Bachelors in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
A bachelor of science in computer science is one of the most popularly pursued undergraduate programs nowadays. It is designed to help students acquire knowledge in creating, designing, and managing computer systems. The program has a duration of four years and is currently being offered to at a number of institutes. Different course levels are included in the program, ranging from fundamental topics to advanced technological areas. Programming, systems operations, and database management are just a few of the courses studied in a bachelor degree in computer science. Students also acquire hands on training through practical projects and research modules as a part of the degree requirement.

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Program Structure
Students enrolled in Bachelor of Computer Science programs are exposed to a wide variety of courses including programming, theoretical computer science, and mathematics. Program structure of these degrees may vary from one school to another, however, some of the most basic level courses taught to students enrolled in Bachelor of Computer Science degree programs include:

  • Programming Principles
  • Data Structure
  • Computer Architecture
  • Algorithms
  • Programming Paradigms
  • Computer Logic
  • Computation
Enrollments of this ProgramBachelors in Computer Science Enrollments

Enrollments of this ProgramBachelors in Computer Science Enrollments

Program Coursework Highlights
Students enrolled in Bachelor of Computer Science degree programs can choose to specialize in one of the many areas of computing including:

  • Theory of Computation
  • Operations Systems
  • Databases
  • Software Engineering
  • Distributed System
  • Multimedia
  • Visual Computing
  • Software Testing
  • Information Theory

Admission Criteria
General admission criteria set by host institutions may vary from one school to another. However, usually a student is required to have completed a certain hours of training in computer science at high schools level. Furthermore, students are often asked to sit for aptitude tests such as ACT or SAT.

Career Prospects and Average Salary
Students graduating with Bachelor of Science degrees from U.S. schools can expect to work in wide variety of roles including computer programmers, database managers, and network specialists among other specialist jobs.
Individuals with an accredited computer science qualification in hand are expected to earn between $ 50,000 and $ 60,000 per annum. However, those with several years of experience in the field can often earn salaries in excess of $ 90,000 annually.

Computer science majors have gone on to become computer and information research scientists, software developers, computer network architects, information security analysts, computer programmers and web developers, etc.

Software developers as compared to computer programmers earned 26% more from 2011-12.  

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Q:What is the course outline of the Bachelor of Computer Science?

A:The courses outline of the Bachelor of Computer Science program are, theory of Computation, Operations Systems, Databases, Software Engineering, Distributed System, Multimedia,Visual Computing, Software Testing and Information Theory. Online courses can also be taken in this discipline. They provide the students with the ease of completing the degree programs at their own pace.

Q:Where can I work after earning the bachelor computer science and engineering certificates?

A:Graduates with the Bachelor in Computer Science degrees can work at leading positions including: Computer Support Specialists, Web Master, Computer Hardware Engineer, and Computer and Information Systems Manager. However, additional certificates such as the engineering certificate along with this degree can foster your career opportunities and help you find high paying jobs such as Senior Network Engineer or Embedded Software Engineer.

Q:What different degree programs can students enroll in related to computer studies at Strayer University?

A:Strayer University offers a range of computer related degree programs to students. These programs are available at associate degree level, bachelor degree level, and master’s degree level. Following are the areas in which students can earn degrees from Strayer University: networking systems, information systems, and computer network security. The university also offers diploma programs in computer studies.

Q:Is a bachelor degree computer science more useful than a certificate program?

A:Different people have different needs. If, for instance, you are already in employment and you need to either brush up on your skills and or need some rather selective, focused training, a certificate program may be better for you. If you have just left High School or are new to industry, a bachelor program may be more useful.

Q:What is the difference between the bachelor of science computer science and other forms of bachelor degrees?

A:The two types of bachelor degree are typically Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. The former reflects more liberal arts program content. The latter denotes a more scientific/mathematic background. To most employers, it will not make a difference whether you have a Arts degree or a Science degree.

Q:Should I enroll in an accredited institute for my bachelors degree in computer science?

A:Yes you should enroll in a school that is accredited by some credible body. There are numerous advantages of going to an accredited school for you bachelors in computer science degree. These schools generally have better teaching facilities as compared to non accredited schools. Moreover employers prefer to hire individuals who have graduated from accredited schools.

Q:Is a computer science bachelors better for a beginner to take as compared to a certification program?

A:A bachelors program is much more comprehensive than a certification program; but it is also longer and more expensive overall. Programs are available at certification level that can help you start learning about computers; but a bachelor program will assume that you have some basic knowledge and will build upon the same.

Q:Is a computer science bachelors better for a beginner to take than a certification program?

A:Bachelors program is much more comprehensive than a certification program; but it is also longer and more expensive overall. Programs are available at certification level that can help you start learning about computers; but a bachelor program will assume that you have some basic knowledge and will build upon the same.

Q:Is there any particular equipment/ software I must have before attempting a computer science bachelors degree online?

A:You will need a computer and an internet connection. If there are any additional requirements, you will be made aware of the same when you receive your course materials. Other than that, you will need some basic items of stationary but nothing prohibitively expensive. If you have any specific concerns, contact your preferred college and seek further advice.

Q:Is a computer science bachelors online more difficult than a traditional, class-room based program?

A:The online course, as far as possible, has exactly the same content as a classroom-based program, though it has been modified to be taught online. The only difficulties lie in the fact that you have to be self motivated to keep on top of your studies; and you have to manage your time properly.

Q:What is the enrollment criteria for online bachelor degree in computer science?

A:Although admission criteria may vary from school to school, the standard criterion for enrollment in this program remains the same all over. Students are required to complete a certain number of hours for training in computer science at high schools level and also show above average score in aptitude test's like ACT or SAT. A minimum CGPA requirement of 2.5 is also necessary.

Q:While searching for an online bachelors degree computer science, I realized a bachelors in webmasters is being offered. What is this about?

A:It takes about 4 years to complete a Bachelor in Webmaster degree but this period may vary for students pursuing this program online. This program is mostly about creating images and content for websites. Special attention is given to enhancing computer programming skills and students are also taught at length about technical operation of websites.

Q:How long can an online bachelors degree in computer science take?

A:Generally an online bachelors degree in computer science is completed in the time duration of four years. However, some institutes allow online students to complete the coursework early depending on their pace or within a specific time duration that can range from twenty four to thirty six months. The online accelerated bachelors course is specially beneficial for those who want to enter the practical field quickly.

Q:What are the advantages of online bachelors in computer science?

A:A bachelor's degree in computer science will allow candidates to work in a field that has a lot of exciting and lucrative opportunities. In addition to this there are many advantages if enrolling in an online program as it gives students the space to study on their own time and not worry about showing up for classes.

Q:Can I opt for a bachelors in computer science accelerated degree program?

A:Yes, you can opt for a bachelor degree in computer science accelerated program. This program takes less than the regular time to complete. These programs are designed for students who wish to earn a degree in 1-3 years. The program coursework is fast paced, requiring students to attain credit hours in a short span of time. You can complete this degree online or can also opt for campus based accelerated programs.

Q:Could you tell me about the program structure of an online bachelors computer science course?

A:The course structure of a Bachelor of Computer Science programs is quite expansive and covers a lot of theoretical and practical subjects like programming, theoretical computer science, and mathematics. Although program structure varies from school to school, the basic courses stay the same. Some of the basic courses are: Programming Principles, Data Structure, Computer Architecture, Algorithms, Programming Paradigms, Computer Logic and Computation.

Q:Can you please name a few of the subjects I will study in a bachelor in computer science degree?

A:A bachelor degree in computer science is a four year program. You will cover a wide range of advanced level courses and fundamental courses in the degree. Some of the important study areas have been mentioned here: operating systems, information technology, algorithm design, software testing, artificial intelligence, probability and calculus, programming paradigms, programming principles, and theory of computation.

Q:How can I tell which are the best colleges for computer engineering?

A:There are many colleges offering computer engineering degrees. If you plan to enroll in the best computer engineering schools, it is important that you choose a program that best fits your goal. You should check for the following factors when selecting a school: accreditation, faculty qualifications, resources and facilities, student reviews, and rankings.

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