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If you want to pursue a career in a math-related business field, enrolling in the MBA degree in this area of study can help you improve your chances of achieving your career goals. The MBA programs combine management, business with math principles and provide you with a well-rounded education in the area of your interest.

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This advanced degree can make you more eligible for jobs in a wide array of fields such as accounting, finance, energy management, econometrics, environmental studies, land resource development and more. Both regular and online schools offer math MBA programs. Keeping in view your own educational and professional goals, you can choose to pursue this program in a subject of your choice such as finance or energy management.

MBA Math Program
The MBA in math make take 1-3 years to complete, and in some case can be completed in a longer period of time even. You will get an exposure to business concepts and management principles in an area related to mathematics such as environmental studies. The program will help you qualify for senior-level and leaderships roles in the field of your choice.

Admissions Requirements
To pursue this program, you must hold a bachelor's degree in math or a related field. In addition, you may also have to sit for a GMAT test and provide proof of work experience. Other requirements for admissions may vary by school.

Curriculum in MBA Math
The coursework in math MBA programs depends on the area in which you choose to obtain a degree. In addition to the MBA core curriculum, programs in accounting and finance may entail courses in finance, tax and auditing while environmental science degrees focus on biology, data analysis and geography. An MBA in energy management will instruct students in energy supply chain management, energy finance, energy economics and energy law and regulatory.

Career Opportunities
The MBA in math can help you qualify on the criteria of a number of jobs. With an accounting MBA degree, you can increase your chances of becoming a financial manager or accounting consultant while an MBA in environmental science can help you improve the prospects of pursuing a career as an environmental scientist. You can also try to get into the field of energy management or land resource development.

The income of graduates of MBA in math varies by their location, job type and experience. O*NET reports that as of 2012, related occupations such as those of wind energy project managers and financial consultants entail median wages of $100,890 and $76,950.

Online MBA in Math
The MBA programs with a concentration in math subjects are also offered by online schools in addition to traditional ones. These programs can be highly suitable for the ones who are already in this line of work and want to improve their career prospects. They allow learners to earn valuable credentials from the comfort of their home.

Compared to regular MBA programs, online degrees are much more flexible, allowing learners to look after their personal or professional commitments alongside their classes. Students in the online MBA programs are not required to come on campus. They can study online from any location and complete this degree at their own pace for becoming equipped with the skills that are essential for careers in energy management, finance or other related fields.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long is the MBA in Science & Math degree program?

A:The MBA in Science & Math degree program is a two year program if pursued on campus-based institutes in the regular MBA program. However, the duration can vary with the type of MBA pursued. If you opt for the accelerated MBA in Science & Math, that will take about 18 months to complete. The E-MBA takes 3 years plus for completion since the classes are conducted either on the weekends or in the evening, after office timings. Lastly, if you pursue the online MBA in Science & Math, the degree duration is dependent on you since there is no limitation on that.

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