easily buy them from us whenever you want.

Q:Can the cincinnati reds ticket promotion codes be used by non-members as well?

A:There are no membership requirements on our website and all our valued customers can now avail the coded for the Cincinnati Reds Tickets from our website.

Q:What is the criteria to get cincinnati reds discount tickets?

A:There is no special criteria to get discounted Cincinnati Reds Tickets. Anybody can get them by following the directions given on our page.

Q:Why don't my redstickets show the seat numbers?

A:Seat numbers for cincinnati reds Tickets are not allowed us to have by the ticket brokers.

Q:Do you sell discount cincinnati reds tickets here on your website?

A:Yes, we do sell cincinnati reds Tickets at discounts on our website. Log in on our page and you can get discounts from there.

Q:How do I avail the cincinnati reds tickets discount?

A:Use the discount code at the time you purchase the Cincinnati Reds Tickets.

Q:Are you sure the purchase of cincinnati reds discount tickets 2018 is reliable?

A:Definitely! We are trusted by certified authorities and allow purchase of Cincinnati Reds Tickets in a secure environment.

Q:Are you still offering cincinnati reds tickets discounted?

A:Yes, we still have Cincinnati Reds Tickets available on discounted rates. Place the order as early as you can.


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