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The most populous city in the US state of Pennsylvania, the city of Philadelphia has immense significance in the American history. The city has a diverse and stable economy with extensive focus on manufacturing, tourism, finance, healthcare and education. Hence, the training imparted by the Philadelphian schools is career-oriented and state-of-the-art.

People, with an interest in the career of crime scene investigation, can find various Forensic Science Schools in Philadelphia that offer accredited bachelor or master level programs in the subject. Arcadia University is one of the well-known Forensic Science Schools in Philadelphia, PA that offer a quality undergraduate program in pre-forensic science and criminal justice. The program efficiently prepares the students for graduate studies in forensic science; the university has a top-notch master’s program in the subject.

Drexel University is also counted among the quality Forensic Science Schools in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The university offers a bachelor level degree in criminal justice and a master’s program in Forensic Science.

Furthermore, Forensic Science Schools in Philadelphia like the University of Phoenix offer high-tech programs in criminal justice and forensic science using the online mode that are quite convenient for students.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Are Forensic Science schools in Philadelphia accredited by any professional body?

A:Yes. Like all others, Forensic Science Schools in Philadelphia also need accreditation to award recognized degrees to students. These Forensic Science Schools in Philadelphia need to be accredited with the Forensic Educational Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC) established by The American Academy of Forensic Sciences to maintain quality education standards.

Q:What are the most popular Forensic Science Crime Scene Investigation programs in Philadelphia?

A:There are various Forensic Science Schools in Philadelphia offering a bunch of degree programs focusing on Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Sciences. The most popular such degree programs include Bachelor in Social and Criminal Justice - Forensics, Bachelor in Information Technology/Information Security and Forensics, Master in Forensic Psychology in Community Settings, and Master of Science in Forensic Counseling.

Q:Which Forensic Science colleges in Philadelphia offer associate and bachelor degree programs in this field?

A:There are a number of colleges in the state of Philadelphia that are offering forensic degree programs to students. Forensic associate degree programs and bachelor in forensic science is offered by the following accredited colleges: Arcadia University, Cedar Crest College, Drexel University, Duquesne University, Lock Haven University, Mercyhurst Archeological Institute, Pennsylvania State University, Rosemont College, and Waynesburg University.

Q:What jobs do the people who go for Forensic Science programs in Philadelphia do?

A:If you are planning to go for any of the Forensic Science programs in Philadelphia, there are many career options you can choose from. A Forensic Scientist is a highly skilled individual and can work in district attorney's offices, federal agencies, police departments, regional and state agencies, sheriff's offices, colleges and universities or medical examiners' offices.

Q:As I was looking for universities in Philadelphia that offer Forensic Science program, I came across Principles of Forensic Science course. Can you tell me its contents?

A:There are a number of universities in Philadelphia that offer Forensic Science programs. In Principles of Forensic Science you get to learn the basics of Forensic Science, topics include history and nature of forensic science, firearms and tool marks, crime scene investigation, illicit drugs, forensic DNA analysis and latent prints.

Q:As I went through the list of online schools in Philadelphia, there was mention of the course on English Composition. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read over the course on English Composition in the articles on List of Online Schools in Philadelphia. This course is worth 4 credits in total and highlights on making the students enhance and polish up their critical thinking and writing techniques, which are essential in organizing, proofreading of reports and the composing of short stories.

Q:While looking for latest trends to find Forensic Science Schools in Philadelphia, I came across accreditation. Can you tell me why it's important?

A:While looking for latest trends to find Forensic Science Schools in Philadelphia, you would have noticed that accreditation is given a lot of emphasis. This is because accreditation can have an impact on the quality of education you will receive and the future career prospects. Accredited programs are approved by relevant accrediting agencies and employers also prefer graduates from accredited programs.

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