MBA in Religious Studies

An MBA in Religious Studies is an academic program that encompasses both business and religious studies concepts. The purpose of such a program is to develop rationally minded individuals who have knowledge of other cultures and religions; hence, they are adept at managing and leading a multicultural workforce. Like other MBA programs, an MBA in Religious Studies also requires 2 years for completion. Besides the business courses such as finance, economics and leadership skills, students are also trained in ethics, history of religion, critical theories of religion, religion & psychology, etc.

What are the degree requirements?

The degree requirements will depend on the institute you have enrolled in. Typically, students will have to meet the following requirements to successfully earn the degree:

  • Complete the coursework
  • Earn a minimum number of credit hours
  • Complete all assignments
  • Complete a research study or thesis (does not apply to a non-thesis MBA program)
  • Pass all qualifying examinations included in the program

How long does an MBA in religious studies take?

It takes two years to complete an MBA in religious studies. You must complete all the coursework in the given time duration and earn a minimum number of credits. You can also opt for an accelerated MBA program which takes less than two years to complete. On the other hand, a part-time MBA can take more than two years to complete. The duration depends on which program track you opt for and which institute you enroll in.

What can you do with an MBA in religious studies?

An MBA in religious studies is designed to equip you with a thorough understanding of business and religious concepts. You may qualify for a variety of jobs with this qualification. Some of the common job positions that you can consider are:

  • Social worker
  • Teacher or lecturer
  • Clergy
  • Counselor
  • Charity worker
  • Missionary

How much can you make with this degree?

The income level will vary from job to job and will also depend on other factors such as location. For instance, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual income for clergy professionals was $43,950 in 2014 whereas social workers made a median annual income of $44,200 in 2012.

Where can I work with this degree?

An MBA in religious studies may open doors to career paths in the following sectors:

  • Journalism
  • Religious institutions
  • Advertising
  • PR
  • Social services
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Marketing

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Why study religion in MBA?

A:A lot of students might ask the same question, 'why study religion in MBA'? The first reason for studying this program is that it is one of the most enlightening subjects. It teaches students about history and cultures. These programs give an insight into the social structure and practices. And the second reason is the job prospects. There is a huge demand for professionals in educational institutions all over the United States, making this not only informative but also quite a lucrative field at the same time.

Q:My search for MBA religion mentioned a course on Religion in America. What is included in this course?

A:Course on religion in America would be mentioned when searching for MBA religion. This course is worth 3 credit hours and guides students on religious beliefs and practices in the United States. Students also learn about the American constitution and its stance on religion. Prospective students interested in this course are requested to confirm the accreditation of both program and institution before enrollment.

Q:What can be the benefits of going for an online MBA in religion?

A:You can have a number of benefits by going for an online MBA in religion. An online program is quite flexible and convenient, as you have the luxury to make your own schedule and study at your own pace. In addition to that, online programs are cost effective as you do not have to pay for costs such as traveling, accommodation, and textbooks.

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