Masters in Network Security

In today’s world, computers and information technology play a central role in our lives and affect the way we live, work and communicate with others. Computer networks developed into the internet which is considered a necessity of life today. Networks are used at every business or government organization for storing information and making it easily available for retrieval. Networks also store financial and other personal information, and provide a means for business activities and communication throughout the world.

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  • Master of Business Administration - Information Security Management Specialization

Masters in Network Security
Masters in network security is a highly specialized level of network administration and cyber security. The course takes about 2 years to complete, unless the student is pursuing this degree online. During this two year period, students are given the most in-depth and extensive knowledge of designing, securing and maintaining custom build online networks. These professionals are trained to provide the highest level of web security. Some of the subjects taught in this degree program are computer architecture, network systems, perimeter security defense, intrusion detection, wireless security and security auditing. Submitting an extensive, research based thesis is also mandatory for successful completion of this degree.

How can I get the Master of Network and Admin Security?
The Master of Network Admin and Security is a highly specialized, two-year long graduate degree that is designed to help students develop the technical skills required to create custom networks which offer a high degree of security. Students take classes in the areas of computer architecture, network systems, perimeter security defense, intrusion detection, wireless security and security auditing. They also complete a thesis based research project under the supervision of their professors before the degree is awarded.

What are the future prospects?
In a recently carried out survey, more than 75% of all companies admitted that they had suffered a serious breach of network security in the past year, resulting in billions of dollars in lost revenue. As such, the demand for network security professionals is set to increase more than ever, and according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities in this field will increase by than 16% through 2018. The Master of Network Admin & Security is the best choice to take advantage of this amazing growth and obtain a high paying job in virtually any industry.

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Q:Is there any financial aid available for the Network Security Masters?

A:There are numerous universities and schools offering financial aid for courses such as the Masters in Network Security degree program. These financial aid include scholarships, grants, work-study schemes and student loans.

Q:What is the accepted prerequisite degree for becoming eligible for the Master in Network Management and Security?

A:A bachelor’s degree in network management or any similar area is acceptable for the Master in Network Management degree program. Some renowned universities also require that you have some hands-on experience prior to applying for the Master in Network Management and Security degree program.

Q:Which courses are included in the Master in Network Administration Program?

A:Generally courses such as wireless security, perimeter security defense, computer architecture and security auditing are taught in Network Administration MBA programs. A thesis and several projects are included in the curriculum to advance the knowledge of the students in all areas related to Network Administration.

Q:How long can I take to complete the master programs in Network Administrator?

A:The Master in Network Administration Security degree program takes about two years to complete, in general. However, students can also take longer to complete the program if they wish to. They can get enrolled in the online Master in Network Administration Security and complete the program in as much time as they see fit. There is no restriction on the degree completion online program.

Q:What career opportunities are available for Masters in Network Administration graduates?

A:A master's degree in Network Administration can make your resume appear quite valuable to many employers in technology based fields. Upon graduation, jobs can be found as database administrators, computer system analysts, technical consultants or web administrators. The salary offered to graduates in this field is dependent on their area of specialization and overall expertise in the field as well.

Q:Can you name a few schools offering master programs in cyber security?

A:There are plenty of schools listed on our website offering master programs in cyber security. These include Virginia College, Capella University, Lincoln Technical Institute, Herzing University, Anthem Institute, Colorado Technical University, Mercy College, Keiser College and University of Maryland.

Q:What is the duration of the Masters in Internet Security?

A:The Master in Internet Security is traditionally a two-year degree program. However, it can be completed in 18 months as well with an accelerated master's in internet security. It can also take more than 2 years, if you opt for the executive master's degree that allows classes on weekends or after office timings. Lastly, if you do not want to rush through the degree and complete it at your own pace, you can also opt for the Masters in Internet Security Online.

Q:Where can I find Masters degree thesis related to computer network admin and management?

A:You can look for the Masters in Computer Network Administration and Management thesis projects in your institute's campus library or their resource centers. These can also be accessed online for most of the graduate schools nowadays. Online search engines are another way of looking for help on your master's thesis.

Q:The universities in New York City offer a 2 years Master of IT Security program whereas those in Chicago and Massachusetts have an 18 months program. Why is it so?

A:The Master of IT Security, just like any other IT program is of various durations, depending on breaks allowed throughout the program. In the UK you can also find this program in a duration of 1 year. This is so because they have a more stringent schedule. The credit hours are more or less the same in any program.

Q:Can you name some of the highest ranked colleges that offer graduate Cyber Security degree programs online?

A:Cyber security degree programs are available at associate degree level, bachelor degree level, and master degree level. These can be earned through campus based colleges or through online schools. Following are the names of online schools that have been ranked as the best networking schools offering cyber security degrees: Kaplan University, Strayer University, Utica College, Western Governors University, Rasmussen College, CDI College, Colorado Technical University, DeVry University, and Ashworth College.

Q:Which is the shortest way to get the Master in Web Security degree?

A:To complete the Master in Network Admin Security, often known as the Master in Web Security, in the shortest time span, you can opt for the accelerated Masters program. The accelerated degree will allow you to complete the program in 18 months. You can also opt for the online Master in Network Admin Security which is a self paced program and your only option to complete the degree in less than 18 months.

Q:Are there any schools that offer Masters in Network Defense degree program?

A:There are several schools offering the Masters in Network Defense, which is most popularly known as the Masters in Network Admin Security. These include prestigious institutes like Lewis University, Walden University Online, Keller Graduate School of Management, American InterContinental University Online, Capella University, Jones International University, and Kaplan University.

Q:Which specializations can be pursued with the graduate network administration programs in New York?

A:The master level network administration programs in New York allow students to choose from a wide range of specialization areas including communications management, network architecture, information security, information security-technical track and information security- managerial track.

Q:Can I opt for a top Network Administration Masters without having to give up my current job?

A:Yes, you can. If you wish to pursue one of the top Network Administration Security Masters and do not wish to give up your current employment, you can easily opt for the online Masters degree. The online Masters in Network Administration Security degree allows applicants to study as much as they see fit at a time. The do not have to rush through the program as it is a self paced degree and can take as much time as they want to complete the degree.

Q:What would be my employment prospects, if I graduate from schools with Masters in Networking?

A:Professionals graduating from schools with Masters in Networking will be looking at a promising future. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates this industry to increase by more than 20% till 2018. With more and more companies realizing the importance of a comprehensively designed network, professionals with this qualification are expected to be highly sought after. Students interested in this qualification are welcome to search our website for a list of accredited institutions offering this qualification.

Q:What are the program objectives of an online master’s degree in network administration?

A:A master’s degree in network administration teaches students about emerging network technologies and application of networks in all scales of business. Students also gain insight into local area networks, enterprise scale networks, network processing, programming and security, computing and system administration. Students may also be able to develop skills such as leadership skills and team working skills.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Database Processing in the Network Management thesis master degrees?

A:The Network Management thesis master degrees have dedicated courses on Database Processing. This course is worth 2 credits in total. This course provides students with introduction to development as well as designing of the various forms of databases, with the help of data modelling tools. Students are also highlighted on the understanding of the Structured query Language (SQL).

Q:My search for admin network security mentioned a course in computer support. What is included in this course?

A:Searching for admin network security would mention a course in Computer Support. This course guides student about skills in instructional support to help end users. The course also guides students about security management, supporting local users, installation and configuration, troubleshooting and hardware management. Students interested in this course are advised to search our website for an extensive list of institutions.

Q:What kind of coursework should I expect in a master in network security program?

A:The coursework of a master's degree in network security comprises various areas. Students develop a basic foundation and then move on to advanced courses. Some of the areas covered in this program include logic, probability, database systems, information system ethics, artificial intelligence, and cryptology.

Q:What are the prerequisites for a cyber security masters degree?

A:The prerequisites for masters in cyber security degree will be based on which educational institute you apply to. However all schools will expect its candidates to have a four years bachelor's degree. Apart from this work experience in the relevant field and strong letters of recommendation from previous instructors also boost your chances of getting admitted.

Q:Do I need work experience to enroll in a cyber security masters degree?

A:This depends on the school you intend to apply to. There are schools that do not require candidates to have professional work experience for enrolling into a cyber security master's program while others make it mandatory.

Q:Can I get letters of recommendation from my employer for cyber security masters programs?

A:The purpose of letters of recommendation is to give the admission committee an idea about the strengths and weaknesses of a particular candidate. Although most schools prefer that a letter of recommendation should come from an instructor, there are schools that also accept an employer to write the letter of recommendation.

Q:With a masters cyber security degree, what kind of jobs can I get?

A:With a masters cyber security degree the job prospects are promising as more and more organizations are looking for professionals to secure their computer data from potential attacks. Having a masters degree can secure you jobs in government institutions, IT companies, banks, private companies and non-profit public sector as security analyst, information assurance analyst, chief security officer, cyber security manager, cyber security specialist and cyber systems analyst.

Q:With a masters degree cyber security can I go for a job as security analyst? Can you specify the nature of work it would include?

A:If you decide for a job as security analyst after completing masters degree cyber security program your main job responsibility would be to provide defense against cyber attacks on information. Cyber security analysts have to be updated with the modern security trends. Apart from analyzing vulnerabilities in the infrastructure and network they have to implement countermeasures to secure the system against attacks and vulnerabilities with best solutions and practices.

Q:What are the course requirements of masters in cyber security?

A:The Master of Network Admin and Security is a highly specialized degree course and takes two years for completion. This degree course develops in students the skills necessary for creating custom networks which offer the highest degree of security. Students pursue courses like computer architecture, network systems, perimeter security defense, intrusion detection, wireless security and security auditing. By the end of the course students are required to submit their research based thesis under the supervision of their professors for the degree to be awarded.

Q:What are the career prospects of an ms cyber security?

A:As the power of the Web increases, so are the threats related to it. Almost 75% of all companies with online presence have expressed serious concerns about the security of their online data. This is why the demand for network security professionals is constantly very high. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, this field's demand in the job market is set to increase by 16% through 2018.

Q:What are the requirements for a network security masters degree?

A:The exact requirements of your master's degree in network security will depend upon which school you apply to. However broadly speaking graduate degree applicants should hold a four years bachelors degree. Apart from this some schools also ask for letter of recommendations, writing samples, standardized test scores and professional experience.

Q: Is an online cyber security masters degree the best way to specialize in cyber security?

A:Undertaking a masters in cyber security will show a prospective employer that you are keen to progress in this field of information technology. By taking the program online you will find that you can study the program at your convenience, at hours to fit around your schedule. Online programs are also more cost effective.

Q:What are the course requirements of a masters degree in network security?

A:A Masters of Network Admin and Security is one of the highest degrees in this field and takes about two-years for completion, unless the course is being taken online. This degree course teaches students about building custom networks and high security protocols for specific clients. Included in the course are subjects like computer architecture, network systems, perimeter security defense, intrusion detection, wireless security and security auditing. To get their degree, students are required to submit a thesis based research project under the guidance of seniors or faculty.

Q:Does a master of cyber security course require taking a GRE test for admission?

A:The requirements for masters of cyber security may vary from institution to institution. The GRE test is generally not required for domestic students but in for international students it may be required. Other than that you will need a bachelor's degree in computer science or a relevant field to qualify for admission.

Q:Do employers value employees who hold a MS network security?

A:Different employers hold different attitudes to the importance of academic qualifications. Some employers place greater importance on vocational, or 'hands-on', skills. This is especially so in the IT industry, as some of the leading individuals such as Bill Gates have no formal academic qualifications. Either way , if you do hold a Masters' qualification, it is likely that you stand out from your peers.

Q:While I was searching for an online masters cyber security program, I found global information technology management as part of their curriculum. Can you explain what it covers?

A:An online masters cyber security program covers internet security from several important aspects. Global IT trends impact the internet world directly and it is here that global information technology management is needed. It is important to know how to cope with changing public and global policies, the emerging technologies and shifting IT scenarios that demand management skills.

Q:After completing my online masters network security degree do you think I should go for a CISSP certification?

A:A Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification along with an online master’s network security degree will give you an edge in the industry. CISSP is internationally recognized and adds credibility to your knowledge of security matters like managing information security policies and procedures.

Q:What will I learn in a MS in network security degree?

A:A Master of Science in computer security is a graduate level program that is aimed at providing students with in-depth knowledge about the field. In this program you will learn how to assess data security risks faced by organizations, design and implement security plans, manage the development of security projects, usefully handle security tools and resources, and support security policies.

Q:I am considering enrollment in network security masters programs, but need some financial assistance. What should I do?

A:You don't need to worry too much about covering educational expenses as there are a number of financial assistance programs available. A number of loans, grants, and scholarship programs are offered by federal and private institutions. These are designed to help graduate students fulfill their academic goals and cover major costs with ease.

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