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Music Artists Who Left Us in 2017

December 13, 2017
The music industry is a vibrant, ever-changing place. Each year, newer singers and artists step into the limelight, in hopes of being successful forever. They create a promising career that goes on for decades; a legacy that lasts well beyond their lifetime. They inspire the world and therefore, when they their journey ends, countless people… View Article

7 Feats That Have Happened Only Once In MLB

December 11, 2017
Major League Baseball has dished up plenty of memorable moments over the course of its illustrious history. There were records that at one point were considered unbreakable but eventually were. Then there were times when players have come up with plays that have stunned fans with the level of skill required to pull them off…. View Article

Origin of 10 MLB Teams Names

November 30, 2017
What’s in a name? Well you put that question in regards to names of MLB teams and you will find out that there is a reason why every side in the league is named what it is named. From the New York Yankees to the Seattle Mariners, there is a bit of story behind the… View Article

Songs that aren’t about what you think they’re about

November 23, 2017
Like a bright yellow bus, inspiration can hit a person from any direction. A butterfly can signify death and fall can become an analogy for rebirth. That is, if you have the unique vision to paint a convincing picture for either. Creative artists have been lauded for doing exactly that for centuries; everyone from Leonardo… View Article

10 Interesting Facts About Baseball

November 16, 2017
Baseball has been a part of the North American sports culture for well over a century now. Baseball has now become one of the most watched sports in North America and there is good reason for that too. It has dished up some epic games and provided the stage for some fierce rivalries to take… View Article

7 Masked Musicians and Why They Hide

November 9, 2017
The music industry is full of individuals who express themselves in many unique ways other than their music. They are “branded” through and through, by the clothes they wear, food they eat, charitable causes they support and political parties they associate with. However, often times there are oddities that do not fit any of the… View Article

MLB: The 10 Unbreakable Records

November 2, 2017
MLB’s history is full of players that have delivered some unforgettable performances over the years. In the process, they have set records and raised the bar for others to follow. Quite a lot of the records that were set in the past have been broken over the years but then there are some records that… View Article

Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Go to an NFL Game

October 27, 2017
The stands at a football game are a world of their own. Often more energetic but almost always less productive than the action on-field, they are home to banter, competitive chants and a whole lot of beer. While most spectators are in it for the game, not everyone is at the edge of their seats… View Article

10 Most Epic MLB Walk-Up Songs

October 20, 2017
Walk-up songs have become staples of Major League Baseball over the years. Every time a player walks out on to the field, a song is played on the ballpark’s speakers for ten seconds. Now each player has a different walk-up track and some players might even use more than just one song during the season…. View Article

10 Most Dangerous Celebrities on the Internet

October 12, 2017
Most celebrities have learned the hard way that fame is a fickle friend indeed. It can make or break your life, financial and familial stability. And at times, it can affect you in ways you would never have imagined. In today’s tech-oriented age, the internet is a primary mode of channeling this fame across the… View Article