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With thousands of fans in the Windy City, Chicago Cubs is one of the most exciting entertainers in the city of Chicago. In the ever growing city, the team has played its role well in keeping people's appetite for entertainment sated. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, the franchise was founded in 1870. Cubs are known for their fierce rivalry with teams like St Louis Cardinals, Chicago White Sox and Milwaukee Brewers. Draped in red, blue and white, the uniform is perfectly designed with pinstripes and the cap insignia of their initial C in red. When it comes to the performance of the team, the Cubs hold a special position amongst all other baseball teams. For more than a hundred and one years, the team has been struggling to win a decent championship.The Chicago Cubs have had their days, oh yes that is right! There was a time when they were big.They were on the top of their game in the late 1910s when they won two consecutive World Series Titles which sure did send all Cubs fans over the moon. Now you have the chance to watch the Cubs as they take on a number of rival teams as part of their Spring Training. To watch them live in action, grab your Chicago Cubs tickets now.

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The Chicago Cubs have had an eventful 2016 season so far. The season’s first quarter had its fair share of ups and downs and the Cubs’ fans are enjoying the topsyturvy ride. The Cubs started the 2016 campaign as the hottest team in the MLB; they hit the ground running and got off to their best start since the 1907 season. Helped by the efforts of players like Jake Arrieta and Dexter Fowler, the team established a significant lead in the National League’s Central Division and looked to be cruising to the playoffs.

However, the team met with several speed bumps, mostly in the form of injuries. Jason Heyward and Kyle Schawber were both sidelined and squad’s depth and the team’s mettle were tested during the opening weeks of the season. The team’s results were poor in the latter half of the opening quarter, but their good start means that they are still in a very good position.

As it is, the Cubs have finished the first quarter with a 29-13 record, which is currently the best in the MLB. The team leads their division with a six game lead over the second placed Pittsburgh Pirates and statistics are suggesting that they will be the only team to cross the 100 win mark this year.

If the Cubs can maintain this form till the end of the season, they can very well win their first pennant since 1945 and reach the World Series once again. Only time will tell if that does actually happen.

chicago cubs season tickets

They have a longer history with NL Pennant titles than they have with the World Series. Their first NL Pennant title came in 1870. Over the period of time, they have managed to win 16 NL Pennant titles. Their last victory came in 1945. Their performance in the Central Division and the East Division has also been that of a star team. Their latest victory in Central Division came not too long ago, in 2008, where they won the title.

The Franchise was founded in 1870 as the Chicago White Socks. Two decades later, the name was changed to Chicago Colts. Then finally in 1902, the team was finally called what it is today; Chicago Cubs. Wrigley Field has played home to the team ever since 1916. The team is owned by Joe Ricketts and is currently controlled and administered by the Chairman Tom Ricketts. Lou Piniella is the current Manager of the team whereas Jim Hendry is the General Manager. The team may be having a hard time right now, but it is surely one of the toughest competitors on the baseball pitch. That is why the team has a very loud and proud fan base which stands behind the team through thick and thin.

Cubbie, the cute little bear cub is the official mascot of the team. But interestingly enough, Chicago Cubs is one of the very few teams which does not have a physical mascot even though there is a man wearing a polar bear kind of outfit on various Cubs games. He is known by many names like the B Man, The Bearman or the Beeman. He is not exactly popular with the crowd. That is why the club fired him after he served the club for a very brief period of time. Ever since, the crowd cheers itself per se by songs like Go, Cubs, Go! Eddie Vedder's ‘All The Way’ is also very popular amongst the fans. Vedder himself is a long time fan and supporter of the team.

The best thing about the Cubs is their fan friendly attitude. Even though the team has not been performing as per the hopes of the fans but there is something about the team that their fans just cannot bring themselves to abandon it. Whatever the reason maybe, the team truly deserves it. If you too are a fan there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy Chicago Cubs tickets straight away for they are up for grabs now!

Finally, the Chicago Cubs ended their 108-year World Series drought. The team is still basking in the glory of their 2016 championship win in which they defeated the Cleveland Indians 4-3. Looking ahead into the new season, the oddsmakers believe that the Cubs are on the right path and have a potential dynasty on their hands. With a young roster in place and more or less the same lineup that helped in lifting the coveted trophy, the Cubs are poised for an exciting spring training session. The regular season also looks quite promising for the Cubbies and diehard fans are already buying their Chicago Cubs tickets in advance. 

Chicago Cubs Rivals

Milwaukee Brewers

The I-94 Series is the name given to games between the Chicago Cubs and the Milwaukee Brewers.  The rivalry kicked off when the Brewers made the move to the AL's Central Division in the year 1998. The two sides met for the first time ever on June 13, 1997 at the legendary Wrigley Field. The Cubs lead the head-to-head record 173-162 as of May 28, 2018. These two teams are yet to meet in the playoffs though.

St. Louis Cardinals

The Chicago Cubs also have a heated rivalry with the St. Louis Cardinals. It is one of the fiercest rivalries in all of North American sports too. The Cubs lead the head-to-head regular season record 1222-1165 as of May 28, 2018 but the title haul is different. The Cardinals have won eleven World Series compared to three by the Cubs.

The Chicago White Sox

The Chicago Cubs also have an intercity rivalry with the Chicago White Sox. Since both sides are members of the different leagues, they do not meet that often. The White Sox lead the head-to-head 59-56. The Cubs also trail the White Sox 4-2 in the postseason as of May 28, 2018. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top the next time these two Windy City rivals collide.

Chicago Cubs Depth Chart

Jon Lester Jose Quintana Cole Hamels Kyle Hendricks Yu Darvish
Brandon Kintzler Brad Brach Carl Edwards Jr. Kyle Ryan Tyler Chatwood
Steve Cishek - - - -
Willson Contreras Taylor Davis - - -
Anthony Rizzo Kris Bryant - - -
David Bote Daniel Descalso Addison Russell - -
Kris Bryant David Bote Daniel Descalso - -
Javier Baez Daniel Descalso David Bote - -
Kyle Schwarber Kris Bryant Mark Zagunis - -
Albert Almora Jr. Jason Heyward - - -
Jason Heyward Kris Bryant Mark Zagunis - -
Batting Leaders
Kris Bryant#173B.319Javier Baez#92B7Javier Baez#92B24Kris Bryant#173B.467Javier Baez#92B26
Pitching Leaders
Jon Lester#34SP18Jon Lester#34SP3.32Kyle Hendricks#28SP159Brandon Morrow#15RP22Steve Cishek#41RP25

Chicago Cubs

Regular Season Schedule 2019
Fri, Mar 29@ Texas W12-4 1-0Lester 1-0Minor 0-148,538
Sun, Mar 31@ Texas L8-6 1-1Kelley 1-0Edwards Jr. 0-1Leclerc 146,238
Mon, Apr 1@ Texas L11-10 1-2Leclerc 1-0Strop 0-136,812
Tue, Apr 2@ Atlanta L8-0 1-3Parsons 1-1Hendricks 0-141,912
Thu, Apr 4@ Atlanta L6-4 1-4Jackson 1-0Cishek 0-1Vizcaino 137,398
Fri, Apr 5@ Atlanta L9-4 1-5Fried 1-0Darvish 0-133,815
Sat, Apr 6@ Milwaukee L13-10 1-6Anderson 1-0Quintana 0-134,926
Sun, Apr 7@ Milwaukee W14-8 2-6Hamels 1-0Burnes 0-142,790
Sun, Apr 7@ Milwaukee L4-2 2-7Davies 1-0Hendricks 0-2Hader 540,322
Mon, Apr 8vs Pittsburgh W10-0 3-7Brach 1-0Taillon 0-240,692
Thu, Apr 11vs Pittsburgh L5-2 3-8Lyles 1-0Darvish 0-2Vazquez 332,798
Fri, Apr 12vs Pittsburgh W2-0 4-8Quintana 1-1Musgrove 1-1Strop 131,906
Fri, Apr 12vs Los Angeles W5-1 5-8Hamels 2-0Skaggs 1-230,102
Sat, Apr 13vs Los Angeles L6-5 5-9Buttrey 1-0Hendricks 0-3Allen 438,755
Sun, Apr 14vs Los Angeles POSTPONED
Tue, Apr 16@ Miami W7-2 6-9Darvish 1-2Richards 0-29,888
Wed, Apr 17@ Miami W4-0 7-9Quintana 2-1Lopez 1-38,137
Thu, Apr 18@ Miami W6-0 8-9Hamels 3-0Alcantara 1-210,247
Fri, Apr 19vs Arizona W5-1 9-9Hendricks 1-3Kelly 1-2Strop 233,938
Sat, Apr 20vs Arizona L6-0 9-10Greinke 3-1Darvish 1-3Clarke 137,667
Sun, Apr 21vs Arizona W2-1 10-10Strop 1-1Bradley 1-238,181
Wed, Apr 24vs Los Angeles W7-2 11-10Quintana 3-1Maeda 3-235,536
Thu, Apr 25vs Los Angeles W7-6 12-10Brach 2-0Alexander 1-1Strop 335,743
Thu, Apr 25vs Los Angeles L2-1 12-11Baez 2-1Lester 1-1Jansen 835,451
Sat, Apr 27@ Arizona L8-3 12-12Ray 1-1Hendricks 1-4Andriese 130,664
Sun, Apr 28@ Arizona W9-1 13-12Darvish 2-3Godley 1-227,793
Mon, Apr 29@ Arizona W6-5 F/15 14-12Chatwood 1-0Andriese 3-2Webster 129,477
Wed, May 1@ Seattle W6-5 15-12Brach 3-0Brennan 1-2Cishek 127,545
Thu, May 2@ Seattle W11-0 16-12Lester 2-1Gonzales 5-129,471
Fri, May 3vs St. Louis W4-0 17-12Hendricks 2-4Flaherty 3-234,978
Sun, May 5vs St. Louis W6-5 18-12Kintzler 1-0Brebbia 1-1Strop 439,601
Mon, May 6vs St. Louis W13-5 19-12Quintana 4-1Wainwright 3-336,499
Tue, May 7vs Miami L6-5 19-13Conley 1-3Strop 1-2Romo 634,555
Wed, May 8vs Miami W5-2 20-13Cishek 1-1Conley 1-435,274
Thu, May 9vs Miami W3-2 F/11 21-13Edwards Jr. 1-1Quijada 0-137,241
Thu, May 9vs Miami W4-1 22-13Montgomery 1-0Richards 0-532,301
Fri, May 10vs Milwaukee L7-0 22-14Gonzalez 1-0Quintana 4-237,870
Sat, May 11vs Milwaukee W2-1 F/15 23-14Chatwood 2-0Smith 0-139,598
Mon, May 13vs Milwaukee W4-1 24-14Lester 3-1Chacin 3-4Cishek 237,267
Wed, May 15@ Cincinnati W3-1 25-14Hendricks 3-4Roark 3-2Cishek 316,853
Thu, May 16@ Cincinnati L6-5 F/10 25-15Garrett 3-1Brach 3-117,101
Fri, May 17@ Cincinnati L4-2 25-16Castillo 5-1Quintana 4-3Iglesias 918,739
Sat, May 18@ Washington W14-6 26-16Hamels 4-0Scherzer 2-533,296
Sun, May 19@ Washington L5-2 26-17Strasburg 4-3Lester 3-2Doolittle 837,582
Mon, May 20@ Washington W6-5 27-17Hendricks 4-4Hellickson 2-3Cishek 423,244
Tue, May 21vs Philadelphia L5-4 F/10 27-18Neris 1-1Ryan 0-1Nicasio 137,909
Wed, May 22vs Philadelphia W3-2 28-18Ryan 1-1Nicasio 0-236,768
Thu, May 23vs Philadelphia
Thu, May 23vs Philadelphia
Fri, May 24vs Cincinnati
Sat, May 25vs Cincinnati
Sun, May 26vs Cincinnati
Mon, May 27@ Houston
Wed, May 29@ Houston
Thu, May 30@ Houston
Sat, Jun 1@ St. Louis
Sun, Jun 2@ St. Louis
Sun, Jun 2@ St. Louis
Tue, Jun 4vs Los Angeles
Wed, Jun 5vs Colorado
Thu, Jun 6vs Colorado
Thu, Jun 6vs Colorado
Fri, Jun 7vs St. Louis
Sun, Jun 9vs St. Louis
Mon, Jun 10vs St. Louis
Tue, Jun 11@ Colorado
Wed, Jun 12@ Colorado
Thu, Jun 13@ Colorado
Fri, Jun 14@ Los Angeles
Sat, Jun 15@ Los Angeles
Sun, Jun 16@ Los Angeles
Mon, Jun 17@ Los Angeles
Wed, Jun 19vs Chicago
Thu, Jun 20vs Chicago
Fri, Jun 21vs New York
Fri, Jun 21vs New York
Sat, Jun 22vs New York
Sun, Jun 23vs New York
Tue, Jun 25vs Atlanta
Wed, Jun 26vs Atlanta
Thu, Jun 27vs Atlanta
Thu, Jun 27vs Atlanta
Sat, Jun 29@ Cincinnati
Sun, Jun 30@ Cincinnati
Sun, Jun 30@ Cincinnati
Tue, Jul 2@ Pittsburgh
Wed, Jul 3@ Pittsburgh
Thu, Jul 4@ Pittsburgh
Fri, Jul 5@ Pittsburgh
Sun, Jul 7@ Chicago
Sun, Jul 7@ Chicago


Ben Zobrist is now 35 years old and hence his workload will be managed this season by the current World Series champions, the Chicago Cubs. Ben played one hundred and forty seven games last season but now Joe Maddon has more or less confirmed that the amount of work that Zobrist has to do will be managed. That applies to what he does during spring training and the regular season. This is a very sensible approach to take regarding a player in the twilight of his career but one whose value to the Cubs cannot be understated.

Where do the Cubs play in spring training?

The Chicago Cubs of the MLB plays its home games at the Wrigley Field while its Spring Training home is the Sloan Park. The ballpark can accommodate about 15,000 attendees. It is the biggest spring training stadium in the MLB in terms of capacity. The schedule for the Cubs’ Spring Training 2017 is out. They will be taking on a number of rival tams including the Los Angeles and Cleveland Indians. Check out the itinerary and make reservations at the ball park to watch your favorite players live in action.



Chicago Cubs Schedule

Baseball season is here and is packed with epic matchups. You can catch all the action live as it happens. Next event featuring Chicago Cubs will be Chicago Cubs vs. Cincinnati Reds, held at the Wrigley Field in Chicago. As of now, the last event, St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs is scheduled for 29-Sep-19 at the Busch Stadium in St. Louis. For complete itinerary of events, please visit our website.

Event Venue City Date
Chicago Cubs vs. Cincinnati Reds Wrigley Field Chicago, IL Sat May 25 201901:20 PM
Chicago Cubs vs. Cincinnati Reds Wrigley Field Chicago, IL Sun May 26 201901:20 PM
Houston Astros vs. Chicago Cubs Minute Maid Park Houston, TX Mon May 27 201901:10 PM
Houston Astros vs. Chicago Cubs Minute Maid Park Houston, TX Tue May 28 201907:10 PM
Houston Astros vs. Chicago Cubs Minute Maid Park Houston, TX Wed May 29 201907:10 PM
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs Busch Stadium St. Louis, MO Fri May 31 201907:15 PM
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs Busch Stadium St. Louis, MO Sat Jun 01 201906:15 PM
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs Busch Stadium St. Louis, MO Sun Jun 02 201901:15 PM
Chicago Cubs vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Wrigley Field Chicago, IL Mon Jun 03 201903:05 PM
Chicago Cubs vs. Colorado Rockies Wrigley Field Chicago, IL Tue Jun 04 201907:05 PM

Chicago Cubs Ticket Prices

The average price for Chicago Cubs Tickets start from $62. The minimum get in price is $12 for Chicago Cubs Tickets at the Busch Stadium, St. Louis. For a detailed look at ticket prices and amazing discounts, visit our website.

Name City Date Average Ticket Price Get In Price
(Minimum Price)
Chicago Cubs vs. Cincinnati Reds Chicago 25-May-19 $89 $13
Chicago Cubs vs. Cincinnati Reds Chicago 26-May-19 $101 $13
Houston Astros vs. Chicago Cubs Houston 27-May-19 $106 $13
Houston Astros vs. Chicago Cubs Houston 28-May-19 $74 $13
Houston Astros vs. Chicago Cubs Houston 29-May-19 $62 $13
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs St. Louis 31-May-19 $140 $12
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs St. Louis 1-Jun-19 $137 $16
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs St. Louis 2-Jun-19 $241 $16
Chicago Cubs vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Chicago 3-Jun-19 $79 $13
Chicago Cubs vs. Colorado Rockies Chicago 4-Jun-19 $84 $12

* Ticket Prices vary on hourly basis.

Chicago Cubs Discount Code:

Use Event18 as the discount code and get up to 70% discount on Chicago Cubs tickets. This is a last minute opportunity to get the discounted tickets for Chicago Cubs.

Upcoming EventDiscount CodePercentageDate
Chicago Cubs vs. Cincinnati Reds, Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL Event18 4% Sat May 25 2019 01:20 PM
Chicago Cubs vs. Cincinnati Reds, Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL Event18 4% Sun May 26 2019 01:20 PM
Houston Astros vs. Chicago Cubs, Minute Maid Park, Houston, TX Event18 4% Mon May 27 2019 01:10 PM
Houston Astros vs. Chicago Cubs, Minute Maid Park, Houston, TX Event18 4% Tue May 28 2019 07:10 PM
Houston Astros vs. Chicago Cubs, Minute Maid Park, Houston, TX Event18 4% Wed May 29 2019 07:10 PM

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Who do the Chicago Cubs face on opening day 2018?

A:The Chicago Cubs will kick of the 2018 regular season on April 3rd, 2018, by taking on the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cubs will have to travel to St. Louis for the game and fans will hope for a repeat of last season's opening day, which the Cubs won away at the Angels. To catch the defending World Series champions live in action this year, as they look to defend their crown, get Chicago Cubs Tickets from this website via our certified brokers. Tickets are available at a range of prices and you will be sure to find ones that suit your budget requirements.

Q:When was the most recent of all the Chicago Cubs championships won?

A:The Chicago Cubs won their most recent World Series title only last year in 2016. It was a huge moment in the franchise's history because it ended a 108 year wait for the Cubs and their fans. Now the Chicago Cubs will look to consolidate and defend their crown. Chicago Cubs Tickets are in high demand right now because there is a lot of optimism surrounding the team. If you want to see how the season pans out for the reigning World Series champions, then book your tickets and watch them play live.

Q:Who is the coach for the Cubs?

A:Joe Maddon currently manages the Chicago Cubs (MLB). Maddon's coaching career took off in 1993 with the California Angels. He has managed Tampa Bay Rays and Los Angeles Angels as well. He is a three-time BBWAA Manager of the Year award winner. Maddon is known for his great sense of humor and is as one of the most entertaining coaches around in baseball. Maddon believes in making the sports more fun as he puts it, "Never permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure." It is surely a pleasure to see a team lead by him in action. So get Chicago Cubs tickets and get ready to be entertained.

Q:When did Theo Epstein go to the Cubs?

A:Theo Epstein joined the Chicago Cubs as the team's president in 2011. He was previously associated with the Boston Red Sox as their general manager for 9 years. His hiring by the Cubs not just increased the sales of Chicago Cubs tickets but also ended the team's 108 years' drought of winning a world championship.

Q:Who is going to be the Cubs closer?

A:The Chicago Cubs won the World Series in the year 2016 for the first time in 108 years. Now they head into the 2017 MLB season with some new faces on the roster. One of them is Wade Davis. The closer was signed by the Cubs from the Kansas City Royals. Davis had spent three years with the Royals and he is now most likely to be Cubs' closer during the upcoming campaign. You can book your Chicago Cubs Tickets from our brokers and watch Wade and the Cubs defend their World Series title this season.

Q:What channel is the Cubs game on tonight?

A:Several sports channels broadcast live coverage of baseball games. It's best to check with your cable operator in advance. The extent of coverage varies from channel to channel. While some just broadcast the live game, there are others that also cover the pre and post game proceedings. You can also check the prices of Chicago Cubs Tickets on our website. If there is a chance you can attend the game live, then why miss it.

Q:I need Chicago Cubs 2018 Tickets on an urgent basis. When can you deliver them to me?

A:Chicago Cubs have won the World Series championship three times. You can watch them live in action by buying your Chicago Cubs Tickets from our brokers. Your tickets will be delivered through FedEx and given their reputation, you will receive your tickets soon within a week.

Q:If i buy chicago cubs tickets 2018 from your website, will you make sure that the seats are together?

A:All seats are together with Chicago Cubs Tickets bought from our website unless there is a prior mention of the splits.

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A:Chicago Cubs Tickets are already up and selling on our website. Do log on to make the most of our cheap rates.

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A:Sure, codes for the Chicago Cubs Tickets are available on our website for all our valued customers. Make the most of them today!

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A:Please log on to our Chicago Cubs Tickets page and there you will find all the details about the tickets there along with prices.

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A:Yes, the discount code that you use on Chicago Cubs Tickets can be used on all other tickets on our website.

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A:You can pay for your Chicago Cubs Tickets using Visa Card, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Credit card are not accepted over email and please also note that bank drafts and checks are also not accepted.

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A:You can use the coupon for as many Chicago Cubs Tickets as you want.

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A:Cubs tickets promos will be offered as long as the tickets aren't sold out before the date of the event.

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A:No, you don't need to be a member for getting chicago cubs tickets coupon code 2018. Anybody can get by following the directions online!


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