Doctoral in Technology Management

What is technology management?
The field of technology plays an undeniably vital role in our lives today, having introduced things such as electricity and information technology which have made our lives easier. Technology management is the area of technology that focuses on the creation of new innovative products, supervising the design and testing process and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Technology management also focuses on marketing, resource management, strategic planning and assembly line management. In addition to overseeing these functions, technology management professionals also perform a number of other administrative functions.

What is the Doctoral of Technology Management?
The doctoral of technology management is a four-year long research oriented degree that if offered with many specialization options such as industrial management, digital technology and construction management. The PhD candidates start off their coursework by taking classes in business law, environmental management, systems engineering, technological assessment and innovation and international technological development. This is followed by a field research which focuses on tackling some of the issues faced by the technology management sector. The findings of the research are sent as a thesis to senior professors for approval, before the doctorate degree of technology management is awarded.

What are the future prospects?
Throughout the world, industries and manufacturing companies are looking at increasing mechanization and improving their practices to increase profitability. As such, a degree in technology management that helps you develop a strong technical base and the ability to lead and effectively manage operations offers excellent potential for growth and career advancement. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than one million new jobs will be created in the technology sector over the next five years, and a PhD in technology management will guarantee your success.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the program structure of the Doctorate in Technology Education?

A:The program structure of the Doctorate in Technology Education includes 4 research courses, educational technology doctoral course which is a 3 seminar course, emphasized 5 courses in technology education, field study also known as internship of 1 course and a minimum of one course of dissertation.

Q:What careers can I have after a doctoral in technology management?

A:After a doctoral in technology management, you will be eligible to work as a Computer Systems Analysts earned $79,680 and their annual median wage in 2012. Computer and Information Systems manager, their annual median pay was $120,950 in 2012. You can also work as a Computer Programmer; their annual median pay was $74,280 in 2012.

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