Online Computer Science Degree

Online Computer Science Degree
An online computer science degree can help students prepare for a challenging career in the computer and information technology field. A master's in computer science can help students develop a better understanding of application development, data coding and different operating system requirements. This kind of a degree can make it possible for students to become an active part of the IT industry. Such participation may allow coders and programmers a chance to collaborate and create unique applications aimed towards improving how we use the internet today.

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Masters in Computer Science
Masters in Computer Science is a degree program, focused towards helping students understand and effectively communicate various concepts of computers and networking. The degree is broken down to cover a larger number of aspects related to the application of theory to real life problems. The program is based on a 36 credit hour degree plan broken down into subject such as coding, programming, networking, trouble shooting and software development. Special focus is also placed towards making sure graduates are able to analyze and implement principles from literature and case studies while creating computer solutions.

Courses studied within the program
Keeping in mind the extensive application of the degree, masters in computer science covers many courses. Starting from the basics of programming languages and programming tools, courses are also offered on algorithms and application design analysis. Detailed focus is also placed on understanding operating systems, and consequently software engineering as well. While the above mentioned may be optional or elective courses, there are certain concentration courses which are required. These are,

· Concentration of Computer Systems Theory

· Engineering and Software Development

· Computer Systems

· Databases

· Security

The abovementioned courses may differ with different programs and institutes.

Admission Requirements
In general, admissions require students to fulfill a number of aspects. Applications must be accompanied by transcript records and application forms. Students who have completed their bachelor's degree can apply however; the minimum requirement is a GPA of 2.5, depending on the institute's admission requirement. Bachelor's degrees should be completed from accredited institutes in either computer science or a somewhat relevant concentration. Some degree programs also require that students have had prior exposure to subjects like java programming, mathematics in programming, data entry and structures, database administration amongst others. Those students who are not native English speakers should consider taking ESL courses.

Career Outlook and Income Prospects
The Bureau of Labor Statistics states students who have completed an online computer science degree like a master's can take pursue careers such as Network Administrators and other IT Professionals. System security analysts, information systems developer and programmers can also be challenging and rewarding careers. In the year 2012 as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer administrators earned a mean annual wage of $ 72,560.

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Q:Are the Computer Studies at Strayer University offered with scholarships?

A:Strayer University offers various financial aids, including scholarships. These scholarships are also available for the students of Computer Science education programs.

Q:How to get a computer science degree?

A:To get a Computer Science degree, you need to have a high school degree. After that, you can apply to any of the various computer sciences degrees available online or in the traditional campuses. You can choose amongst the diplomas, associate, bachelor, master and doctoral level degrees in computer sciences. These can be opted with a bunch of specialization areas. You can further explore our website for detailed information on each of the specialization areas.

Q:Are there any online Computer Support Specialist schools?

A:There are quite a few online schools listed on our website offering the computer support specialist degrees. These include Ocean County College, Grand Canyon University, Strayer University, Capella University, Colorado Technical University Online, Stevens-Henager College Online, and DeVry University.

Q:Which courses are taught in the Computer Science Degrees?

A:The curriculum of computer science degrees focuses on courses like logic and computation, algebra, calculus, data structures, programming paradigms, differential equations, and algorithms. The course structure of all colleges may vary. Also, the topics included in the computer science degrees are determined by the level of degree chosen.

Q:Name the 10 most popular jobs that can be pursued with Online Computer Science Degrees?

A:The 10 most popular jobs that can be pursued with computer science degrees are: software developer, application support analyst, software development engineer, software test engineer, senior software engineer, systems developer, programmer analyst, software architect, and software development manager. The job position will depend on the level of qualification attained in the field of computer science.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Statistical Analysis in the Computer Engineering software programs?

A:The Computer Engineering Software programs have dedicated courses on Statistical Analysis. This course is worth 2 credits in total and is structured to provide students with ample understanding of the foundational level of the different statistical analysis. Hands on experience is also provided to the students to get them better understanding.

Q:Which is the best online computer science degree?

A:There are various levels of degrees available in this field, from associates, bachelors, masters to doctorate. Each degree offers a higher level of knowledge and understanding of the subjects studied. Whether you chose to pursue this degree online or on campus you will get to study subjects like coding, computing, computer algorithms, computer management, databases, and understanding of various operating systems and coding applications.

Q:As I was looking for classes needed for computer science programs, I came across various specialization areas offered. Can you name a few?

A:There are quite a few specialization offered in computer science degrees. Students can opt for any of the following areas: information technology, operations systems, networking and computers, web designing, data base management, and systems security. The choice of the specialization areas will depend upon the student's personal interest and future job expectation.

Q:What will I learn in computer science classes?

A:Different schools have their own curriculums for computer science classes so it is difficult to exactly tell you what to except. However broadly speaking in this classes you will learn how build software packages, what algorithms are used in computer games, and the technology that is used in making of various computing devices.

Q:Are computer science courses mostly about programming?

A:Although programming is an essential part of computer science programs it is not the only thing that is taught to students. Most bachelor degree programs usually have three to four courses that are devoted to programming and this leaves plenty of space for other courses that focus on algorithms, parallel computing, networks, graphics and robotics.

Q:What are the computer science degree requirements for bachelors?

A:Various schools have their own prerequisites for enrolling students into a bachelor's computer science program. However, generally speaking for students to get admitted into a bachelors program they should have a high school diploma and letters of recommendation. Some schools also require applicants to write personal essays or might ask for some other documentation.

Q:Can online computer science programs be completed from home?

A:The purpose of any online program is that you should be able to study from the comfort of your home without having to worry about going to college. A major part of the curriculum is completed through online instruction. However most programs also include some hands on training and students will need to go on campus for that.

Q:What is the enrollment criteria for online computer science classes?

A:The prerequisite for pursuing a diploma, certification, associates or bachelors degree in this field is the same: a high school diploma. Numerous colleges and universities also offer a more specialized level of degree, a masters degree in computer science as well as courses which can lead on to a PhD in computer science. A computer science degree offers a wide variety in specialization for masters level programs or PHD programs.

Q:Should I go for accredited online computer science courses?

A:Yes this is a very good option for students who want to work in the lucrative sector of information technology. Candidates should look for accredited programs as these have better teaching facilities and other provisions. In addition to this there are many employers who only want to hire graduates who have accredited degrees.

Q:While searching for online computer science degree, I discovered programming degrees. Could you tell me about these?

A:Computer sciences in the most commonly offered degree in this area. In this course students are taught theory and applications of computers in equal amounts. Some of the other degrees in this discipline include computer engineering, software engineering and information systems. Since now a days the element of programming is a must in every technical field, even students of economics, psychology, engineering and science are given some exposure to computer programming and data analysis.

Q:Which online computer science degree accredited can I go for?

A:Computer science is a very broad field and students have plenty of specialization options to choose from. Some of the majors you can look at are: Computer engineer, Computer graphics, Computer information systems, Computer programming, Artificial intelligence, Computer network, Database systems, System analysis, telecommunications engineering and Information science. These may vary from school to school.

Q:What are the prerequisites for online computer science degree programs?

A:The prerequisites for a computer science degree program depends on which level of degree you are applying for. Bachelor degree applicants should have a high school diploma or GED while students applying for a master's degree should have a four year bachelor's degree. Apart from this, the school may ask for other documents like the letters of recommendation and personal essay.

Q:Are online computer science programs difficult to get into?

A:Different colleges have different criteria for considering applications. Many students from a wide range of backgrounds apply and are considered for online computer science programs. Some colleges have quite strict criteria to comply with; others may be fairly relaxed. One of the benefits of online programs is that there is no quota, or minimum/maximum, number of students required.

Q:Can you tell me what courses are required for computer science masters program?

A:The courses required for computer science masters programs are not specified, but it needs a bachelor's degree course that shows in depth study in the relevant field. As master's degree is an advanced program therefore it demands basic understanding of computer concepts. The requirements vary from institute to institute and program specifications.

Q:What is Eligibility for Computer Science Degrees?

A:A high school diploma is a prerequisite and a general eligibility criterion, irrespective of the fact that you are pursuing a diploma, certification, associates or bachelors. Various colleges and universities across America also have master's degree programs in computer science as well as core courses that lead to a PhD in computer science. The exact eligibility criteria may vary from school to school.

Q:Are there any benefits of having a bachelors degree in computer programming?

A:With a bachelor degree in computer programming, you can work as a programmer in a software house, or even work on your own. The demand for computer programmers is high in today's technology fuelled industry. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer programmers make a median income of $74,280 per year. Take a look at our page for more detail.

Q:Why should I choose Computer Science Certificate Program online?

A:Online computer science certificate programs will offer to you the same courses and knowledge that is covered in the on campus programs. The benefits will come from the savings on the cost of going to college which can be saved in the form of relocation and travelling expenses to the school. Aside from that online programs also offer comfort in the manner of being more beneficial to professionals and parents.

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