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Patient Care Technician Programs in Clearwater

The city of Clearwater is located in the state of Florida. It falls in the jurisdictions of Pinellas County and is known to have progressed significantly in terms of educational developments. The city is home to about a dozen higher education institutes offering a number of doctorate level programs to the resident students. Above 55% of the resident students of Clearwater have completed some level of college education and approximately 24% have gone up till completing their undergraduate programs.

Patient Care Technician programs in Clearwater
Patient Care Technician training is most commonly referred to as PCT. There are a number of accredited institutes in Clearwater offering the Patient Care Technician programs. Here are the names of some of the prominent institutes:

  • Florida Career College
  • Ultimate Medical Academy
  • Concorde Career Institute

Patient Care Technician degrees in Clearwater offer students the opportunity to become professionals in assisting other specialized medical professionals and directly take care of the patient in any way required. There are a number of responsibilities a patient care technician has to fulfill almost every day. These include checking vital signs, taking blood samples, collecting patient history, updating patient databases, collecting lab results, recording and scheduling daily appointments, and assisting the patient in any sort of personal hygiene.
Diploma of Patient Care Technician in Clearwater
The Diploma of Patient Care Technician in Clearwater offers students the introductory level of knowledge and skills required to perform the everyday duties of a PCT. The diploma is a sought after program since it allows students a quick entry into the workforce with sufficient amount of knowledge and skills to assist medical professionals. The Diploma of Patient Care Technician in Clearwater, FL consists of a set of core medical courses and electives. These include:

  • Medical Terminology
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Communication Skills
  • EKG
  • Phlebotomy
The diploma of patient care technician in Clearwater can be completed within 12 – 18 months. Students are encouraged to take up internship programs for practical application of the taught concepts. The PCT diploma in Clearwater can also be opted online. Online programs allow students to complete the degree at their own pace. They can take their classes from anywhere in the world and at any time with a single internet connection. The online diploma of patient care technician in Clearwater is specifically for students who cannot take up campus based education.
Patient Care Technician Certifications in Clearwater
Like any other program, PCT trainings also require certifications to ensure no undertrained PCTs are practicing the profession. Students in Clearwater need to have completed their PCT training from an accredited institute and must clear the Florida CNA Exam. It is a licensure examination for all PCT/CNA students in Florida to be able to practice their profession legally. PCTs are often called Certified Nurse Assistants (CAN) in the state of Florida.
Certified PCT/CNA(s) can work in hospitals, clinics, private practices, nursing homes, emergency centers, rehabilitation centers, and home healthcare agencies.

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Q:What so students learn in Patient Care Technician Programs In Clearwater?

A:Patient Care Technician Programs are designed to equip students with skills needed as technicians in the health field. The program has a number of courses that cover various important topics. Normally these include the following: medical terminology, nutrition, health calculations, health sciences, anatomy and physiology, principles of expanded patient acre, electrocardiography, phlebotomy, patent care relations, and mayt more topics.

Q:What kind of training can I expect to get in a patient care technician courses in Clearwater, fl?

A:Patient Care Technician degrees in Clearwater, Fl equip students with all the necessary technical knowledge needed for assisting specialized medical professionals and taking care of patient with whatever medical condition they may be suffering from. Patient care technicians are responsible for a number of jobs, some of which are: checking vital signs, taking blood samples, collecting patient history, updating patient databases, collecting lab results, recording and scheduling daily appointments, and assisting the patient in any way possible.

Q:What is taught in FL accredited patient care technician training?

A:As you will be working with surgeons and physicians, you will be taught about medical terminologies, health sciences and calculations, food and nutrition, and human anatomy. The knowledge of these subjects is required in order to perform basic tasks required of patient care technicians. Other study areas include patient care relations, electrocardiography and phlebotomy. Students will also learn how to check vital signs, collect blood samples and record patient history.

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