Major League Baseball’s 2014 season is in full motion as we speak and is going as thrilling as ever. All of the franchises are bringing in their A-game to take home the prized national championship. As things progress, fans of Atlanta Braves and San Diego Padres will get to see both of the teams go toe to toe with each other on seven instances during the regular season. With Braves leading the National League as of June 10, Padres will have no room for error as they collide with their fellow National League counter parts. Catch all the exciting encounters between these two veteran franchises this season with Atlanta Braves Vs San Diego Padres tickets. Baseball doesn’t get better than this.

Playing their home games at the Turner Field, Braves finished their previous season at the top spot in National League East but fell to Los Angeles Dodgers in the division series. As of June 10, Braves once again have their eyes set on the top spot in NL East as they are currently at the second spot with thirty four wins, just behind Nationals. Padres on the other hand are at the fifth spot as of yet, but tides may turn in their favor soon enough. Fans will have to wait and watch. With both sides being incredibly competitive, Atlanta Braves Vs San Diego Padres tickets will certainly offer a sound dose of quality baseball action.

Formed in 1969, Padres have been struggling with their on-field performance. They earned their first ever winning season in 1978. So far the team has claimed five West Division titles and two National League Pennants. Padres have yet to claim their World Series title. Padres posted their most recent winning season back in 2010 when the team finished at 2nd spot in the NL West.

Atlanta Braves on the other hand have had quite a few major accomplishments to their name as well, including a World Series title in 1995 after moving to Atlanta in 1966. In the past few seasons, Braves have had five consecutive winning seasons. The ongoing season is expected to be yet another addition to that count. However, only time will unfold the fates of both of these teams, so stay tuned.

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